AOL Launches Programmatic Ad Platform ‘One’

AOL Launches Programmatic Ad Platform ‘One’

By Chris Crum March 26, 2014

AOL has rebranded AOL Networks to AOL Platforms, and announced the launch of One, a cross-screen programmatic ad platform, which combines the teams and technologies behind Adap.tv, AdLearn Open Platform (AOP) and MarketPlace, and lives under the AOL Platforms brand. …

ad:Tech 2007 – Building Relationships through Mobile

This session featured Jack Philbin (President, Vibes Media), Bob Wesley (CEO MobileLime), Dean Macri (Founder/CEO Cielo Group) and Brook Pitts (Senior VP, Marketing Innovation – Bank of America).

What started out as a very dry session turned out to be a very insightful lesson on ways to create conversation and user engagement using the power of mobile. 2 of the most interesting uses of mobile campaigns were mentioned by Bob Weasley and Dean Macri.

ad:Tech 2007 – Chris Anderson: The Long Tail

Chris Anderson, Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, kicked off ad:Tech Chicago 2007 by taking a page (literally) out of his book: The Long Tail.

The Month of Acquisitions

There were numerous partnerships and acquisitions in the month of May, which included a lot of dollars changing hands. Let’s look at some of the major deals that went down this past month

AOL Buys Ad Firm

AOL is buying a controlling interest in Adtech, an online ad-serving company based in Frankfurt, Germany. The purchase gives AOL an ad- serving platform that offers ad management and delivery applications allowing Web site publishers to manage, traffic and report on their online advertising campaigns.

Adtech Interview – Simple Feed

Simple feed is an RSS publishing company that provides RSS services and syndication to large companies like DMC and Procter & Gamble. Their representative talks about where he sees the company headed and what he thinks about the future of social media.

Adtech Interview – Doug Hansen, Omniture

Omniture provides a web analytics platform that allows companies to track all their online stats, from SEO campaigns to PPC advertising. Their major tool is called “Site Catalyst,” a tool that lets users track their business more effectively.

Adtech: Internet Advertising Smoke – Mirrors

With this link-bait title, let me start out by pointing out that there was value at the show, and, I think, many potential advertising buyers in the audience.   There were several very interesting booths, and some real innovators some of which we interviewed: I will have my educated, more gentle staff detail many of those here in the next few weeks.

But I must say that I am dissapointed that my son edited out all the duhhhhs we got when we asked about social media advertising applications.

Adtech: Internet Advertising System Opinion

I would describe Quigo as the: I want to be your everything, me too Internet advertising solution: with no advantage over more main-stream options: see what you think:

Adtech Interview – Tom – Quigo Technologies

Quigo Technologies provides content-targeted ad services and search engine marketing solutions. Israel interviewed Tom (of Quigo) about the features and benefits of their adsonar and feedpoint services.

Ad-Tech: ‘Content is King! (Again?)’ Keynote

Yesterday morning I attended the ad:tech 2007 keynote panel session entitled "Content is King!

Ad-Tech: Content King Again?
Interesting keynote/roundtable at AdTech this morning asking the question is content king again? Panlists include Suzie Reider, Head of Advertising for YouTube, Jason Hirschhorn, president Sling Media Group, Kourosh Karimkhany, General Manager Wired Digital, Caroline H. Little CEO and Publisher, Washingtonpost.com and Newsweek Interactive.

Ad-Tech: Notes on the Vibe

Despite the temptation to do some live blogging from the event yesterday, and the fact that I came away with notes on several sessions from the event – this is not another recap post. 

ADTECH – B2B Marketing Ideas From Siebel And Oracle

Marketing tech is a tough business. Oracle and Seibel think they have it down pretty well.

Bill Carper is the Sr. Director, Global Campaigns And Direct Marketing for the Oracle corporation. As he was on a panel with a representative from Siebel he opened his remarks with the quip, “those who came to see a blood match between Siebel and Oracle are going to be disappointed.”

ADTECH: Word Of Mouth Marketing: Tips From Procter And Gamble

What are you customers saying about you online? How does this affect your sales? “Measuring Word of Mouth (WOM) Effectiveness” brought together four experts in the WOM field, including Steve Knox of the Tremor Division of Procter and Gamble.

ADTECH: Honda vs. Bad Blog Buzz: A Surprise Meeting

Peter Blackshaw, the moderator for the “Measuring Word of Mouth Effectiveness” session, opened with a story about his Honda.

ADTECH: Hewlett-Packard Customers Showing “Brand Love”

Allison Johnson is the Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Communications for Hewlett-Packard and she delivered a keynote address this morning on “The Changing Role of Interactive in Global Marketing.”