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Resume Templates And Writing: Five Major Tips

Most will agree that a sterling resume greatly improves your chances of landing the job of your choosing. But what does a sterling resume look like and more importantly what does it contain? In that vein, the decision was made …

Ask.com Acquires About.com For $300 Million Ask.com Acquires About.com For $300 Million
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IAC announced that its Ask.com property has agreed to acquire The About Group from The New York Times for $300 million. The About Group, of course, is the company behind About.com. The deal was signed on Sunday. “The About.com acquisition …

Google Works with About.com On Making the Web Faster
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About.com has partnered with Google’s Make the Web Faster team to make About.com faster. This is relatively significant to the web, given that About.com results often rank very high in search results.

About.com Launches Election Section

About.com has launched a political editorial section on its site focused on providing visitors information about the upcoming 2008 election.

The section called Election 08: Behind the Headlines features information on each of the presidential candidates, what people can do to participate in the upcoming election and opinions on the concerns voters have raised about Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, along with other election topics.

About.com CEO Set To Leave
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Somewhere in the world today, a group of minstrels may be singing about how Scott B. Meyer, the former CEO of About.com, is about to "beat a very brave retreat."  Meyer himself, on the other hand, will probably stick with an "amicable parting" line.

About.com Consumes ConsumerSearch.com
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About.com is all about acquisitions these days: Calorie-Count.com was swallowed up late last year, and UCompareHealthCare.com was brought into the corporate fold just last month.  Now ConsumerSearch.com, which is all about “reviewing with reviews,” has been bought by About.com.