Roseanne Barr Wants Your Vote Today

    November 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Yes, Roseanne Barr is on the ballot in several states, and she took to Twitter today to spread the word.

Barr is a candidate in California, Colorado, and Florida and is a write-in for Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Though many of her fans said they were voting for Obama, most made it known that they still support the comedienne and pot-activist.

Her attitude towards the legalization of marijuana and the use of hemp to make sustainable products has garnered her quite a bit of unlikely support, but it’s doubtful she’ll earn enough votes to make her a true contender in any given state. She is still well-loved, however, which is evident on Twitter.



  • Nick Chandler

    Roseanne is foul mouthed, crude, and in no way qualified to be president. Of course, B Hussein O’Bama is also foul mouthed, crude and in no way qualified to be president but that hasn’t bothered O’bama voters.

    • Dani

      More crude and rude then you? I think not. Barack has been classy all the way except for you. LOSER! You are definitely lame and need to get his head out his ass.

  • Barbara

    Nick C. I agree with you one hundred percent about Rosanne!! She is foul, crude, loud-mouthed and it makes me sick that she even got on the ballot in some states…..But, you are also right about her lack of character and credentials not bothering the Obama crowd…let’s send him packing back to Chicago today!!!

    • Dani

      Yeah and that is why he IS Going to win. You Romney supporter loser.

    • Mandi

      It amazes me how uneducated you hillbillies are and how ignorant you sound. Let me guess you didnt vote because you couldn’t read the ballot, And you have to be the leader for the KKK or hitlers relative which is it…. sexist and racist wow your awesome

  • jd deere

    Why is this pig still in the public eye? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

    • Mandi

      Sounds like your the pig JD Deere you couldn’t come up with a better tag line than a tractor….

  • Lily

    Tell me again why this joke of a human being is news?

    • Dani

      I think your the joke. LOL!

    • Mandi

      The only joke is you Lily!

  • Nina

    Roseanne, thank you for being such an inspiration to working mothers, blue collar America, unconventional women and artists everywhere. Whenever you step outside the cookie cutter mold and are unapologetic about who you are, people will react. You are a strong woman who has held her own and I thank you for sharing your talents.

  • Red Neck Pope

    What a lot of hypocrites. Your as hateful toward her as she is for a living. You morons are too stupid to see that you are the same breed.

  • Gaz Mann

    This obnoxious no-talent low class broad has had way more than her 15 minutes of fame. Whew…..t
    Time to get the hook !

  • L T P

    I find it so disappointing that most people are such hypnotized sheeple. Who gives a damn about either Romney or Obama? Both are such mouth-breathers. I wrote in Ron Paul because I don’t mealy-mouth about him or Roseanne not having a chance. The VOTE you give IS their real chance! Yes Roseanne, you get this piggy’s vote in ’16 (smooch!) OINK!!

  • cfergy21

    Well shit – she did a poor job of campaigning. If I knew I could write her in I would have. At this point I’d rather have her run the country than either of these 2 running right now.