Rollei Announces New Compact Camera

By: Mike Fossum - March 21, 2012

German cameramaker Rollei has just announced its Powerflex 800 compact digital camera, which features a 14MP Sony sensor. The camera also sports a 12.5x optical zoom and the ability to capture 720p high definition video.

The Powerflex 800 also features facial recognition and 22 pre-programmed shooting modes – included a macro mode that accommodates shooting as close as 1 cm to 30 cm, as well as a night shooting mode that captures images in low light, without having to use a flash.

The Powerflex 800 comes in black, red or silver, and will be available in April, retailing for $316. Accessories include a matching nylon bag, wrist strap and a 4 MB SDHC card.

Rollei was the maker of the legendary twin-lens Rolleiflex, first manufactured in 1928 – which might have had some inadvertent influence on the original Bolex 16mm cameras, which has recently lead to the reimagining of that camera, the new Digital Bolex.

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