Is Now for Sale with a $200K Asking Price

By: Josh Wolford - March 21, 2013

If you’re the owner of, there’s probably no better time than now to try and sell it.

On the heels of Google’s decision to kill their popular Google Reader RSS feed product and the outrage spawned by that decision, Ron Sheridan is trying to sell The asking price? $200,000.

He initially acquired the doman for $125,000.

The sale is being brokered by, who also represents,, and still boasts its plans, which is to “launch a high quality RSS reader, married to a crowd sourced, crowd curated RSS feed directory.”

They says that this “community approach will allow users to drill down to top subject matter content and experts quickly and efficiently.”

That plans never really worked out for Sheridan, and now he’s looking to sell.

With Google Reader on the way out, there’s now a giant void that must be filled (unless you think RSS is dead). Digg has announced plans to build their own Reader replacement. Existing feed readers like Feedly and Newsblur are looking to capitalize on the many Google Reader users looking for an alternative. Will someone step up and bring’s plans to life? 200 large is a pretty hefty asking price, but who knows?

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    I have 36 Domains I want to sell but need some guidance on how to proceed and pick a safe and reputable avenue to sell them.Any suggestions? Majority of them are Medical related.


  • Ashutosh

    Seems like Google is on killing spree while focusing on its commercial interests which most of web users never anticipated.