Salesforce.com Acquires Thinkfuse SaaS Provider

    June 26, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Thinkfuse announced today that they are being acquired by Salesforce.com.

Thinkfuse is a software-as-a-service provider that allows organizations to turn business communications into useful planning and scheduling tools.

While very few details of the acquisition have been disclosed, Thinkfuse will be shutting down by July 25th, and current users will have to export all their data by that time.

The Thinkfuse team commented about the acquisition on their blog today:

“Today, we are excited to share that the Thinkfuse team will be joining salesforce.com, where we’ll advance our mission to promote open communication and transparency in the workplace.”

“To all of our users, thank you for using Thinkfuse! We’ve been on an incredible journey thanks to your comments, feedback, and support. We started Thinkfuse with a simple idea to help teams communicate more effectively. We now have an amazing opportunity to pursue that passion on a much larger scale at salesforce.com – one of the leading companies in the space.”

Thinkfuse was founded by a group of former Google and Microsoft employees, and first launched at TechCrunch Disrupt New York in 2011. The entire company will join Salesforce.com out in Seattle at their headquarters.

  • http://www.metaquotes.net/en Alex Rock

    Thank you for the article. Salesfortse buying all :). Is not it easier to integrate all the functionality of SaaS solutions and CRM, and file storage in one software.

  • http://teamly.com/ Scott Allison

    An alternative is the product my company has built, Teamly: http://teamly.com

    Teamly ask employees to record their top objectives, and automate the reporting of those for management. Teamly is a practical, everyday tool that helps the end-user get work done. They can use it not just to plan long-term objectives for the month and quarter, but also use it every day and week as well.

  • Duke Wybourne

    Seems madness that the service is being discontinued.

    I have blogged about some alternatives, as my company was left high and dry.