Samsung Galaxy S4s are Free on Black Friday (Whoa)

    November 24, 2013
    Aleyia Dixon
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The day after Thanksgiving could be your day to finally upgrade your phone: The most recent edition of the highly popular Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S4 will be free on Black Friday.

Of course, this is with a two-year contract only. This is still a great deal, especially for those who have been looking at their Galaxy S3s with a little less love since the S4 has been released.

The Black Friday Best Buy and Walmart ads both explain their unique ways of providing this offer. At Walmart, you pay $99, but they in turn give you a $100 gift card. Yes, it is only a dollar back, but that is still an extra dollar that you didn’t have before! Plus, receiving a gift card could also scratch an item off of your Christmas list. All in all, kudos to Walmart’s ingenious marketing plan to keep the money in-house with a little extra incentive.

Best Buy keeps it a bit simpler, but with their own advantages: If you get your Galaxy S4 from Best Buy, you have the choice of using Verizon, AT&T and Sprint as your carrier. Best Buy is also the only place where you can get the attractive Blue Arctic color.

It’s pretty hard to say that this isn’t a great deal. While this probably means that the Galaxy S5 is coming soon, which it definitely is according to some, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone that normally costs over $200. If you or someone you know needs an upgrade, Black Friday might be the best time to do it.

Image: Samsung

  • Brian

    Hi- Also note that Staples is doing the S4 on the same three carriers as Best Buy for $0.01, starting 8pm Thursday, just in-case people don’t want to use one of the other retailers, or a Staples is closer to their home.

    • Desiree

      Hi could i use their s4 for metro.pcs?

  • Ann F

    great info thanks!!

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