School Shooting In Connecticut Leads To Different Ryan Lanzas Being Mistaken For Shooter

    December 14, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Once CNN released the name of alleged shooter Ryan Lanza (reports are now saying it was his brother), a mad media scramble ensued to look for this person’s social media profiles. One Facebook profile in particular seemed to fit the bill in that Ryan Lanza was listed as from Newtown, Connecticut (though listed as living in New Jersey).

Some media outlets began to show the profile picture, and there were even a bunch of fake Facebook pages that quickly popped up:

Lanza Facebook pages

Shortly thereafter, reports came out that this was not the same Ryan Lanza. Gawker points to a couple of people who are allegedly Facebook friends of Lanza’s, who say it’s not him, sharing alleged screenshots (it has not been confirmed that these are authentic, to my knowledge) of Lanza’s profile, where he says things like:

“IT WASN”T ME I WAS AT WORK IT WASN’T ME,” “I’m on the bus home now it wasn’t me,” and “Everyone shut the fuck up it wasn’t me.” The profile has since disappeared from Facebook.

Another Ryan Lanza on Twitter assured everyone that it was not him either, despite recent tweets like “fuck parents” and “depression… fml…”

  • 1965

    Condolences to ALL!!!!

  • 1965

    Wow! Brother had his ID on his possession.

  • 1965


  • Grace

    thats aweful. it wasn’t him

  • http://www.bloketoys.co.uk BlokeToys

    I think Ryan Lanza, if he ever recovers from this trauma, should sue every news organization that jumped to name him as a mass murderer of children.

    We know what happened here. One news organization got a name from a cop (which shouldn’t have happened to begin with – that cop needs to be found and prosecuted for giving out information potentially causing more harm) and it turned out to be the wrong name. Other news organizations then did the laziest reporting they could and repeated what everyone else was saying without checking the facts first.

    These freaks are not journalists, they are peddlers of catastrophe. All they care about are ratings – as seen by the sickening videos of their “reporters” interviewing traumatized kids outside the school.

    What kind of man thinks it’s okay to be asking a little boy who has just experienced the most traumatic event of his life, and possibly seen his friends gunned down by a crazy person, thinks it’s acceptable to stick a camera and mic in his face and force him to recount it!?!?!

    Why are Americans not after the blood of those scum reporters?

    The poor kid has just been traumatized, he needs to be with his mom and possibly a child psychologist in a safe place away from all that chaos, and they think they have the right to broadcast him across the nation being asked to relive it – for the entertainment of the masses!?

    Seriously, America is f’ed up! Every journalist on the scene who interviewed a traumatized child should be fired, prosecuted and the stations fined!

    • James

      Not gonna happen they’ll investigate WHY Adam had Ryan’s ID or Lisc. ? And WHY Ryan did not report it missing or stolen?
      They will investigate the timelines they will investigate money elements ryan’s stands to get everything with no brother to take care of AND why did Ryan did not speak to his brother in over two years?? Simply put more questions indeed not to mention lawyers are no doubt being dispatched by Ryan’s father some surmise Peter Lanza has long ago had a favorite people suspect Ryan got his job because of his father tax director of the energy division on G.E. pulled strings .

  • James

    The reply of these things timelines, money id’s are pure surmising’s of areas that can not be ruled in or out no official statements have been released to these scenarios or conjectures.