President Barack Obama Is Now On Google+

By: Jeremy Muncy - November 27, 2011

It’s still unclear if Google+ can ever catch up to Facebook, but they did just gain a very prominent user, the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The President joined Google+ on Wednesday, and quickly gained a “verified account” notifier. As you might suspect the account isn’t being ran by the President himself, but by his reelection effort.

The President’s first post states:

“Welcome to the Obama 2012 Google+ page. We’re still kicking the tires and figuring this out, so let us know what you’d like to see here and your ideas for how we can use this space to help you stay connected to the campaign.”

President Obama’s arrival on Google+ should be seen as a stamp of approval for the service, as his reelection campaigns sees it as vaiable platform to spread campaign information.

Do you think Google+ will ever catch up to the likes of Facebook and Twitter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Jeremy Muncy

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  • web designer coventry

    Good luck to him. I am sure soon enough he will find out that google+ is as bad as American economy.

  • Steven

    I think any social network that becomes the slightest bit popular and the Office of the President will jump right on using it. It’s really a smart thing to do. What I don’t like is all his usage of social networking to boost his reelection campaign. We have serious issues in this country and he’s giving us campaign speeches instead of progress. More promises instead of results. I was there willing to back him 100% and then he caved time and time again instead of fighting for the American people. I think if Herman Cain can grab the Republican nomination that we’ll finally have a presidential candidate willing to fight for the American people, instead of all the talk about it and nothing done about it.

    • Elizabeth

      Herman Cain? Are you kidding me! It was Herman Cain who said that if the people don’t have a job or is poor is their fault. Do you understand what that statement mean?

      • Steven

        I don’t agree with the wording as he put it, but he is right if he were to say there are jobs out there and nobody is taking them. Some factory lays off 1,000 workers and those same workers from day 1 are collecting unemployment and trying to find a same or similar job for the same money. They feel like working for less or in a different job is beneath them. Hey, at least they will have a job. When I was out of a job I was willing to take a job for minimum wage at the local Goodwill store. Luckily I had a job offer come in at the last minute and I didn’t have to take that job. So I think Cain’s statement could have used a little rewording, but the message to me was loud and clear. Get off your butt America and go get a job. Any job will do. Figure even if you end up with a minimum wage job it’s better than not having a job while you are looking for that dream job again. Actors wait tables while waiting for a big break. A teacher or a truck driver could do the same. At least they would be employed.

  • Elizabeth

    Facebook and Twitter are social network services in their unique way and Google will too.

  • ball mill

    I am sure soon enough he will find out that google+ is as bad as American economy.

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  • Canvas Printmaker

    Popular politics in action. If only there was a minus 1 button as well for politicians you don’t like! Was it really taken out in ernest or was it to block any misuse? The day that politicians use +1 or like as campaign indicators is the day they lose sight of their goals and agendas. Seriously though Google has got a long way to go to match Facebook’s like button.