“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook

    December 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A photo of a Penn State sorority has gone viral after a member posted it to Facebook and tagged other girls in it, and now the school is receiving some backlash over the content.

The photo shows the girls of Chi Omega Nu dressed in ponchos and sombreros for what they called a “Mexican fiesta” themed party around Halloween, complete with mustaches and hand-lettered signs which read, “Will mow lawn for weed and beer” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it”. The photo made the rounds on Facebook, with some calling it racist, and has now landed the sorority in some hot water under the backlash. Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez, issued a statement regarding the sorority’s choice of attire.

“The Mexican American Student Association is disappointed in the attire chosen by this sorority. It in no way represents our culture. Not only have they chosen to stereotype our culture with serapes and sombreros, but the insinuation about drug usage makes this image more offensive. Our country is plagued by a drug war that has led to the death of an estimated 50,000 people, which is nothing to be joked about.”

The sorority is now under investigation and has issued a statement about the incident:

“Our chapter of Chi Omega sincerely apologizes for portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes. The picture in question does not support any of Chi Omega’s values or reflect what the organization aspires to be.”

The college has had its share of controversy in the past year with the Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno investigation, so any news which can be construed as shedding a bad light on the school is sure to gain some detractors. Twitter has been abuzz today as users share their thoughts on whether the photo should be taken as a racist insult.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has gotten themselves into trouble with a photo posted to Facebook; earlier this year, a Kentucky man uploaded a picture of himself stealing gas from a police car. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. Also this year, a man beat a disabled person to death, took video of it, and uploaded it to the social media site.

  • tom

    yep, we see their values right there.

  • Lisa M Abney

    ” The picture in question does not support any of Chi Omega’s values or reflects what the organizations inspires to be.” Who do you think believe this lie? It takes thought and lots of planning to do this. So it was intentional and evil. Jokes and pranks are for idiotic, immature, hateful people who think that the world belongs to only them. I would NOT accept their apology and I would make them suffer the consequences.

    • JJ

      Although the sorority’s response was generic and expected, I wouldn’t classify these girls as “evil” or “hateful.” Not too bright to post the picture on the web with those signs, but c’mon, let’s not go overboard here. They committed no crime, it was just a picture in poor taste, nothing else. If you choose to clasify all these girls in a certain light, than you’re no better than what you’re calling them.

      Let’s move on to more important things.

  • Mark Evans

    I believe It Is a free country.

    • David

      And those who do not like it are FREE to share their opinions about it.

      • jc

        David – exactly.

  • Steve Hamilton

    I don’t condone this photo. However, does anyone ever notice that when a WHITE person(s) does something involving a minority, and the media or minorities don’t agree with it, those WHITE people are immediately branded as “racist”? However, when someone in the minority community, e.g. Louis Farakoun or Reverend Wright, make obvious racial statements against white people the media and minority leaders just ignore it. I call that a double standard.

    • David

      The media does not ignore it. otherwise how would you know about it? DUH

      • Browncoat

        That’s because the media PROMOTES that kind of hypocrisy.

    • No PC here

      At least they didnt pose with guns so we dont have to endure the comments from the anti-gun idiots more than we already have this week,now the pc police can turn their attention to Penn State and uncover the deep racism of the Sorority system,obviously the sisters need retraining on all inclusivity and sensitivity to other cultures and races.Can you say”probation”? Who will stand with me and others FINALLY for free speech before it is too late? Your freedoms are slipping away.wake up my fellow Americans!!

    • jc

      Well, the double standard exists because of power relations in this country. White males have been in the position of power since they took it over from the Native Americans. Until the glass ceiling is completely broken and all barriers removed for minorities and underserved populations, it’s going to stay that way. I’m a White male, but I’m not going to cry about this. I say that we keep the conversation open. There are plenty of people who may not be offended by this, but there still plenty who are, and we need to know why.

  • NotPC

    Wow that’s funny.

  • william dolan

    mexicans are useless ass holes

    • Carmen Ahued

      not all the mexicans William.

    • David

      William Dolan is a stupid asshole

    • lou

      William, don’t be ignorant. Get used to the reality

    • Rolo

      Thanks for showing us how white trash people think…u make us mexicans look soo smart!! Have fun in ur trailer park…



  • carl

    “insinuation about drug usage”? but there have been 50,000 deaths due to drug war? funny, looks like a connection to me. next thing u know people in Scotland will be upset when people dress up in kilts. come on, get a life and have a sense of humor. a humorless, touchy, progressive controlling organization that Cesar Sanchez Lopez belongs to.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/racist-sorority-photo-stirs-up-trouble-on-facebook-2012-12 Joe

      carl you retard, the deaths arent from drug usage its from people being killled by cartels.

  • Carmen Ahued

    I´m sorry, but it´s a lack of general culture and education of this group of young people, who really don´t know nothing about the rest of countries in the world.
    and no offense, do they know how many addicts are in their country? because of the wars? how many of the younger who had been in a war became an addict? so please don´t generalize the Mexican people.

    • Speedy Gonzalez

      OHHhhh Please! They are better educated than you, and obviously are much more fun to be around. Get a life!

      To these Penn State girls: Screw these people out here who want to make a big deal out of pictures of your party. I hope you had a blast!

      Mexicans are cowards, you run from your problems and become our problem here (although Obama appreciates your illegal vote). Try standing up for yourselves against your corrupt government.

  • mike

    I think this is great! I can’t wait for the 5th of May 2013!



    • David

      Stupidity crossing racial lines does not make it better. And turn off your damn Caps lock.

    • Coukie

      I don’t see any black females or Latinas’,I see white and Asian. The ONE person who looks like she could be black is probably an over tanned white girl. It’s too bad that when groups do a cultural theme night they can’t find something positive about the culture they are showcasing/celebrating.

  • Jerad

    There isnt one mexican insulted by this photo. The only people that have an issue with it are the uptight white women(want to use different word here) like Nancy Pelosi(however you spell her name, the dumb b**** from California)

    • David

      Oh? So how long have been able to read the minds of every Mexican in the world?

    • David

      Oh? How long have you been able to read the minds of every Mexican in the world?

    • Velouria

      How is Nancy Pelosi (or however you spell it derp derp) a “dumb bitch?”

    • Jeff Shaffer

      The problem here is the people who reported this as a news item. NOTE: This was a fun party not a anti-latino demonstration. But, if the outfits really bothers you go to South Of The Border on the 95 and you will pass out when you see Pedro.

  • A. Hick

    You sure they aren’t the Campus Republican Auxiliary?

    Should have dressed someone up like Marco Rubio with a sign that said, “Will mow Jeb’s lawn for VP slot.”

    • Dano48

      A. Hick,

      Marco Rubio is an American from Cuban descent, not Mexican. Guess that makes you just as racist as those sorority girls. Apparently, you white liberal dudes think all hispanics are from Mexico.

      • Julia

        Don’t they all come from Mexico? I thought all Spanish people were mexican. OMG! They aren’t! Wooooow I learned something new today. Get off your high horse “Dano48”.

        • dano48


          A. Hick was making a blanket statement that Republicans were racists. I was pointing out he was stereotyping people too, so he was just as guilty of being a racist. Learn how to comprehend, otherwise you’ll get stereotyped as a dumb blonde. So get off your own high horse.


    Of course it’s racist. The outfits and mustaches are not alone derogatory but the SIGNS ARE WAY OVER THE TOP AND WAS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY TO THE “MEXICAN FIESTA”!! Besides, NO ONE SMOKES MORE WEED THAN WHITE BOYS!

  • Eric Kirk

    I dont see any black girls but yeah there maybe Latina girls!

  • http://webpronews tripp

    I think the people this offends need to get a grip!

  • Caligula

    I’m Mexican and I don’t find it racist in the slightest. Actually, it’s pretty damn funny. If the truth hurts, change it!

    • Eddie

      It doesn’t matter what you think, regardless of the fact that you’re Mexican you are not representative of the whole group. Your comment is rather ignorant and sad…

  • decaturswag

    Looks like a bunch of girls having some fun. And I see minorities in the picture. It is being taken way to serious. If I dress up as a Pilgrim at Thanksgiving then I guess that’s racists too. Making fun of them dumb ole Brits. He He

    • http://yahoo.com debbie

      Your right, I think it was done in fun and nothing else. Everybody has to make a big deal about everything.

  • BB

    Excuse me but there is no such thing as a Mexican race. Mexican is a nationality, i.e. a citizen of Mexico. That being said, did these young ladies exercise some poor decision making, yes but so do high ranking government officials and they get a pass. It is the typically liberal mantra to scream racist whenever a liberal gets offended.

    • http://yahoo Jack Wallace

      Guess what? Most people are sensitive to things that hurt them. Empathy is a trait hard to develop or teach. As human beings, we have a lot of jerks that mean to be hurtful and some to stupid to realize when they are. However, it has nothing whatsoever to do with your self-defined political leanings-for the most part.

  • http://yahoo d

    seems it’s always racist when white people do things like this. too many double standards in the good ole USA.

    • Velouria

      It’s racist when white people do it because white people are often the oppressors. You cannot be racist if you have no power. If a Mexican made fun of a white person it wouldn’t hurt us because we are not consistently oppressed by Mexicans. How can you not know this? Are you 10 years old?

    • c

      Yeah – Can’t wait for that Red Neck shindig this weekend!

    • Barry Coleman

      There is no double standard. When do you see the same type of racist stereotypical attitude geared towards someone because they are white?

  • Matt

    I love this! hahah its so true!

    • Hank

      You sir are an idiot..

  • JJ

    Firt and foremost, in order form an action to be racist, a race must be involved. Mexican is not a race.

    Additionally, why is it ok for people to attack “rich, WHITE, people” and slander “rich white people” but when the tables are turned on them it’s racism?

    I am tired of the American double standard and blatant ignorance when it comes to racism.

    Opposing Obama isn’t racist. Wanting illegal immigrants removed from the nation isn’t racist, unless you beleive they are all of one race and in that case YOU are racist. Wanting voter ID is not racist unless you think the only people that don’t have IDs are of a certain race and then, again, YOU are being racist.

    • Julia

      So true!

    • Velouria

      LOL I KNOW RICH WHITE PEOPLE DESERVE RESPECT! they are so wonderful!

  • rosieblue

    There is always someone whining racism…the crying has to stop. Have you ever heard the saying “turn the other cheek?” Do it and get a life! I think I will buy me a poncho.

  • Pele

    Would really like to eat their tacos.

  • Jon Teitelbaum

    The post to facebook is racist and offensive. Hopefully, the young people will learn some cultural sensitivity from this experience.

  • mike

    Give me a break it is a bunch of girls having some fun. The picture shows a variety of nationalities. We need to focus on other issues

  • mEtodsay

    Is this really such a big deal? Come on people.

  • Julia

    That is soooooo funny! You people are a sad lot to think its racist. You people are racist. A stereotype is around BECAUSE it is actually true. Like cubans coming over on rafts and stuff and then saying that’s a racist comment. NO, it’s true! Cubans DO come on boats, rafts and floating doors to get to the United Sates. People grow the hell up, get the sticks out of your rectum and deal with it. I’m playing the worlds smallest violin for all you people who have no sense of humor. GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!! It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

    • Velouria

      Actually it’s not freedom of speech. This is within the context of a school, not the government. WHy do people that say things like “DEAL WITH IT” always seem to be total morons?

      • Julia

        Deal with it means to do just that DEAL. WITH. IT. People will make fun about any nation and any nationality. You don’t have a sense of humor, that makes you the moron.

        • Julia

          Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the ICCPR states that “Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference” and “everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice”

    • jc

      Wow. Hold on there, Missy. Stereotypes are a problem because they take a generalization of certain group and apply it to EVERYONE. My manager and his family are from Cuba. They moved to Florida on a plane, not a boat. So….be careful. Can I assume you are not a minority and have never had to “deal with it”, as say, people of color have? Please tell me if I’m wrong. If so, I would love to hear your experiences as a minority in this country and find out how much your story compares to, say, people who have been called “chink” walking down the road or have had a bottle thrown at them because they look different (this is my wife’s experience as a Chinese-American in Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin.) And actually the subtle stuff like the sorority photo is more dangerous because a lot of people dismiss it quickly and then you have other people who scream out “Deal with it.” Slippery slope, my dear. Careful.

  • http://yahoo swoosh_28_1999

    paleeeeeze..political correctness has finally won….unreal

  • js1272@pacbell.net

    What do u call a messican on a riding lawnmower???

    Promoted hahahahahahah

  • Don

    Uhhh!!! The FIRST thing that is offered for sale when you go to Tijuana are serapes. They are on EVERY street corner in Cancun. And I’ve never seen a representation of Mexicans with a sombrero (note the sarcasm). But guess who doesn’t have a problem with white people wearing TRADITIONAL mexican garb? The restaraunts and bars, etc that accepts their money even when they wear this stuff. GET OVER THE RACISM BS. Find a different soapbox you…racists!!!

    • Blaa

      It wasn’t the clothes that are offensive, it’s the racist signs!

    • Rachel M

      The fact that you cited Cancun as a representation of Mexico is comical. That tourist haven IS racist in itself. Mexican blankets/panchos are NOT traditional Mexican clothing. They got together to portray a negative stereotype, and it just exudes ignorance. Your comment is just perpetuating the ideal that cultural ignorance from the U.S. is acceptable, and it is most definitely not.

  • Dan

    just another example of spoiled American people who lack sensitivity to those who are different

  • Lamb

    The costumes are not at all offensive. The clipboards on the other hand are extremely offensive. Didn’t expect anything less from pedo loving Penn State.

    • BUDA

      Where the hell is all the outcry when the blacks continulousy call the whites racist for no reason. In Harlem they threaten to kill all the whites. White Senators being called racist for complaining about Susan Rice lieing to the American plublic.The blacks are very good at using RACISM to get what they want.

  • jimmie

    I am Hispanic-No Racial message here, its Hallwoeen..I do not use drugs-Quit trying to stir the shit-pot of racism..

    • elroy

      Jimmy, it’s hispanics like you that pacify the moment for those that are content with fomenting ignorance. Go back to cutting grass, or should i say smoking it, if your’e ok with that.

  • Lovell Beaulieu

    The tragedy is that many of these young women don’t have a clue about what they did or who thy offended. Not to worry. They will all probably be offered jobs with Teach for America and sent to New Orleans to desecrate the growing Latino population there.

    At least Joe Paterno tried to hide his failures.

  • Ralph

    Oh brother, get a life and remove the bunched up panties.

  • T.E.Chester

    Living in Texas…not far from the US Mexican border…the Mexicans sell this stuff to tourists all the time…..
    I strongly suggest those who have had their “feelings” hurt take a trip to Mexico….

  • rayray

    i wonder were they got all those ponchos? in Pennsylvania? haha

  • robert vitter

    The first Mexican was created when tyhe American Indian screwed the buffalo!

  • Mike

    What’s next? Irish getting pi$$ed about St.Patty’s day

  • David Swanson

    PULEEEZ!! Can’t some girls have Halloween fun with getting called racists. Where’s the outcry for commercials like Taco Bell…..isn’t saying “South of the Border” implying only Mexicans eat tacos. Lighten up!

  • http://deleted robert

    The first Mexican was created when the American Indian screwed the buffalo!

    • elroy

      Hey ass eyes!, you are a #%%$! but what do expect from someone who can claim that there their mother is their first cousin, and their father is, hell i don’t know, neither does robert.

    • drew

      Wow Robert you must be a real horses ass to say that. Or is that how you were created by a horse screwing a jackass. No need to respond I accept your apoligy for what you are.

  • ldenver720

    I am Hispanic and the only thing I find offensive are the signs they are holding,it’s the same thing if they were to portray a black person with a sign that reads “will pick cotton for money”, it’s not right. If they wanted to wear the costumes for fun, that’s not too bad, but lose the signs.

    • drew

      I am too mexican-american, and I agree with you about the signs. They are just ignorant and insensitive.

    • turnerwred


  • Jason

    Making fun of Mexican stereotypes is NOT racist, it’s just plain funny. Some uppity group must have a churro up their butts

  • Ernesto


  • mark


  • http://www.FlipFloridaLand.com Kris Kemp

    No big deal. Other races make fun of American born caucasions all the time. It’s normal to make fun of other people. This is humor, because people often participate in their own myths. Stereotypes are there for a reason. But, whoa, it’s so politically correct these days that white people cannot make fun of other raises. Double standard. This story is a non-story and it’s stupid because it shows how politically correct the media has gotten.

    • turnerwred

      By emphasizing extremely negative stereotypes of “…American born caucasions…”? I THINK NOT!!!! I’m curious as to where those students attended h.s., whether public or private; what region of the country are they predominantly from;how diverse were their high schools when they attended;did they have instructors and classes that dealt with contemporary issues; and, how diverse, beyond the sole Asian, is their sorority? Is Penn going to take as long to deal with this highly-charged matter as it did the scandalous one that was headline news for so long and destroyed the reputations of so many icons and ruined or altered the careers or so many athletes, who came to Penn based on a once-sterling reputation of decency, respect and fairness toward all?

      After all we’ve been through, God help us if those students, and many who post here, are incapable of grasping the seriousness of their action! We’re not going back, yall!!! WE ARE MOVING FORWARD……


  • Ryan Noggle

    who the hell cares? blow it out your asses!!!! good GOD…talk about making a big deal out of NOTHING

  • S.Fonseca

    Im mexican and i do not find the photo in any way shape or form racist. In fact, I know i would have been the center of the photo. Had i been there! LMBO I mean come on! Too funny!

  • adam

    who cares i am mexican american at least these girls were having fun trying to be mexican for a night lol. rasist i dont think so!

  • turnerwred

    How were those students able to enroll at Penn??? Just how low is their average IQ, I wonder?

  • Dave

    But if were a Latino having fun about Caucasions it would be ok. It is either Chhech and Chong or Bush’s fault.

  • beau

    come on People, they didnt do anything wrong. There are tons of themed parties every weekend, on every campus. Quit making a big deal out of everything.

  • Mike Kennedy

    Another reason women should not vote!

  • Chuck

    I find it hard to believe these are college girls. They can’t even make a sign that is good English. One of the girls is holding a sign that says a village is missing there idiot. She is an idiot. The word is their, not there.

    • Joshua

      huh? are looking at the same photo as the rest of us?

  • drew

    The only reason why they are apoligetic is because they don’t want to suffer any consequeses. Otherwise they would not have done this insensative picture. Dressing up with sombrerros and posing to take a group pictures would not be insensative. But to hold up signs the defamtes a certain race that is ignorant and really stupid.

  • Dave

    But if were a Latino having fun about Caucasions it would be ok. It is either Cheech and Chong’s or Bush’s fault.

  • aliah

    How is that racist???? Let me guess. The Mexicans don’t find it racist but the politically correct white people do. Urgh! Get a life or at least a real cause to fight. People are dying in Syria and this is what you put your passion into?
    The movies and TV constantly show Mexicans wearing these clothes when they want a cheap laugh. It’s anything but racist.

    • Goose

      Sorry, but as a Mexican person I do find this racist. Since you don’t seem to understand that, I’ll tell you why.

      These girls, whether you think it or not, are reducing the entirety of Mexican people to a stereotype. That stereotype is that all Mexican people wear ponchos and sombreros, are lazy stoners, and mow lawns. This is NOT who Mexican people are, this is NOT who I am. They are portraying Mexicans in a negative light and that is damaging to our people.

      It is true that the movies and television have shown these images of Mexicans before. That is not an excuse; those images in the media only continue to create this idea of Mexicans that make people like you think it is okay to demean and belittle people into such a negative stereotype. Mexican people are more than this and to think that is okay to do that is only continuing a racist society that belittles Mexican people.

      We should not be okay with this. I believe in freedom of speech, and they are certainly in their right, to take that picture, but they unfortunately are continuing a racist stereotype and they fully deserve to be criticized for it.

  • http://none erocx

    Since when is being Mexican a race?

    • sluggo

      Since “black” became a “race”, instead of negro.

    • drew

      Wow…do you really think that? Maybe you should have paid attention in history class. But it’s not to late to learn about Mexico and the Mexican people, try googling it. Enjoy!

  • giles thibodeaux

    Sara Loebig ,tweeted a ignorant comment about the racists sorority, my comment to her, you are ignorant and you make me want to vomit also.

  • Boomer

    Unreal that so many people are surprised. This is simply a bunch of White, Rich, Silver Spoon in their mouths, girls who have no clue about the real world nor will they even care. They’re most likely laughing at all the publicity and telling all their friends about it. A Mexican to them is exactly what they dressed up as. A bunch of poncho wearing lawn care people. They don’t see the Father’s, Brothers and Husbands behind those costumes and all the hard struggle to get to America. They have no clue what all that is. Nor do they or ever will care…

    • James

      Now you are a racist! The second sentence of your comment makes it obvious how much you hate white people. How do you know they’re born with silver spoons in their mouths? Do all white girls have money? Dingleberry!

      • ME

        Really? How many of those girls do you think are working hard and barely scraping by to go to PENN STATE!!!!

    • Heather

      not to mention I took a good look at the picture and not all the girls are white…

    • Savanna

      To the idiot that posted this, why don’t you take a look at the picture again and you will see that they are not all white, I see some that can either be black, Hispanic and even one that looks Chinese. So you’re being racist saying this is a bunch of rich white girls. Get a life. Everything does not need to be about race. That is a huge problem in this country. What ever happened to freedom of speech, expression. Leave it alone

  • James

    How is that racist? It’s a picture of a bunch of girls at a party. There is no message there. The photo does not say Mexicans suck, or we’re better than Mexicans! Whatever message the media is gleaning from that photo is the message that the media has come up with all by themselves. All members of the American media should be slapped in the face and then fired! Hypocritical pussies!

  • pauly

    This is racist? Free health care and food stamps for illeagals and we pay for it, that is racists to American citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Janice

      Free health care and food stamps are not at all just for “illegals.”
      This comment is stupid.

    • Everardo Galvan

      Pauly,get your facts straight.”illegals” cant get food stamps if they’re not American citizens. That was just a stupid and ignorant comment on your part. Get in their shoes sometime, They work extremley long and hard hours without complaining to earn the very little money they have to send back home, rather than to stand in a corner and ask for money.

    • Bill Jones

      Right on!

      Those that yell racist are the racist. Besides who gives a Damn about the wet backs that smuggle drugs and kill for the fun of it.

  • USCG

    Here is a story about a Coast Guardsmen being killed chasing a Mexican Drug Boat. They’re not stereo types if they can be true.


    • Leland Coleman

      Are you seriously comparing a sorority party to drug smugglers?

      LMAO, That’s the best one yet!

  • Punchy Villa

    Okay, if Mr Lopez is VP of Mexican American blah blah blah, that means he has a job in this country, correct? The last part being American which everyone born in this country is. Why refer to Mexico as our country if you are an American with an American job. Simple solution, go home and help fight the drug war. Take a joke, Cesar.

  • Ted Bundy

    Stupid whores.

  • Doug

    If that is all some idiots have to b____ about they need to get a life, and it seems that everything today is racist, it is just a bunch of kids having fun.

  • johnson bronson

    it’s just a bunch of girls at a party. who cares.

  • Leland Coleman

    Dressing in a serape and sombrero is now racist? How about any race other than Hawaiians that wears a Hawaiian shirt, are they racist too? How about kids that dress as Native Americans for Halloween? Let me guess, they’re racist as well. And what of the Washington Redskin fans, FSU Seminoles, Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves? OMG, they’re all racists!!

    Get over yourselves and grow-up.

    • John R.

      Dressing up in the costumes is not racist.

      It’s what they wrote on the signs.

      I’m not Hispanic, but that’s not cool.

      • Leland Coleman

        Where in either of those signs does it reference race?

  • lantenec

    And yet, somehow, I just can’t seem to care…..

  • rodrrodn

    Is funny. You can’t say anything anymore. You can see where they were going with this. They all have to explain to their parents that they smoke weed.
    Also I’m not sweating it, don’t worry I’ll be making jokes about you Honkeys later. So we are even{Just joking}.

    • http://Yahoo Gabe

      Man USA get a sense of humor! I am Italian American, and I was in the trash bussiness. Believe me I heard it all. Lighten Up!

  • rosco

    Who cares if they’re insulted…they’re mexicans. First the picture is funny. Second if you find it insulting, move back to mexico. I hear it’s really nice there this time of year. They screwed up their own country, so they move here…lovely. personally I doubt many mexicans are upset, picture wasnt that insulting.

    • Lumurk1

      yeah couldn’t be half as insulting as living with the name roscoe

      • rosco

        Your an idiot

  • Oscar Romero

    No different than any restaurant/bar advertising a Cinco de Drinko or anything like that. It’s not racist. Not all Mexicans mow lawns. If anything this more of an elitist issue than one of race. Sure a lot of lower class Mexicans have crappy manual labor related jobs and a number of them do drugs, but so do members of the lower class in every race in the world.

  • TBI

    At last some girls worth dating and mating.

  • gman

    Still freedom of speech. Besides, I do see a couple of asian girls in the pic….what about them?

  • http://yahoo howie

    plain and simple—there is nothing racist about the photo

  • Nikki

    The comments may have been a little extra, but seriously it was not that bad.

  • karin

    I agree it’s in poor taste, and certainly not what Penn State needs right now. But it’s interesting that the girl on the far left appears to be an Asian minority, or perhaps partial. And under all those costumes, their are probably other members of minorities. The signs are the WORST.

  • Greg

    Cesar Sanchez Lopez don’t be so sensitive….yo big wus! It is a free country and people have the right to have fun and make joke about whomever they want…You want to talk about Racist, how about the United Negro Collage fund, or the The Mexican American Student Association. These are ALL racist organizations, so SHUT UP!

  • ryan

    Looks like a fun time to me, besides i see an asian girl and a few hispanic girls in the photo. Im pretty sure chi omega isn’t racist haha

  • Unknown

    Wow the comments on here about who cares and that these girls are just having fun, go f all of you guys cause this is ridiculous, were in the year 2012 and still think stereotypes are funny, grow up!

  • Dee

    2 points: I only think they crossed the line with the signage. Secondly, why is a “race card” being played, please note there are other ethnic groups in this picture (Asian, African American, etc.)

  • bob ham

    who cares!!! it’s college and it’s fun. girl says honkey i say spic, greaser wet back! this is the home of freedom of speech go back to mexico all you over sensitive immigrants! good job girls!!!!!!!

    • Leland Coleman

      Actually the term “Wetback” is a term the Federal Government used.

      “Operation Wetback”, look it up.

    • kevin

      unless your native american, your ancestors were immigrants at some point too smart guy.

      • Leland Coleman

        Actually PAL, I’m native Hawaiian.

        I’ll wait while you remove that foot from your mouth.

    • Raider#8

      Bob Ham u have no right to talk about immigrants. The US is made by immigrants. Im mexican and i dont think wut they r wearing is offensive i find the sign offensive. Im mexican and i dont cut grass or smoke weed. So at my next Hollween party my buddies and i will dress up like white trailor trash people and holding up footstamps since the white race is #1 in collecting welfare and im sure u wont find it races right?

  • Kash511

    Had they done this without the mustaches it wouldn’t have been so bad.

  • Paolo

    Yes I think it’s racist. But one must remember that the “grass” is being smoked mostly in the US. So we are as bad as them, if not worst.

  • http://www.blackmesaresearchfacility.com Gordon Freeman

    It’s just a picture. Who cares. Grow up people. Why can’t we just laugh at each other anymore? Does anyone really think these girls were intentionally making a racist photo? It’a a joke.

    • Raider#8

      So at my next Halloween party my mexican friends r going to pose as white trailor trash and hold up welfare money and im sure u won’t find it races since white people r the #1 race that uses welfare. Come on there is a line between having fun and clowning. Please????

  • b

    Seriously…..did Cesar Sanchez Lopez, the VP of Mexican American Student Association say “…no way represents our culture!”???
    I’ve been across the border from San Diego into TiJuana and there are “shops” lining both sides of the street with serapes and sombreros for sale. Also, every Mexican kid working the streets and the bridge has a box of chic-lets for sale.
    On another note, am I the only person who noticed “Chi Omega Nu” = CON. That’s probably all they will amount to anyway.

  • Raider#8

    Wut they r wearing is funny but the sign is races. Im Mexican and i dont smoke weed or cut grass. I would not really kill them for it but just tell them don’t do it again remove the pic and everything is back to normal. Race is touchy subject to anyone. But would be more funny than holding those signs would be a Mexican beer. Lol

  • http://yahoo sandee

    When a sorority or Fraternity has a lapse of common sense it makes headlines. However, when they give their time and effort to NUMEROUS CHARITIES it never is noticed.
    Let’s be fair.

  • Ajay

    It’s not like the girls are lying or anything. C’mon, when did being honest all of a sudden become racist. People are way too oversensitive.

  • Tony

    Before you know it, Goth people will be offended that people dress up for Halloween as vampires, ghouls and goblins. IT WAS HALLOWEEN! GOD DANG GET A GRIP

  • Aron Houtz

    This has nothing to do with race at all? WTF….White Chicks have to protect their right to party ANY FREAKIN WAY THEY PLEASE!!!!!!

    Screw any and all Beaners who might be offended! Smoke some cheap Mexican Ditchbank weed and chill the F_ck out!

    • PBard

      Seriously? Racist? It was HALLOWEEN – OMG. This world is TOO politically correct. Start suing those people for being idiots…

      • savannah

        What those signs say are completely disprespectful and RACIST come the fuck on!!! mow your lawn for beer and weed? What kinda shit is that? Not a fuckin compliment that’s for sure! If I was mexican I would be pissed!

  • sintalio

    it seems no one can have any fun these days without someone getting all political about it. These girls were just having fun for christ sake. Quit trying to be the worlds conscience.

    • turnerwred



  • black girl

    This is why we formed our own fraternities and sororities, oh and BET too for the inevitable next comment.

  • http://yahoo jim

    people quit playing the race card grow the hell up everybody makes fun or make jokes about differnt races if you can not take a joke then go fuck yourself end of story

  • Gumbo8398

    I think the photo is funny. Can’t we lighten up a little bit?! Why have we become so OVER-sensitive as a society? I can guarantee if a group of Mexican people made fun of White people, it wouldn’t even make the news, and I would be called “over-sensitive” if I got offended by the photo.

  • monsigneur Ogden Boudreau

    They’re not racist just young and naieve. erybody knows the good herb comes from Canada . If they had sported tucs and had some BC bud and moosehead ,etc. The Canucs would of thanked them and said (damn Right)as they are rightly proud of their product . If i was Mexican i’d be ashamed of the stuff they have to. Yes and even more troubled that people are getting killed over it. Thats part of the problem – it just pisses you off instead of mellowing you out.

    • turnerwred


  • rocky63

    I’ve endured my share of Italian jokes, without whining that everyone else is racist. I’m so tired of this use of the word “racist” for the slightest thing. I guess blonde jokes are racist; and, of course, Polish jokes — and what about Irish jokes. And how about jokes that start with “A pries, a minister and a rabbi went into a….” I guess those are racist, too. Knock off the stupid, contrived whining.

    If you want to talk about racism, let’s talk about the number of whites who are victims of black assaults — and compare it to the number of blacks attacked by whites. Then we could talk about racism. Or we could talk about admitting minorities to colleges with lower scores than are accepted from whites and Asians. There’s a good racism discussion there.

    • A.M.

      Yeah…start the discussion on how the white race has enslaved every other race or culture it has come into contact with since the beginning of time. Idiot.

    • turnerwred


    • chad

      Actually Rocky, why don’t we start with slavery, segragation, apartheid. So, someone can’t get into a school because of a test score…..maybe you should look at the picture again and you’ll see that apparently those girls didn’t have a problem getting in to Penn State. You may also want to consider that historically black colleges exist because minorities were not allowed to attend many state schools, and you bring up “test scores.” How about 7 hour waits to vote in certain minority districts…..but wait…you did hear an Italian joke ….so now everything is even. The girls in the sorority probably got really high test scores, mostly due to paying test tutors to prepare them. But how intelligent do they appear to you? Your comment on “assaults” only proves your stereotyping and doesn’t point to any actual numbers. Based on Aurora , Colorado, Sikh Temples, etc….you’d be surprised to know that caucasians are actually highest percentage of those in prison just as caucasians are half of the welfare recepients in the USA. But your prejudice leaves you blind to the facts. Mi dispiace, ma e vero.

      • D

        WTF are you talking about? Blacks are the highest prison population. I bet you didn’t know that 98% of all serial killers in the U.S. are black? Go read a book titled “The Rise of the Black Serial Killer”. It is the media that refuses to show black and brown crime. Stupid mestizo.

  • http://yahoo will

    Hey I am Irish and every year I see people dress in costumes that they think depict Irish and many are belittling but I do not get offended rather it is nice that people cared enough to dress that way instead of the drunk idiot who didn’t go to any trouble and gets drunk and screams “now I’m Irish”.

  • N Jones

    Interesting usage of “white”. Most of these girls look as if they themselves could be Hispanic. Also a few Asians in there as well. I count only 6 with fair hair and fair complexion. The media loves to peg every racist as “white”. Look at George Zimmerman. He is Hispanic yet initial media reports were all about the “White Guy that killed a Black kid”. We need to redefine “White” or start specifying European American.

    • Shaynan

      Actually, Hispanics are considered white since they are European – Spanish, Portuguese – in origin. Mexicans are a whole other group entirely. And, please, don’t think that a person has to have dark hair, eyes and skin in order to be considered not white. I’m not white and I have relatives with blond hair – natural, thank you very much – and blue eyes.

      • D

        You are right, Well kind of. Mexicans are mestizos. Hispanics are from Spain, however Portuguese are not considered Hispanic. They speak Portuguese and are from Portugal, but I know what you are saying.

  • Shaynan

    To everyone out there that keeps pinpointing the Asian females in this picture – and suggesting there may be students of other minorities present – and asking, “What about them? They aren’t white,” you don’t have to be white to be racist. There are plenty of minorities with racial prejudices against other races. Being a minority does not make a person exempt from racism. Secondly, Mexico did not screw up their country. The United States did when it stole the most fertile and profitable land from Mexico – Texas, California, New Mexico. So, before anymore of you ignorant, hate mongering fools speak again, read a history book and open your eyes to the hate and prejudices that are still perpetrated every day.

  • savannah

    The signs. . . why? I personally would not participate in that at all. Those signs should have said something in spanish that everyone knows I mean there are so many things that would be funny and wAy less offensive that I could think of, I mean even just leave off the beer and weed part and it would be so much better. who ever came up with what to write on those signs was angry and prejudice againt mexicans I think. Not cool. I’m glad to see some of you who are mexican aren’t offended but with all do respect you should be! I say take a stand and don’t be ok with this at all.

    • D

      You stupid kiss A**!

      • chad

        D, you’re late for your klan meeting.

  • No PC here

    Veloura,the white people? I see why you got smacked down,you are what you seek to label others,a bigot and hypocrite,and Speedy G. You have it right,years ago i picked produce along side many temp.green card workers in California [1969=70] and most if not all told me “God bless the USA for letting them come here to work” They sent money back home to try and make a difference,and look what a sewer Mexico has become,we are a drop spot for felons and anchor babies,id say the guilty white folks and our POLITICIANS are the real racists,poverty and discrimination for all!!

  • Jon Burk

    What’s next no Toga parties, you might offend the Greeks.
    The more important question is how many Spanish immigrants
    are members of the sorority (assuming they make up a reasonable
    percentage of the student body). If the answer is none, that
    is the issue. I guess I will be offended on St. Patrick’s
    day when people dress as elf’s, wear top hats and signs saying
    kiss me I’m Irish. I do take issue with the signs which are in
    poor taste, but who ever said all sorority girls were rocket scientist.
    The same girls who made those signs would walk over broken glass for a date with Enrique Iglesias.

    • Natalia

      Wow for generalizations. Dumb photo. Racist signs. Ignorant comment. In my personal opinion, the picture is offensive. But in different ways.
      The attire, yeah whatever, silly college parties. Might be poor taste, but neither intentionally hateful nor racist.

      The signs, very racist by assuming Mexicans only mow lawns and smoke. Probably not intentionally hateful, but still racist.

      Your comments, very derogatory & stereotypical. Insinuating that they are stupid is a huge generalization. Everyone does dumb things in college and when in large groups, that may happen more often. But a majority of the most influential people in this century have come from a Fraternity or Sorority. Last I checked, Penn State (as well as most colleges) still require intelligence and hard work to get into and stay in.
      PS- I am neither Mexican, nor a Penn State student/alumni. But I am one of those sorority girls… and I happen to be a rocket scientist (Chemical Engineer).

  • unknown

    All the comments about “if you don’t like it then move back to Mexico”, really? If we did, then who will raise all the white kids in this country, build America’s roads, buildings, do all the other jobs that WHITE America is too lazy to do. Mowing lawns is an easy way to become rich because so many WHITE families are too lazy to cut their own lawn. I have no problem with the attire these girls wore, but the signs are offensive. You white people like it if we classified them all as Redneck or Trailer trash with signs like, “I got my sister pregnant” or “i lost my virginity to my sheep”

    • D

      Right. It is the mexican whores in mexico that have sex with donkeys on stage.

    • Pete

      Trujillo is entirely correct. This is a STOLEN country, and furthermore, it was stolen by a race of people who seem to have felt throughout history to be entitled to take anything that they are strong enough, or rich enough to acquire. Of course what these nitwits at Penn State did was racist, but they feel entitled to behave in any way they see fit. Racism is as American as Baseball.

  • http://Yahoo Kim R Trujillo

    Of course its RACIST, but they know all they have to do is say “we’re sorry” and its ok. Someone mentioned its a free country, WRONG!, its a stolen country that has’nt been paid for! Aboriginal people will never forget our HOLOCAUST. PENN state USA, what would one expect!

    • D

      Yeah Trujillo is a real indian name. Sounds like the other White language from Europe. Spanish. Get a life dork.

  • Ed E

    First off: It is racist,the Asian and African American girl in this picture should be aspecially ashamed of themselves.
    Secondly:Roscoe your a douche.
    Thirdly:Anyone who finds disrespecting people as fun are truly immature jack****
    Nothing will happen to these bimbos they’ll get their degrees marry millionare and become trophy wives, Scary is they are the future.
    and Forth:Roscoe your a douche.

  • David

    Let it go!!! Only people of that race can make fun of themselves, the “n” word can only be used by Afro-americans…etc…only a hispanic can call himself a “Mexican, chuy, pancho, etc..get my drift…too much political correctness.
    But you have to remember this go back to our great grand parent days when minorities were treated just a “little” bit less than others…Hell I was anglo when I was in school now I’m hispanic!!!!
    Laugh a little more; there are more important things too worry about than a stupid picture coming from a “higher school of learning” “WOW”

  • coach

    are you kidding racist ? get a life you losers….it’s young people having fun….wanna bet there are latino girls in that group,,,go away and hug some trees….JERKS !!

    • http://Yahoo Kim R Trujillo

      You’re not really a PENN STATE coach, are you ?

  • Insightful


  • Jim

    I admit it was an insensitive photo, but in all fairness I know a few “natural born American citizens” who would be willing to mow your lawn for beer, and weed. Lighten up people. Being “thin skinned” only leads to more “politically incorrect” behavior.

  • turnerwred


  • Robert Llamas

    One more incident,that proves ropacism inst dead. But alive and well! It is proven racism is a taught behavior. Im sure the University doesnt have a class teaching such behavior. Racism hurts people and causes nothing but bad feelings and trouble.

  • Doug

    If only they had the presence of mind to hold up signs advocating the legalization of marijuana instead of celebrating the Mexican people’s fondness fo rit, the liberals would have no choice but to be on their side…

  • Joe Johnson

    These girls are definitely pretty. At least they got one aspect of Mexicans correct.

  • turnerwred


  • Jerry

    It’s always easy to have fun at the expense of those who are differnt.

  • leah

    You mean white people are racist? Who knew..

  • leah

    Yet if you insult a white person they get offended LOL

  • D

    Who cares? Yawn. In the meantime the unemployment rate is through the roof.

    • pedro

      For the stupid liberals everything is racist. Get a fricken life!

  • Mike0oSS

    My kinda GRRLZ

    • Stacy

      And what are you doing to stop the nukes, Dwayne?

      I love it when people give some dopey response about how we’re not supposed to be outraged by this because something “more serious” is happening elsewhere.

  • Dwane

    Who cares, get thick skin and get on with your life, parts of the middle east are getting nuke bombs and would like the U.S gone and this article is a big deal, I don’t think so.

  • Chuck

    I have Mexican Friends that would think this is way more ignorant than offensive and it is very ignorant!


    GIVE ME A FU**ING BREAK!!! They are college girls. What did you expect…ambassadors from the UN? I am so over all this politically correct BULLSH**! And that is exactly what it is. If most white people knew what most Mexicans said about them behind their backs…they’d never hire them to mow their lawns or scrub their floors again

    • Bill




  • Chuck

    Appears that the “Young Lady” on the front row 4th from the left may be Hispanic………….just saying!

  • Grasshopper

    Oh please, do we always have to play the race card, they are college kids for christ sakes. Why dont you report something worth reading. Waste of time and space!!!! Crybabies!!!

    • jfoster

      You’re exactly right these are college girl’s and they should know better.It’s people like you who raise children who think it’s o.k. to poke fun at people or condone negative stereotype’s.This chapter should have their license revoked and these air head girl’s suspended from school.Perhaps they can come to your house and you can give give private lessons on how to further their racist attitudes

      • Bill


  • Chuck

    It’s just Girls that want to have Fun!

  • Cotton Hill

    Wah Wah Wah, cry me a river. How come there is no out cry every March 17th ? Making fun of Irish people is no differnet.

    Cut my grass, Taco

    • Marisa Ramirez

      My name isn’t Taco….it’s Nacho, fool.

    • david delacour

      your first name is quite appropriate, like someone who can’t wait for the linen sale at BB&Beyond- sheets 40% off- why don’t you go burn a cross,i’m sure you have a lot of practice,if you want to seceed, i’ll happily sign the petition- it might surprise you to learn that all white men aren’t racist goons as you do seem to write like one-sad case, dude-seek help immediately-

  • pete valencia

    what do you expect from white trash? they don’t respect anything except the handouts from their parents.

    • al catraz

      Oh Seees-co.. lol get a life Pete.

  • http://yahoo merai

    I,m a mexican and I personally think the picture is adorable
    there’s so many cute girls there. I think it’s funny and comical.
    I have a big sombrero like the ones in the
    picture and I wear it in the summer when it’s hot and I go to the park. I’m so tired of the word RACIST noone can have fun anymore
    without some insecure, imature person starting trouble.

    • Bill

      Serious chill time required here. The girls were goofing around-I don;t think they meant to hurt anybody. As Merai said, “No one can have some fun, or make a joke without some insecure, immature person starting trouble.” As a 58 year old white guy, I am an easy target for EVERYONE whoever had a complaint about the US since 1776. Usually, I shrug it off or ignore it, but once in a while, I like to say” “Yeah maybe so. But if it sucks so badly here, why don’t you go back to that cesspool you came from?” That usually ends the conversation.

  • http://roadrunner.com dee

    I agree they are stupid. I wont hire them

  • http://yahoo merai

    Chuck, you are the one that’s ignorant grow up and stop
    being so low self steem, get out of the box you’re in and start
    living life to the fullest. life without fun is not living.

  • george


  • Marisa Ramirez

    This is racist? Chill out people. Laugh at yourselves every once in a while, it doesn’t hurt, promise. It contains certain stereotypes but I don’t think it’s really racist. They are bratty little sorority girls having fun, oh well. I think it’s funny as hell.

    • Major Wood

      Thank You, Ms. Ramirez. Your last name qualifies your opinion. You are either Latina by birth or by marriage. The Latinos I know don’t have time to worry about silly shit like this. They are too busy living the dream and climbing the economic ladder. If it weren’t for the NOT funny signs, there’s nothing wrong with having a Mexican themed party. Is Cinco de Mayo racist? Is St Patrick’s day racist? The irony is; you would be far more likely to find a bag of weed on a college kid (any race) than on one of our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

  • jake

    Like to see their tacos

  • Jerry Davis

    A closer look at the photograph reveals the group contains whites, Asians, African Americans and Hispanics. Now that is a racist group!!

  • S

    It is blatant. Its not subtle,at all. If they dressed as AAm pimps and prostitutes Or NativeAm in head dress, drinking 40’s or in wheel chairs babbling with contorted movements with girls dressed as nurses pushing them around, WOULD THE PICTURE BE CLEARER?! This is why community service/ service learning should be manditory from 6th grade through graduate school. You can not have empathy for others if you are always in the minority but not a minority. And no matter, that caucasians will soon be THE Minority, its stunts like this that justifies their choice to show out in the first place. This is what is going to makes this country OBSOLETE!Shame on us that young people are so BLIND TO THE KARMIC AFFECT OF THEIR CHOICES!

  • Steve C

    The ONLY racism in this country is racism against whites.
    Whites are the ONLY group that have no protection.

    “Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez”

    Where is the “White American” Student association???
    If there was one – it would be labeled racist.

    There are black only dating sites, scholorship funds etc.
    If things like this existed for whites – that would be racist.

    Now we have so many groups that are just so proud of their heritage – and this country is sinking like a brick in a cespool

    • steve

      Porfavor brother. Quite whining. Unless you are fat and ugly, you have the best hand whiteboy.

      • jodi

        The reason that there is no organization for whites only is:

        You did the enslaving, rape, and discrimination of Blacks
        You stole land and killed Native Americans
        you are the enemy, thief, and murderer of many

        • Ian

          Oh, Jodi,

          You hate this country so much. So, why not ease your pain and leave it. Your knowledge of history is limited and one-sided. No doubt your IQ is limited too. Your Mexican buddies have created an organization called La Raza, “The Race”. Plenty of non-white societies have blood on their hands. Bet you didn’t know that.

  • Michelle

    Chi Omega Nu is the University of Wisconsin-Madison chapter, NOT the Penn State chapter. PLEASE correct this mistake, you are implicating the wrong chapter of Chi Omega.

    • debra

      I do think this is blown WAY out of proportion. It was Halloween for pete’s sake. The way they are dressed IS A STEREOTYPE yes, but racist? I don’t know. Only if it’s racist to dress like an Native american by wearing a feather headress, etc etc. Let’s take ALL THE FUN OUT OF DRESSING UP for Halloween and destroy the holiday like we did Christmas! This is how it’s done- blowing crap out of proportion and making a JOKE and a holiday BASED on dress up, lightheartedness and stereotypes and taking it as offensive public statement.

  • Be Be,s kid

    thats not racist on cinco demyo day they dress the same freakin way. Instead of gettin mad at that they oughta get mad at the drug lords and go back like real brave men and women and fight to take back their country. Instead of running cross our borders like little whipped chiuauas.The gang bangers over here ought to go there and fight. But no they rather stay here and harrass America.

    • jodi

      How in the hell can you claim this country to be yours when it was stolen from Native Americans. Your ignorance on many levels is represented in this comment.

    • Micheal

      why don’t you go over then you brave chihuahua? The government and everything is currupt. Theres nothing the people can do or else they will get killed, then what genius. And you must be fucking dumb because no one dress like that on cinco de mayo, check your sources correctly next timebud.

  • johnnyg.string

    I think its great!
    Sorry if truth hurts but it is what it is…. Don’t like it straighten or get the fuck out

  • Stephanie Mannion

    This kind of publicity makes me sick! I’m so tired of these ethnic organizations taking the most innocent of acts and trying to turn it into a huge media event. It was Halloween andthis sorority was just having fun and I dont believe for a second they had any racist thoughts when posting that picture on Facebook! I’m only sorry they made an apology!
    We live in America and we all better start fighting for our rights that were fault for years ago by our forefathers! Don’t be intimidated because some group wants to scream racism and put it in the media! You scream even LOUDER and say I want my rights!

    Stephanie Mannion

  • OB

    They are college kids at a college party!!! Let them have some fun without making a big deal out of nothing! It was a themed party, get over it and stop bitching. Don’t forget this was on private property and what they do is their business. What is wrong with this country, to bad they apologized already.

    • jodi

      Penn State will soon see the wrath of the ignorance displayed at this university. Racism and molestation will certainly help recruit the best. You don’t have fun at the expense of degrading others.

    • 3rdmolina

      I completely agree!

    • Micheal

      you must be fucking ignorant.

  • andrew sanchez

    it’s sad what my tax money pays for .if this girls and had used african american in their party they would probanly be kiked out of school but sense they used mexicans its ok thats the schools mind set. that is amaizing . well penn state now we know who u realy are and it sadn’ s me that in 2013 their is still people like u. i hope their is some hispanic group that will speak out agianst this. ps please forgive my spelling never got a chance to go to school.

  • Luis

    Wearing ponchos and sombreros is not big issue, the problem is the way that portrait Mexicans, with weed and stuff like that, because most of those girls in the photo, probably they were intoxicated with grass..

  • Kelly

    Please change the wording in the article to say the correct chapter, Chi Omega Nu Gamma. It is not the Chi Omega Nu chapter that is stated in the article.

  • jodi

    Dwane I imagine you felt the same way about the guys that got raped (Sandusky just wanted to have a little fun get some tough skin and show the old buzzard some fun) It appears Penn State is having a lot of fun at the expense of others be it rape or racist ignorance.

  • 3rdmolina

    I don’t see the big deal. Freedom of speach people. People are allowed their own opinions. Do not assume it was done with ill intent. For all you know they may have thought they were being funny and just having innocent fun. STOP being so defensive. We’re not going to have anything left to laugh about because everyone is too defensive. Talk about a chip on the sholder. Every time something funny comes up there’s someone right there calling foul. RELAX. Enjoy life a little and learn to laugh.

    • Micheal

      Really? Insulting people is freedom of speech now. Wow. Dumb offensive actions like those should have been reconsidered. I mean your in college, act your age and be proffesional.

    • Micheal


  • http://webpronews mike

    I hope the next party is a Jew themed party with long noses, small, wire rimmed eye glasses, bagels and holes in sheets……let’s see how long it take for the jewish student union to down with threats to sue the U for crimes against Isreal….Let these women get sanduskied.

  • ricardo

    Personally I could care less about this picture. It seems to me the only people who give a shit and are upset about this are small organizations who claim to represent entire races of people (which, seriously people…come on now), and white people with ultra-guilt complexes, who always get in an uproar when it’s white people making racial humor. I could care less for the types of girls who typically join a sorority, but at the same time this is hardly what I would consider a serious issue of racism. In fact I don’t even think the girls should have apologized. yeah, I said it. The apology was probably as fake as the outrage that lead to the fake apology.

  • Melang

    Why does the ‘Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez ‘ call Mexico “our country” ? I am more offended by phony outrage of immigrants reaping the benefits of the United States of America after fleeing their failed countries but showing absolutely NO ALLEGIANCE to this great nation. SHAME ON YOU CESAR SANCHEZ LOPEZ ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF “YOUR FAILED COUNTRY” AND THE DRUG LORDS WHO RUN IT?

    • David

      Well said. But wait… You can’t say that! It’s true and isn’t politically correct. Shame on you!!! 😉

    • Sebastian Brisuela

      I hope that you (Melang) have served in the US Armed Forces like the so many of those that you call “immigrants reaping benefits”. The reason I say this is because there are so many risking their life in Afghanistan or have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country and they are not even US citizens. So, let’s get it right, unless you are a native american, then you are also an immigrant reaping benefits from this great country.

    • Anny

      but yet who are the people smoking the weed? Americans. In fact two states you can smoke weed. Don’t blame a WHOLE race for some bad apples.

  • Myla

    Chi Omega Nu is a sorority at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Get your facts straight.

    • http://ndnnews,com BubbaNDN

      Chi Omega Nu has more than one sorority on other campuses. Get YOUR facts straight, jeez

    • http://YAHOO Gabrielle Schlueter

      Well said. This country actually belonged to the American Indians before it was stolen. Europeans ran not came over after committing various vulgarities.

  • Jaime

    Who’s reaping those benefits?…this is not your country either…you country is Germany, England, Holland or wherever you guys came from…and by the way: drug dealers exist because of you…bunch of ignorant s!!

  • fight the lies

    Who has ever seen that movie called WHITE GIRLS with the Wayans brothers…????? SO I guess by the same standards, that movie also would be RACIST……right???? Or is it just a DOUBLE STANDARD….? Because that’s what REALLY divides people in this country…..

    • Micheal

      You mean white chicks. And its not the same, its not using stereotypes. Its not saying that white people are white trash or that they go out to the streets begging for money, or that they are lazy and can’t do things on their own.

      • Boo

        Yes, it is. Very much using stereotypes. And it does say that white girls are dumb, vain and shallow and that they can’t do anything on their own. Hence the joke.

        And I don’t recall white folks getting all pissy and angsty because of it. Because we get the joke. And we get that some white girls ARE dumb, vain and shallow.

  • Ryan Russell

    When the hell did Mexians become a race? Just because they make a run for the boarder does not make them a “race”; it’s technically a race to get to the US. So what you have here is actually Culturally Insensitive. Get your facts straight before posting.

    • Anny

      You should really speak before you say anything. It’s a race, that’s like saying when did Japanese become a race. You dumb idiot.

      • Boo

        Uh, Anny – actually YOU should really speak before you say anything. “Mexican” is not a race, it is a nationality. “American” is not a race, “German” is not a race, Australian is not a “race” etc, etc. They are all nationalities. Just like “Japanese”.

        Depending on which argument you lean toward, there are either THREE major races (Caucasian, Mongolian and Negroid), or FOUR major races (Caucasian, Mongolian, Negroid and Australoid).

        If someone is Mexican, they can belong to any of the race groups, including Caucasians since a lot of Mexicans are descended from the Spanish (European = Caucasian).

        “You dumb idiot.”

        • Boo

          And, yes, I was being facetious. Obviously, you should THINK before you say anything, not SPEAK before you say anything. But it’s always funny to see the mistakes in someone’s post while they’re busy calling someone else a dumb idiot…

  • http://sayingsfromafrica.blogspot.com/ Bob

    This is pathetic, not in the present day and time!

    • Ken

      Your pathetic with your feigned outrage. Your so morally superior aren’t you bob. Your a sheep and a brainwashed little creep.

  • Ken

    I’m sick of the Orwellian masses making a big deal out of nothing. It’s a fricking joke you uptight little pussies. Always calling the thought police out when their feelings get hurt. No segment of our society should be beyond reproach or lampooning, it’s called free speech. These girls should not apologize for anything, if you can’t take a joke screw you.

  • Jakobus

    Wow LOL at the whiners getting upset over this, got news for you this happens all the time and has happened for years, is Racist only to idiots who throw that term around so much nowdays it has no meaning. Then someone says “That is racist” these days a lot of people just laugh and go “Pffft yeah whatever man” simply because the term has been abused and is seen as way for minorities in this country to get something they want.

    This country has become so damned PC is makes me want to puke.

    • Jakobus

      Darn typos, had to fix my post-

      Wow LOL at the whiners getting upset over this, got news for you this happens all the time and has happened for years, it is Racist only to idiots who throw that term around so much nowdays it has no meaning. When someone says “That is racist” these days a lot of people just laugh and go “Pffft yeah whatever man” simply because the term has been abused and is seen as way for minorities in this country to get something they want.

      This country has become so damned PC is makes me want to puke.

      • D

        100% agree. Is this stupid? Maybe. Might there be a racist or two in the group? Maybe, as in any other group. Is this racist per se? No, it’s a party, c’mon…

  • Freedoman

    Just a sorority joke! Get a life . . . Just having fun!!!!!!!

    • http://YAHOO Gabrielle Schlueter

      I am a Black Woman and I have experienced this sort of “harassment” for years and just ignore it. I understand that some people are ignorant to the fact that what may be “fun” to some may be hurtful to others. This is what happens when people don’t have any true religion in their lives. I am patiently awaiting the coming apocalypse for such miserable people to get their comeuppance.

  • Shannin

    I don’t think they were being raciest they were having fun I mean you can see a chines s or japeness not sure which in the Pic and there looks like there is a Spanish girl in there to. I just think people are over reacting and just need something to bitch about and these girls gave them a reason. It was a party you take pics at party’s and put them on Facebook so what that they were wearing sunbraros and shit that’s the type of party they had dose not mean they were being raciest. So if I go through a Afro theme party am I raciest??? I just think it is a bunch a bullshit.

    • kb

      Young lady, you need to crawl out that foolish mindset that you are in and join the 21st century. Ignorance has no excuse. You are responsible for the decisions you make. As an adult, you have to think about not just how you feel toward things in life, but how other people would feel.

      Prime example:

      If guys only look at stuff for a male point of view, I can assure you guys will say or do something to a woman that is offbase.

    • Ferrill””

      Raciest??? Japeness? Party’s ? Sunbraro? Dose? How dumb are you?

  • ShaNu

    The picture in and of itself is not racist. I guess If I go to mexico and buy a poncho and sombrero and then wear it in public makes me racist. GTFOH. What I do find racist is there is not one African American in the bunch. smh.

  • freefallkoja

    Get the Hell Off of it, you crying S.O.B.’s! If you had of crossed any other border in the world, you would not have been so pampered! You drive down our wages and use our welfare system, as if it’s a right. As for those of you brought over because of your parents breaking our immigration laws… Well, that’s thier fault, Not Mine! What about the children of Legal U.S. Citizens, who have been convicted of breaking the laws of this nation, who are deprived of their Father or Mother. You Think About That! Good Day & K.O.J.A.

  • mscmd

    I seriously doubt that these girls were trying to make any sort of statement, in fact i’d bet money there was alcohol involved. With that in mind, if someone is going to allow themselves to feel offended by the antics of a bunch of drunk college girls…well then they will probably be offended by pretty much anything. I say let it go folks.

  • Maria

    Hahahaha that’s some funny shit im hispanic and i could really care less what “racist” people say nowadays this picture is funny to me i mean a bunch of skanks dressing up like mexicans now that’s funny as hell.

  • kb

    It wouldn’t been so bad if the girls would have not put that stupid sign. Who came up with the sign? Penn State is still in the middle of another firestorm. Now this? Didn’t anyone of the girls have an inking of foresight to think “Hey, this sign may not be a good thing?” Now everyone involved is under the gripe of Aggripa!!!

    What do you think the parents of these girls are thinking after seeing this?

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