“Rush Babes”: Limbaugh’s Facebook Page Garnering Support

By: Amanda Crum - May 15, 2012

Rush Limbaugh has been in the news a lot recently (but then, when isn’t he?) regarding his views on women’s rights, especially after an incident with Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke in which he called her a “slut” after she made statements about birth control availability. Now, he’s looking to gain female supporters with a new Facebook page aimed at conservative women, which he calls “Rush Babes For America“.

After the radio-show host made derogatory comments towards Fluke, the National Organization for Women (NOW) began campaigning against him to try and get his show taken off the air. Limbaugh says he’s tired of the “liberal organization disguised as a group that’s interested in the rights of women” and says they only “represent a tiny number of highly-agitated activist types. They’re basically miserable and unhappy women, for whatever reason.” His counter reaction to NOW is “Rush Babes”, which already has over 22,000 likes on Facebook.

Limbaugh had this to say on Twitter:

Rush Babes for America: Bill Maher can conduct his own War on Women, as long as it’s against conservative women. http://t.co/pgBBtauh 17 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Love it or hate it, the page is getting a lot of attention.

I couldn’t get to Facebook to join Rush Babes for America fast enough! Love ya, Rush @Limbaugh! Thanks for this page! 21 hours ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Laugh or cry? Limbaugh launches “Rush Babes” to counter feminist campaigns targeting his advertisers http://t.co/QQiAE2wb 1 hour ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Limbaugh’s “Rush Babes for America” combine tire flap cliches, family values http://t.co/WvqAi19G 9 minutes ago via Tweet Button ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

“Rush Babes” campaign is a thing now. With a logo. http://t.co/J30qyfHr #SorryAmerica 2 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I joined Rush Babes for America! http://t.co/36OKOikS @rushlimbaugh 21 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • dan dancig

    In my opinion….he is both a GOP pimp and slut.

    • Herlin M. Burch Sr.

      You are a moron

    • rogeez

      you suckkkk\\\\\ Rush

    • Drivel Lady

      The woman on the letter “I” looks like a stripper on a pole. Why does that not surprise me?

  • Marie Self

    I’m proud to be a “Rush Babe”. I have listened to him for more than twenty years and have agreed with him most of the time. If the “NAGS” think they can shut him up, they had better think again. There’s a lot more of us rational, self thinking, logical “Babes” than there are narrow minded, biased, to hell with men “Nags”!!!!!!!!

  • Doris A. Martin

    I have followed Rush since he came on the air and he is still my Hero. We will survive, no matter what! GOD BLESS AMERICA and RUSH LIMBAUGH!

  • garnell

    Rush is soo-o stoopid, vulgar, a liar & a ceaseless attacker/vicious name-caller. He’s got a double-digit I.Q. [as do his listeners]…mostly h.s. dropouts/grads…but a wee dick. Every woman can tell the size of a guy who yaps crap like he does.

    • http://webpronews dylar77

      garnell, yeah Rush is so dumb, let’s see he makes over $25,000,ooo a year. So smarty how do you stack up against that. Oh, and if you don’t know what that number is … it’s twenty-five million.

    • Herlin M. Burch Sr.

      And the liberal jackasses you watch or listen to are not? I would say that they are worse when it comes to conservative women would you? Or are you so hung up on them that you dont see it.

  • Patricia J. leonaitis

    I have followed Rush for more then ten years and agree, also, with much that he says. I am an 80 y/o retired R.N. and don’t agree for a minute that his fans are high school drop outs. I think they are all pretty smart. Pat Leonaitis, RN, ret.

  • Jase Valentine

    Came into this late,in the evening, but: Women on this radio/’net system are of higher intelligence than femiNazis and have the additional drawing power of not being attack dogs. This new activity will show more people in America that the stridency of the sad Sixties is no longer the only forum of expression a woman may choose. It’s going to be a real pleasure to see real women speak up for themselves. Women who are smart enough to send their message over the airwaves without needing to couch it in terms of vile, bile and hatred of everyone else(who is not just like them). And while the Nagzis won’t believe it, I look forward to the possibility of you all disagreeing with my views on many occasions. Because, you see, a strong man never fears a strong woman, and it do make a more lively discussion if there are varied viewpoints – instead of a strident, shouted agenda, don’t it? With a little bit of luck, you may even cause one or two harpies to stroke out simply because you’re all speaking up. (Think of it as an easy urban beautification program…) All the best, Ladies.

  • Larry

    While I like RBA; I wish it could have been Babes Rush(ing) for America (BRA)!!

  • http://yahoo Darrell Stephens

    Rust big mouth cut into his big wallet and that the reason for the change of Face.

  • Berta Mae

    I’d join but I wouldn’t make the weight requirement. You have to weigh at least 180, which is Bill Clinton’s IQ. So disappointed.

  • Vernon

    I guess publishing this stuff,mine included, is what you do. I can’t imagine giving “Limbaugh” any more space than he is already getting. You are in a way as guilty as he is in spreading the mindless “garbage” he is noted for. Even his kind of cxxx and B.S dies in a vacuum. Please help us create the proper airless living space for “Limbaugh”. VB

  • Nick

    lol. Rush fighting with the nags again. Your a braver man than I Sir. Those “ladies” I would hate to fight. They wear underwear with d^%k holes in them

  • Nick

    lol. Rush fighting with the nags again. Your a braver man than I Sir. Those “ladies” I would hate to fight. They wear underwear with d^%k holes in them.

  • john

    what kind of woman likes a fat, bald, and arrogant white man who is
    filled with hate and trivial negativity. you all are on the wrong

    • Julie Bower

      If the fat bald guy has the same conservative point of view that I do, I like him. I’m a Rush babe. I can’t relate to NOW because they won’t stand up for conservative women when they are attacked. Because I’m angry at the people that made promises they can’t keep am I filled with hate and negativity? What team am I supposed to be on? I’m conservative and belive in the principals of our founding fathers. The other team is liberals who believe in socialism which is government control. I’m on the right team.

  • Julie Bower

    He did not call her a slut for her wanting birth control available. She wants someone else to pay for her birth control. If a woman has sex and gets money, that is a whore or slut. Conservative women want more freedom and less government intrusion. The liberals want socialism where someone else pays for everything you have. Republicans don’t want to prohibit anyone from getting birth control – they just think you should pay for your own birth control.

    • Johnny O.

      Any woman who can’t afford to pay for her birth control should ask her partner to pay. Any man will be happy to pay if she is worth it.

  • http://webpronews xxx

    i think he sucks

  • http://webpronews xxx

    i,d just like to ask how can anyone like and asshole like this that runs everything down. and yes i,m a democrati and very prad of it just add that for all u tea party cry babys

    • Keith

      Is the word “prad” “democrati” lingo? Look at the high intelligence of the average democrati America…

      • Johnny O.

        The plural of baby is babies. I learned this in Grade 2.

    • Sandi

      You must be one of those who know not how to take care of themselves!! Bet you get some government stuff? People like this cant make it on there own, have their hands out!! Love Rush and all he stands for!! Have you ever listened to him, probably couldnt understand a word, unless you get some money!!Put your hands in your pockets and learn to take care of yourself!!

  • erin

    Rush is pathetic and is sounding more and more desperate. Traditional conservatives (i.e, William F. Buckley, Eisenhower) would abhor Rush’s extreme views and language. They were classy and spoke like gentlemen in public; Rush and his dittoheads think his adolescent crudeness is “funny” and cleaver–no just crude. By the way, I’m a Democrat, but don’t like extremism in my own party either.

  • http://none NANCY FREEMAN

    there is no discussion with NOW or any of the other groups who claim they are just against hate speech..they are so hateful themselves and always have been..any discussion with them is an “argument”..or so they say..they choose their friends by the politics…and they chose their thoughts the same way….just stay on the air..been with you since abc NY beginnings..and been fighting liberals ..especially liberal women ..since Goldwater ..its exhausting …but you are a joy each day..