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Can 3D Printers And Strict Gun Regulation Coexist?

3D printed guns are creating quite a bit of controversy in the U.S. Proponents say having access to 3D printed gun parts preserves freedom in the face of regulation, while opponents say it will only make it easier for people to sneak guns into gun-free zones. What about other countries though? What’s their take on 3D printed firearms? A recent …

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Al-Jazeera, Social Media, & The Next Generation Of News

Al-Jazeera’s seen how social media is changing the way the wind blows, so the news organization shifted its sails accordingly and now finds itself on the front lines of the next generation of news reporting. Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Storify – no social network outlet is too small for Al-Jazeera’s “social media-centric” show, The Stream. By relying …

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