“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook

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“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook
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A photo of a Penn State sorority has gone viral after a member posted it to Facebook and tagged other girls in it, and now the school is receiving some backlash over the content.

The photo shows the girls of Chi Omega Nu dressed in ponchos and sombreros for what they called a “Mexican fiesta” themed party around Halloween, complete with mustaches and hand-lettered signs which read, “Will mow lawn for weed and beer” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it”. The photo made the rounds on Facebook, with some calling it racist, and has now landed the sorority in some hot water under the backlash. Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez, issued a statement regarding the sorority’s choice of attire.

“The Mexican American Student Association is disappointed in the attire chosen by this sorority. It in no way represents our culture. Not only have they chosen to stereotype our culture with serapes and sombreros, but the insinuation about drug usage makes this image more offensive. Our country is plagued by a drug war that has led to the death of an estimated 50,000 people, which is nothing to be joked about.”

The sorority is now under investigation and has issued a statement about the incident:

“Our chapter of Chi Omega sincerely apologizes for portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes. The picture in question does not support any of Chi Omega’s values or reflect what the organization aspires to be.”

The college has had its share of controversy in the past year with the Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno investigation, so any news which can be construed as shedding a bad light on the school is sure to gain some detractors. Twitter has been abuzz today as users share their thoughts on whether the photo should be taken as a racist insult.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has gotten themselves into trouble with a photo posted to Facebook; earlier this year, a Kentucky man uploaded a picture of himself stealing gas from a police car. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. Also this year, a man beat a disabled person to death, took video of it, and uploaded it to the social media site.

“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook
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  • tom

    yep, we see their values right there.

  • Lisa M Abney

    ” The picture in question does not support any of Chi Omega’s values or reflects what the organizations inspires to be.” Who do you think believe this lie? It takes thought and lots of planning to do this. So it was intentional and evil. Jokes and pranks are for idiotic, immature, hateful people who think that the world belongs to only them. I would NOT accept their apology and I would make them suffer the consequences.

    • JJ

      Although the sorority’s response was generic and expected, I wouldn’t classify these girls as “evil” or “hateful.” Not too bright to post the picture on the web with those signs, but c’mon, let’s not go overboard here. They committed no crime, it was just a picture in poor taste, nothing else. If you choose to clasify all these girls in a certain light, than you’re no better than what you’re calling them.

      Let’s move on to more important things.

  • Mark Evans

    I believe It Is a free country.

    • David

      And those who do not like it are FREE to share their opinions about it.

      • jc

        David – exactly.

  • Steve Hamilton

    I don’t condone this photo. However, does anyone ever notice that when a WHITE person(s) does something involving a minority, and the media or minorities don’t agree with it, those WHITE people are immediately branded as “racist”? However, when someone in the minority community, e.g. Louis Farakoun or Reverend Wright, make obvious racial statements against white people the media and minority leaders just ignore it. I call that a double standard.

    • David

      The media does not ignore it. otherwise how would you know about it? DUH

      • Browncoat

        That’s because the media PROMOTES that kind of hypocrisy.

    • No PC here

      At least they didnt pose with guns so we dont have to endure the comments from the anti-gun idiots more than we already have this week,now the pc police can turn their attention to Penn State and uncover the deep racism of the Sorority system,obviously the sisters need retraining on all inclusivity and sensitivity to other cultures and races.Can you say”probation”? Who will stand with me and others FINALLY for free speech before it is too late? Your freedoms are slipping away.wake up my fellow Americans!!

    • jc

      Well, the double standard exists because of power relations in this country. White males have been in the position of power since they took it over from the Native Americans. Until the glass ceiling is completely broken and all barriers removed for minorities and underserved populations, it’s going to stay that way. I’m a White male, but I’m not going to cry about this. I say that we keep the conversation open. There are plenty of people who may not be offended by this, but there still plenty who are, and we need to know why.

  • NotPC

    Wow that’s funny.

  • william dolan

    mexicans are useless ass holes

    • Carmen Ahued

      not all the mexicans William.

    • David

      William Dolan is a stupid asshole

    • lou

      William, don’t be ignorant. Get used to the reality

    • Rolo

      Thanks for showing us how white trash people think…u make us mexicans look soo smart!! Have fun in ur trailer park…



  • carl

    “insinuation about drug usage”? but there have been 50,000 deaths due to drug war? funny, looks like a connection to me. next thing u know people in Scotland will be upset when people dress up in kilts. come on, get a life and have a sense of humor. a humorless, touchy, progressive controlling organization that Cesar Sanchez Lopez belongs to.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/racist-sorority-photo-stirs-up-trouble-on-facebook-2012-12 Joe

      carl you retard, the deaths arent from drug usage its from people being killled by cartels.

  • Carmen Ahued

    I´m sorry, but it´s a lack of general culture and education of this group of young people, who really don´t know nothing about the rest of countries in the world.
    and no offense, do they know how many addicts are in their country? because of the wars? how many of the younger who had been in a war became an addict? so please don´t generalize the Mexican people.

    • Speedy Gonzalez

      OHHhhh Please! They are better educated than you, and obviously are much more fun to be around. Get a life!

      To these Penn State girls: Screw these people out here who want to make a big deal out of pictures of your party. I hope you had a blast!

      Mexicans are cowards, you run from your problems and become our problem here (although Obama appreciates your illegal vote). Try standing up for yourselves against your corrupt government.

  • mike

    I think this is great! I can’t wait for the 5th of May 2013!



    • David

      Stupidity crossing racial lines does not make it better. And turn off your damn Caps lock.

    • Coukie

      I don’t see any black females or Latinas’,I see white and Asian. The ONE person who looks like she could be black is probably an over tanned white girl. It’s too bad that when groups do a cultural theme night they can’t find something positive about the culture they are showcasing/celebrating.

  • Jerad

    There isnt one mexican insulted by this photo. The only people that have an issue with it are the uptight white women(want to use different word here) like Nancy Pelosi(however you spell her name, the dumb b**** from California)

    • David

      Oh? So how long have been able to read the minds of every Mexican in the world?

    • David

      Oh? How long have you been able to read the minds of every Mexican in the world?

    • Velouria

      How is Nancy Pelosi (or however you spell it derp derp) a “dumb bitch?”

    • Jeff Shaffer

      The problem here is the people who reported this as a news item. NOTE: This was a fun party not a anti-latino demonstration. But, if the outfits really bothers you go to South Of The Border on the 95 and you will pass out when you see Pedro.

  • A. Hick

    You sure they aren’t the Campus Republican Auxiliary?

    Should have dressed someone up like Marco Rubio with a sign that said, “Will mow Jeb’s lawn for VP slot.”

    • Dano48

      A. Hick,

      Marco Rubio is an American from Cuban descent, not Mexican. Guess that makes you just as racist as those sorority girls. Apparently, you white liberal dudes think all hispanics are from Mexico.

      • Julia

        Don’t they all come from Mexico? I thought all Spanish people were mexican. OMG! They aren’t! Wooooow I learned something new today. Get off your high horse “Dano48″.

        • dano48


          A. Hick was making a blanket statement that Republicans were racists. I was pointing out he was stereotyping people too, so he was just as guilty of being a racist. Learn how to comprehend, otherwise you’ll get stereotyped as a dumb blonde. So get off your own high horse.


    Of course it’s racist. The outfits and mustaches are not alone derogatory but the SIGNS ARE WAY OVER THE TOP AND WAS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY TO THE “MEXICAN FIESTA”!! Besides, NO ONE SMOKES MORE WEED THAN WHITE BOYS!

  • Eric Kirk

    I dont see any black girls but yeah there maybe Latina girls!

  • http://webpronews tripp

    I think the people this offends need to get a grip!

  • Caligula

    I’m Mexican and I don’t find it racist in the slightest. Actually, it’s pretty damn funny. If the truth hurts, change it!

    • Eddie

      It doesn’t matter what you think, regardless of the fact that you’re Mexican you are not representative of the whole group. Your comment is rather ignorant and sad…

  • decaturswag

    Looks like a bunch of girls having some fun. And I see minorities in the picture. It is being taken way to serious. If I dress up as a Pilgrim at Thanksgiving then I guess that’s racists too. Making fun of them dumb ole Brits. He He

    • http://yahoo.com debbie

      Your right, I think it was done in fun and nothing else. Everybody has to make a big deal about everything.

  • BB

    Excuse me but there is no such thing as a Mexican race. Mexican is a nationality, i.e. a citizen of Mexico. That being said, did these young ladies exercise some poor decision making, yes but so do high ranking government officials and they get a pass. It is the typically liberal mantra to scream racist whenever a liberal gets offended.

    • http://yahoo Jack Wallace

      Guess what? Most people are sensitive to things that hurt them. Empathy is a trait hard to develop or teach. As human beings, we have a lot of jerks that mean to be hurtful and some to stupid to realize when they are. However, it has nothing whatsoever to do with your self-defined political leanings-for the most part.

  • http://yahoo d

    seems it’s always racist when white people do things like this. too many double standards in the good ole USA.

    • Velouria

      It’s racist when white people do it because white people are often the oppressors. You cannot be racist if you have no power. If a Mexican made fun of a white person it wouldn’t hurt us because we are not consistently oppressed by Mexicans. How can you not know this? Are you 10 years old?

    • c

      Yeah – Can’t wait for that Red Neck shindig this weekend!

    • Barry Coleman

      There is no double standard. When do you see the same type of racist stereotypical attitude geared towards someone because they are white?

  • Matt

    I love this! hahah its so true!

    • Hank

      You sir are an idiot..

  • JJ

    Firt and foremost, in order form an action to be racist, a race must be involved. Mexican is not a race.

    Additionally, why is it ok for people to attack “rich, WHITE, people” and slander “rich white people” but when the tables are turned on them it’s racism?

    I am tired of the American double standard and blatant ignorance when it comes to racism.

    Opposing Obama isn’t racist. Wanting illegal immigrants removed from the nation isn’t racist, unless you beleive they are all of one race and in that case YOU are racist. Wanting voter ID is not racist unless you think the only people that don’t have IDs are of a certain race and then, again, YOU are being racist.

    • Julia

      So true!

    • Velouria

      LOL I KNOW RICH WHITE PEOPLE DESERVE RESPECT! they are so wonderful!

  • rosieblue

    There is always someone whining racism…the crying has to stop. Have you ever heard the saying “turn the other cheek?” Do it and get a life! I think I will buy me a poncho.

  • Pele

    Would really like to eat their tacos.

  • Jon Teitelbaum

    The post to facebook is racist and offensive. Hopefully, the young people will learn some cultural sensitivity from this experience.

  • mike

    Give me a break it is a bunch of girls having some fun. The picture shows a variety of nationalities. We need to focus on other issues

  • mEtodsay

    Is this really such a big deal? Come on people.

  • Julia

    That is soooooo funny! You people are a sad lot to think its racist. You people are racist. A stereotype is around BECAUSE it is actually true. Like cubans coming over on rafts and stuff and then saying that’s a racist comment. NO, it’s true! Cubans DO come on boats, rafts and floating doors to get to the United Sates. People grow the hell up, get the sticks out of your rectum and deal with it. I’m playing the worlds smallest violin for all you people who have no sense of humor. GOOD JOB GIRLS!!!! It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

    • Velouria

      Actually it’s not freedom of speech. This is within the context of a school, not the government. WHy do people that say things like “DEAL WITH IT” always seem to be total morons?

      • Julia

        Deal with it means to do just that DEAL. WITH. IT. People will make fun about any nation and any nationality. You don’t have a sense of humor, that makes you the moron.

        • Julia

          Freedom of speech is the political right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 of the ICCPR states that “Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference” and “everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice”

    • jc

      Wow. Hold on there, Missy. Stereotypes are a problem because they take a generalization of certain group and apply it to EVERYONE. My manager and his family are from Cuba. They moved to Florida on a plane, not a boat. So….be careful. Can I assume you are not a minority and have never had to “deal with it”, as say, people of color have? Please tell me if I’m wrong. If so, I would love to hear your experiences as a minority in this country and find out how much your story compares to, say, people who have been called “chink” walking down the road or have had a bottle thrown at them because they look different (this is my wife’s experience as a Chinese-American in Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin.) And actually the subtle stuff like the sorority photo is more dangerous because a lot of people dismiss it quickly and then you have other people who scream out “Deal with it.” Slippery slope, my dear. Careful.

  • http://yahoo swoosh_28_1999

    paleeeeeze..political correctness has finally won….unreal

  • js1272@pacbell.net

    What do u call a messican on a riding lawnmower???

    Promoted hahahahahahah

  • Don

    Uhhh!!! The FIRST thing that is offered for sale when you go to Tijuana are serapes. They are on EVERY street corner in Cancun. And I’ve never seen a representation of Mexicans with a sombrero (note the sarcasm). But guess who doesn’t have a problem with white people wearing TRADITIONAL mexican garb? The restaraunts and bars, etc that accepts their money even when they wear this stuff. GET OVER THE RACISM BS. Find a different soapbox you…racists!!!

    • Blaa

      It wasn’t the clothes that are offensive, it’s the racist signs!

    • Rachel M

      The fact that you cited Cancun as a representation of Mexico is comical. That tourist haven IS racist in itself. Mexican blankets/panchos are NOT traditional Mexican clothing. They got together to portray a negative stereotype, and it just exudes ignorance. Your comment is just perpetuating the ideal that cultural ignorance from the U.S. is acceptable, and it is most definitely not.

  • Dan

    just another example of spoiled American people who lack sensitivity to those who are different

  • Lamb

    The costumes are not at all offensive. The clipboards on the other hand are extremely offensive. Didn’t expect anything less from pedo loving Penn State.

    • BUDA

      Where the hell is all the outcry when the blacks continulousy call the whites racist for no reason. In Harlem they threaten to kill all the whites. White Senators being called racist for complaining about Susan Rice lieing to the American plublic.The blacks are very good at using RACISM to get what they want.

  • jimmie

    I am Hispanic-No Racial message here, its Hallwoeen..I do not use drugs-Quit trying to stir the shit-pot of racism..

    • elroy

      Jimmy, it’s hispanics like you that pacify the moment for those that are content with fomenting ignorance. Go back to cutting grass, or should i say smoking it, if your’e ok with that.

  • Lovell Beaulieu

    The tragedy is that many of these young women don’t have a clue about what they did or who thy offended. Not to worry. They will all probably be offered jobs with Teach for America and sent to New Orleans to desecrate the growing Latino population there.

    At least Joe Paterno tried to hide his failures.

  • Ralph

    Oh brother, get a life and remove the bunched up panties.

  • T.E.Chester

    Living in Texas…not far from the US Mexican border…the Mexicans sell this stuff to tourists all the time…..
    I strongly suggest those who have had their “feelings” hurt take a trip to Mexico….

  • rayray

    i wonder were they got all those ponchos? in Pennsylvania? haha

  • robert vitter

    The first Mexican was created when tyhe American Indian screwed the buffalo!

  • Mike

    What’s next? Irish getting pi$$ed about St.Patty’s day

  • David Swanson

    PULEEEZ!! Can’t some girls have Halloween fun with getting called racists. Where’s the outcry for commercials like Taco Bell…..isn’t saying “South of the Border” implying only Mexicans eat tacos. Lighten up!

  • http://deleted robert

    The first Mexican was created when the American Indian screwed the buffalo!

    • elroy

      Hey ass eyes!, you are a #%%$! but what do expect from someone who can claim that there their mother is their first cousin, and their father is, hell i don’t know, neither does robert.

    • drew

      Wow Robert you must be a real horses ass to say that. Or is that how you were created by a horse screwing a jackass. No need to respond I accept your apoligy for what you are.

  • ldenver720

    I am Hispanic and the only thing I find offensive are the signs they are holding,it’s the same thing if they were to portray a black person with a sign that reads “will pick cotton for money”, it’s not right. If they wanted to wear the costumes for fun, that’s not too bad, but lose the signs.

    • drew

      I am too mexican-american, and I agree with you about the signs. They are just ignorant and insensitive.

    • turnerwred


  • Jason

    Making fun of Mexican stereotypes is NOT racist, it’s just plain funny. Some uppity group must have a churro up their butts

  • Ernesto


  • mark


  • http://www.FlipFloridaLand.com Kris Kemp

    No big deal. Other races make fun of American born caucasions all the time. It’s normal to make fun of other people. This is humor, because people often participate in their own myths. Stereotypes are there for a reason. But, whoa, it’s so politically correct these days that white people cannot make fun of other raises. Double standard. This story is a non-story and it’s stupid because it shows how politically correct the media has gotten.

    • turnerwred

      By emphasizing extremely negative stereotypes of “…American born caucasions…”? I THINK NOT!!!! I’m curious as to where those students attended h.s., whether public or private; what region of the country are they predominantly from;how diverse were their high schools when they attended;did they have instructors and classes that dealt with contemporary issues; and, how diverse, beyond the sole Asian, is their sorority? Is Penn going to take as long to deal with this highly-charged matter as it did the scandalous one that was headline news for so long and destroyed the reputations of so many icons and ruined or altered the careers or so many athletes, who came to Penn based on a once-sterling reputation of decency, respect and fairness toward all?

      After all we’ve been through, God help us if those students, and many who post here, are incapable of grasping the seriousness of their action! We’re not going back, yall!!! WE ARE MOVING FORWARD……


  • Ryan Noggle

    who the hell cares? blow it out your asses!!!! good GOD…talk about making a big deal out of NOTHING

  • S.Fonseca

    Im mexican and i do not find the photo in any way shape or form racist. In fact, I know i would have been the center of the photo. Had i been there! LMBO I mean come on! Too funny!

  • adam

    who cares i am mexican american at least these girls were having fun trying to be mexican for a night lol. rasist i dont think so!

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