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Google Launches Security Key For USB-Based Security

Google announced a new way to enhance its 2-step verification security called Security Key, which works through a USB device. Security Key, Google says, is for “particularly security-sensitive” individuals. Don’t worry. If you’re just a common user, and want to use 2-step verification, you don’t have to carry the extra hardware around with you all the time. Google explains in …

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Microsoft Adds Two-Step Verification To Accounts

Microsoft announced that it is rolling out an upgrade to Microsoft accounts, which includes the addition of optional two-step verification. Basically this means Microsoft asks you for two pieces of info when you try to access your account: your password, and a code it sends to your phone or by email. Google has had this available for quite some time, …

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Google: See, This is Why You Should Use 2-Step Verification

Mat Honan wrote a long, four-page article for Wired about how his digital life was “destroyed” by hackers, partially blaming himself for not implementing Google’s two-factor authentication. The story, which is currently the top story on Techmeme, is not a bad plug for Gmail at a time when Google’s competitors are launching updates to their respective email products. It may …

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Google Apps Improves Its Security

Google announced today that it has implemented two new security features into Google Apps. One enables tighter password verification for businesses, and the other enhances Microsoft Active Directory integration. The announcement came from Rishi Dhand, product manager for Google Apps, in a blog post over at the Official Google Enterprise Blog. The first security upgrade for Google Apps users is …

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Google Authenticator Gets An Upgrade

Google announced today that it has made improvements to the Google Authenticator app, which utilizes Google’s 2-step verification feature for smartphones. 2-step verification was launched for Google Apps in 2010, then to all Google users in February 2011. “We want 2-step verification to be simple to use, and therefore we are working continually to make it easier for users to …

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