Samsung Ribs Apple for Australian Maps Fiasco with Hilarious Ad Installation

    December 12, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Earlier this week, it was pretty big news that Apple Maps was apparently leading Australian motorists into the middle of a national park instead of the cozy confines of Mildura. Sure, Apple Maps had seen plenty of bad press before, but until then they had never been accused of endangering lives. Despite the often over-the-job jeering, you can’t really feel sorry for Apple. If you’re going to rush out a maps product to displace one as solid as Google Maps, you should be prepared for ridicule if that maps product starts dumping people in the scorching-hot Australian bush.

The opportunity to turn Apple’s bad press into an advertisement was apparent not lost on Samsung, who recently created one of the most timely and most clever physical advertisements you’re likely to see.

Spotted by CNET Australia, Samsung’s ad installment on George Street in Sydney is pretty simple, yet so funny. A dirty SUV, complete with camping gear, sits next to a folding chair and a pitched tent. Beside it stand a sign that says,

Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Get navigation you can trust.

Three points. Nothin’ but net.

Samsung is no stranger to sharply targeting Apple with television ads, but this one is on a whole other level. Advertising as art as great joke.

  • Brenno

    What do i think? I love the ad. And now that Apple has come crawling back to google to get its Google Maps app back in the store, it’s obvious that people will finally begin to start noticing what I’ve known all along: Apple’s dead company left to its own inventions. All they’ve ever done since 2008 is mimic other innovators and call the results their own.

    • Seri

      I think that this ad is hilarious and I completely agree that Apple hasn’t made too many innovative strides in recent years. I have always been a fan of Samsung and the company’s android devices. Primarily, because they seem to actually create new components that users can get really excited about. The Galaxy S3, although not perfect, is nothing short of creative genius.