Psychos Are Keeping Jimmy Wales From Voting

By: Chris Crum - November 2, 2012

Someone on Quora recently asked who Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales would be voting for in the upcoming election. His answer may surprise you. He won’t be voting.

That’s not because he doesn’t care about voting, mind you. It’s not because he has no vested interest in who the President of the United States is. He simply doesn’t want to register to vote because of “scary stalkers”.

Here is the response he posted to Quora:

Read Quote of Jimmy Wales’s answer to Jimmy Wales: For whom will Jimmy Wales be voting in two weeks? on Quora

In a separate thread in which someone asked who he would be voting for in two weeks had he been willing to register to vote, he posted:

Read Quote of Jimmy Wales’s answer to Jimmy Wales: Whom would Jimmy Wales be voting for in two weeks had he been willing to register to vote? on Quora

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  • Joseph

    This is really sad,

    What the general public does not realize is that mental illness hides in many people. …….You can be super successful and have a mental illness, Take Ted Turner,( Bi Polar ) Amy Whinhouse etc. Both Talented people, just suffer from an illness.

    Getting back to Jimmy,

    ( I am not his doctor, but he shows many signs )

    Actually his ego, fear, and paranoia are stopping him from voting,

    He needs to take some medication, whether they are natural or not and live his life.

    I mean – Think of bigger celebrities. They all have listed homes and some even on tour routes – They even have haters… they not vote? Of course they do. They all live their lives.

    Whats the difference? Between Jimmy and others.

    They trust in there community and their Police.

    He is just “too famous” in his head and thinks everyone is after him.

    Its really really sad. I hope he one day decides to get help,

    Until then, I will pray for his suffering and hope that he can trust in his local community, police and society in the near future.