Rush Limbaugh’s Perfect Storm Brewing

    March 13, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Rush Limbaugh has ticked people off before. In fact, much of his approach to his brand of entertainment is to create an us-versus-them atmosphere where liberals are demonized. Therefore, he’s made a lot of enemies.

Most of the time, Limbaugh’s acerbic comments simply bounce around in the echo chamber that is Dittoland. Terms like “feminazi”, “club Gitmo”, and “talent on loan from God” never make it past the fan club barrier. But, sometimes Limbaugh’s foot-in-mouth antics get him mention in mainstream media.

Such was the case when he accused Michael J. Fox of faking his Parkinson’s Disease symptoms in a commercial spot he did about stem cell research.

That was a blow too low, and the public bit back. It was revealed that Fox’s symptoms were a result of his adjusting his medication up, not down, to help control his symptoms. The shaking is a symptom of the medication, not of the disease. But, Limbaugh recovered and plowed right ahead.

His airing of parodies like “Barack the Magic Negro” have raised cries of racism, but he has pressed on unfazed.

His forays into television have been short-lived and ill-conceived. There was his own half-hour show, now long gone. Once, he was a guest host on Pat Sajak’s (also short-lived) talk show. The audience responded so vocally to his usual rhetoric that he had to go to commercial twice to calm things, and finally cleared the room entirely, left speaking to no one.

But, still the Limbaugh machine rolled on.

Now, with the more recent controversy around his comments about Sandra Fluke, Limbaugh finds himself in the muck again. But, this time things seem to be different. Rush Limbaugh may be facing a perfect storm, the likes of which have not occurred before. It’s not so much about the notoriety of this particular scandal itself. He has called people worse. Rather it is a combination of factors that are conspiring to hit him where it hurts.

1) Social Media.

With every year that passes, social media becomes a bigger force in communication between people, driving movements and responses more than ever before. The Sandra Fluke scandal has caught fire on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Limbaugh’s comments are easily reproduced, linked and shared for all to see. A Youtube search for “limbaugh michael j fox” nets 189 results. That happened in 2006. A search for “limbaugh sandra fluke” gets you 663 results. That happened last month. It is becoming easier every day for people to pass along what Limbaugh says, to pass along what they think about it, and to pass along what they intend to do about it.

2) Focus of Opposition.

In the past, people concentrated their efforts on shaming Limbaugh. That had no effect. they debated and emailed their friends. But, Limbaugh fans are largely unmoved. They’ve been told for 24 years that the mainstream media will lie about their hero. He has their full attention to spin the story however he wants, and even to erase it when he sees fit.

Some try to stop Limbaugh through litigation or prosecution, or by appealing to the FCC. This is a wasted effort that only strengthens the resolve of Limbaugh and his fans. It becomes a free speech issue then, rather than an issue of simple decency and shame.

Sometimes, people have tried aiming their ire at the local radio stations that carry Limbaugh’s program, calling the stations, sending emails. That has had little or no effect. A station is not about to drop the most popular program they have when advertisers are paying handsomely for it. It’s all about commercial sales.

But now, the focus has shifted. Now, the opposition is going after the advertisers. They are following the money all the way back to the wallet. They are boycotting those advertisers, naming and shaming them if they support Limbaugh’s speech. Apparently, this is working.

3) Competition.

Up to this point, there has been no alternative to Limbaugh No one is stepping up to fill that noon-to-three time slot that he has held since 1988. No conservative option for those people who might be tiring of the controversy and divisiveness has come forward. Until now.

Mike Huckabee has made himself a familiar, respected name since his failed presidential bid four years ago. He has been a regular on Fox News and a commentator that many on both sides of the proverbial aisle are willing to engage with. He is launching a new radio show in Limbaugh’s time slot. His motto is: Less Confrontation. More Conversation.

Some argue that Huckabee is no match for Limbaugh. They say he would never appeal to Limbaugh’s base the same way. But, perhaps that is exactly why he has a shot. He appeals to those who are not Dittoheads. He is a conservative voice, but a reasonable one. He spends far less time alienating and more time engaging in civil discourse. And, he hasn’t called anyone a slut, doesn’t have an advertiser boycott raging against him, and isn’t being pilloried in every form of social media.

Limbaugh’s syndicator has already made the unprecedented move of pulling their barter spots from radio. And his affiliate stations can’t keep up the war of attrition in their local markets.

With an alternative like Huckabee, a focused boycott aiming at the wallet, and social media connections to facilitate it all, Limbaugh may not be able to weather this storm.

  • d.trecartin

    Does America need the guy? Especially A heavily medicated guy like this?
    Rush is the problem , hiding behind his free speech shield , he doesn’t bring anything to the table. Just anger.

    • charles nelms

      What idiot liberals complain about is when someone actually forgets about political correctness and defines what someone says in reality. The woman simply wants the taxpayers of America to help finance her numerous sexual activities by providing her with “protection” pills. She, as other liberals have found “rights”, wants it to be called a right. Isn’t that what this silly uproar is about. It’s not about fornication or the health of a woman, but about passing the cost on to the Government. And some people wonder how we could ever get $16 trillion in debt to the world. Sounds like another fine democrat idea.

      • Bruce Tonkin

        You miss the point. Health insurance is cheaper when birth control is covered. Taxpayers are funding nothing. It’s the other way around — if birth control is NOT covered, everyone else pays extra to fund Rush’s idea of morality.

        • J Doe

          Why would be paying more? For all the babies that will be born ? THAT is NOT my responsibility either. Let them pay for their OWN children, if they ho again and get knocked up. A single, man should not have to pay for a women and/or her reproductive activities.

          • Danceroflife

            It may not be your responsibilities, but your tax dollars will still be used to help meet the basic needs of these babies, whether you like it or not.

        • http://www.suewilsonreports.com/ Sue Wilson, Producer, Broadcast Blues

          This is not a taxpayer issue! This is about what healthcare coverage options are offered to employees who will be paying the premiums – themselves. It’s about whether those premiums they will be paying will or won’t cover birth control.

          Once again, Rush muddies the water by bringing up the taxpayer boogieman. Get clear, folks, get clear.

          • J Doe

            Get over yourself, Sue…MOST people understand that this IS an insurance issue and Big Daddy government making a RELIGIOUS institution provide ” FREE ” birth control …AGAINST their beliefs.

            WHERE does ” FREE ” come from anyway ?

            Oh yeah, that’s right OTHER PEOPLE’S PREMIUMS
            get RAISED to cover the costs.

            If this 31 year old GROWTH ADULT wants to mess around with every Democratic leader in DC….I DON’T CARE….just don’t expect OTHER people to pay for it !

            And if an employee (or 31 year old GROWN ADULT “student” ) doesn’t like it?…go work/attend school somewhere else, problem solved !

      • Dee

        You stupid, stupid man. Insurance companies have been covering birth control for years because it is good business!! It keeps to cost of insurance down when there are fewer pregnancies and health complications. This is a fake controversy that only the dull and stupid fall for. Republicans tried to create an issue because the want to hurt the healthcare legislation. They are throwing anything at it they can. But in this instance it has back fired. It is none of your business or anyone else’s who is having “numerous sexual activities” Mind your own F-ing business!

        • J Doe

          Actually Dee, you are INCORRECT …RELIGIOUS organizations have been EXEMPT from having their insurance companies from covering their employees for years…we are discussing a NEW form of government control, via the horrible Obamaocare bill.
          And this has re-energized the rights and moderates who are sick of the hypocrisy of Obamao and his ilk and their never ending WAR ON GOP WOMEN…For that we must THANK Rush, Bill Maher, Letterman, Tibbe, et al and of course Obamao himself.

          • chris

            J Doe, You should get over yourself. Check and see how the Catholic Church did in CA and NY when they tried to exclude birth control pills from Health Plans that included prescription drug coverage to their businesses employees. They lost at both State’s Supreme Courts.
            The students pay premiums for health care. Birth control pills are used for several female medical conditions beside family planning. Your comments about sex are childish and were not part of her testimony at all.
            How old were you when you graduated from Cornell and attended law school for three years?

      • Blossom

        You need serious help. Your hatred of women is palpable.

      • chris

        If you weren’t a ditto head and actually listened or read the testimony of Ms. Fluke you would have learned she was talking about health care where premiums are paid but normal drug prescriptions are excluded. Ms. Fluke’s testimony was about ovian cyst a female medical condition that is treated with birth control pills.

      • Lindell Williams

        THIS is the typical Dittohead mentality and response to everything. Their solution is to parrot the Limbaugh party line and that line is a complete work of fiction invented by Limbaugh without any basis in fact. In other words, it’s a LIE. The only question I have for people like this is are you really that stupid or do you simply not care about what is truth and what is fabricated. These people obviously have access to the internet and by going to reputable and neutral sources they could easily find out if what Limbaugh says about someone (in this case Fluke) is true or if it’s a lie. Watch the video or read the full transcript and you’ll see that Sandra Fluke’s sex life was never mentioned by anyone other than what Rush made up as a platform for launching into his personal attacks against her.

      • Lindell Williams

        Liberals must be idiots, as this guy claims because Rush has been saying it for years and Rush Limbaugh would never Lie! He goes on to use “political correctness” as if that is an evil concept. Limbaugh’s personal assault on this young college student who did nothing more than stand up and take a position opposed to what Limbaugh wants this country to believe and adopt (without question) was repugnant and inexcuseable. I wonder how this guy would respond if some man publicly called his wife, his mother, his daughter, or his sister a “SLUT” and a “PROSTITUTE”. I wonder if he’s think his outrage was nothing more than a misguided sence of “political correctness”?

    • http://yahoo.com cash harris

      YOUR the PROBLEM, OPEN your eyes!!!

      • max

        Taxpayers are not paying for Sandra’s contraception. and this whole process is working as it should – Limbaugh’s 1st amendment right, followed by the public’s 1st amendment right against Limbaugh.

      • Chris Dorsey

        If it is none of my business who is having ‘numerous sexual activities’, why is Fluke talking about it in front of Congress and C-SPAN? But your right, it’s none of my business, nor should it be the Government’s business to make an employer pay for it.

        • http://www.suewilsonreports.com/ Sue Wilson, Producer, Broadcast Blues

          Chris, you may disagree that employers should have to provide health care coverage at all. But this debate is more narrow than that: if an employer is offering a health plan (which ultimately comes out of the employees’ earned income,) must it include birth control for those who wish to obtain it?

        • Eric


          Sandra wasn’t talking about sex. She was talking about contraception as a health issue…helping to prevent ovarian cancer that inflicted her friend when she wasn’t able to afford contraception. Rush misconstrued her testimony making it sleezy and salacioius…which it wasn’t. Rush frequently distorts the truth to support his hateful rants. Finally, she wasn’t asking that contraception be free…she wanted her health insurance (which she pays for)…to cover it.

      • Jim

        “YOUR the PROBLEM!”

        Yes! MY the PROBLEM!

    • Bill Strobel

      Liked your comments;Rush is a very intellegent and well-read man, but I cannot accept his intolerance.I guess I could be called a social liberal,but I do not really like that tag.I have been accused of thinking for myself.So be it.I do not believe that Rush adds anything positive to the public forum;He does not like women,(I do),he degrades those who do not agree with him,and instead of conveying his message in a constuctive manner, he resorts to sarchasm,and insults.I am not a republican,but I respect them;They are my countrymen and neighbors, and friends.They deserve better than Rush.I disagree with them often, but I respect them.I do not respect Rush.If I ever met him,I would be polite, but I feel that his considerable intellect is wasted.It is a shame.I hope he wakes up.

      • Eric


        Appreciate your post. You made your point well. Informed, intelligent listeners (not ditto heads) know that he distorts the truth to suit his rant for that day. His charter is to be as hateful as possible and destroy all those he disagrees with. I hope Huckabee provides good competition. Rush needs a rest….

        • Bill Strobel

          Thank you,Eric,and you are welcome.I believe that a certain segment of the alternative media have made the unfortunate discovery that hate,like sex,is a consistantly good seller.I believe that Rush, Ann Coulter,Shawn and others want to be hated.It saddens me;All of those people have so much potential.Even though I often disagree with Mike Huckabee and Neil Boortz,I respect they way they conduct themselves in the public forum.They are entertaining, and Neil is downright funny at times.Conservatives are not my enemies,and I resent people like Rush who attempt to generate nall of this hostility.It accomplishes mothing positive.Nice to hear from you, Eric;Keep making your voice of reason heard.yours truly Bill,fellow american

    • http://webpronenews.com rob

      how stupid are you people? In the advertising world, “bad breath is better then no breath” 3 weeks ago many people never heard of Rush Limbaugh…On behalf of Rush, thanks for the free publicity

      • Bill Strobel

        Hi,Rob. With all due respect,sir,I do not feel that to disagree or disapprove of Rush’s comment or manners is an indication of stupidity.He is completely within his rights to express his beliefs and opinions,and I vehemently oppose any call to somehow censor or control the public forum,including Rush.I am not a political analyst or expert;I am just an old car mechanic,but even I have enough respect for others to not resort to insults and negativity towards people with whom I disagree.Rush has an enormous audience that he worked hard to develope.I just wish he had a more positive,responsible manner about him.He is certainly not a stupid man;I expect more from a man like him,and frankly,he disappoints me.I am not angry at Rush,I do,however,resent his apparent intention to generate hate and anger.We don’t need that.I hope he will of his own accord try to deliver his message in a more civilized manner.He has become a considerable force in the media as well as the social and political forum.He should hold himself to a higher standard.yours truly, Bill

    • bobo

      I have never been a huge Limbaugh fan but…. calls to have him removed from the air are wrong. He worships capitalism so let capitalism do it’s work. If he offends enough people then advertisers will continue to pull their support. When all advertising is gone so is Rush. Live by the sword die by the sword is all I am saying…..

  • Every Mann

    I am pretty old and had never listened to this radio show. Out of curiosity I began listening last week. He was angry about a woman who had written a book about food. He called her over-educated and said something about education not equalling intelligence, which is sometimes true. She had a bachelor’s degree, which means she had graduated with a four year college degree. Why this was news, I was not quite sure. Why he cared, I was not quite sure. Did he just want to put this woman down? I understand this is supposed to be a news show, so I did some research on his accuracy. I found pages and pages where other people had compiled inaccuracies from this show. That was interesting. One of them was about Kony who had kidnapped all those kids in Uganda. Kony was making the boys serve in his “army” and the girls he made into sex slaves. He criticized Obama for sending troops over to capture him. He said Kony was a Christian man trying to fight Muslims. …when I read that it dawned on me he was preying on not-just-ignorant people, but trusting people..people who trusted him to tell them the truth. He was taking his listeners for fools. But I have to say, he pleases his listeners because he gives them just what they want to hear: an us against them story where we are being put-upon or robbed. His intent is to make people angry. If I had believed the things he was saying, I could have become angry too. There is a faction of the population that must feel put upon, wants to be angry, and this radio host evidently feeds this group.

    If everyone takes this as just a show, entertainment, well it would never be my style, but to each his own. If people are relying on it as a source of their news that is another matter. With so much information available, never rely on just one news source. I recommend that every one read from as many sources as possible before formulating and accepting something as truth.

    • Jan

      That is so true. You “nailed it”.

      • joe

        you sir! are spot-on, could not have said it better.

    • Bill Strobel

      In response to the post by everyman,you may be pretty old but you are apparently pretty smart.Thank you for your insightful,constructive comments.The public forum is a great thing,and it is nice to hear the voice of reason from someone like you.All of the anger accomplishes nothing positive.I personally hope you continue to make your voice heard.Good day to you,sir.Yours truly,Bill Strobel

    • Richard

      Everyman, he was referencing the young ladies education level (BA in Political Science) to question her credentials on the topic for which she was reporting. He was debunking her opinion that government should get involved in national food distribution. Many callers called in and debunked statements she made in her book about specific areas where they live. Did you miss the whole topic of the conversation and the focus of her book? Kony was the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Kony himself has not been seen nor heard from in over four years and many in the intelligence community believe he is dead and probably been so for a while. The LRA (much weakened) is still active in the region and we just sent 150 Special Forces advisers to help the locals eradicate them. The LRA does claim to be a Christian group defending against Islamic expansion in the region, but their tactics are in no way Christian and down right evil. Rush opined extensively about how evil Kony and the LRA were, but I guess you missed that part of the show also? For the rest of you, if you are that curious try listing to an entire show yourself. Educate yourselves on the subject matter and topics and then you can form your own opinions without depending on others who might not be telling you the whole story.

      • chris

        What college did Limbaugh get his degree from? There are many excellent reviews on the book written by book critics.

    • chris

      Every Mann: Thank you for an excellent post. Thoughtful and wise man. I’m curious if you compared Limbaugh’s three days of lies and degrading remarks about Ms. Fluke and compared it to her actual testimony?

  • Nan

    I haven’t listened to Rush in several weeks but before that I felt I was capable of weeding out the truth from his own opinion. I admit I think he went overboard on occasion but no moreso than when the media was attacking Sara Palin and her daughters..What this country needs is less judgement, you can still have an opinion, but quit running things into the ground. It is well known that the left has been trying to get rid of Rush for a long time and this is just a planned assasination. Get a sense of humor, realize EVERYONE has a bad day and would take back something they said if possible and forget condeming someone for the fun of it. We all disagree at some point. Good Grief..what a bunch of whiners and “I’ll get You” people we have become. The older generation at least has learned compassion if nothing else.

  • ellery schwarz

    this is obviously written from a hostile point of view. While stewart, maher, and culbertson are exempt from any scrutiny, Limbaugh is given personna non grata approach. You should change your website to “bias are us”.


    FUNNY… Rush Limbaugh was the calm one in the midst of the storm. Those other ppl were only there to be disorderly.

  • margaret

    How long will the People allow Rush L to get away with this nonsense? He says it and then apologizes for it, and we let him continue making other racial slurs. The fact the he has said it…it’s out there and all the apologies on earth will not change it. The crap he says is not protected by the First Amendment. I say take his donkey off the air permanently! He will never stop as long as the listeners allow him to get away with it. Fire his donkey!I’m just saying…

    • Ken Gage

      Rush listeners like what Rush says. He makes a few mistakes every decade or so but so what? Bill Maher says worse as do Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the leftie weenies you probably love.

    • Jennifer

      Actually, his speech is protected by the First Amendment, just like yours is, “donkey.’

      • chris

        You think that Limbaugh can knowingly lie about a person in order to destroy her reputation and post the lies on his website and he can hide behind protected speech?

  • Conservachick

    Yep, good thing I read many sources. This way I knew that the Democrat Party announced back in June 2011 that they were going to use the War on Women as a campaign strategy so that I can see right through the orchestrated outrage by groups mentioned in the article (Emily’s List et all so-called “feminist” outfits).

    • J Doe

      @ Margaret. You write: ” The crap he says is not protected by the First Amendment” …
      REALLY, it’s NOT ? Having studied the 1st Amendment in law school, I can assure you, Maggie…THIS is EXACTLY the type of FREE SPEECH that the 1st Amendment WAS written to PROTECT.Do you REALLY believe the Founders wrote this FIRST Amendment for uncontested, politically correct speech? REALLY ? Do you believe that it was written so people can only say/write things such as “We love kittens, puppies and lollipops and rainbows, and we demand our right to say so! ” …NO! It was written to protect speech of ALL different viewpoints, in particular, POLITICALLY INCORRECT SPEECH… EVEN to protect the speech of Leftists.I do not agree with the CONSTANT, VILE speech that has being directed at GOP women for YEARS, but I will protect the Leftists right to say it, “to the death”.
      And if you don’t believe in FREE SPEECH, then WHO pray tell, should decide what IS and IS NOT YOUR idea of what someone else is “allowed” to say, YOU? Are YOU the person who is going to be the person to DECIDE what someone else’s FREE SPEECH rights are? That, my dear, is a slippery slope, one that I’m sure none of us want to go down…a VERY slippery slope.
      I have NO problem what Rush said, I thought this 31 year old begging for her “right” for OTHER people (on her health insurance plan) to chip in and pay for HER private, “extra curricular activities” was OUTRAGEOUS and INSULTING to women and to the $50,000+/year, CATHOLIC institution that she CHOSE to attend. She was an embarrassment to women everywhere ! The fact that a GROWN, 31 year old women cannot be responsible for herself is an EMBARRASSMENT and is yet ANOTHER example to the infantilization of Americans to “nudge” them into greater reliance on Big Daddy Government !
      I have never listened to Rush’s show, but I will defend his right to say it…”to the death”.
      It’s sad to see how little Americans, such as yourself, understand about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
      In closing, I HOPE this GROWN woman sues Rush…because I can’t wait to see the “discovery”… she’ll have to open her ENTIRE sexual and POLITCAL history…including ALL her POLITCAL TIES to Obamao and the DNC et al…can’t wait to see that !
      But she WON’T sue, because she KNOWS she’ll be exposed for who she really is..ie, the fact that her boyfriend is big player in Democratic party. (Guess that boyfriend can “afford” to chip in for birth control, huh?)
      She’s nothing more than a political opportunists…who has been CAUGHT !
      On the upside, she has truly fired up the Right and Moderates, who are seeing the bright light of sunshine being directed at the Leftist’s HYPOCRISY and the HYPOCRISY of a president who CLEARLY only believes in “civil discord” for HIS precious daughters and for those on the left…but attacking women on the right, is FAIR GAME and Ms. Palin’s daughters can be called the MOST VILE and DISGUSTING things…no problem !
      We owe thanks to Rush, Bill Maher and Obamao for driving women AWAY from this president…as has been demonstrated in his falling polls numbers in the past week..INCLUDING from women.

      • Bruce Tonkin

        This isn’t about free speech. Let Rush rave, and you can rant all you like. But when he says hateful nonsense, don’t expect people to LIKE it. And he contaminates everyone who touches him, so sponsors have every RIGHT to leave in droves, and I hope they do and he loses his platform so that idiots like you can scream their nonsense in their basement rooms in mom’s house.

        • J Doe

          @ Bruce…I never stated anyone needed to “like it”, I merely pointed out that no one should be infringing on anyone else’s free speech rights.
          Pity my point(s) went above your head.
          As for your other infantile comments…really? WHO comes off as silly when you makes such ridiculous statements?
          And btw, Rush’s rating have INCREASED by double and has MANY new sponsors taking the place of the old sponsor who clearly do not believe in FREE SPEECH. And MANY people, such as myself will no longer use the services/buy the products of those sponsors.
          I personally have cancelled my Carbonite account, (whose stock dropped more than 12points last week and it’s investors are fleeing in droves), will no longer use Pro Flowers, buy Girl Scout cookies :-( or use/buy from any other company that is on the BOYCOTT list.
          But thank you for reading my comment, all the same

      • http://WebProNews MarciaLee Campbell

        Not only do I agree with you, but, I, too, would also like to hear “discovery” (which will never take place because ‘The Fluke’ is a law student and should know that this would be imminent should she choose to sue). I am 65, and it is indeed a Brave New World. Internet plus social networking have made us more the “instant” society. Not always such a good thing. Blest

  • arnoldripkin

    This issue truly identifies those actually oppose free speech when they disagree with it. If advertisers want to leave Rush, that’s fine but they also must understand there will be some level of backlash against them for doing so. So far, here in Jax FL I have heard “zero” new PSAs on our local station during Limbaugh”s show. Normally a good measuring tool to see how paid advertising is going on a particular show.

    • J Doe

      There has been major blow back for the companies who pulled their ads. People who use services such as Carbonite, Pro Flowers and even of us who once supported the GIRL SCOUTS (can you believe the Girl Scouts waded into this?) are no longer supporting these companies/organizations. I for one, cancelled Carbonite and will no longer use Pro Flower’s services..but the worse part is having to give up those Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies ! Oh well, not good for my family and I anyhow :-(
      But the funny part in all this is…WHO do these sponsors think are going to BUY their products and services…and bunch of OWS Fleabaggers ? LMAO !

  • HarrySophman

    Been a listener since 8/1/88, Saw him live, have a coffee mug. Everything he say is true and has been for nearly 24 years. Liberals hate him of course. He calls them out. He is pointing out what an evil dictator obama is. We had better be very careful or we will have a Hugo Chavez on our hands. We may need the military to get this guy out of our White House. obama is an imposter. Find me ANYTHING about him attending Columbia. Show me some papers he and his wife filed thru the IL court system. How can you both be attorneys for a big law firm and never file one paper. Rush is our savior to keep the IL machine from taking over the county. obama and the big banks are in control. Watch the Doc. INSIDE JOB. You will then see RUSH IS RIGHT!
    Notice I did not capitalize obama. I NEVER will. RUSH IS RIGHT

    • http://yahoo.com cash harris

      YOUR 100% correct!!!

      • J Doe

        I second that

      • Adam D.

        “You’re” not “Your” … really folks.

    • robert

      Any body who gives this idiot any credibilty, is an idiot them self. If Abraham Lincoln was a democrat he’d call him a dillusional drunkin fool who freed the slaves while in a stupor. Give it up already! What kind of name is rush anyway? Go hang yourself, you ignorant fool! Damn him and damn his network and damn his sporsors! Go to hell all of you, and PRINT IT!

    • Bruce Tonkin

      Oh, poor America. The Republican party can’t show he’s an impostor, the Secret Service can’t, Trump can’t, no one can. But golly, YOU can — and Rush can toss crap at the wall for years and hope that some sticks. Does that make ANY sense to you? You are SO smart. In school, everyone admired your intellect, is that correct? I suspect you were never the sharpest knife in the drawer and you keep proving it. You need to shut up.

    • Doris

      I don’t know how you can make the statement that “Everything he say is true & has been for nearly 24 years.” I have never known anyone & I mean anyone can state this. Limbaugh himself has backed down many times on things he has stated, so maybe if you check your facts,(which so many do not) you might just find that you Sir, are badly mistaken. The only thing I am sure of is that you are an Obama hater, & that there will never come day when I consider Rush Limbaugh our savior. Now that is a true fact.

  • Gone_Rogue

    … and don’t forget Rush’s support for the African war lord from the Lord’s Resistance Army who is a CHILD KILLER/RAPIST: Koni.

    That storm has not even begun to take hold yet.

    • http://yahoo.com cash harris

      YOU LIBS, ALWAYS find something to cry about!! OBAMA WILL LOOSE IN NOVEMBER!!

      • Bruce Tonkin

        “Loose”? Loose what? Perhaps “loose the whirlwind and sweep away all the right wing nuts cluttering the American landscape”. I suspect you are simply a bad speller with a poor education, like most Rush fans.

        • Adam D.

          “Lose” not “Loose” … this is too easy.

          • J Doe

            Thankfully, we have bored people, such as Adam D, to come along and save us all the tragedy of poor spelling and grammar !

            I KNOW being the SPELLING AND GRAMMAR POLICE is a thankless job….akin to being a garbage man…

            But a grateful nation thanks you, Adam
            (Your [or is is you’re..lol] must be SO proud !

            Now, if you could point out my errors…I know I’ll be able to sleep better tonight knowing that, you, Adam are on the job !


      • Bill Strobel

        Darn right he will loose;All the repubs have to do is remind the people what a spineless wimp he is on defence and the war on terror!!Just ask Osama Bin Laden,he’ll tell you!!I’ll bet Obama has a commie flag in his bedroom!!I’LL BET HE DRINKS LITE BEER!!!Oh, the Humanity!!!Hell yeh,Romney care beats the crap out of Obama care!!GO MITT!!Git ’em,boy!!!Can you say landslide???

  • Ken Gage

    First of all, Barack the Magic Negro was something a liberal columnist called him in the Los Angeles Times. Good for goose? Good for gander. Rush took the phrase and had a parody made. Don’t blame Rush for the name given to Obama by a liberal.

    Mike Huckabee? Really? Sorry. Huckabee is a nice, charming, smiley face guy, but Rush fans and Huckabee are not a fit. I’ve only got myself to go on with this opinion but I believe I meet the classic demographic for a Rush listener and Huckabee is not my type of entertainment. Too much of a goody two-shoes. As for Rush, he’s simply run into a temporary squall. His boat is big enough.

    • http://yahoo.com cash harris

      YOUR right ken, BUT THEY STILL CRY!!!

      • Bill Strobel

        God,I sure miss Bella Abzug She would have been a perfect lover for Rush

  • Steven

    Rush is both entertainment and a leading conservative voice. I give him an A+ in both. I listen to him for both reasons, and will continue to do so. I remember a guy named Cassius Clay later Mohammed Ali… He was an entertainer too in the same vein as Rush (I AM THE GREATEST!) I don’t recall learning much of anything from him about his politics though– and I think he has had a strong voice in politics too through the years hasn’t he?

    • Bruce Tonkin

      Some people like Howard Stern, too. I think both he and Rush are childish, petulant, and too stupid to bear. Their words are not shocking; both of them sound like little boys who have just learned a few bad words and can’t wait to say them. Rush just doesn’t use the same language as Stern, that’s all. They’re both immature beyond belief and tolerance. Neither of them deserve any audience at all. Both ought to be raving on a streetcorner somewhere, dodging men in white coats.

  • Michel

    He is making you libtards look like the idiots that you are. I love every minute of it.

    • Bruce Tonkin

      Libtards? Read the comments and listen to Rush. Who has mental difficulties? It’s not liberals, it’s the people who listen and believe in the utter nonsense that Limbaugh trades in. He pushes hate, fear, and anger. He has never been about reason or logic, but all about intemperate language and pandering to the basest motives — fear of strangers, moral judgments, hatred of change and differences, and stupidity. Rush deserves the rest of his life in jail for what he has done to America and how he has cheapened and debased the American dream of equal opportunity and freedom.

  • Ken

    We’ve Crated a Monster Who Use The 1Am To Preach Hate and The Only Way
    To Stop The Monster Is to Cut Off The Head An That’s Rush Limbaugh So
    You Cut off The Head and The Body Will Die That’s Why The Focus Is on Him

  • Bruce Tonkin

    Health insurance with birth control is cheaper than health insurance without it. Imagine that — kids are expensive, pregnancy is expensive, and unwanted children are a drain on the taxpayers for years (perhaps a lifetime). Talking about morality misses the point — saving money. If you’re a conservative and you don’t want to save money but you DO want to talk about someone else’s morality, you have a big problem with your brain. Start using it.

  • KC

    Rush’s remarks were concerning how stupid this woman’s argument was. If I remember correctly, $3,000 per year for contraceptives. Really? She must not have time for law school, because she spends her time in “other activities”. Rush just got “absurd” to demonstrate her “absurdity”. He called her names that demonstrated her frequent activities that were not nice names, but were not nearly so bad as what we hear from Letterman and Bill Maher. Waaaah. No one has a “right” to free contraceptives, and government is not authorized to mandate it. Keep giving up your freedoms for free doggie treats, and see where you end up.

  • robert

    Mr Limbaugh has had more than his fifteen minutes, time to pull the cherry and throw him off the bus.
    I don’t know what I am when it comes to liberal, conservitive, or whatever, bubba!
    Hey! Republicans, if you need some more mud to sling,try throwing rush.
    Who cares? The world’s ending 12/20/2012 anyway.
    On a lighter note, Whitney Houston’s daughter speaks! Gee Oprah,does she roll over and beg too?

  • 800 Pound Gorilla

    I was laughing so hard at this nonsense!
    Rush has been stepping on the toes of the leftwing liars for 20 years! Individuals and left wing groups have been trying to silence him since they cant compete with their own radio programs, cant defeat his arguements, and cant deny the fact that Rush has been totally correct when he points out the motives and the flaws in the leftists idealogy!
    BTW having leftists speak about civility and compassion in discourse is like a dentist complaining about all the cavaties he has to repair , then feeding his own kids candy all day after hiding their tooth brushes!

  • NJ David

    Some people love this guy, think he’s the messianic gatekeeper of conservative principle and value. Others, myself included, think of him as little more than a self-inflated, fulminating rat with a microphone. A money backed modern day Machiavelli with an electronic pulpit, and a refined rhetorical palate. Good at twisting a word, an idea or name to his advantage, so long as he controls the conversation. Some day, hopefully soon, his career will careen to the base of the Empire State Building, and a none too surprised stand-in for a ‘Carl Denham’ will step out of the crowd and deliver the memorable line, “T’was his own arrogance that killed the beast.”

  • Mark

    I find it amusing that liberals think they have created an event that will take Rush out.
    To those of you who believe that, I have a simple suggestion.
    Wish in one hand, spit in the other and see which fills up faster!

  • DL

    Rush’s main mistake was apologizing. His comments were indeed offensive….to sluts. Ms. Fluke put herself in the public eye and made herself an expert on government paid contraception. She deserved the vitriol she received from Rush. Rush will survive this fabricated tempest. It is as ridiculous as the media’s fabricated “War on Women” by conservatives. If women are stupid enough to fall for that tripe from Obama and the biased left-wing media, then maybe they do need men to make their decisions for them. Dittos !

  • john

    The author is dishonest. Rush never said Michael J Fox was “faking”. He wondered if Fox did not take his calming medication in order to present himself in the worst case possible.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      “The author is dishonest.”

      The commenter did not watch the embedded video where Limbaugh says “he is exaggerating the effects of the disease… it is purely an act”. Limbaugh made a guess about how Fox might have done this, and said it could have been from skipping his meds (which was proven wrong; skipping the meds stills a Parkinson’s sufferer; the meds make them jitter, not the disease). But, no matter what the mechanism he accused Fox of using, he says clearly that he was “exaggerating… an act”.

      Limbaugh likes to accuse people like Michael J. Fox of dishonesty when he does not have a good point to make in reply to them. Looks like you’ve picked up on that tendency.

  • Dave

    Who likes Kentucky to go all the way?

  • Blossom

    Who WANTS to appeal to Limbaugh’s base? The far right and the far left represent a tiny percentage of voting age people in the United States. Virtually our entire populace has run towards the center because the extremists are just nuts. That said, most party Democrats are closer to the center than the far left so the “liberal” tag to describe all Democrats, or anyone who hates the extreme right radical viewpoint, has become a tired tool we all immediately recognize. However, it’s very different in the Republican party. Long ago a small band of extremists plotted to take over the party, forcing those with designs on public office to drink the Kool-Aid or be pushed out. They succeeded (for now) and they got total control of the party. Thus, anyone running for office can’t get past the guards without first convincing them (the so-called “base”) that he/she is the most conservative.

    Here’s where the problem lies: You have to be extreme to get the Republican nomination for anything but voters at large will never give an extremist their vote. A moderate/centrist Republican who might have a fighting chance to win the general public (moderate/centrist/so-called “undecideds – who are the majority) has no prayer because the party will not support him/her. With no viable candidate, the Republican party, thus, has no real potential to win most offices and certainly not The White House!

    If the Republican party ever hopes to win the White House the moderates among them need to decide to either a) Eradicate the extremists from the party OR b) Form a separate, more reasonable party, that CAN get the support of anyone. Look at the current Republican candidates: Newt is a moral train wreck, Santorum is the very type of turn-back-the-clock-gag-the-women radical extremist freak only a tiny band of nuts would support. And no working American will ever support a wealthy Republican who dodges paying taxes on his full income, leaving us, an already over-burdened working class, to pick up his tax tab, as well as our own. Mormonism is beside the point.

    So, keep up with the loony-toons extremist rhetoric, Rush & fans. The fuller the bowl, the sooner we can flush the toilet and get the STINK to go away. We in the middle want to breathe some fresh air, finally.

    • mr snerdley (not his real name)

      It does get tiring being called a “liberal” anytime one does not agree with Limbaugh. I bought the man’s books, listened to his show religiously, repeated his talking points, hated Clinton for years. Then, one day I just got this sick taste from the hate. I never swung that far left, I just stopped being a ditto-head. I want to see open debate between people who have good-but-contrary ideas to offer. Limbaugh gets in the way of that. There is a big difference between pointing out his lies and rhetoric and being a “communist/fascist/leftist” that he lumps us all in with. I just want to see civility again. And, Limbaugh has done more to kill civility than anyone else in my lifetime.

      • J Doe

        @Mr. sneardly writes: “Limbaugh has done more to kill civility than anyone else in my lifetime.” …REALLY..in your LIFETIME ?
        Does your “lifetime” include Bill Maher, Letterman, Tibbe, and their ilk that have called GOP women FAR, FAR, FAR, worse names ?
        Words that cannot even be printed here.

        So I cannot help but ask…


        • Eric

          J Doe….I wasn’t born yesterday. And no one can hold a candle to Rush’s vulgar, uncivilized and dishonest speech. Please cite all those words that beat Rush’s use of “slut”, “prostitute”, “sex tapes” in a rant that went on for three days pointed at a college coed and private citizen who couldn’t defend herself. Maher used a slur regarding Sarah Palin once. And Sarah is a public figure who can dish it out better than she can take it. I don’t condone this language no matter he uses it….but Rush is the king trash talk. He has no equal !!!

          • J Doe

            Eric…First, this “college coed” is a 31 year

            grown azz WOMAN, dating a leader in the DNC party..

            .. not some fresh off the farm, 18 year old, so let’s apply a litte perspcetive.

            Second, you KNOW the words (Maher called her that on TWO occassions)but let’s take a walk down memmory shall we ?

            1)Ed Schultz called Laura Ingram a “S—” TWICE.

            2)Maher called Palin a “C—” TWICE (remember, he doubled down on that lovely phrase)

            3)Maher called Bachman and Palin “MILFs”

            4)Maher called them “b—bs”

            5)Maher called Palin’s CHILDREN ” INBREDS” –if ANYONE had said that about Sasha and Maleaka, the presidents daugthers, about the same ages as Palins girls…BLOOD would spontanously shoot from Leftist’s eyes…and YOU would be online SCREAMING from your keyboard !

            6)Letterman called Palin ” sl—ty”

            7)Letterman said her 14 year old daughter got ” knocked up” by a baseball player during a Yankees game

            8) An aide of Govn, Brown called his opponent , Meg Whitman a ” W —-”

            Is THAT enough CITATION for you…

            or would you like to bend over and beg ….

            ” May I have some more please, sir ? ”

            The list goes on and on …

            YEARS of abuse heaped on GOP ladies… for YEARS !

            And not a word from the main stream media.

            And to compeltly finish you off…
            At least Rush APOLOGIZED…Maher NEVER did and REFUSES too.
            Obama calls for civil discourse for HIS daugthers..where was he when Palin’s daughters were ATTACKED.

            THEN, Obama accepts $1 million from that vile, low life Maher and REFUSES to give the money back.

            Anyone wonder why his poll numbers are falling like a rock?
            It’s NOT just the price or gas, or his failed economic policies…

            HALF of America are SICK of his HYPOCRISY,

            DIVISION and HATRED towards them .

            I thinked you’ve been schooled enough…for now

  • PBinLosAngeles

    There are three things going on here that make me wonder, ever more, about people today: First, birth control is readily available all over the place at extremely reasonable prices, if not free (Local clinics can provide “the pill”) – Two, is this issue REALLY worth the uproar and backlash that it has incited when we have young Service people dying all around the globe? Third, anybody who gives this Limbaugh guy anymore credence than Howard Cosell got during Monday Night Football broadcasts is lost anyway; he sells advertising, and even that is on the way out for him.

  • Jonathon

    Keep dreaming!

  • Michael Gaston

    Did you know there are taxes which support Rush Limbaugh’s show indirectly? Tell your representatives in Washington D.C. that YOUR tax money should not support Rush Limbaugh. Sign the petition at http://signon.org/sign/stoptherushtax

  • bill bray

    There is no social value in a guy this. He’s the howard stern of politics and regardless of how this plays out he’ll fade into the background as did the former. But the sad reality is like the former he’ll still have a following because in every large population there are always going to be other sick folks just like him. The best thing to do here is not highlight what he did; it is to just let him fade away into the sub-norm as fast as possible. The more we talk about this the longer he stays on top of his pile of crap.