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Aereo Shuts Down After Supreme Court Loss

Consumers are going to have to continue to pay big bucks for their television via cable and satellite packages — at least for the time being. Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia announced Saturday his company would “pause our operations temporarily” after a Supreme Court 6-3 decision that said his broadcasting model infringed upon broadcasters’ copyrights. The 2-year-old startup was in the …

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Aereo On Last Leg Following Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court has spoken and popular streaming site Aereo will likely be kaput very soon. The site was the subject of a lengthy copyright battle due to the website’s ability to allow its users to watch and record television shows. At a price range of $8 to $12 per month, it was a steal for fans of the site. …

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Aereo Adds Chromecast Support On Android

More and more online video content services are adding support for Google’s $35 Chromecast streaming device since Google launched the SDK earlier this year. On Thursday, Aereo announced that it now supports the device. The Aereo app for Android is available for download in the Google Play store (here), and subscribers can access its antenna and DVR technology to record …

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Aereo TV Service Threatened by Supreme Court Case

In a case which alludes to the 1984 Betamax case, the pseudo-TV service Aereo is being threatened by a lawsuit from major cable companies. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will start hearing arguments from both sides. Two years ago, Aereo was brought to New York City. The concept of the company was simple, yet brilliant. Utilizing thousands of tiny, thumbnail-sized …

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Aereo Will Let You Stream Live TV To Your Phone, Tablet Or PC

Aereo is a new service launching next month, that could be another step in the greater cord cutting trend. It lets you stream local broadcast channels to your mobile device, tablet or PC. It’s starting out in New York, but one would expect it to expand. Here’s the company’s stated mission: One day, a group of brilliant engineers at Aereo …

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