Sonos Controller For Android Debuts

Android devices can now manage multi-room music systems

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People who happen to own both Sonos multi-room music systems and Android phones are in for treat.  Today, Sonos announced an app called the Sonos Controller for Android, and it’ll grant individuals precise control over the different system components.

An official statement promised, "With the award-winning Sonos S5 in any room and an Android phone in hand, music lovers will enjoy an unmatched wireless music experience in the home.  You’ll be able to access and play all the music on earth – from the Internet and your personal music library – throughout the home, wirelessly.

Then the statement continued, "Use the free Sonos Controller for Android app to control all your music and rooms, all from the palm of your hand.  And, Sonos Controller for Android features Sonos’ latest innovation in the home music experience – music voice search – allowing users to find any artist, album or track by simply speaking into the phone."

It’s possible to control volume levels in separate rooms using the app, as well.

We’re not going to suggest that this development is a major breakthrough; an iPhone app already existed, and Sonos products cost too much for many folks to benefit.  Again, though, people who already own Sonos systems and Android phones are sure to appreciate the move.

Also, if many folks were perhaps on the verge of spending money on one thing or the other, this could push at least a few of them over the figurative edge.

Look for the app to become available in late March.

Sonos Controller For Android Debuts
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