Twitter Responses To Anonymous Over Megaupload Shutdown

    January 20, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Yesterday, Zach Walton and Josh Wolford tag-teamed to follow the activities of Anomymous in real-time as soon as Megaupload went down. Their write-ups hit the Web within minutes of sites going down. As the news rolled out across the rest of the Internet, people took to Twitter to cheer on and spread the news.

#Anonymous#Megaupload Revenge Shows Copyright Compromise Isn’t Possible – The Internet Strikes Back! +info >> http://t.co/AjuxhKSb 1 hour ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Megaupload payback: Anonymous hack-storm on America Inc. http://t.co/kpwrOWAg http://t.co/3CW97qvD 1 minute ago via RT News And More on iOS · powered by @socialditto

So the hacker group “Anonymous” says if Megaupload isn’t reinstated by the gov in 72 hours, they will shut twitter, Facebook, YouTube down. 3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPad · powered by @socialditto

Sorry, but I find it hard to take a dude in a Guy Fawkes mask who’s rocking back & forth on Skype too seriously http://t.co/NAErf5pI #cnn 16 minutes ago via Tweet Button · powered by @socialditto

MegaUpload’s shutdown proves the U.S. government already has all the power it needs to take down copyright villains – http://t.co/ScwZyYpY 2 hours ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

#Anonymous will keep on fighting to free #MegaUpload even if it means a World War web action on all #US Gov. Keep this tweet moving. 11 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

This is The Year of Cyber War. Be Prepared. Expect Us. World War Web #megaupload #anonymous 12 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Anonymous is the voice of the people. They are online guardians. Respect them. Cherish them. #megaupload #anonymous 13 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Uniting Humans: Government Shuts Down MegaUpload *FIGHT BACK* Sign the Petition! Anonymous Strikes B http://t.co/jYLATuDo 14 hours ago via Facebook · powered by @socialditto

The government takes down #Megaupload? 15 minutes later #Anonymous takes down government & record label sites. #ExpectUs 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

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  • Yawn

    Ima let you finish….. but Anonymous was fun back in 2007. Now, it’s like get over it, dude. Anyone that wants government to fail with no working plan in place is stupid and does not know how to work with others very well. We can make our demands like normal human beings. Anonymous=Fail. Probably some angry hip crap cornballs from the U.S. after all isn’t megastupid your company?