Remove Facebook Timeline Scams Still Target Dissatisfied Users

    May 30, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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When Facebook makes a big change, a good portion of the user base freaks out for a little while. This has happened for years and if I thought myself a betting man, I’d bet that Facebook users will remain resistant to change until Facebook crumbles or the world ends, whichever comes first.

The change over to the Timeline has been no different, and many users have expressed their disapproval for various reasons. A recent survey showed that many users (up to 88%) are concerned about their privacy with the new Timeline, and another survey suggested that an overwhelming percentage of comments surrounding the Timeline on Facebook have been negative.

Armed with that information, it should come as no surprise that scammers are still using that dissatisfaction to prey on users, offering them the chance to rid themselves of the Facebook Timeline once and for all. These scams aren’t new in general, but Sophos’ Naked Security blog has identified a new one making the rounds.

With this scam, users will receive a message asking if they “wanna get rid of Facebook Timeline?” It goes on to say that “it is very easy to accomplish this,” and will prompt the user to install an “addon” to eliminate the “Time Line.”

Sophos says that clicking on the provided link will direct you to a dubious Turkish website created just a few days ago. That site asks unhappy Timeline users to install a Firefox or Chrome extension in order to extricate the Timeline from their Facebook accounts. Long story short, you probably should’t click install.

Scammers began targeting Timeline users soon after it became available. Some users quickly opted to try out the new feature and were hit with a wave of buyer’s remorse. Many Facebook pages popped up with titles like “Deactivate Facebook Timeline Now!” and “Deactivate your FB Timeline.” They prompted users to click multiple “likes” and invite all of their friends to do it too. Of course, the end result of all of this was just spamming the hell out of your connections. Although some of the pages looked a bit less-than-legit, thousands of Facebook users participated.

  • http://asktheprexpert.com SB

    I definitely think the Facebook Timeline has come into its own. Yet there are still a few hardcore users who love the old way. If we could all figure out a way to benefit off of people being satisfied we would all be millionaires. Whatever the case, I am finding that a lot of corporations have really embraced the timeline format to convey messages or to just further engage customers on social media. I got a better understanding of what the timeline can do for my clients by reading Hubspots “Guide to New Facebook Business Page Timelines” http://bit.ly/M9uPOs

    At some point people need to learn that if something sounds too good to be true – it is!

  • Gopal Das

    I almost fell for the Facebook timeline remover app scam back in April. I avoided it the last minute. I checked on Scam Detector app- awesome app that Apple released recently, it exposes 500 or 600 scams in lots of industries. They are online as well, google it or check http://www.scam-detector.com