The Angriest Reaction to Not Being Able to Play Super Poke Pets Yet?

And that was before Google decided to shut it down

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The Angriest Reaction to Not Being Able to Play Super Poke Pets Yet?
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As discussed previously, people are upset that Google is shutting down Slide, and Super Poke Pets in particular. We ran across the following video on YouTube depicting the “passion” some players have truly had about this game.

The video below shows a guy laughing at his mother, who is a player, and is upset that the game is not working. This video was uploaded in May 2010. I can’t imagine how upset this person must be now.

Still, one of the points she raises has been echoed many times since the announcement. “As much money and time as people spend on here…”

Be warned that there is some strong language.

And here is the reaction when Super Poke Pets was finally loaded:

It wouldn’t be fair to say that this video is representative of all Super Poke Pets players, as we’ve seen various reactions to the news, but you can imagine how upset some are with Google’s decision.

The Angriest Reaction to Not Being Able to Play Super Poke Pets Yet?
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  • lily wyndam

    please take note that this video was posted over a YEAR ago, May 2010 and does not represent what is happening at SPP .. this “example” of SPP passion is not appreciated considering the current circumstances

    do research before you post “news” unless you’re only objective was to entertain and even then, please get your facts first

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I thought i made it pretty clear that this took place before “what is happening”, with the subtitle “And that was before Google decided to shut it down”.

      I also thought it was clear that this doesn’t represent everybody’s reaction to what is happening with the part that said, “It wouldn’t be fair to say that this video is representative of all Super Poke Pets players, as we’ve seen various reactions to the news, but you can imagine how upset some are with Google’s decision.”

      Guess it wasn’t clear enough. I did add “2010” to May – that was a good catch, although May this year was still well before Google’s announcement.

      • lily wyndam

        Mr. Crum,

        You introduced those videos with, “one of the points she raises has been echoed many times since the announcement.” The fact you added a disclaimer after the proportionately large size of the clips means nothing. More than likely your readers will skip over the part explaining you do not mean the video to be representative, and even if it does get read, they’ve seen the clips already and have drawn their own conclusions.

        This was poorly written. The reason you have been asked if you work for Google in the other comment is because of the comparative way you mislead.

        • lily wyndam

          “depicting the ‘passion’ some players have truly had about this” referring back to your previous discussion of how people are upset over Google shutting down slide, and you want me to believe you made it clear with your subtitle in light gray font?

          very poorly written indeed

          • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

            Ok, “this” being SPP…but agreed. Could have been worded a little better…..YouTube embeds simply formatted to fit the width.

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

          The point that I reference has indeed been echoed by many since the announcement.

          I can’t control whether or not people read an entire article.

          • lily wyndam

            Writers absolutely control what their readers take away from an article. It takes skill in the manner of construction, timing, including adjusting the width of embedded videos (simple html) to not take your control. If your goal was to ridicule, you’ve succeeded, if it was to inform, update, teach, as the name of this site implies, you failed.

            Instead of bringing news of the professional business world on the web, you sought to entertain apparently as your “readers” simply came to watch a video.

            Good Day.

          • slacka

            Are you honestly implying that different people can’t draw different conclusions from the same piece or writing? I hope not, because that would be retarded.

            It seems to me that the only reason a person would get this upset about the inclusion of these videos in an article is that they are, in fact, the raving lunatic in the videos.

            Is that you, lily?

          • lily wyndam


            You’ve entirely missed the point of my comment which was to discuss the art of writing using this article as reference. I have not written anything to lead one to believe I am upset other than to point out the fact this video and article (such as it is) does nothing but exploit the current situation SPP players find themselves in being faced with the impending retiring of the application.

            Please do not reply to my comment unless you understand the subject matter. I feel your reply was meant to incite. You seem to fit right in with the caliber of this website.

  • Annette Samford

    This is a shame. You choose the ONE video that depicts a total idiot behaving like the obvious backwoods, illiterate they are and use THIS to show how the game is played? Mind you, there are players here with full time jobs, college degrees, and who have more words in their vocabulary than what is used here. This is a disgusting portrayal of SPP players. I am completely in awe. Are you working for Google? Just checking. Just know that we will NOT give up this fight to keep our game and we are doing it with class and style, something you don’t have.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      As I said in the article, “It wouldn’t be fair to say that this video is representative of all Super Poke Pets players..”

      We’ve highlighted various points of view in other articles. Nobody said this was a portrayal of all SPP players.

      Here’s an excerpt from one:

      “By the way, in case you’re wondering, I have multiple degrees. One of the best things about SPP is that I have been able to find intelligent and loyal friends to play with!”

      And nope…not working for Google. Personally, I think they’d have been wise to keep a game with such a passionate fan base, particularly as they’re trying to gain ground with Google+ (which they recently added games to).

      • Annette Samford

        Then help us find someone to keep it? We need someone to just take it over if Google is going to trash it. This game means an awful lot to a ton of people. Help me out here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/POKEHAPPYPEOPLE/ Sandra Clower

    The mere fact that you find this amusing is a slap in the face to all of us who have posted on your site and recommended your site to our fellow members. This in NO way depicts a SuperPoke Member. This is a disgrace to the efforts that we have all put forth in the past week to save the application. We have not posted one single disparaging remark, video or picture of anyone and God knows we could have. We have and are pursuing our goal in an educated distinguished manner and for you or anyone else to depict any part of our community in this fashion is very unprofessional on your part. You have been with WebPro since 2003 and I would think in that time, some sort of professional courtesy to your readers and supporter would have been taught to you. However, I can see this is not the case. You prefer to depict the members of our community as foul mouthed uneducated people, and that Mr. Chris Crum could not be further from the truth. Tell ya what, why don’t you come and join us and we’ll give you some pointers on how to conduct yourself in a respectful manner.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Doesn’t depict a Super Poke member? I think that’s exactly what it depicted. “A” SPP member. I’m pretty sure I would find this amusing if I were a player myself. Not unlike Lorena, the commenter above, who is a player. Again, this was not intended to represent the entire community. Just like Gilbert Arenas doesn’t represent the entire NBA.

  • Cher K

    I think you should take this down. It in No way represents the players of SPP. If you were ‘looking’ for a reaction similar to that offensive youtube video…you’re sadly mistaken.
    you posted “As I said in the article, “It wouldn’t be fair to say that this video is representative of all Super Poke Pets players..” ” Why are you posting it then…

  • lorena

    As an spp player I am not offended at all. I think you clearly stated when it was made and that it does not represent the typical player,so not sure why all the people are offended. Best laugh of the day. my other spp friends are all laughing about it as well. But then we also giggle over all the blue balls and whatnot that spp has released over the years.
    Spat club member.

  • tb9667

    I love SPP and wish Google would change there mind but this video is making me Laugh My A** Off !! I have gone of on the market place my self a time or 2 lol. Hilarious :)

  • Paolove

    I’m still laughing, I had one or two moments of total stress when I could not buy an item!!! A lot of us did not sleep or we just put the alarm clock just to buy items at 3 or 2 am!!! (time of the release for the new items) and now everything that we bought is going to the Limbo!!!!

  • sandra lopez

    OMG, that was soooo funny! I actually have tears in my eyes from laughing! I am an avid spp player, and I also have a degree (cum laude graduate) But there were definitely many Thursdays at shopping time, that you could hear me mimic the same obscenities as this fellow spp player! That was the best laugh I had in a while!

  • AceVenturaSpatDetective™

    This made me laugh so hard because I too have gotten frustrated over this game. I haven’t gone totally ballistic like this player but feel her pain.

    On a more serious note, we as a community are very angry! Not over rare items being gone but the reality that the game will soon be gone. We the players have no one nationality, color, gender, sexual preference or age but we do all love ONE thing, SuperPoke Pets! It is so much more that “just a game” for many of us. It is a place to meet new people and connect with them, show others our creativity (you would be amazed at what people have created out of a pile of jelly beans), support each other in times of sadness and greatness.

    If you don’t know anything about this game I encourage you to log on and get a pet, it’s free. Once you do this go to the “forum” part of the game and then to the “playground” area. Here you will not only see all of the uproar from the players regarding this news that we will soon be terminated but you will also see that we interact with each other on a daily basis.

    Google is bonkers to delete this game. Hell, they can start selling “gold” items again (cost real money) if they are worried about making a profit off of it.

  • Kathyrn

    I for one thank you very much for posting something this hilarious! While people are correct in stating that this in NO WAY represents all of us- it still gives us publicity and me opportunity to point out a couple of things.

    1. May 2010- There were thousands of us on the East Coast who set alarms, or stayed up all night talking with our friends in SPP- JUST to shop. Both for “coin” and “gold” items.

    2. There MANY MANY MANY nights we were subject to the exact same screen shown in the first video. ( 7 minutes worth in the video) Most of those nights we did lose our “RARES”. Yet we stuck it out and did the same thing the next week, and the next week, and the next week all the way till June 30th, 2011.

    Imagine people all over the world with their different cultures. Each of them up at ungodly hours cursing in their many different languages. United for one purpose: SPP. That has not changed. If anything our resolve has strengthened. The backwoods redneck, the cum laude graduate, the bed-ridden and ill, the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, the wealthy, the indigent, the crude, the prude, the artistic and ordinary all pulling together for one purpose. To save not just our game but our LIFESTYLE.

    We may just do it. Wouldn’t that be special?

  • cathy

    OMG, that was so funny….I never laughed so hard in quite awhile. I have played for almost the entire time SPP came to life. There has been many times, that was me in front of the screen trying to hurry up and get on the shop to buy those coin items, and something would stop me from getting there on time and the item would be sold out…granted all the foul language I said to myself. I fatfully got up at 3am every monday and thursday to make sure that I got my items….by the time I had gotten everything situated with the 3 of my spp accounts, it would be 5:00, then i would go back to bed.

  • Amber Huff

    This is to funny :) Thank you for the laugh, and smiles this report gave me :)) I’ve been informed by my daughter, and Husband that I may have sounded like that video a few times through my SPP journey lol. I have to defend myself in saying I don’t think I got that irate, but then again I’m not watching myself lol. I do have to admit although I loved the new releases, and do miss them. Just not the frustrations of trying to get online while thousands of others were too, just to get those darn rare items 😉 Please keep up our stories, don’t let Google turn the lights off on SPP.
    HUGS, and LOVE to my SPP family!!
    Amber :) xoxoxo

  • NAW

    I am in shock and demand that someone explain what is going on with the superpokepet website. I have invested tons of time and money into this site and trusted that this game would be around for ages. I feel like this was all a bait and switch. We bought into this and because someone feels this is no longer valuable it is just destroyed. This was my only outlet to release some stress and make friends across THE WORLD! I have friends in Japan, Germany, Idaho, Texas….. unbelievable. I will from this point forward let everyone that I speak to know how heartless and unreasonable you are. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB in your area. You took my money and offered a service and now you are taking your money and running. I will also be contacting CNN as they have begun to contact members of my club. You need to re-evaluate your decision because we will not go quietly.

  • Lilly

    Yeah well this due only cares about ratings because I posted a comment on his YouTube telling him I liked his SPP vid and he deleted it…

  • http://facebook Alberta

    LMBO,this is truely how it got sometimes,my kids would laugh at me and my husband about our advid playing.
    We’ve been playing for 3 yrs.
    But her reaction is not uncommon in this game..lol..
    When I first saw this video we couldn’t stop laughing.
    And watching it now,still frickin makes me laugh!
    I really hope SPP is saved and we get the shopping and training back.

  • Karen

    I truly can relate to this SPP player! I don’t swear as much…but I found my self at times totally upset if I could not get an item! And then have to buy it later. Come on people…we all love SPP…everybody is different..but we ALL LOVE SPP!!!

  • Crystalspp

    THIS IS A HORRIBLE REPRESENTATION! Most spp players are nothing like that.

  • http://facebook Alberta

    Gotta love her spirit!
    And I bet she’s still playing. Til’ the BITTER END!

  • http://joleenenaylor.wordpress.com Joleene Naylor

    I remember shopping days and yeah, it could get like that sometimes, LOL! However, the similarity ends at the complaint form. The first thing I did was check the forum to see if anyone else had the same trouble or if it was localized to myself, and if there was a thread I would comment that I, too, had trouble. While I understand that ‘we payed money , blah, blah,” I wouldn’t be surprised if all the complaining isn’t a large part of what happened to Superpoke pets – not that they shut it down over complaints but because, as a gamer looking for something to play, do you join a game that has a big pile of whiny, complaining players, or one that the players say, “this is great”?

    Yeah, not hard to pick, huh?

  • Bonnie Mutchler

    Yeah this looks like my daughter and I when we were trying to get those rares for all of our pets, lol!! It breaks my heart that Google wants to do away with such a wonderful game and such sweet little pets. They mean so much to us and so many other people. Surely there’s a way to save them.

  • http://superpokepets Jodie Spalsh

    I say, SREW YOU GOOGLE. how upset you have made there players is Unacceptable, and I will NOT be useing goole again, unless you fix what you BROKE!!!!!!!!!!


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