Spotify Gained Two Million Paid Subscriptions This Year

    December 6, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Music streaming service Spotify has just announced its current user stats, and they show that the company has increased its paid user base by two million this year alone.

According to Spotify, it can now boast 5 million paid subscriptions globally. One million of those paid subscriptions comes from U.S. users.

Back in July, Spotify announced 4 million paid subscriptions and in January the figure was 3 million. At this rate, Spotify is growing roughly one million paying customers every six months.

Of course, Spotify is not only concerned with paid subscribers. Any non-paying user is a potential paying user, any Spotify has plenty of those too. According to the company, it now sports 20 million total active users who have generated over a billion playlists. Back in July, it was 15 million total users – so Spotify basically has the same paid to non-paid user ratio as it did six months ago (3.75 to 4).

Last month, Spotify attracted a $100 million round of funding from Goldman Sachs and Coca-Cola, valuing the company at $3 billion. Just a few days later, we learned that the company was finally working on a web player that will roll out in 2013.

Another interesting stat from Spotify’s announcement? Apparently, users have created more than 4 million different playlists that a simply titled “Love.” I’ll just leave that there with no comment.

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