Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol Says Drudge

Update: It's official, Scotty McCreery wins American Idol!

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Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol Says Drudge
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Update: Scotty McCreery did win American Idol as leaked by the Drudge Report earlier today. Feel free to give us your thoughts in the comment section below the article.

The final results show isn’t until tonight, but the news about the American Idol Winner may have already leaked.

A top story on Drudge Report says, “Un-cool, un-hip, country-fried singer wins American Idol.” Drudge quotes a source that says Scotty took almost double the amount of votes over runner-up Lauren Alaina. The story is still developing.

If these sources are indeed correct, has America made the right decision? Or is Scotty, as the headline suggest, un-cool, un-hip and country fried? If country music isn’t your thing, this finale was not for you. The finale sing-off last night was decidedly all country as the two contestants covered the likes of George Strait and Pam Tillis.

What do the folks over at Likester think? The trend-analyzing startup has been running Likester Idol, crunching the Facebook “like” numbers each week to predict the elimination results. Last week they predicted the elimination of Haley Reinhart and were proven correct.

After last night’s performances, Likester analyzed the numbers and posted their prediction early this morning. And their prediction is in line with the Drudge report, as they deem Scotty the likely winner.

Likester notes that Scotty grabbed over twice the total Facebook likes as Lauren. They also give her props for her performances last night but lament that she never really had a chance.

WebProNews recently talked to Likester President Kevin McCarthy about analyzing trends within Facebook data.

As of this morning, it looks like it might be a landslide for Scotty McCreery. Do you think he will win? Should he win?

Also, how do you feel about the all-country finale?  If it’s not your cup of tea, who do you think should have been in the final pairing?

Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol Says Drudge
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  • Steph

    loved the finale, Country has been huge this year, not with just middle american but Im in NY and this year i’ve changed over to listening to a lot of country. I’m sick of the songs on Z100, and 1/2 the time the lyrics drive me insane. This year i’ve really gotten into songs that tell a story and have a purpose with some heart in it. Country has that, and by this finale seems amerian is feeling the same way.

    • Steph

      Wish i could go up into my last post and fix the typos. *America

  • Linda

    I hope and feel that Scotty will win. Even though I think the entire show was slanted to Lauren. Something just didn’t seem right about the whole thing. If he (Scotty) doesn’t win, it will increase my thoughts that the show is rigged and I, for one, will probably not watch it anymore.

    • kmac

      I also feel that last night’s show was totally slanted towards Lauren. It was rather obvious. I like them both, but think it is unfair to Scotty for the show to be so obvious on their favoritism towards Lauren.

      • Liz

        Yes, Scotty should win and he has a unique voice! he deserves the title!



      • Anita B

        I am glad he won..deserved it from the start…a wholesome American young man….May God continue to bless him

  • http://www.countrymusicbulletin.com kalmanizer

    I’m from Brooklyn, NY and Country Music is my FAVORITE genre of music! I’m a 28yr old guy but I got into Country Music when New York City used to have a Country Music Station called 103.5 WYNY which UNFORTUNATELY now became 103.5 KTU Dance Music which I CAN’T stand! I got sooo many of my NY friends into Country Music! I was driving somewhere with 2 friends of mine and I put on a Country Music Station and one of my friends told me to turn that CRAP off and I told him to SHUT-Up and give me 10 mins and then I’ll switch the station. After 10mins I reached over to change the station and my friend FREAKED out and told me NOT to change the dial. NOW all he listens to is Rock and Country Music.

    I honestly believe that MORE people would embrace Country Music if the genre was MORE heavily publicized. You hardly EVER hear ANY Country Music on a Top 40 Station. Read how MANY comments on you tube Country Music videos say “I HATE Country Music but I LOVE this song.” EVERY single time a Country Music Song somehow gets advertised on ANYwhere outside a Country Station people unfamiliar with Country Music flock to you tube to hear the song again. People NEED to be MORE aware of what Country Music is. Country Music is America’s Music. Country Music is known for it’s storytelling and AMAZING heartwarming lyrics.

    Country Music is NOT known to be COOL music but it is known to be down to earth music. Why does EVERYthing in this world have to be about being COOL? I like the fact that Country Music Singers are down to earth people that meet and greet their fans like NO other genre and Country Music Fans are known to be the MOST loyal fans from ANY genre of music. :)

  • tk

    It’s too late to say who should be in the finale, isn’t it? But I’ll say it anyway just for fun. I’d have like Scooty and Pia, with Scotty still winning. We in Asia are also eagerly awaiting for Scotty to perform a concert here.

  • Ann Pickens

    first of all laurens simpathy votes for her vocal cord injury only 2 hours prior and by some miracle she can sing. and of course old stephen picks lauren for all 3 songs . then they give scotty some lame sleepy song that did not showcase his voice or his playfull nature . then they give lauren a song thats a tear jerker thats about her mother give me a break . they have wanted a girl this whole season . i bet they manipulate the votes in her favor . if scotty does not win i will not watch another season.

    • http://www.evamarieeversonssouthernvoice.blogspot.com/ Eva Marie Everson

      BUT!!! That last song for Scotty probably had every little girl (who votes!) swooning…don’t you think? :)

    • Jo Fickett

      It’s been so clear where this was headed,expecially from so called judges. If Scotty doesn’t WIN it has been so fixed to the point they would throw out His votes ! I see for sure not only is Lauren undeserving but is so fake.What a horrible stunt to play Lauren ! Scotty is the Best singer,the Best stage perfomer and Honest person. His future is set for him,great going Scotty !

  • http://drudge db

    I agree. The show was TOTALLY slanted in Lauren’s favor. Lauren’s assigned song’s were far better than what Scotty was given to sing – TOTALLY FIXED – what a joke. Lauren with her tribute song to her mother …. whatever …. can anyone say sympathy vote? I can’t believe they even gave her a song like that to sing. FIXED. I think Lauren is boring and not the least bit entertaining. And what’s with the judges? Why are they giving their opinions? I thought they gave no comments in the last show? Whatever. I will never watch this show again, as I truly believe the whole thing was fixed. Especially when Steve Tyler says from the first audition of Lauren “here’s our next idol.” Ridiculous. What’s the point of having the show? FIXED! Additionally, when we tried to call from a land line to vote for Scotty and dialed 1-866, a recording stated “you DO NOT need to dial a “1” when calling this number.” So we dialed the number without the “1” and a recording stated “you MUST dial a “1” when calling this number.” Back and forth and back and forth, getting one vote through for even 25 attempts made. Why the recordings like that? Tell me that isn’t FIXED. ???

  • nadine

    Should have won, Pia or Haley. Will win Scotty over Barbie Lauren.

  • Cyndi

    I agree with earlier comments that the song selections they chose seemed to favor Lauren over Scotty. Last week I thought they picked very difficult selections for Hayley, not so for Scotty and Lauren, and somewhat more flattering to Lauren than Scotty. Oddly enough, the judges picked a song for Hayley that was not recognized by a large part of the audience…earlier shows they criticized her for doing that same thing. The back up singers they gave her for the Stevie Nicks number ruined the song, and maybe cost her votes.
    This is my first idol season.I loved it, but I was disappointed toward the end for those reasons.
    My picks would have been James or Hayley but I expected the country to win out. Will buy Casey, Hayley, and James’ music. If voting for personality, Scotty seems to have genuinely kind heart and it will be a treat to watch him grow. Glad he has a gift that will allow him to reach out and touch lives.

    • janet

      The judges favored Lauren to win, however destiny speaks. From the beginning Scotty surely had it over all others. He was never in the bottom three. always GREAT! Don’t we all love him? He deserves to be American Idol. I am gearing up for our party tonight. Please God let him win. He is THE BEST!A PHENOMENOL SINGER!

  • Estelita G. Gonzalez

    I am for Scotty from the start. I love his voice as a country singer. The best of the best….

  • Dude

    Lauren’s gonna win, people!

  • http://www.evamarieeversonssouthernvoice.blogspot.com/ Eva Marie Everson

    Haver you ever seen a finer young man? I mean…seriously. First, we hear that the coin toss was won by Scotty…and he defers to Lauren. Then, in spite of his doing so well, he was up against her messed up voice box, which sort of gave her the sympathy vote. And, to top it all off, she sang a song to her mother–and who can resist that? When the final song had been sung, he walked out, slipped his arm around her like a big bro and said something that indicated: “Baby, you got this one.” Lauren shook her head (what else could she do?) like “no no no” but he insisted that if everything was based on last night, she won. I think Lauren is a WONDERFUL singer. She rocks and she’s got a contract waiting with her name on it, no doubt. But Scotty proved above and beyond his talent–not just last night, but EVERY week since this began. He also represented his faith in a very real way. He’s a fine young man, he’s an amazing singer, and–if my vote(S) counted–he’s the 2011 American Idol.

  • JE

    Go Scotty, so much better than the rest all season. Don’t think America will be fooled by the very obvious attempt by the producers to sway the vote, it was so obvious they should have just put up a sign. Anyway I was torn who to vote for, because I like them both, but with idol backing Lauren (not right) by the way, and a built in excuse with the Dr. thing in case she made a mistake, I went with Scotty.

    • Jo Fickett

      Agree. The Doctor thing was all for PITY her votes ! And her last song…to win over mother’s.I’m a mom and she sure didn’t win me over ! Lauren should go into acting,shes good at it.

  • Cathy

    I have been a Lauren fan from the beginning. However, that being said, I agree that the song choices last night were slanted in Lauren’s favor. Did she really have a vocal cord injury.. who’s to say. I certainly don’t know nor does anyone else on here. Did announcing it along with the mother song indicate that the producers want her to win.. maybe, but to imply that 3 strong willed people (the judges) would go along with a “fixed” show is stretching it in my opinion. I’m sure they each have their own favorite that they are hoping wins just like we all do, but I do not believe for one second that they have been coerced or would agree to such a huge injustice as to try to sway the public’s opinion because the producers want them to.

    You might as well just come right out and call all three of them cheaters, liars, people with lack of character and no morals.

  • Hannah

    Scotty won! End of discussion. He is FAR superior to Lauren both vocally and performance wise, far more likable, and will have a long and enduring career in country music. Lauren’s voice is a dime a dozen in Nashville and unless Idol is willing to drop millions of dollars promoting her she will be another “who?” in the Idol scheme of things a year from now. And we all know Idol isn’t going to do that.


    James Durbin should have been the winner tonight. Period. End of discussion.


    OK, I needed to vent in the previous comment. Scotty is a terrific singer & also a terrific person. I’m sure Lauren’s a slice of apple pie with sugar on top but the drama yesterday was beyond comprehension. Did she have a vocal cord injury? Did she really get an injection in her vocal cords? Isn’t she just the bravest little thing? Look, there she goes into the audience to hug her mother!! TPTB must think we’re morons to fall for that. Wait….no comment, my bad.

  • Dawnrese

    I can tell u right now that IDOL is fixed. My daughter and I went to try out in LA and one of the helpers that were tallying for the auditions said we need another female brunette to make the producers happy. So Ya they do have a certain type picked to win from the get go. As someone who has sang with a band an did some touring my younger years if she had blow out her vocal chord as they said she wouldn’t be talking, let alone singing for at least 8 to 10 weeks. So Ya it was a big ploy to slant the votes Lauren’s way. As far as Haley goes, I was glad to see her go, she is a one trick pony. BORING!!!!

  • Britt

    I believe he will win. He did an AMAZING job last night and i would be so disappointed if he didn’t. If he doesn’t win i know he will still come out with a cd and it will do better than lauren so either way he is going to win. Good luck tonight Scotty…..

    • Britt

      Also he has that sound that will keep his career going and he will only get better. He is going to win because of that. Not saying that lauren sucks just that her music to me doesnt seem like she will go as far as Scotty.

  • fran

    One thing all you Lauren bashers and Scotty defenders miss is that it was “slanted” toward Lauren last night, because she was so OBVIOUSLY superior in stagecraft and vocal ability. Did you miss the entire season of puff reviews for Scotty? Never once did they give him constructive criticism, which he desperately needed, and that explains why he did not develop his range at all, and Lauren did. But Boring Cute White Guy will win again this year. Snore. I’ll look forward to Lauren’s successful country career, just like I predicted Carrie Underwood’s.

  • fran

    Janet says, “Don’t we all love him?”

    No we don’t. Bores me to tears, and I can’t watch him make those exact same cutesy, winking faces at the camera week after week.

  • samantha

    I just have to say I am a new yorker not in to country music at all I watch american idol every year and after this year I will never watch it again…….lauren should have won even though I don’t like country music I would listen to her she was with out a doubt the better singer between the two artists sorry all of those who favor that real country twang lauren should have won hope the voice and x factor make a huge splash because american idol has lost a 10 year viewer even my mother refuses to watch anymore….sorry all!

  • Mary Pedreiro

    I’ve been an American idol fan since Kelly Clarkson. I’m sad to say this will be my last year watching. I really wanted to see James and Pia in the finals!! Those two really deserved it. They were consistent through out. It’s unfortunate that most of the people voting are children/teenagers that vote for cuteness not talent!!! My best to Pia and James!!;)

    • T Mack

      If it were for cuteness, Pia would have been the winner. She is very hot. Scotty is a nice humble guy and has a awesome and unique voice, that is why he won.

      I hope James and Pia the best, but Scotty will outsell both of them.

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