Reasons to Have a Facebook Page and Ways to Make it Better

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I don’t have to tell you that Facebook can be a tremendous source of web traffic. There’s a good chance that most of the people you know are on it, and the ones who aren’t may be eventually. The social network is consuming more and more of people’s time, and thanks to mobile devices, it is always accessible. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you may be missing out on not only traffic to your site, but a chance to engage with customers and ultimately help your brand’s reputation.

One of our blog partners, Jay Baer, of Convince&Convert wrote a great piece about why you need Facebook for your company. He highlights "11 things you need to know." These things include how Facebook has 350 Million global users and counting (although Facebook has sinced announced reaching the 400 million user milestone), and how the average Facebook user spends 55 minutes per day on Facebook. Nearly 80,000 sites use Facebook Connect.

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He also notes that the Facebook Fan Box is becoming more pervasive, the average Facebook user has 130 friends and fans 2 pages per month. His statements are backed up by various reports and studies.

Jay BaerPerhaps you have a Facebook Page, but it’s not performing how you’d like. You feel it’s a waste of time. "If your Facebook fan page is a bit of a ghost town, you’re not alone. A fantastic study by Sysomos of 600,000 Facebook fan pages shows that only 4% of pages have 10,000 or more fans – and only .76% have 100,000 or more," says Baer. "That’s why it is so critical to focus your Facebook strategy on activating the fans you have, not just collecting fans like baseball cards."

"The Sysomos study also found very little correlation between how frequently the Facebook page admin posted to the wall, and total number of fans. However – and this is important – there is a strong correlation between amount of other content (notes, links, photos, videos) and number of fans," he says. "Thus, if you want to grow your Facebook fan base, it is imperative that you move beyond simple Wall posts and add photos, videos, links and other content."

Promote Your Facebook Page. Here are some places you can do that:

1. Prominent link on your site
2. Facebook Fan Box
3. Author Bio section on articles/Blog
4. Email newsletters
5. Other social media profiles
6. Google Profile (which is getting more attention now as a result of Google Buzz)
7. Business Card
8. Signage
9. Email Signatures
10. Advertisements

Another one of our blog Partners, Dave Taylor, offers some tips from Patrick O’Keefe, author of the book Managing Online Forums, on making a Facebook page more interesting. Among these are:


– Participate and make it routine
– Ask questions
– Host events on your page
– Highlight contributions from others
– Go beyond just text
– Integrate your other online presences
– Take it easy with apps, boxes, etc.
– Run offline events, if you can

One thing you want to do is pay attention to your Facebook analytics. Pay attention to stats. Pay attention to changes Facebook makes in this area. For example, recently it was discovered that some admins were starting to see impression counts for each post, as well as the number of likes and comments for each impression. Like Baer says, test content types to see what works best.

Does your Facebook Page drive traffic to your site? Does it engage customers? How do you promote it? Discuss your strategy.

Reasons to Have a Facebook Page and Ways to Make it Better
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  • http://www.superfloorcoat.com Epoxy Floor Coating

    True if you don’t proactively engage in groups, people don’t know who you are. Its like creating an Epoxy Floor Coat Product website. Once you’re done, you just wait, obviously you now have to market it some how. That is by engaging in many different social media sites.

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, I have always equated it to creating an Epoxy Floor Coat Product site.

      Seriously though, it can help to engage in many different social media sites, but it pays most to stick with the ones that make the most sense as far as target audience.

  • http://www.mattersolutions.com.au Brisbane Web Design

    Great Post, we really enjoy using fb pages as it lets us use html code on the boxes you create, therefore you can advertise a product or produce a nice flashing banner with a discount or offer. One great thing though is that each image we place it can be tracked so we can see how many customers we are getting just from that individual fb page!

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Amelia

    Knowing your audience is key here. Provide content that they will enjoy or find useful and they will keep coming back. It sounds really simple, but unfortunately it’s not! Definitely agree that using stats is really important – what’s success if you can’t / don’t measure it?

  • http://www.managingonlineforums.com Patrick O’Keefe

    Thanks for the mention!


  • http://www.skymaxmarketing.com Massachusetts SEO Company

    Nice little point to remember. It’s important to understand that you must actively engage in discussions, groups and so forth to grow your fan base. People want to connect with people who are interesting and active. More important than being interesting, is to be interested!

  • http://www.mobile-forextrading.com Jeffco

    Right now, I am trying to diversify and I am engaged in several social media sites. But as of now, I am not sure if this is the way to go. Maybe you are right, Chris, sticking to only one or two should be sufficient.

  • http://web-anda.com Uus Afini

    I have found website that provides resources for building FB pages. the site is www.neofacebook.com maybe it can be useful for you, I have been developing some fb pages that correlated to my affiliate business. Some of them generated much revenue than i wish. It’s easy when you place link as CB or Linkshare. it’s all just sharing….thx

  • http://www.bikerleatherplus.com/ Guest

    Am I the only person alive who doesn’t know the first thing about Facebook? I “get it” that it’s an important tool for gaining traffic and all that, but there’s another whole “language” that I know not a thing about. Does one simply go to Facebook and sign up? and then what? Is there a tutorial somewhere? I need to get with the times!!

    • Ayisha Idriss

      Knowing your audience is key here. Provide content that they will enjoy or find useful and they will keep coming back. It sounds really simple, but unfortunately it’s not! Definitely agree that using stats is really important – what’s success if you can’t / don’t measure it?

      Patrick O’Keefe

  • http://spatech.edu Kris Stecker

    The challenge is finding the right balance. We have Fan, Group and related Group pages as well as personal pages. We use them differently to reach different audiences. The biggest value has been from the personal page where we have received referrals, picked up on students who were struggling and were able to turn problems into solutions and opened up a connection with the students so they felt like we are engaged in their education.

  • http://www.faceformers.com Brenda

    The only reason I use Facebook fan pages is because they rank on the first page of major search engines :) for my local business. I run a feed from the blog on my website to my facebook fan page. I’ve picked up 30 fans along the way which is super cool, but this was not my focus. It is generally easier to pickup fans for the arts or something cool or interesting. So if you have a not too exciting page, spice it up with ideas, how to’s, images and other useful or fun content. People want to be entertained.

    To sum it up, I LOVE Facebook fan pages because it shows up favorably in the search engines.

    For DYI off site SEO with quick results, Facebook, Craigslist, and Merchant Circle will give you almost instant first page ranking if you know the tricks.

  • http://www.shapirit.biz ????? ??????

    As chris wrote, you need to put a lot of info to be noticed but sometimes that info can or will be used against you if you cannot delete it or edit, posting personal info or even your thoughts can be used to show the darker side of yourself (even if it’s not true), even writing a post like this one can be used against you.

    From my experience I can say that not everyone sees your post the same way you do, once, when I posted an answer giving advice to drink and eat non manufactured food people attacked me like I was a criminal and one time my post was banned by the administrator when I wrote what I think about our debt to the bank and how to diminish our deficit.

    Don’t be surprised if one day when you apply for a job you find out that you didn’t got it because something you post on social networks or blogs, and the same if you get fired.

  • http://www.kcib.com Kansas City Rocks

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this marketing on myspace and facebook, but how??? I know… create an account. If it was for a local rock band it would be easy, I’d have it done in a couple hours.
    But I mean how do you make a page for a website? We have a site where people can join, upload photos, add links to their youtube videos, add friends, just like myspace, but we also have a lot of extra features like live video webcam chat and free @kcib.com email. It’s a great site. How do you make a myspace/facebook page for a site like that??? How do you make it sound interesting enough for people to click?
    I’ve tried to do it. I have had 3 friends say it was easy, until we sat down and tried to write something up. It’s not as easy as it sounds!
    If anyone has done this before and would like to give us a hand (including you Chris!), it would be really appreciated.

  • Guest

    put proper word check everythign then implement this kind of form submissiont

  • Guest

    i can say bad words also
    so better implement securityroutine for this

  • http://www.international-hair.com Sa

    I wonder in which way facebook account affects our business. Just through functioning as a interactive newspaper for our potential clients or as a boost our traffic which comes from google and other search engines? For example, does it worth having a “desert” facebook account for? Does it affect google rank as blogs do? I want to hear your opinions..

  • http://www.mentrue.com Felix Diamond

    Facebook has revolutionalised online community. If you have a website or company, and you are not yet on Facebook, then you are yet to start promoting your business.

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com Alexander

    All I can say, is that Facebook is a great source of traffic to my site.

  • http://www.plus-size.me Plus Size

    I must admit I haven’t been quick to invest time in a Facebook page on FB to promote my business, but I can now see some significant advantages, hence you can guess how my evening will be spent!

  • Guest


    Great article regarding Facebook Pages. However, you mentioned a few ways to promote your Facebook Page such as Email Sig, Business Cards, etc. However, wouldn’t that be a line of text that looks similar to the line below. Now as a link in an email sig, it may not be THAT bad, but on the bottom of a business card? I think that’s a little much to expect people to type, do you agree?


    From what I understand, you can’t get a “www.facebook.com/your-business-name” address until after you already have 1000 fans. Am I missing something?

    Thanks again for a great article.

    Also, do you have any idea how Pages can become fans of other Pages? I have an IT business and would like to help promote my customers Pages by becoming fans of their Pages for my fans to see. Again, am I missing something? It just seems like there should be a better/easier way.



    • http://www.citysitesinc.com Libby Higgins

      Hi Joe,
      You only need to have 25 fans to get your own friendly facebook URL. Getting to 25 fans should be relatively easy, but in case your struggling to hit that number, here’s a few suggestions:

      1. Send an email to clients, friends, associates with a link to your new Facebook Page and ask them
      to support your social networking efforts by becoming a fan.
      2. Click on “Suggest to Friends” when on your facebook Page. Suggest your page to all (or get specific and only suggest it to your business associates) of your profile’s friends. When you suggest it to them, add a note asking them to support your business. Tell them what they can expect as a fan (are you going to give free tips? special announcements? Fan discounts? etc) and remember to ask that they also suggest your page to their friends that might find it beneficial.
      3. Don’t forget to add a Facebook Fanbox to your website (just like this article suggests).

      Once you’ve hit your 25 fans, got to:

      There you can create your friendly URL…and with a friendly URL it is easy to add to your business card. Another tip: If you are uncomfortable with adding it to the front of your business card, put something like “Find us on Facebook: [your facebook url]” on the back of the card.

      To answer your second question, about Pages becoming Fans of other pages…The best this to do would be add the Pages of your customers to your Page’s Favorites. To do this, go to the appropriate customer’s pages. Look under their logo/image. You’ll see a link that reads “Add to my pages favorites” click on this. Then select your Business’ Page and your client’s page will show up under your business page’s favorites.

      Hope that helps!

  • http://www.FortWayneHomes4Sale.com Jared Christiansen

    I have a Facebook fan page with over 550 fans right now and I use it along with my personal profile (over 1,700 friends) to promote myself. This week alone I have picked up 2 Buyers and 1 listing because of FB. FB, my blog, and my internet presence are my top 3 lead producers.

  • http://www.electricaldigest.co.uk Jeff

    I have looked at many occassions at putting my site on Facebook and other community sites, but as of yet not tried it. There are so many different ways of getting your content in front of people and it is hard to get to grips which to attack first. I do agree that these social sites are getting the traffic, so I suppose the only answer is how much time I should put to one side to understand the best way on moving forward. So I whall do a little more research with the help of your contributors. All I need are metrics to undestand the payback on time spent.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-find-the-right-web-designer right web designer

    Good post, Id also advise that if your a business owner and have a facebook page, make sure you link it to your site, so many small business owners expect there customers to make that simple connection.

  • http://www.Tiffanywrightfacebook.com Ayisha Idriss

    Tiffany facebook pages. Tffany’s writing too.

  • http://www.donanimegitim.com butik dersane

    We have a site where people can join, upload photos, add links to their youtube videos, add friends. but really why? why we need this ?

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