Still Can’t Find A Surface Pro? Check Back Again Later This Week

By: Zach Walton - February 13, 2013

The Surface Pro is selling out pretty much everywhere. Consumers hoping to grab Microsoft’s latest tablet/laptop hybrids have been met with disappointment after stores across the nation sold out almost immediately. Now Microsoft is working to get more stock into stores by the end of the week, but you still might not get one.

In a quick post from the Surface team last night, the group acknowledged that “some retail and online locations have been low or out of stick of Surface Pro.” Here’s what the company will be doing to ensure stock will be back in stores by the end of the week:

In the U.S., we are shipping additional units of the 64GB SKU to Best Buy, Staples and Microsoft Store now. We are shipping 128GB SKU later this week to retailers, with some units available by the end of the week. Our priority (and that of our retail partners) is to fulfill orders from customers who made a reservation first. Canada is following a similar timeline but may take an extra few days to start arriving.

As you can see, those who had reservations will be taken care of first. That means the stragglers may have to wait more than a week to get their hands on the Surface Pro.

The team concludes that they’re “working as quickly as [they] can to get Surface Pro to market.” If you find that stores are still out of stock, they ask that you just wait a few days for more to show up.

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  • dancingtechguy

    These are out of stock everywhere and when they get stocked up they’re out of stock in just a day or two. I like mines a lot so much. The fact that it comes with a pressure stylus is just so handy for web development. You draw up a diagram/wireframe with your stylus drop into Fireworks/Photoshop, do what you need to do, then go into your IDE or Dreamweaver to finish up your coding, then you can have a whole *AMP stack to test your code. It’s an ultraportable power machine. I don’t think tablet is a fair word.