RUMOR: Google Rebranding Blogger and Picasa

Google is getting ready for the Google+ public launch

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RUMOR: Google Rebranding Blogger and Picasa
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In an effort to unify its brand, Google plans to rebrand some of their non-Google names, for the public launch of Google+. Two of the biggest properties reportedly getting a new name are Picasa and Blogger.

Mashable is reporting that Google plans to rename Picasa “Google Photos” and Blogger will become “Google Blogs”. They go on to say that several other brands could also face a possible rebrand. It appears as though YouTube will remain intact, for now.

Apparently the rebrand will happen sometime during the next six weeks. Also around that sometime, you can expect a user revolt over the name change. As we’ve learned in the past, people don’t really like change, just for change’s sake… just ask Facebook.

If this seems like something off the wall for Google to do, it’s not. If you remember back to 2007 when Google acquired GrandCentral, a VOIP platform… Google eventually rebranded it as Google Voice. So Google rebranding services is nothing new, but we’ve never seen them do it with a property as popular as blogger, which Gizmodo calls “one of the tent poles of the Internet”.

How will users take the rebranding? We’ll find out sometime during the next six weeks, if the reports are accurate.

What do you think about the name change for Picasa & Blogger?

RUMOR: Google Rebranding Blogger and Picasa
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  • http://www.celticways.com/ John Willmott

    I like the name changes myself, but what Google seems to be ignoring all along is that we do not sign in to a home page interface that links us to all these things in one place like when we log onto Facebook.

    I find I still have to hunt and peck to find my Google Profile then when i do its a very sterile place I spend little time at, unlike Facebook, where I may browse around for 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

  • http://www.ad-media.co.il/about.asp AD

    They should call it bloogle

  • http://remixedcat.blogspot.com remixedcat

    what about our blogspot URLs…. if they change people can’t find our sites and the search rankings will fail. This is not good. I hope they only change the name and not the URLs…. TONS of bloggers will loose thier visitors if they force the URL change!

  • http://bradmc.com BradMc

    I think the name change for Picasa is good. As much as I like it personally, especially with the desktop integration, it seems like many have never given it a chance. A rebranding might be good in this case.

    Blogger has always been a popular and successful brand. And like they’re doing with YouTube, I think they should leave that one alone. Or at least figure out a good way to incorporate both their name and the Blogger name together, if there is one.

  • http://thetravelinggiraffe.com Crissy

    I don’t mind a name change to Blogger, but without knowing what they are doing to Blogger as a program I’ll probably move my blog to another service before the change so I don’t get stuck.

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