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MSFT Wants 30% of Search, 40% of Web Ads

Well, if you can’t be #1, then you should probably do like Microsoft and aim for being “one of the top two” (aka #2). Reuters reports that Microsoft is looking to knock one of their competitors (you know, Yahoo and Google) out pretty soon.

Government Still Questioning GoogleClick

The FTC has not yet confirmed Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick. Last week’s town meeting on the subject of behavioral targeting hasn’t changed that.

AOL Pings Quigo For Acquisition

Quigo and its AdSonar network became the latest in a string of advertising company acquisitions made by AOL in 2007.

Automattic Doesn’t Sell Out For $200 Million

People who are trying to sell a house might make all sorts of small upgrades as they attempt to offload the property.  And Automattic made the “small upgrade” of acquiring Gravatar just two weeks ago.  Automattic’s owners apparently aren’t looking to sell, though – a report indicates that they turned down a $200 million acquisition offer.

Facebook Advertising

Much of the reporting of Microft’s acquisition of a piece of Facebook has questioned the ultimate value of the social network.

(Microsoft’s investment puts the total value of Facebook at about $15 billion.) With advertising as the only significant revenue channel, many are wondering if people networking on sites like MySpace and Facebook are paying any attention to the ads.

Google Buys Jaiku

Less than two weeks after Google acquired Zingku, a mobile social network, they announce that Google has acquired Jaiku.

Newsvine Plucked By MSNBC

News community site Newsvine just made an undisclosed amount of cash for its owners as MSNBC agreed to purchase it.

Microsoft, Adobe Scribble Online Docs Products
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Adobe reached out to snap up Buzzword, an online word processor, while Microsoft looked inward to find its Office Live Workspace.

Healia’s Health Search Branches Out
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The average person may or may not have heard of Healia, a health search engine.  But since two new search tools have been added on, he (or she) is now about three times as likely to become familiar with it.

Rumor: Google’s Gmail Getting New Features?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend. The other one is here.

Yahoo, Bebo Make Advertising Arrangement

In what appears to be a very beneficial deal for both sides, Yahoo UK & Ireland will now sell the majority of Bebo’s display advertising.

Fast To Get Rid Of 148 Workers

When times are tough, a person’s got to save money; some people sell their stuff, others crash on friends’ couches.  Fast Search & Transfer plans to fire 148 employees, or about 20 percent of the company’s workforce.

Microsoft Closes aQuantive Acquisition

It is now, in a literal sense, a done deal: Microsoft has closed its $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive.  And that money isn’t intended to make people sit on their hands; some big changes are going to take place within the Redmond-based giant.

PR & Social Media Still Oil & Water

In many ways, the recent discussion of Marketwire’s acquisition of PRNN and how it was positioned as an example of the pioneering developments in Social Media and news distribution reminds me a bit of PRWeek’s claim that PR was entering an era of PR 3.0.

TradeDoubler Tosses $115 Million At IMW Group
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While our American readers may not recognize the name, folks in Britain should know The Search Works (“the UK’s largest search engine marketing company”).  The Search Works, along with The Technology Works, is owned by The IMW Group, and thanks to a new acquisition, The IMW Group is now owned by TradeDoubler.

Facebook’s “Skip This Step” Button Disappears

Facebook users are a vocal crowd, and the latest outcry occurred when the social network tried to trace connections between them.  According to company reps, it was only a glitch, and everything is now back to the way it was.

Yahoo Concludes Right Media Acquisition

Yahoo is now $650 million poorer, but that’s all right – it’s only a side effect of the Right Media acquisition having been completed.

FTC to Review Yahoo & Microsoft Acquisitions

 Remember that can of worms we told you about? It looks like the lid’s come off, and the slippery invertebrates are everywhere! AdAge.com has reported the FTC will review Microsoft’s acquisition of aQuantive and Yahoo’s buyout of Right Media.

Google Acquires Zenter

Google appears to be on track to deliver on its promise to provide a PowerPoint alternative by the summer. The company has announced the acquisition of Zenter, a company offering online slide presentations.

Google CEO Discusses Acquisition Plans

When I’ve heard Eric Schmidt speak – in person, and on more than one occasion – the man seemed entirely straightforward.  And yet, although he’s recently gotten out the message that Google is still interested in making acquisitions, Schmidt’s meaning (beyond that) has been interpreted in a variety of ways.

Recap: The Week in Search

This week the search world has been rampant with news of buyouts and related rumors. Here is a snapshot of the events of interest: