Russian Developer Hacks iOS To Get Free In-App Content

By: Zach Walton - July 13, 2012

Piracy isn’t that big of a problem on iOS. The amount of work required to circumvent the App Store and get free stuff just doesn’t seem worth it when most apps give you a way of obtaining in-game content through regular gameplay instead of buying it. Would you use software to get free in-app content if you didn’t have to jailbreak your phone?

A Russian developer going by the handle of ZonD80 has effectively hacked iOS to allow him free access to in-app purchases. The hack works on all devices running iOS 3.0 all the way to the newest version, 6.0. What’s even more fascinating (or worse depending on your definition) is this particular hack doesn’t require jailbreaking on the user’s part to access.

The developer has started up a Web site (we obviously won’t link to it) that provide users with all the tools necessary to get free in-app purchases. According to 9to5Mac, the developer is currently accepting donations to continue the project and keep the server that’s hosting the hack active.

Arguments for or against such a hack aside, the actual methodology behind it is fascinating. Users need only install two small programs from the developer’s site and then connect via Wi-Fi. After changing the phone’s DNS, a user just needs to hit like and enter their Apple ID. It’s stupid simple and something that Apple will want to stop immediately.

Fortunately for some developers, the method employed by those using this hack doesn’t work on all apps. Developers that use Apple’s method of validating receipts for in-app purchases will find that their app can not be affected by this hack. Developers will probably want to start implementing that into their apps right now.

Here’s a video from ZonD80 that shows how simple it is to use the hack. We here at WebProNews do not condone the theft of digital content. This is good code at work, however, and Apple would be wise to hire this guy for future security.

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    WEll if they don’t give free apps. that thing surely happens. Hacking for the self

  • A. Weiner

    That was quick! Video no longer available due to copyright claim by Apple Inc. Hmmm… who’s really watching who?

  • Abe

    Considering he was running the iOS 6 beta that only developers have, it doesn’t really do the public any good. Even if it takes. Apple three weeks to close the door on it.