President Obama’s Fake Twitter Followers Outnumber Mitt Romney’s Total Followers 6 to 1

By: Josh Wolford - August 24, 2012

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone on Twitter is followed by at least a few fake accounts. We always knew that bots ran rampant on the site, but recent studies into the buying and selling of fake Twitter followers has put a spotlight on just how serious the problem really is.

Plus, there was that whole thing about Mitt Romney’s follower count making a suspicious 100K+ jump overnight.

But in terms of sheer volume, President Obama dwarfs the presumptive Republican nominee in fake followers. A new tool from Status People allows anyone to look at the breakdown of followers of any Twitter users to see how many are “fake,” “inactive,” and “good.” And using that tool, we can see that 31% of President Obama’s followers are deemed fake. Since Obama has around 18.8 million followers, we can calculate that just shy of 6 million of them are fake.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, only has 900,000 followers total. Only 16% of those are fake, according to the tool. That amounts to around 144,000 phantom followers.

And these figures don’t even take into account the “inactive” percentages, which total 39% for the President and 31% for Romney. Any number of those “Inactive” users could be fake.

Really, it all comes down to how many followers you have. The more you have, the bigger the percentage of fakes you have as well. We recently crunched the numbers and found that, on average, over 27% of the top ten Twitter accounts’ followers are fake. That means that although Mitt Romney was in the news recently due to speculation that his campaign had bought over a hundred thousand followers overnight, he’s far from the only Twitter user to have a fake follower problem.

Josh Wolford

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  • Cee

    I’m in business and I follow Obama and there is nothing fake about me. Stop writing fake stories.

  • Judi Copeland

    Yawn! I agree with Cee.

  • Jacob

    OMFG! The other two posters are idiots. I can tell by their comments that their reading comprehension is lacking.

  • Dusan

    Okay. So?

  • John

    Agrees with their line of thought…Democrats do the same thing with fake voters.

    • Tom Truthteller

      Thank you……..that is actually the real story here. In every real, prosecutable and documented case in recent history, the Dems and their operatives have been the ones engaging in questionable voting tactics, including faked or deceased registered voters. The fact that the president has such a large number of fake followers should come as no surprise……….his is the party of questionable tactics and illusion. Whatever Jacob is referring to, the fact he is engaging in name-calling is a good clue that someone is addressing the real problem. Cee’s comment makes no sense, since the article doesn’t suggest that all of obama’s followers are fake, just millions.

  • Craig

    The difference in real followers could be attributable to the difference in demographics between President Barrack Obama supporters and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney with Obama supporters generally being younger and more likely to have a Twitter account.