Samsung Waiting to Sue Apple Over iPhone 5’s LTE

    August 31, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Though Apple managed total victory in its U.S. patent lawsuit against Samsung, the most valuable company in history hasn’t fared quite so well in places such as Korea and Japan. Still, Apple is taking its win and running with it, requesting that many Samsung smartphones, including varieties of the Galaxy S II, be banned from sale in the U.S. A hearing is scheduled for December to determine if Apple will get its wish.

It turns out Samsung may have a counterattack planned, though. An article in the Korea Times states that Samsung has confirmed its intention to “immediately sue Apple” if it decides to release an LTE device, which the upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to be. The Times points to Thomson-Reuters data that states Samsung owns around 12.2% of LTE patents. If Samsung can manage to find one of their LTE patents that the iPhone 5 infringes upon, it’s a near-certainty the company will ask for an injunction against Apple selling the smartphone in the U.S.

If Samsung could actually convince a judge to issue a well-timed injunction, it would be quite a reposte. With a manufacturing delay for the smartphone’s LCD panels already guaranteeing a supply crunch on the iPhone 5’s launch day, an injunction would drop a bomb on the tech world’s biggest product launch of the year. It might also, however, turn out to be a good thing, as the attention and outrage such an event would cause could be enough to finally get some movement toward U.S. patent system reform.

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  • John

    apple also need to get a good lesson. any company when becomes big becoming a evil.

  • yahhewenthere

    Samsung only has a few LTE related patents. Hey why not go for the whole shebang and sue all companies that have ever released LTE phones? This is like “Al Gore created the Internet.”

  • Robert in Canada

    Here are two of the patent infringements Apple was claiming against Samsung, and the idiotic US jury agreed:

    1. Rectangular shape of phone – jury agreed it’s an Apple patent
    2. Flat screen on phone – jury agreed it’s an Apple patent

    This is beyond ridiculous.

    Of course the US jury voted against Samsung. It was a good old born in the USA company against an evil foreigner.

    Shoot first, ask questions later. It’s the American way.

  • http://www.twitpoint.com Samsung fan

    I am very disgusted with the ruling in favour of Apple, for some very ridiculous claims. I hope Samsung can teach Apple a good lesson.

  • Bluebird

    A car have 4 wheels, 2 windscreens, 4 windows.
    So Apple is Apple and rectangle is rectangle, if you are flat you are flat.
    Apple is not rectangle and flat, why the heel Apple sue.

  • Vlad

    When this Capitalism will end? instead of cooperation, there is competition, and its not a healthy one you see in sports, its not just with companies, but ordinary people as well. Sharing, not selling!

  • ian

    In response to vlad. How do you think the us got to be the lost powerful country in the world. There isny any problem with competition, the problems start coming up though when companies start crying to mommy when they are losing. Apple started losing to Samsung so they sued them. I hope Samsung wins the appeal and wins and is able to file that injunction against Apple. Apple deserves it for being so petty.