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Bharatiya Janata Party Wins Big in India Elections

Yesterday, the ruling Congress Party in India was dealt a huge blow by losing four state elections in India. The more-liberal Congress Party, which has been the primary ruling power in India since its independence in 1947, lost handily to …

Google And Publishers Reach Settlement After 7 Years Google And Publishers Reach Settlement After 7 Years

Google announced today that it has reached a settlement with the Association of American Publishers, ending seven years of litigation over a copyright infringement suit filed in October of 2005. Google says the settlement acknowledges the “rights and interests of …

Microsoft: Google Can’t ‘Opt Out’ Of Copyright Law

You could say some of the sound bites from Microsoft’s latest rant over Google’s approach to copyright law bear a resemblance to a political campaign – not just because they carry the same tintinnabulation of highroad mantras, but have the same stabbing indignation of a call to war. Google’s doin’ wrong, says the Beast of Redmond, and we’ve got to do something about it.

Google Vs. AAP, AG At NYPL SRO

When Google faces off against foes of its Print project at the New York Public Library tonight, it will be in front of an audience in a sold-out venue.

Google Takes A Break From Print

The highly-criticized Google Print Library project has been put on hold until Novemeber. Google will use this break to find out which copyright holders don’t want their property included in the project.

Publishers Have A Problem With Google’s Method

Google is taking a break from its Google Print Library project until November. Google will use this time to try and figure out which books’ copyright holders want their property included in the project.