Samsung Bricks Galaxy Notes With Ice Cream Sandwich Update

    July 5, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Carriers and device manufacturers have been messing up Android since the beginning. Not simply content with a free operating system good enough to immediately allow them to compete with Apple, they have abused Android’s open source nature and adapted the OS, and mostly for the worse. In the U.S., smartphones routinely come packed with crapware and have some features of the Android operating system, such as tethering or mobile hotspot, disabled.

All of this meddling not only hurts the Android brand, it also fractures the Android operating system. Manufacturers are slow to upgrade Android software on phones that have already been released, meaning frustration. While Google has just announced that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be launched later this month on the Nexus 7 tablet, most smartphones don’t yet have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

One of those smartphones is Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Samsung has promised an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for owners of the ultra-large Note smartphone, but have delayed the release for months, though the international version of the phone has it. Many of the features Samsung has dangled in front of Galaxy Note owners are features that owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S III got with their purchase.

This week, just when it finally looked as if Galaxy Note owners were going to get Android 4.0, Samsung dropped the ball. According to a Gizmodo report, some Note owners in France are having their smartphone crash or even become completely bricked by the update.

France was one of the first places to receive the Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich update. Samsung has acknowledged the problem through its Facebook page, where the company is urging its customers to fill out a detailed form on the problem so that it can do some much-needed debugging.

Take a look at the video below to see all of the features Samsung is promising its customers, then ponder whether the software is worth waiting countless months for an upgrade to the newest version of Android:

  • Joe

    Ok so you did your daily Android bashing…so how about how Apple dropped the ball with its appstore and malicious apps crashing ios devices???

  • Chris

    Agree with Joe’s comment above. This is inaccurate, Apple bumming horse crap. For instance: I am currently holding a Samsung Galaxy Note which is running Ice Cream Sandwich stock without any mods, unlocking or fiddling with the handset at all. It was updated over the air as was intended. Sean Patterson whoever you are, you are a poor excuse for a Technology journalist and should be shot. Or stoned to death with Apple products – now bear in mind that these will weigh as much as stones because they have irremovable batteries in them. Boom!

    • Sean Patterson

      As stated in the article above, Galaxy Notes in France are the ones experiencing this issue. Not sure why you believe any of this has something to do with Apple.

  • Miguel

    So, why are the rooted Notes running ICS with no problems? Their versions have been out much longer.
    Also, how is T-Mobile gonna have the Note with ICS preloaded; possibly in a couple weeks? I’m sure they will fill theirs with bloatware as well…

    • Gary

      Just got ICS last week via Kies tethering and it is a frickin’ nightmare. I have the Galaxy 2 and nothing had been done to it prior. I have NO Bluetooth connectivity whatsoever. That is unforgiveable! Browsing is slow and unreliable. WiFi is shaky to say the least. DO NOT INSTALL THIS PLATFORM!! Samsung and T-Mobile are unhelpful and act as though I am speaking Eskimo.

  • st

    The update does not bomb by itself. Its when people root their devices and do unofficial updates which makes the phone unstable. Then they do an official update and in some cases it bombs!

    even then there are few rare cases of bricks and majority have been running fine. There are few minor issues though, which I guess will get resolved with minor updates.

  • Ganesh Nayak

    My sister got the update long time back and there has bee no issues at all… Not heard of any issues in the Indian media…

  • Dom Schiavoni

    i find it odd that some people think that they are entitled to an upgraded operating system for an electronic device they had previously purchased. Imagin expecting Microsoft to send you a free copy of Win7 for your Vista computer you purchased years ago. You should be thankfull that many phone providers take that extra step to satisfy customers by offering free upgrades. Give them time. Kinks will be worked out and you will have an up-todate device. Also, If new versions of android come out every month you can’t reasonably expect them to provide free upgrades for every single increment.

    The real battle hear should be getting all phone/android device providers to allow users to install the bloatware. I don’t mind if they pre-install corney programs that might help others, please just allow us that don’t want the programs to manual install them. Author: Put more direction to your bickering and wineing

    • Dom Schiavoni

      I ment UNinstall bloatware. Oops:-)

  • robert reyes

    I updated my Note to the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. First let me explain that I have done no hacking or unauthorized updating previous to this, only what the phone installed by inself. The phone ran flawlessly. I loved it. I updated to Ice Cream Sandwich and like the article says, it has turned it into a brick. Even the simplest function lags. Battery life is down to 5 hours and I don’t use my phone that much. It self installs apps, is constantly running background apps without any way to shut them off. My phone freezes up regularly. Even the simple funciton of swipping to another screen is painful. Two weeks ago I loved the Note, today I’m thinking of re-activation my old iPhone and throwing this thing into a drawer somewhere. That’s how dissatisfied I am with the improvements.

  • angel

    I totally agree with Robert i got my note last friday i took it back monday and had it replaced because it was getting hot and running slow battery died after 4 hours etc……and this one is no better even with power saving switched on. I am running ice cream sandwich and i dont know what to do shall i take it back again or look for a samsung tech shop. This is an amazing phone but it cant be used properly because of the battery dying.

  • Jamie

    I was eagerly looking forward to load the ICS upgrade on my Galaxy Note. Boy, was that a mistake. Prior to the upgrade, my phone got GPS signal lock within 10 seconds. After the upgrade, it couldn’t lock a signal or get within 1,000 metres of my location after 30 minutes. Not acceptable. I contacted AT&T (my carrier) who told me otherwise, that getting within 1,000 metres in 30 minutes was normal. Uh…no. I refused to accept that. AT&T swapped my phone out on a warranty ticket and I received a refurbished phone that is running Gingerbread and the GPS (and 4G LTE) signal is working perfectly. Hooray!

    I hope ICS can be fixed. I like the little bit that I saw of it.

  • meg

    I have never in any way modified my note. Before ICS I was like a sales person for the note -I loved it so much…since the upgrade…it’s terrible…basically a brick–loses signal, battery sucks …i can’t even type half of the time…I just want to cry…:(

    • Robin

      How I agree that ICS is a total disaster. I hated it so much that I have now returned to gingerbread which works perfectly. Here is the lesson, if everything works well on your device DO NOT upgrade the software. (And if anyone says you cannot remove ICS and reinstall gingerbread, tell them they are wrong because I have done it)