Square Opens Up in Japan, Its First Expansion Outside of North America

    May 23, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Japan, say hello to Square. The mobile payments platform has just announced that it is now available in your country.

Square is available in Japan with the support and partnership of Sumitomo Mitsui Card Corporation (SMCC). Responsible for introducing Visa to Japan, SMCC is widely recognized and respected for its ability to provide a wide range of solutions, including a comprehensive and highly secure credit card and payment solution.

This marks the first international expansion for Square outside of North America, where they service over 4 million individuals and businesses. Square says that they are now processing over $15 billion in payments annually.

And like in North America, Square will take a 3.25% cut of transactions in Japan.

Here’s what Square co-founder and CEO, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, had to say about the move:

“I am honored to introduce Square to a country with a rich history of design, innovation and tradition. Square shares the same values and attention to detail in our products. Our tools are made to enable business owners to create a delightful, seamless experience for their customers. I look forward to Square assisting in Japan’s continued economic growth and entrepreneurship opportunities.”

Also, he’s been Vining the news:

You can check out Square Japan here.

  • Ray Harrison

    I waited very long for Square to launch in the UK..and now I read they started with Japan first. A country which has been a decade ahead of us in terms of mobile payment technology. But I guess it matters little to me now. I need a reader with chip and pin so I’ve just signed up for one with mPowa at http://www.mpowa.com. Anyhow,I doubt Square’s current technology would make it in the UK anyway.

  • Pierre Martin

    Dear Harrison, NEVER OPEN A SQUARE UP ACCOUNT. It’s a joke. Worse customer service ever.

    I used the card to sell a goods and suddenly they decided in order for me to get my $1850. I had to send them my passport, last 3 bank statements, and an invoice of the sale. I was hesitant but they said they will not release my funds if didn’t comply, so I did. They then wrote my an email and said I was deemed “high risk” so they terminated my account and they was going to hold my money for 3 months .