Project Glass: What If Google Fills Our Eyes With Ads?

    April 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Parody videos about Project Glass have been coming out of the woodwork. Some of them are disturbingly realistic. They include things like people running into telephone poles or falling off balconies and whatnot.

Some may find this one startlingly realistic as well, but for other reasons:

In case the title didn’t give it away, it’s all about Google sprinkling ads all over the interface, giving the user constant exposure to ad campaigns. Advertisers would likely salivate over this. Perhaps Project Glass will one day become a real money maker for Google.

I wouldn’t expect any ads at launch. We’re still waiting for ads to make their way to Google+.

More Project Glass goodness here.

  • http://www.hoststop.co.uk Amanda

    If it’s real, it’s cool. But, I would like my privacy. Using it for a day OR two is cool. Not a regular one. Every technology has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The video shows advantages. Let’s discuss if anybody can shed some light on disadvantages ? Duh ?