Report: Rupert Murdoch “Ready To Sue” Google

News Corp. also said to be negotiating with Microsoft

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Although a few months have passed since the last big flareup, News Corp. may still be willing to go to war with Google.  A fresh report indicates that Rupert Murdoch is indeed prepared to take the search giant to court, and has been talking to Microsoft about an exclusive deal, too.

Rupert MurdochGabriel Sherman recently published a long profile of Murdoch for New York magazine, and within the profile, quoted someone he described as "a senior media executive."  This person said with regards to the CEO and chairman of News Corp., "He’s pretty tightly wound up over Google and has been ready to sue them.  He doesn’t trust them at all."

Then there was another interesting tidbit: apparently the Chief Digital Officer of News Corp., Jonathan Miller, "has also been in talks with Microsoft about possibly pulling all of News Corp.’s content from Google and signing an exclusive distribution deal with Bing."

Unfortunately, potential timetables weren’t outlined; there’s no telling whether Murdoch is willing to spend years negotiating with Google, or if he’ll unleash the lawyers next week.

Still, it sounds like Murdoch’s statements about blocking Google weren’t just so much bluster or a bluff.  A showdown over whether or not online news should be free remains possible.

Report: Rupert Murdoch “Ready To Sue” Google
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  • Vetinary

    I really WANTED to avoid visiting all his crappy web sites… But I couldn’t know WHICH sites were his…

    I HOPE he pulls them out of Google… This is gonna make NOT READING them SO MUCH EASIER!!

  • TK

    There isn’t anything is free. the issue is google think other people need them more than they need others. They will know.

  • Alex

    Last week I searched for info about a breaking news story. The first headline was a story in the NY Post. I clicked the headline and was in Murdoch’s world. There is no way I would have gone directly to the NY Post.

    When looking for information, it’s boom, what’s going on, this place has the info, I’m there.

    How does Google pulling that info together constitute stealing content?

  • Will

    I already actively boycott everything touched by the man who owns the travesty of ‘fair and balanced’ Fox News.

    This will make it so much easier.

    Despite all the NewsCorp blustering, Google has made it incredibly easy for Murdoch’s websites to remove themselves from the search index, or at least from the news, or to have put pay-walls in place in the first place.

    Murdoch, like Steve Jobs, just can’t take competition or seeing someone else succeed.

  • http://www.xbox360rrod.net Timothy Rrod

    Now that would be a trial to follow! Though I doubt will happen any time soon

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