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Taylor Swift Talks 1989 And New York City

Taylor Swift has made a lot of changes over the last two years. Not only did she move to New York, but she also released her new album, 1989, which was much different from her previous album, Red. Swift talked about the new album and said that although many of the songs are different than what she has written in …

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Olivia Benson With Taylor Swift in New Diet Coke Ad

Olivia Benson appears along with ‘Shake It Off’ singer Taylor Swift in a new ad for Diet Coke. No, this isn’t the Olivia Benson that fans of Mariska Hargitay in Law & Order: SVU are thinking of. This Olivia Benson doesn’t fight crime. She licks herself and coughs up fur balls instead. Yes, this Olivia Benson is Taylor Swift’s cat, …

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Taylor Swift Invites 89 Fans to Her R.I., NYC Homes

Taylor Swift invited 89 of her fans to her Rhode Island home for a secret concert–or ‘secret listening party’ on Thursday. The number of chosen fans coincides with the title of her new album, ‘1989.’ That’s the year Taylor was born. One of those fans shared her experience via Instagram. “Well, this is gonna sound really bizarre, but I met …

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Taylor Swift Talks Transition From Country To Pop

When Taylor Swift held a worldwide live stream event to announce the details about her upcoming fifth album titled 1989, she declared it the “favorite album I’ve ever made” and her “very first documented, official pop album.” She also revealed the inspiration behind the album during that event, saying, “I was listening to a lot of late-’80s pop, because I …

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1989 NYC Murder Conviction Overturned Tuesday

After 25 years in prison, Jonathan Fleming walked free after being wrongfully convicted of murder in 1989, reports the Associated Press via Yahoo!. Fleming was convicted in 1989 of Darryl “Black” Rush’s murder. Rush was shot in Brooklyn during an argument about money, meanwhile Fleming vacationed at Disney World in Florida with his family. According to the Inquistr, Fleming provided …

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Simpson’s Creator Matt Groening Helps Sell Macs to College Kids in the 80’s

As Holy Kaw and Comics Alliance points out, Matt Groening once did a promotional pamphlet for Apple in 1989. It was first posted Reddit, whose users never skip a beat when it comes to pop culture curation. The brochure is titled “Who needs a computer anyway?” and in 1989, that question was justified. The brochure itself alternates between Groening’s one …

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