Sarah Palin, Tesla CEO Trade Social Media Jabs

    April 10, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Sarah Palin, the political pundit who gave up on governing the state of Alaska, this week issued yet another political rant through her Facebook page. In it, she excoriated President Obama for attempting to “pick ‘winners and losers’ in the free market.” She pointed out that Fisker Automotive, an electric car company that has “received nearly $200 million in taxpayer money” is now laying off around 80% of its U.S. workforce. From the Facebook post:

This is really just the latest manifestation of the administration’s crony capitalism as their green energy buddies benefit from this atrocious waste of taxpayer money. Americans really need to get outraged by these wasteful ventures. As we’ve seen time and time again, We the People are always stuck subsidizing the left’s “losers.”

Palin’s criticisms echo other conservative commentators, who have been criticizing the U.S. Department of Energy’s clean energy loan program in recent weeks. She went on to make fun of a popular recent target, electric car company Tesla Motors. She stated that Tesla’s “Obama-subsidized” vehicles brick when the battery completely discharges, costing $40,000 to repair.

Tesla Motors announced earlier this month that it expects to finally turn a profit in the first quarter of 2013. Tesla co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, took to Twitter to sarcastically state that he was hurt by Palin’s words, and to point out that the Tesla Model S warranty covers battery bricking:

Musk is, of course, the type of entrepreneur that many conservatives idolize. In addition to co-founding Tesla and PayPal, Musk is on the forefront of privatizing the space industry as the founder of SpaceX. Taking advantage of a government incentive, whether it’s a tax break or (as is the case with Tesla) a loan, is simply a part of business.

  • John Mathieu

    Sean…What’s with the first sentence of your story ….Palin…who gave up governing Alaska. As a former journalist…that would be like saying,…Japan, which…lost the second world war,

    Pretty silly and immature…

  • Joe

    the talking rear orifice named Sarah Palin wears her thong backwards and it is known she uses q-tips as tampons, this quitter, remember she never finished her term as governor, is so stupid that when she has no batteries for her vibe attaches a string to a candle and go rrrrrr rrrrr and uses the candle to console herself, the dumbo talking about quitting? she has never won anything but a jump in the sack with the NBA player and more.

    • http://yahoo franksharon

      if she was to run for president she would have my vote—america needs women like her especially now———–

      • JR

        You mean stupid women. Even Ann the man Coulter said she should learn proper English. You must be stupid too.

    • peter prescott

      hate is never pretty. wow alot of accusations there

    • Cads

      I can’t think of a reply for this idiot.

    • Cads

      I can’t think of a reply for this idiot.

  • Bob Brickman

    Palin,her very dumb.

  • Joe Mama

    Why is anything that comes out of Sarah Palin’s dumb mouth news? I mean, she’s not even on Fox News any more.

  • Joe Mama

    Oh and if it were a Republican administration subsidizing these ventures, Palin and Fox News would be all over it touting it as “creating jobs.”

    • peter prescott

      example please

      • Dave

        domestic oil for 1

  • Christine Matsumoto

    Sarah should be staring out her kitchen window and checking out “Russia,” as her famous comment she made while being interviewed by Katie Couric. Now did Sarah graduate from grade school? Dah!

    • peter prescott

      once again misinformed and too lazy to check out the facts. Tina Fey said that mocking Palin. Take 10 seconds out of your day and find the facts for yourself. it is on snopes

  • peter prescott

    I am not a Palin fan, but what passes for journalism these day, makes me like her more. All the hatred for her is exhausting, why is it that you hate Palin so much, “gave up on governing” That is old news, did they say every time Ted Kennedy did something “the man who left a girl to die”. It has nothing to do with the story. The constant “she is dumb” is tiresome. If you pointed out the things you disagree with that is one thing, but it is a constant attack for really no reason. (oh, I get it, she doesn’t think exactly like you do so she is dumb? zzzzzzz) She is a woman who you can’t stand I get it. She, like every American is allowed to have an opinion get over her already. The related articles are jokes too, Palin divorces….where is the Kennedy divorces and murders? If you got nothing….. claim racism, no one believes you anymore.

  • william sillo

    she’s an idiot. Go drive a tesla, its by far and away the most innovative car on the road today. Every other automaker is 5-10 years away from producing a car like the model S. In 15-20 years, “we the people” will praise the foundation paved by this company. As for palin, in 15-20 years, she’ll just be remembered as a blip on the political landscape.

    • peter prescott

      Here’s what Tesla didn’t say, though: It didn’t quantify the overall size of its order book at the end of the first quarter. There’s pent up demand for its cars right now as enthusiasts line up. As a result, the sales increase most likely came from meeting existing orders more quickly than expected. However, what’s crucial to the company’s fortunes is how many new orders are coming in each quarter – and that figure wasn’t released on Monday. Nor was the amount of canceled orders, a negative development Tesla potentially faces. Tesla also didn’t provide estimates of its first-quarter profit, in either dollars or earnings per share, something many publicly traded companies often do in their forecasts. Instead, it just said in the news release that “Tesla is amending its Q1 guidance to full profitability, both GAAP and non-GAAP.” in other words….wait and see Nostradamus

    • Stan

      Yeah, if Tesla is so wonderful and innovative, why should tax payers go further into debt with China to provide corporate welfare to a car company that makes cars for the wealthy?

    • Cads

      Sillo, she may be a blimp, but I bet you will never forget her.

  • John

    Musk – Co founder of Fisker/Tesla and Pay Pal, and now SpaceX. What the heck is he using government funds for? I’ll bet the loan will probably never be paid back or it’s at 0% interest. Who approved this? At this point, I don’t feel this is about Palin, whom I don’t support. Musk is a multi-millionaire ten times over. Use your own money Musk, and not tax payers! You’re a conservative so act like one!

    • peter prescott

      Take a second and do your own research instead of believing what you are told. Musk gave to more Democrats than Republicans as you can easily find out for yourself if you want to be informed. He has gotten alot of money from the Obama administration and gave them plenty himself

    • Beef

      The goal here isn’t to just get one company doing well and turning a profit. It’s about jump-starting a new area of business. If this company can grow, similar companies will follow. Pretty basic ideas at work here.

  • http://yahoo John Diehl

    If I were that warmonger in North Korea, I would make that little waterfront home of hers, their first target.

  • RICK


  • Don

    As dumb as she may be, still smarter than most of the current administration. And, not an outright liar……

  • bill

    Sarah Palin and the word “pundit” should never, ever be used together. Palin is an idiot. Why does the media keep listening to her?
    Palin kept America in suspense about her decision to seek the Republican nomination for President. What a joke. Oh,Sarah you would have had to actually answer tough questions on your feet and debate other candidates about topics you know absolutely nothing about.

    • Dave

      What I think you fail to realize is that Sarah Palin is not speaking as a political figure, head of state or any type of leader. The fact that the media is listening to her is simply because she gets headlines, good or bad. Sarah Palin is speaking as a citizen and member of this society. The fact that she keeps making headlines is the media’s fault for publishing her thoughts and yours for reading it. If you don’t like what she has to say, um, lets think……………..oh yeah, STOP LISTENING!! As a citizen of this country she has every right to speak and be heard. Get a life.

    • Dave

      the Republicans can only hope the words Sarah Palin and Republican never show up in the same article.

  • Jim

    Most of the people that have rec’d monies from the government are in the bag of Democrats that do and are expected to turn the money around and donate to the Obama fund. It is true it is crony capitalism. Sarah Palin speaks truth to power. She certainly is not dumb. Dumb means you cannot speak, as in deaf and dumb. Bob Brickman I find it hilarious that you would say that she is dumb. Just because you cannot understand what she says doesn’t mean it is not true. Sarah Palin is a very smart lady. Republican conservative women are trashed by MSM. MSM also refuse to report the truth in their overall articles and on the air. They are in the bag of Obama’s and are primarily One World Order left wing socialists. Don’t buy into their devious reporting by parroting lies. Do your own research before spouting off.

    • Cads

      Nice job jim. Your article probably won’t have any impact on somebody that can’t read.

  • Binx Taintor

    Sarah who?

  • Paul Izzo

    What many ignorant people(Palin, Rick) don’t seem to understand about the automobile industry is that there are many small businesses that support the industry. These little businesses provide jobs to many people. These people spend their money at supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants and many other places in America. So in the big picture it’s not just about Tesla, Chrysler, GM or Ford it’s about all the other small businesses these companies help support and provide a way of life to many Americans. I am sure there are some who will disagree but before you do, educate yourself. I am one of those small business owners who has a company that makes parts for Tesla and the big three. My company provides work for 24 people who have spouses, kids, grand-kids and others living with them. There are thousands of small companies like mine in the USA. Some with much more employees. So before you talk and make yourself look stupid(Palin and Rick)educate yourself.

    • Phil

      Well sir some of us ignorant people thought before we got into a business that doesn’t have a viable spot in the market yet! Also, where were your tax dollars to help support my Pizza Retaurant when it tanked becuase of all the greedy local government fees and taxes and licenses stole my money?…Stop whinning and find another way to feed your family other than off the backs of all the other tax paying people!

      • Dave

        So I guess you think its wrong to subsidize the domestic oil industry with tax payer money?

        • Phil

          You guess correctly!

      • ned nielsen

        It’s refreshing that you have the self-awareness to recognize your ignorance. At least you have that on Sarah. However, lecturing someone about surveying the market beforehand while you open a WHAT? PIZZA RESTAURANT!?! Then blame the failure of your “venture” on greedy governments! Where’s that personal responsibil;ity credo now? Now that you and your wife and a brother or two have had their dreams smashed you’ll have lots of time to criticize others while championing your hard work and business acumen. Sorry bud I only saw one whiner here and you’re it.

      • John Wayne

        Maybe you should go back and read the article again. Her beef is all the money being dumped into Telsa and other areas and the fact they are laying people off after they got money in hand. My opinion is Obama is spreading millions of dollars around and will be back to these companies after he is out of office for his take of the pie. I think the correct word is Laundering. I have seen many Presidents come and go but I have never seen a President be so determined to change our American way of life as much as Obama. I have never seen a President so ready to destroy American economy and re-build segregation as much as Obama. If you read the true story of Hitler you would clearly and without a doubt see Obama is operating out of Hitler’s play book. Obama is playing the American people like a fiddle. Presidents are supposed to make 200K per year, why does Obama make over 400K per year? He has been trying to destroy our Constitutional rights which our Founding Fathers put into place to protect us from what Obama is trying to do to us. He won’t say the Pledge of Allegiance, so who does he Pledge his Allegiance to? I could go on and on but what is the point, so many people has put their heads in the sand and are saying to themselves if I don’t see it its not happening.

        • Cads

          Excellent reply to Ned. Fortunately he recognizes that the his Government is greedy. When it bites him I doubt he will change his mind.

  • http://yahoo dale

    Does she ever have any ideas, or is she just throwing jabs at people. She reminds me of Don Rickels, but Don Riclels was funny. Come up with ideas of what you would with the many difficult situations. Throwing critisism without alternate ideas is folly

  • http://yahoo.com Robert

    Sarah Palin is not Racist, just ask her old boy friend, Glen Rice.

    • xyz

      She says size does matter.

  • http://kgbvictim@angelfire.com Arthur Guziel

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  • Dave

    What does Sarah charge to get your company name in the news? I mean, most people think she is an idiot. Her taking a stance against your company is as good as someone with some credibility endorsing it.

  • Aiden

    Sarah Palin is NOT a pundit.

  • Joh

    The Tesla is one of the most advanced electric car ever! She’d not too brite is she? Should probably take her shoes off and get back in the kitchen.

    • WeThePEople

      Thanks for your 1cent

  • Craig

    Why, oh why would anyone CARE what she thinks…if they ever did? And she’s got her own Bridge to Nowhere fed snafu to explain.

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  • Pete

    This “media outlet” has to be from the beltway. Starting with the author and ending with the communist twits that are commenting, it is evident you guys are most likely members of the gay, communist, liberal army. Sarah Palin has been attacked from the moment she became a nationally public figure…for no other reason then she was a threat to the first black president. She has been berated for having no experience. Her “no experience” background was a successful mayor and a very successful governor of Alaska. Her last position became impossible to perform successfully since the media MOVED to Alaska to try and dig up dirt on her. Turns out your black hero was very successful at visiting all “57 STATES” and applying all he has learned as a community organizer to fouling up a nation beyond recognition. Here’s to you, gay, communist, liberal army people. You stand strong when the rest of the world is laughing at you.

    • http://Aol Jerry

      Pete, you must be one of the Palin group that can see Alaska from your backyard…you and your conservative comrades are what’s wrong with this country. You and Sarah must not read much. The economy is chugging along, markets are up, employment is down and going down despite the efforts of your Republican Congress to thwart anything the President and the Democrats put into action. It must be a bitter pill to swallow for someone like you who doesn’t “swallow”. After swallowing your pride, attend a Pride Parade and be “gay” for a day…you might like it.

  • H.S. Grain

    If you need tax payer money, you are already a loser! STOP taking my hard earned money and giving it to your millionaire idols. Let the ‘market decide” who the winners and losers are. If you have to pick on Sara P., you must not understand the issue. Its about your government wasting your money AGAIN! Forget the whales, save the humans.

    • Jonathan

      My guess is that you have no clue how many major corporations are getting taxpayer money. You going to stop the taxpayer giveaways to all the agriculture and petroleum multinationals too?

      • Sosayin


      • ckrlgroen

        Amen Jonathan!!

  • lighthouse

    The author of this fake “news” article is a coward. He only attacks Palin because she is an easy target. Take away his political cover, and he would scamper back under the floor boards. The light of truth causes the roaches to scatter.

  • Kate

    Sarah, your my hero, keep putting the truth out there!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Never give up, we need you!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Kate, are you kidding me? The lady doesn’t even read! My goodness, she’s the loser. I’m a Registered Republican, and would never support Sarah Palin,…. Ever!

      • ckrlgroen

        She’s pretty smart for not being able to read. We do not need Republicans like you.

    • ckrlgroen

      I’m with you Kate. The Republican Party needs Sarah. She’s awesome and my hero as well.