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Google Maps Gives 19 More Cities 45° Imagery

Google Maps has updated the imagery for 19 more cities so as to offer 45° angles in addition to the standard 90° view. This round, there are 8 international locations and 11 locations in the United States. This update is noteworthy because, according to the Lat Long Blog, this is the first time that a city in France has been …

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Google Maps: 15 More Cities With 45° Imagery

Taking a break from offering wild interpretations of Street View adventures, Google Maps today announced that 45° imagery has been added to 15 more cities: 13 in the United States, 1 in Australia, and 1 in Argentina. One of the more interesting places in this 45° batch, Córdoba, Argentina, features the Córdoba Cathedral, a peculiar piece of architecture that includes …

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