Rumor: iPhone 5 Releasing With Built-In Projector?

By: Jeremy Muncy - August 12, 2011

On August 11th Apple was granted a patent application by the US Patent & Trademark Office which hints at Apple’s upcoming plans to possibly incorporate projectors into future iOS devices.

The rumor d’jour at the moment is that Apple might release the iPhone 5 with a built-in projector.

Patently Apple, states, “The level of detail associated with this patent would suggest that Apple’s development teams are moving full steam ahead on the projection system project“.

Don’t laugh, it could happen. Just last week MacRumors discovered that Apple had purchased the domain name.

DigiTimes is quick to point outsources from pico projector makers pointed out that the related R&D is still not mature and demand from consumers has yet to appear, so smartphone-use pico projector modules are unlikely to start mass shipping until after 2012.

It’ll be interesting to see when Apple unveils their first iOS device with a built-in projector, even if it’s not the iPhone 5.

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  • maZlo

    SERIOUSLY!!!? lol you people just don’t know what to make up now, projector?! What about object that can be used for flying, like witches broom. Pathetic.

    • Cephalized

      It could actually be true due to the fact that there was a phone previously with a projector. Smartphone companies have to think of different and sometimes odd ways to attract more customers. You wouldn’t want the same exact thing in a phone over and over again. Even if Apple makes small changes it’s still a change.

      • Snowy

        I have to agreed with 100% cephalized because it’s true…. I wouldn’t want same thing over and over unless a minority change on smartphone. Apple is doing right thing to make small changes to keep the business & customers happy.

        @Mazlo, I feel you don’t understand the high technology in this world today. Time for you to change….. > welcome to the FUTURE world.

        • Adam

          Knowing Apple the Projector won’t be built into the device because that would add bulk to the device (where Apple is wanting to go for slim and sleek, and a built in projector would defeat that) The LG Expo (Windows Mobile 6.5)had an optional pico projector (that ran the consumers and extra $179.99)…but the patient talks about a medium to use a phone as a projector, I think if you see projectors for other devices they will use DLNA to stream content to the smartphone’s projector (and Apple won’t be able to use this patient to sue anyone for it)

  • Virt

    Really cool idea – it has been done with camera’s and video camera’s which phones are now days, so why not with phones?

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  • Charity Music Inc

    Ther is a hugh demad Intergrated Projectors. The Charity Music Volunteer Center hopes to be one of the fisrt to use this product when it becomes available. What a great cost effective way to present your sales pitch to customers at Starbucks and other establishments.

  • Michael Martin

    Samsung already put out an Android phone with a projector last year, the Samsung Galaxy Beam –

    Maybe then Samsung can block this phone from being sold as Apple is “copying” it 😉

    • Adam

      Everyone else has been copying Apple for years (all smart phones, pads, etc….) when Apple comes out with something, rest assured it will be NEW to the market (as usual).

  • SteveO

    I offer a few clarifications:

    1. The subtitle (“patent hints…”) is misleading. The subject of this article is U.S. Patent Application No. 12/704,344 (Pub. No. 2011/0197147), not an issued patent.

    2. The first sentence is incorrect because of the word “grant.” The subject patent application was merely published on 8/11/2011, not granted. The Patent Office publishes all patent applications, so long as the figures are in an acceptable format and the applicant has not specifically opted out of publication. The Patent Office has not yet examined this case.

    3. The subject matter of the recently-published patent application certainly relates to pico projectors. But the claim scope is specifically directed to detecting and interpreting “gestures” made with respect to a projected display.

  • Lauren

    I like that… I hope that they do. I have many naughty movies that I would be able to watch on a projector now. Life is only getting better. :)