Student Hacker Directs FSU Wi-Fi Users to Infamous Meatspin Video (For a Good Cause)

    March 12, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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A 26-year-old Florida State University student has been charged with “offenses against computer users,” a third-degree felony, for hacking the campus’ Wi-Fi network and directing users to an infamous shock site.

Benjamin Blouin fully admits to hacking the network, but he says that he only did so to illustrate its flaws.

Anyone trying to access the FSU Wi-Fi on March 1st was redirected from the FSU homepage to a “video of two men having sex.” To denizens of the internet, that redirect led everyone to the infamous shock video known as “Meatspin.”

Meatspin, a meme from the mid-2000s (SFW), features a close-up of two men having sex with the Dead of Alive song “You Spin Me Round” playing in the background. It actually comes from a porno film from 1985.

Apparently, Blouin says that he has been trying to bring the issue of network insecurity to the school’s attention for over a year. I guess he just needed something a little more shocking to get it.

“Anybody’s identity, while they’re logged onto that network, could be at risk,” said our hacktivist.

According to the report, FSU has shut off public access to the Wi-Fi network to “implement system upgrades.” Apparently, they will not require everyone to login to use the Wi-Fi.

All I can say is that this is the most successful use of meatspin that I’ve ever seen. And boy, are they some pretty great comedic opportunities associated with meatspin (risky click of the day award goes to…).

[News Herald via BetaBeat]
  • Laura

    I hope he does get charged with a felony. What he did was immature and arrogant. You people think he was trying to get a special message across. Please, he did this for his own reasons to get his name out there. There are things in this world that need our attention more. hmm perhaps this might be an example. I am pregnant with this assholes child 7 months in fact. He wanted me to get an abortion but sorry it was my choice and I decided that I will have this baby alone and raise him alone. Ben Blouin doesn’t even care enough about his own son. He wants nothing to do with him in fact. So I have excepted that and it is probably for the best but please don’t make this guy out to be some kind of hero of the techie world and that he was trying to shine a light on this horrible atrocity of wifi security.