Searching Google Plus? There’s a Query for That

Add even more Google+ functionality to Google Chrome

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With all the tech writers and evangelists on Google+, it’s become something of a fount of information. However, because these streams of information come quite quickly in terms of Google+ updates, keeping track of it all can be a little overwhelming, even in this, the infant stage of Google’s social network platform. While you can search Google+ while logged into the service, is there another way to access all of this content without being forced to parse through these updates?

Thanks to a technique publicized by Bill Handy, there is. In his “How to Search Google Plus” post, Handy details the technique, which isn’t difficult at all, provided you have Google Chrome. The process involves adding a new search engine to the Google Chrome’s list, and entering the query in question in the applicable URL text box. The query in question is as follows:

{google:baseURL}search?q=site:plus.google.com inurl:posts/* %s

Handy even features a video showing how to execute this very simple adjustment to Google Chrome:

A quick tutorial on how to search google plus status updates.

For those of you who say Handy should just follow the sources of information he’s interested in finding, he has the following response:

I’ve never been a fan of following people. Instead I prefer to follow topics or key words. It provides a more holistic overview of the conversations which surround those topics. For example, if I follow a group of individuals who love social media I will likely think social media is always awesome (it isn’t). Following (searching) the words “social media” most often used will provide me a bit better understanding because it will bring forth differing points of view on the same topic.

With that, we have Handy’s nifty little query string, which produces results that look like the following:

<a href=Google+ Search” />

As you can see, the appearance is very much that of a normal Google SERP, so there shouldn’t be much if any confusion when executing Handy’s query. In fact, the search string is the most important component, and because Handy shared his findings, users know have the capability to conduct keyword searches of Google+ content without having to sift through all kinds of different posts.

Searching Google Plus? There’s a Query for That
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  • http://www.FreeGunInfo.com Adsense Publisher

    Doing a site index of an entire site, or even a site index of a query is nothing new. I’m surprised that Google has not simply created a filter so nobody has to do a site command in Google for a query just to get Google+ results.

    See, Google doesn’t need to improve it’s algorithms for better quality, they need to allow the users to adjust the searches in ways similar to how algorithms would. Let’s say I wanted to omit a list of sites from any results, or just results for a particular type of search, or instead of all social results, I wanted social results from just one site, or a list of sites. So I’d just log into my Google account and use one of the custom filters I set up. See, Google doesn’t need to tell me how to search, they need to allow me to search better. I remember the days of Archie and Veronica (no, not the comic strip, the spiders) where you would submit a query with options and you would get results (And like spiders they would sometimes take days to complete a search, thus search engines were superior and inevitable). Then out of those results you could filter those results, even if the filters were complex. Whatever you created as a filter, that’s what the program would filter as. People published their own filters and others would try them out. Some were great, others were terrible.

    Anyway, so the idea is simple, let the end user configure their own search engine.

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    We should not have to bend over backwards like this. Google should have made it easy to search the Plus conversations from the start.

    They are, after all, a SEARCH engine.

    • Adsense Publisher

      It’s one more example of Google throwing out software and it not being ready for prime time. It’s the reason most of their projects fail. Google Wave is still an excellent idea, but they failed to create a search for it and so you basically had to know somebody or get invited to a Wave before you knew one existed, or had to do the same to others before they knew your Wave existed. It still is in my opinion a possible killer to Facebook, and for sure a killer of twitter if they ever revive Google Wave from it’s slumber.

  • http://plus.google.com Concerned G+er

    Something associated with G+ is unstable. The +1s on many recent posts on my profile appear to be wiped out. G+ may not be ready for prime time. I’m sure it was a coincidence that the +1s disappeared shortly after posting the following status:

    G+ testimonial: With Google plus, I don’t have to google myself any more. Now all my intimate details are on my G+ Profile. Thanks G+ for saving me from the self indulgence of self googling.

  • CherryLii

    The function let me think of search the current site of avant browser .
    when you open a website then type the keywords and click button of current search.you get what is the same as this picture.

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