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Adobe, Verisign, FMS and P2P

If you are on the ball when it comes to Flash Video then youre likely to have seen the press release that made the rounds in the last few days.

Adobe’s New Icons

Hey, I’m getting bashed in comments for being too anti-Microsoft. Which is funny seeing that if you search Google for Demo of the Year a post I made about a Microsoft product comes up.

Adobe’s Apollo – the Next Killer App?

Today, Apollo caught my undivided attention when I saw the post from a Rich Inter Application Mountaineer, Ryan Stewart.

Adobe’s Apollo to Ease Desktop Development?

In early 2005, when Adobe announced an agreement to acquire Macromedia, creative professionals released a collective gasp. Many worried about a creative software monopoly, others pondered the fate of competing applications (GoLive versus Dreamweaver, Freehand versus Illustrator, etc), and some dreamed of what offspring may come of this union.

Reviewing Acrobat Connect

Robin Good over at MasterNewMedia.org just penned a Shakespearean love sonnet of epic proportions extolling the virtues of Adobe Acrobat Connect (including Connect Pro).

Microsoft’s Blend: Why not Support Flash?

Adobe’s John Dowdell has the best question (and best set of links) about Microsoft’s new “Blend:” why do it and not support Flash?

Take A Look Inside Adobe Connect

Someday I’ll get Adobe Blogger John Nack on but here I video Peter Ryce.

Adobe Opens ActionScript Code to Mozilla
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Adobe announced this week that it has contributed source code for the ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation as part of a new open source project entitled Tamarin.

Adobe Announces Acrobat 8 Software
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Adobe Announces Availability of Acrobat 8 Software to Rave Reviews from Customers! It’s a great new release (we’ve been using it internally for a while and I am very impressed with this new version).

Adobe MAX: Keynote Review
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Hey – I’m posting the first part of my keynote review now as the net access is a bit flakey. I will update this entry with an edit later in the keynote.

Adobe Gets Rich With Digital Editions

The people behind Flex and Flash think digital distribution of rich content needs an enlightened approach to generating, hosting, and protecting it.

Flash Player 9 Released for Linux

Adobe announced the release of the Flash Player 9 for Linux.

Adobe Includes Drag and Drop Flash Support in New Contribute Release

Entry-level and code-challenged webmasters now have a whole new set of tools to play with in the latest release of Adobe’s web publishing product. Contribute 4 now boasts improved blog publishing capability and unified web publishing along with support for Flash video.

Google Missing Important Marketing Angle

I was just over reading Steve Rubel’s blog where he links to a BusinessWeek article about Google and its struggles to improve its business.

Wheres the Bloggers on New Acrobat?

I thought that something like a new version of Adobe Acrobat, which, according to Google on a search for “PDF,” which is the file format produced by Acrobat, is found 2.5 billion times on the Web, would be covered more heavily than it is.

Adobe Unveils CS 2.3, Teases About CS3
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Adobe announced that Acrobat 8 Professional software will be integrated into Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium to support Adobe PDF workflows. In a separate indication, Adobe CS3, code-named “Red Pill,” is due out in Spring 2007.

Adobe Bows Ruby On Rails RIA SDK
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The SDK from Adobe combines the Ruby on Rails rich Internet application (RIA) framework with the Flex 2 technology and tools for web developers.

No Flash 9 Alpha For Linux

Everyone who has been anxiously awaiting a peek at Adobe’s Flash Player 9 for Linux will have to wait until a well-scrubbed beta release becomes available.

Adobe Calls For Flash Design Entries

The inaugural Y Design Awards 2006, launched as part of the London Design Festival, will take submissions until September 6th.

Adobe PHP SDK Takes An Update

After releasing the unofficial Adobe software development kit for PHP this week, Adobe’s Mike Potter noted that a few tweaks were needed with the SDK.

Flash Player Receives Update

After Fortinet called attention to two security flaws in Flash Player, Adobe has released an updated, fixed version. The new release will take users from the vulnerable v8.0.24.0 up to v9.0.16.0.