Rush Limbaugh Syndicator Cancels Ads

By: Mike Tuttle - March 13, 2012

In a curious move, the syndicator of Rush Limbaugh’s program has announced that they are suspending certain national commercials that normally air during the show for two weeks.

According to, Premiere Networks sent a memo to the traffic managers at all its affiliate stations telling them that they were making a change for the weeks of March 12 and March 19. Here is the text of the memo sent to stations:

“We are suspending the requirement to run barter spots for two weeks, March 12th and March 19th, for our News/Talk affiliates only.

“Please replace/re-traffic any Premiere barter spots immediately. Contractual requirements to run barter spots are being suspended for these two weeks only. Replace them with Lifelock and Lear Financial or a local spot of your choice.

“This suspension does not apply to in-program commercial provided by Premiere within any of its live news/talk programming.”

To better clarify what is happening here, it is important to understand what kinds of ads run on radio stations, and particularly within the Limbaugh program.

Normally, a talk show is offered free of charge to a radio station, with the deal stating that the company providing or syndicating that show gets a certain number of commercial spots to air during their own show. The rest are free for the local stations to fill from their own client roster. Thus, you normally hear a mix of National and local commercials in a show. You will also occasionally hear public service announcements because stations are required by the Federal Communications Commission to run these.

Limbaugh’s program is different. Premiere Networks charges stations to use the Limbaugh show. They also still have national ads within the show itself, often voiced by Limbaugh. In major markets, this nets Limbaugh millions of dollars a year. However, since smaller markets could not afford this for long, there is an arrangement to run additional “barter ads” to offset the subscription cost. These barter ads are what the memo is referencing. As for public service announcements, usually you would rarely hear a PSA in a program as thickly advertiser-laden as Limbaugh’s.

When asked about the purpose of this move, Premiere responded:

“This memo was sent to traffic managers of news/talk affiliates as part of Premiere’s overall strategy to update our processes and services to better meet our clients’ needs.”

There have been reports lately there have been a large number of unpaid PSAs for the United Negro College Fund, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Save the Children, the American Heart Association, Feeding America and other causes. Then, the American Heart association asked for its PSAs to be excluded from the Limbaugh time slots. There are also occurrences of dead air during commercial breaks.

How any of these incidents might factor in to Premiere’s decision to pull barter ads is anyone’s guess. Some are calling it a sign that the talk radio giant has had his bell rung by recent advertiser boycotts following his remarks about Sandra Fluke, even after an apology. Limbaugh has incited the wrath of his detractors before, but this is the first time his syndicator has been forced to take a step like. They say it is due to an “overall strategy to update our processes and services”.

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  • maryann letteri


    • fOb

      Shouting doesn’t make your more right, maryann. Please realize that there are people in this world other than Obama. We also have opinions–and as we live in a capitalist society (which, by the way, most of us are fine with), it means that we can use our money wisely. We can let certain companies know that if they support a certain cause or give money to a certain individual, that that company has lost our business. The company is free, then, to do what it wants. Apparently, they don’t want to be affiliated with Limbaugh any more because it hurts their bottom line. Welcome to the free market economy–sucks when it doesn’t work to one’s own advantage, eh?

      • NotFondOfLibs

        Companies that drop advertising on Rush Limbaugh’s program are more likely to lose revenue. Rush’s supporters are loyal and will take their business elsewhere. Just a reminder, but Sleep Train dropped ads on Rush’s show and then changed their minds 2 days later. Too late. Rush made the decision that he didn’t want them back. You may not like Rush Limbaugh but he is still going to be on the air long after fools like you have to hold yard sales so you can pay for $6 gasoline. Oh, by the way, Obama wants to remind you to inflate your tires.

        • John Anderson

          We need a list of Companies and Products that back out so we can show you what we think. I thin k your sales would drop like a rock.

          • Carl Young

            I guess you got the FOX “News” talking points memo!

        • WalterC

          WHAT!!? Just listen to you! You should do some fact checking instead of spoutting off what somebody else said. Oh,by the way, I own oil royalties and I can assure you that oil production has more than doubled in the US since PRESIDENT Obama took office.

          • Tprice

            Only because he can’t stop production on private land….yet…

    • cliff deardorff

      get m rush your my man/////

    • Frank Armellini

      Yes go for it RUSH! We are behind you as well. It seams that OBAMA has nothing more to use to find strategy to hold on to his position as president so he has to get in the lime light this way. Stay after him and his administration. They need to be taken out so that they don’t continue ruining this country more.

      • Rich

        What does Obama have to do with this? This man is very ignorant and constantly says things to insult others and then wants to say sorry. Enough is enough and people are tired of the sorrys’. This is a very mature man he knows exactly what he is doing and this time sorry just does not cut it. I applaud all of the advertisers that pull their spots and do not support an ignorant and hateful person.

      • WalterC

        What grade did you graduate from. Get the facts or shut up. Most any educated person with a computer can disprove this preverted, drug addict, felon, any day of the week. Go back and here what Rush said about gas prices back in 2008. If you still don’t belive me check out what FOX NOISE said back then.

        • DJ

          Wow! For someone who claims to be educated, the grammatical errors in screed make it almost unreadable. It just goes to show that one can buy and education but not the ability to use it.

    • John

      Maryann, were you educated in a Fundamentalist Bible-thumping outfit? Your spelling errors suggest that to be true. The plural of “policy” is “policies.” I learned that in the second grade.

      • Michal

        Didn’t you learn manners in second grade? What is a “Fundamentalist Bible-thumping outfit”? Are you suggesting that Bible believers are ignorant, perchance?

        • Yes


      • http://none Di

        THis is probably “automatic word correction” I have trouble all the time . It changes correctly spelled words and I have to go over what I write,however the corrections that are needed are great.

    • Rosanne

      Bill M. did not give Obama a million, HBO gave it to OBama using Bill M. Think about it, where would B.M get a million dollars?? As far as Rush, I wish he did not fall into the trap that was set for all Republican’s. this will blow over because the dem’s are far more insulting to woman than anyone. Good Luck Rush!

    • chris Jackman

      How many women that aren’t dittoheads have you talked to lately? Limbaugh finally crossed the line of “jock talk” with his three days of rant against a private citizen over women’s health. Limbaugh had a toxic meltdown and respectable sponsors are dropping him.

    • Rosemary B

      To Maryann letteri, oh really when you and yours gives back the land to the Indians.

      • BlackPolitico

        Rosemary, if the land was given back, where would you live? And what if the rent was too darn high? Smile.

    • ken

      Obama took him done???? Rush took himself down …Him brain exploded on air …In his attempt at feeding his brain dead followers.

    • Sam C

      Please review your grammer and spelling.

    • Astrochris

      Do you mean the millions that Bush spent?? You’re in the bubble..

      Conservatives are a plague we must get rid of!!

      Rush ia an A-Hole.

    • Fred Sinclair

      I think Rush has touched the third rail of radio. His latest comments show a total lack of intelligence or more likely a return to drug addiction.

      Either way, if he was a cat he has lost his 9th life. He is history, and the other drug induced shock jock “Glenn Beck” is not far behind him in the 0 ratings game.

      Glad to see madison avenue has taken notice, and given notice to these radio losers.

    • http://webpronews lomarish

      Obama??? Really??? The only person responsible for this is Rush. Get over yourself.

    • http://webpronews lomarish

      Go Rush and take Glen and Sean with you

  • Einar R. Petersen

    His label of her as a “Prostitute” was confirmed when she “prostituted herself” in an effort to distract the public from the failed policies of Obama, during this lead-up to the Presidential elections. in a bogus interview, regarding the cost of her contraceptions, she quoted an exorbitant and unreal price. That is, unless she is indeed a “working girl”, in which case Limbaugh was correct.


    • cliff deardorff


    • Marques

      I keep hearing about these failed policies of President Obama. What failed policies are you talking about? The only failure I see is in peoples ability to do their own thinking and keeping an open mind. I am tempted to say that followers of Limbaugh and people like him are losers and unamerican, but that would bring me down to their level. Look for the Presidents list of accomplishments, you would be amazed.

      • WalterC

        I love people with brains. Good post.

  • Julee Meltzer

    Yahoo!!!! Get him off the air for good!

    • cliff deardorff

      from 20 million to 40 million in too weeks great rush////

      • WalterC

        Rush more than likley told you that fact. I doubt if you could prove it.

  • klcbva

    I would like to know who the advertisers are boycotting Rush’s show so that I can make sure I never purchase from them or use their services again.

    • cliff deardorff

      we will no me too have you seen the billions of dollars they lost already/////

    • oh dear god

      To stupid to Google, klcbva? That explains why you listen to Rush.

  • Joe Lacey

    Let me know what companys have dropped their ads and I’ll by two of everything.

  • Ovide DeSoto

    You have got to be dumb as a rock to listen to this IDIOT.
    Take him off of the air, I for one will not buy from any of the sponsors, if there were a piece of crap in the world it is good old Rush.

    • http://none Di

      how come your side has convinced themselves they are smart and their opposition is stupid,you don’t realize sciences’studies come and go and change what your side thinks they are so brilliant and patting themselves on the back.this is idiotic to go bragging like that…

  • Jershu

    How wonderful! It’s good to see Republicans actually have to pay for their mistakes. I suppose unlike some of our wonderful GOP candidates God wasn’t on Limbaughs side! bahahahaha

    • Roger Rowton

      we’re all paying for mistakes the dems are making.And we’re making a mistake in thinking the pres is making mistakes.He’s doing it all on purpose .He has great contempt for America an he hates you dems more because your so gullible and ready to sell out your country.Your so blind but it’s hard to blame you.where little is given,little is expected .

      • carla

        wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a civil debate where people talked about ideas instead of just parties and personalities? And I wonder what mistakes anyone could have pulled off even if they wanted to in the last 4 years, with complete congressional deadlock.

      • WalterC

        More brainwashed people. What a shame.

    • DJ


  • Patriot_Act

    Just think, in 1998 Rush was saying the Taliban was not a threat and bin Laden was a figment of Clinton’s imagination as to get us to forget about Monica Lewinsky. Apparently Rush’s internet trolls were not born or aware then.

  • John

    Rush Limbaugh, a prescription drug abuser, and married and divorced several times, is the last person in the world entitled to lecture anyone about morality. To use his own phrase, “I hope he fails.”

    • Tired

      Agreed, obviously the majority of folks on here that support Rush has already been brain washed. Form your own opinion and thoughts don’t allow to someone to think for you. One Republican can make us all look bad. Hmmm…Obama might just get my vote.

      • fast

        Dear Tired and John. I am one of the “brainwashed” who follow Rush. I guess you folks would rather have no other opinion expressed. So your answer is take the other opinion off the airways. Wow…what a free country that would be. You call people “haters” who don’t agree with you. You are very tolerant aren’t you.

        • Lucibelle

          Fast, you’re right. Both sides should be expressed. So I’m guessing you were up in arms when Fox changed Hannity and Colmes to just Hannity?

          Rush has all the free speech he wants, but nothing guarantees him a public platform on which to say it. He did this to himself. He crossed the line when he spewed his bile onto a private citizen rather than a public figure. This was also not an “oops” moment. He continued to attack her character for three days straight. Sandra Fluke had no public life for Rush to base his attacks on. That’s called slander.

    • Gary

      Well put John!

    • WalterC

      I agree. We need to stand up to him untill he is gone. We are the only ones who can. The GOP won’t.

  • steve

    It seems that Rush is being punished for the same thing liberal/democrat congress/senate appointee’s do on a daily basis. Obama has even started a class war-fare but is not getting blamed for it. I am behind Rush 200%. If this chic(sandra fluke) was smart enough, she would have controlled her narrative and mention reasons for the high cost of birth control. Maybe she is like some woman who need it to manage there “female problems”…..maybe that way she wouldn’t have sounded like she needs to be banged once a day……ROTFLMAO. If she likes sex that much, a box of Trojan’s is about 20 dollars for a pack of twenty. Of course if her summer job isn’t paying off, the local clinic gives them out for free.

    • Tuffluck88

      Don’t insurance companies pay for Viagra? If they do then it’s a sexist remark.

    • Lucibelle

      SHE should have controlled HER narrative?!? So according to you, she should have been prepared for a three day personal attack of her character based on NO FACTS whatsoever, but Rush should be able to say whatever he wants with no repercussions just because he’s Rush??? What the hell are you smoking?? Whatever it is, it’s time to quit. You are also suffering from the delusion that knowing the cost of a box of condoms makes you a women’s health expert.

  • Gary

    Rush can say whatever he wants, it’s his program. And, Rush will have to live with the consequences of whatever comes out of his month. He’s fun to listen to because he’s always pushing the envelope. It’s usually pure B.S. and he’s wrong more than he’s right and his EIB (Excellence In Broadcasting) Network is an idiom laced in irony because his broadcasts are anything but. His listeners are low information audiences, often salespeople trapped for hours in cars or small business’ where the owner pipes Rush’s drivel into the worker bees every afternoon. His listeners become twisted and misinformed and are a large part of what’s actually wrong with America. Having said that, his listeners (and Rush) have every right to do what they do. Boycotts don’t work. The real truth is that, just like Glenn Beck, Rush has largely run his course. He’s gone beyond the point to where his audience is not really sought after to actually purchase anything of any value and the sponsor’s are making the decision to re-direct their advertising dollars. Rush will always be around, but is being relegated to the ash heap of the Beck’s, Olbermann’s and other big mouths of TV and radio. It was bound to happen. It’s happened. Rush will be fine; not so sure about his listeners…that damage has been done and it’s probably permanent.

  • glen beck

    Rush Limbaugh: for just a little longer, an unflushed toilet.

  • DumbRush

    I am appalled by the misspellings on this site by those supporting Rush. Seam? Companys? Policys? Too (when should be to)? I tend to completely disregard anything said by a poster that can’t spell. I can’t WAIT for Obama to win reelection. :)

    • Roger Rowton

      I’m amazed someone would say something like that.Being unable to spell does not make a person ignorant.just having all your common sense educated out of you.The scripture says professing themselves to be wise, they became fools

    • http://none smile

      tis that automatic correcter correcting correct spelling.

    • http://none smile


    • Chris


      I’m not sure if you can read. If you browse through the comments you will see that Rush fans aren’t the only ones with spelling issues.

  • http://yahoo mary

    i used to wait on the limbaugh family in the 70. ALL the men in that family were vey rude to females. the mother af him and his brother steve was a very good lady, i think she was a saint living with them. they always felt like they were better then anyone else, and all his buddies in missouri were all from the RICH familys in town, but waiting on some of their mothers and fathers of some of the other ones they had more class. rush is just a ego manic person just like his father grandfather and brother

    • DJ



      We no return you to your regular blather.

  • Rosemary B

    To Joe Lacey, this is the way you should have spelled buy. So that tells me you are nothing but a bag of wind, I know you are poor..

  • sonja

    I believe to know the cause of Limbaugh’s problem, the fourth wife.

  • Jeff Wohlrabe

    Just another effort by the leftist media in our country to silence those who speak out against their socialist agenda which is daily being forced down our throats. Rush is a great American and obviously many people listen to his opinion ladened program. He has a way of putting my opinion into words. If you don’t like what he has to say, don’t listen.

    • Pete

      Rush is a big fat douche bag.

  • Jack

    Can someone please post a list of the companies who have withdrawn their advertising. I will not purchase anything from them ever again.

    • WalterC

      There is 141 and counting. See the Huffington Post.

  • Voting For Suckers

    Rush Limbaugh this, the President that, Republican this, Democrat that! Why waste time arguing about politics? It’s all a joke. It’s not even like it matters what people say. The Electoral Colleges decide who will run our country not you and I.

    • BlackPolitico

      Voting For Suckers,

      In all elections throughout our country, the voters decide who will hold office. So the voters do decide who runs just about everything. Only in the case of the office of president of the United States do the voters elect representative members of the electoral college. The electoral college representatives, while free to vote as they will (though some state laws might penalize them for voting out of bounds), are honor bound to vote for the candidate decided upon by the majority of voters for the state they represent. This system has always been in place for presidential elections in the USA. And it has never failed. So, voting is not for suckers. It is an honorable responsibility of the citizens of a free country.

      • strom thurmond

        except of course for what happened in 2000, when the ballots were never counted and the supreme court chose the president. And don’t even get me started on that &^%$ electronic voting crap and the disenfranchisement of blacks in Florida in 2000.
        That being said, I vote, because at least on a local level, I think sometimes my vote counts. And if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain about the outcome. So, I vote to preserve my bitching rights.

  • Rucker

    It’s time to call Clear Channel and your local radio stations in support of Rush.

    Obama is going down and the left is terrified. Remember that left wing politics is their religion. It’s what they live for. They will not go without a fight. This is going to get even more messy before it’s over.

    Look at the latest polls. Obama’s popularity is sliding down again, despite nearly a month of leftist media hysteria against Rush and Rick Santorum. Think about it. That fact has to terrify the left.

    As Rush keeps telling us, don’t panic. We are living in a country that is dominated by the leftist, state controlled media. Look at today’s headline. One from the AP says that even if Romney looses today that he’s still the winner. Huh? The media is corrupt. Leftists have only one moral tenet – to win at all costs.

    Keep all this in mind and above all, speak out in support of Rush.

  • NJ David

    It amazes me that some people actually justify what this guy said about a young woman he’d never met, just because he didn’t agree with her politics or opinion. Astronomer, Carl Sagan was once asked about intelligent life existing on other planets, his reply (paraphrasing), “I think the question is still out as to whether any exists on ‘this’ one.”

  • Roger Rowton

    I would just like to speak in support of Mr.Limbaugh.At the risk of being politically incorrect,on the other hand let me jump at the chance. In this mans opinion the average citizen has no idea what not being honest has cost a once great nation.I realize that sometimes we shade things a little to not sound rude or unkind,and this is o.k.,But we’ve let things get way out of hand an are getting down right Wimpy. What have we come to when a young woman can get on national network t.v. an almost demand that we pay for her sex life so she can fornicate in piece,while attending a 100,000+tuition school.IF a man didn’t lose his temper over something like that,I can guarantee you’ll find no balls there.By the way,let me say how I thank God my daughter married a poor MAN instead of that idiot Ill Marr ,and no I didn’t misspell his name

  • Wow

    With the blatant misspellings and incoherent statements on this board it honestly scares me. To think you people have a right to vote is just appalling, not mention you can rear children that will just water down the gene pool. I mean really god help us all.

  • Game of Life

    I’m glad people have finally got wind of this racist, nasty, silly, embarrassing, gasbag. he will lose advertisers and will go down with a big fat thump. ROTF

  • Annie

    Your fans are loyal Rush and we are behind you 100%. These advertisers are obviously being led around by their noses. It’s OK for liberals to make unkind remarks of people, but don’t let a conservative do it. Ms Fluke or whatever her name is, has a right to her opinions, but that doesn’t mean the taxpayers should have to foot the bill for it. Her need for contraception is a choice, not a right!


    This whole thing is a mere social-engineered distraction. Just look up the video “The Democrat Stage: “The Democrat’s Phony Contraceptive Fluke” Obama is losing the support of women, blacks and all thinking people.

  • mspaap

    Some people look better going than coming. Limbaugh is one of them.

  • mspaap

    Limbaugh has some pretty loyal racists fans and they will support him.

    • edward


      • Chris

        Agreed. It doesn’t make you a racist just because you don’t agree with Obama’s socialist policies.

        • strom thurmond

          um… i didn’t see obama in that first post.
          rush has been on the air and a racist- and far more blatantly, a sexist- far longer than obama has been in office. Getting on the air and calling people names all day long is not helping the country. libtard, feminazi, slut, prostitute- come Rush, you’re smarter than that. Stop stooping so low. And really, are you surprised that people are offended by your verbal attacks? Are you surprised advertisers wouldn’t want their brand associated with that?

    • Roger Rowton

      racist ha ha thats the pot calling the kettle black

      • Yes

        ah ha. ha. ha.

  • http://Yahoo Jim A.

    Calling all dittoheads!

    This is your fearless leader, Rush Limbaugh. I know that insulting a law student for testifying about birth control pills as medical care boggles my mind, but let me assure you that I don’t let facts (or my ignorance) get in the way.

    Just remember this; an empty can makes lots of noise as it tumbles down a hill, so this will only make me louder! And you, in turn, can tumble along with me. Call your local radio station and insist that radio for imbeciles will continue!

    • Chris

      Dear Jim,

      If you don’t like it, don’t listen! I’m sure you would prefer to listen to a president who promises hope and change, but only offers empty promises and bigger government.

  • edward


    • Yes

      caps lock stuck, bitch?

    • WalterC

      Rush is the poormans puppet master. People who can’t think for themselves.

    • WoW

      what an ignorant post

  • Ed

    Yes, RUSH was way out of line…and he apologized.
    Is there any credibility to Liberal views nowadays? Sarah Palin was abused as a WOMAN, not as a political figure, over and over and over…and basically nobody on the left was disturbed (there were a few very minor exceptions). So what is all this moral indignation going on? Its really nothing more than a lifelong pick-pocket losing his dollar in a soda machine…and screaming and banging on the machine. Thou protesteth too much.

  • Roger Rowton

    our pres wants all the issues out there clogging up things and keeping our minds occupied ,as he takes our money and redistributes it.But contrary to popular belief ,it’s not to America ,it’s to our enemies.WAKE UP AMERICA

  • DeadJohnny

    The ENORMOUS CAPS and all the mispeling really don’t help in getting your message out.

    Just an observation from a confirmed socialist

  • gchapel


    • Astrochris

      Aru you from the past?? Rush is a dumb conservative like all conservative.

      Can’t you see there is no god,, use your brain man..

  • John

    The left wing media wants him to fail soooooo bad. Guess what, he ain’t going anywhere, he will continue to needle you to death, you morons, HAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • OHbama

    What the Limbaugh zombies fail to realize is that while there are about 10 million Americans who tune into Limbaugh for at least a few minutes during a given week, the vast majority of those 10 million “listeners” are neither Limbaugh followers, nor, necessarily, buyers of the sponsors’ products. Further more, there are 320 million Americans who NEVER listen to Limabugh, and their views are far, far, far more important to Limbaugh’s advertisers than are that one percent of Americans who at least occasionally listen to him.

    Bottom line? Money talks, and Limbaugh’s advertisers walk. It’s called Capitalism. Live by it, die by it.

    • EyesOpen

      Great point!

  • http://yahoo Dale Morgan

    There is no place in radio, or tv for scumbag like Rush . I can.t believe that there are people like Rush, that have no respect for Women, or Men. Rush must go off the air. No one, I mean no one should give Rush the time of day!!!! He don’t deserve not one second of any one’s time. Takehim off the air right away!!!!

  • garry ebright

    Rush has the right to free speech but not with those exact words. Personally I wish that he would be changed into a women and have to worry about birth control. I wonder if he actually is a sexual deviate and just wants to watch the videos. I cannot understand why most men believe they have the right to control womens bodies. Just for the population growth birth control is a good idea. I am a male and I have listened to some of these idiots who have tried to kill or have killed over birth control.

  • http://yahoo Bobby

    Lets go Rush you keep dividing the country, you keep calling the president a Muslem, keep lying through your teeth about how bad the economy is. You and your idiot Ditto Heads keep listening to Fox News oh I forgot it is fair and balanced. Lets vote the Mittster into office and we will see the Bush tax cuts for another 10years adding trillions to our debt. Yes that is true ditto heads. lets keep giving the corporations more tax cuts so they can create more jobs right ditto heads But I forgot where are the jobs. And lets go invade Iran but will not put that money into the budget right ditto heads. Oh and I forgot lets put womens rights back to 1950 right ditto heads. Ya lets have a Republican president so the rich get richer and there is no more middle class just rich people and poor people. RIGHT DITTO HEADS

  • Astrochris

    The end of Obama is the end of USA.. Please vote for Obama! Keep God out of politics.

  • Frosty

    So many Lieberals to stir up yet so little time :)

    Here’s the starters pistol: in November 2012 you lose / Rush wins!

  • EyesOpen

    First of all…please refer to our President as President Obama. Second, this is not a Democratic nor Republican issue. Rush Limbaugh needs to stay on the air…so normal common sense folks can see there is room for everyone….even a scumball like Mr. Limbaugh can have a radio show. As for those who think of President Obama negatively….well you just CHOOSE TO DO SO. There is absolutely no FACTS to support your views. JUST BE HONEST. You don’t like him…for what ever reason. BTW. HE WILL BE RE-ELECTED because for the first time in history, the Republican party does not have any candidates who can beat the democratic candidate.

    • Bob

      Obama is not my president. He is the president of scumbags just like him. He is a scumbag with a stolen social security number and a fake birth certificate. Refer to law enforcement investigations done in Arizona. He won by voter fraud and McCain chose not to do anything about it. He might be your president but not mine.

  • Bob

    I support Rush. Sleep Train realized that the bunch of morons that don’t support Rush are liberal scumbags who hate freedom of expression. Hippies and scumbags who live off of Welfare and don’t have a penny to their name and who would never have purchased a bed or any products from them. The advertisers realized that conservatives are the ones with the dough. Liberalism is a mental disease. Liberals should be imprison, and then executed by law. Scumbags! Obama the communist scumbags! Stoned hippies and nudists!

  • chuck

    rush is a bag of hot mess about to be flushed away

  • http://N/A Bud Starkey

    This has been a long time coming . Limbaugh has for years been insulating and showing a lack of respect to anyone that thinks differently than him . He appeals to a certain mind set that agrees with him on poor children having to dumpster dive just to find something to eat or how he gloated about the earth quake in Japan because it was pay back for WW II . The right wing does have a distorted way of thinking like Ann Coulter and the comment that all the women that lost their husbands on 911 were glad because they could collect their life insurance . Being a fan of Limbaugh and those like him are nothing to be proud of but just shows how sadistic some are in our society .

  • gchapel