StumpleUpon Hires First VP of Sales

    April 3, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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StumbleUpon is stepping up their advertising game and they have just named their first ever vice president of sales. Teal Newland, former vice president and group director of Digitas, will fill the shoes. Working with co-founder and CEO Garrett Camp, she will oversee all StumbleUpon’s paid discovery and advertising efforts.

Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon CEO and co-founder comments on the addition of Newland to the team:

“Teal has great experience connecting brands with native experiences online,”

“During her time at Digitas, she partnered with brands on becoming more creative and distributing their message through digital platforms. We believe that StumbleUpon, which makes over 1.2 billion content recommendations each month, is one of the best ways to deliver such content.”

Teal Newland, VP of sales at StumbleUpon comments on joining the ranks:

“As part of the brand content practice at Digitas, I saw a growing investment from brands in content solutions to reach their customers. While an investment in content is important, it is equally critical to focus on the right distribution strategy and develop a plan for audience design,”

“StumbleUpon is unrivaled in content discovery, giving brands an opportunity to communicate when consumers are open to engage. By building a deeper relationship with the digital creative community, we can help integrate discoverability into the creative build itself.”

It sounds like she will be a great addition to the Stumble team Her decision to join the organization was based on her own level of interest with the platform and the way they allow users to discover new things.

Newland Comments:

“The opportunity to discover content in a mode of serendipity was very unique to me,”

StumbleUpon has been working with big brands like Sony, Heineken, and Chipotle. They have over 20 million registered users. There is no doubt that they are still growing and the addition of Newland should aid them in their efforts.

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