Sheryl Sandberg (Humorously) Implores Grads to Click on Facebook Ads

    May 26, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Clad in Facebook’s team colors, the company’s Chief Officer of Operations Sheryl Sandberg addressed the graduates at Harvard Business School’s Class Day, an event the school holds prior to commencement. Facebook hasn’t been having its best days lately – not by a long shot, really – since the company made it’s initial public offering last Friday and, subsequently, everything took off like a herd of dead rabbits.

Sandberg made no mention of Facebook’s financial woe directly, but she didn’t skirt the subject altogether. In a classic example of how to win with tongue-in-cheek humor, Sandberg began, “As you and your classmates spread out across the globe and walk across the stage tomorrow, I wish for you four things. First, that you keep in touch via Facebook. This is critical to your future success.”

She followed up the joke with another rib-tickler: “And we’re public now so can you click on an ad or two while you’re there?”

The audience laughed along with Sandberg’s wry humor, and it was good. Check out the video from CNN below to hear her masterful delivery.

  • Gap Yah

    Nobody cares about your boring parties or how rich your parents supposedly are, just click on the ads! Lol!

  • dog killah

    No way i use block all ads when I use my notebook & I really don’t even use my note book. I’m 95% of the time on my