PokerStars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker Sites Seized by FBI [UPDATE]

Owners charged with fraud

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UPDATE: Following Friday’s online poker crackdown, some dubbed it the “Black Friday” of poker. The poker world reacted on Twitter with all kinds of comments – serious, sarcastic and everything in between.

Reuters and CNBC have just reported that top online poker sites Pokerstars.com, Fulltiltpoker.com and Absolutepoker.com have been seized by the FBI and their owners, a total of 11 people have been charged.

The charges, according to Reuters were filed in Manhattan by federal prosecutors and are for violation of internet anti-gambling laws as well as fraud by “tricking regulators and banks into processing billions of dollars in illegal internet gambling proceeds.”

Internet gambling sites Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and PokerStars owners charged with fraud http://t.co/KqkugHe 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Three Largest Internet Poker Companies Charged With Fraud, Illegal Gambling – Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, & Absolute Poker – Charged 2 hours ago via Seesmic Desktop · powered by @socialditto

Going to one of these sites will yield this warning:

PokerStars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker Sites Seized by FBI [UPDATE]
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    It was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time.

    • http://www.beyondthefelt.org ZEEZEE


    • PokerPlayer

      Support the Poker Players Alliance!!!! Sure criminals belong in jail and poker players belong on the felt(Virtual or live)!!!!



  • screw obama

    Those fukkers better send me my money thats in my account.

    • joan

      they probibly wont they are a bunch of cheaters that is probible why the FBI gottem cause they have been allowing cheat programs and everything else

      • Branden

        All the bank accounts were Siezed I am Sure while you try to cash-out it will allow you to but dont hold your hand on ure rump.


      • PokerPlayer

        Sure criminals belong in jail and poker players belong on the felt(Virtual or Live)!!!! Support the Poker Players Alliance!!!!

    • Truthsayer

      You might want to rethink that statement… Tax Evasion is a Federal Crime as well… Did you pay taxes on your Winnings?

      • rj

        I am just so glad to live in the usa where I am free. So unlike the rest of the world who can play as much poker as they want.

        • Shane T

          What the hell does that even mean?? Your comment makes no sense and has NOTHING even remotely related to the topic. Classic American spouting off about nothing intelligent whatsoever.. where you are “free”.. without a job or healthcare..?

          • Bill

            It’s called sarcasm, dude.

      • Joan

        I doubt anyone actually won. I know I never did.

  • http://semseowiz.com/ecommerce/does-apple-really-think-people-will-pay-a-premium-for-an-hdtv/ M. Vanderpool

    Um…just went to the sites… don’t see that image? As for your money… someone at the FBI just bought his wife a mink coat…

  • joan

    hahahahah serves them write the cheaters fulltilt allows people to use cheat programs

  • Reality

    really….the government is shutting them down because they cannot tax the earning. It is not a fraud issue but a no revenue source issue. The gov should stand back and manage their money (oh almost forgot, our money) better and stay the hell out of the private sector. and please I do not want to hear anything about morality from washington.

    • Truthsayer

      The Government is Shutting them down for a few reasons:

      1)Criminal Groups Lauder Money through this Shadow Financial Network

      2)Billions of dollars are flowing out of the American Economy (in a time of Economic Crisis I might add) into Overseas Shadowy Accounts

      3)Many of the American Players are committing Tax Evasion and not reporting or paying Taxes on their winnings

      You can try and spin it any way you want.
      Fact is they are using Bank Fraud to Facilitate Fraudulent Transactions
      under Federal Law and in the process shielding Thousands if not Hundreds
      of thousands of American Tax Evaders… Not to mention the Criminal and
      Terrorist Groups that almost certainly use these Sites to Launder and
      Transfer Money across the Globe. Stop trying to make excuses for Criminals. And in the end that is what the Players that are not paying taxes and who are also violating American Law by playing to begin with..
      And the Companies that are practicing Fraudulent Banking Practices to
      enable the Players.

      • John Q Public

        I wonder if the founding fathers of our great country objected to paying taxes on their winnings? Wait a minute– they did! So somehow freedom loving Americans who like to play and risk their own hard earned money (that they already paid taxes on, btw) in their own homes are un-American and criminals?

        Someone please explain this one to me….. Oh yeah, and anytime we want to stop something, we just say that a) criminals are using it to launder money, b) terrorists are using it to attack us, or c) they must not be paying taxes…. Lets all cut the B.S. and start re-learning what it means to be free.

        • BlahBlah

          #1. Internet gambling wasn’t illegal til 2006. Then signed into law.
          #2. It actually doesn’t cover poker, just money laundering and slot, roulette games of chance not games of skill.
          #3. If the Bush admin hadn’t signed the law maybe our country would have had taxes from those sites, gee that would have been too bad we could have gotten the taxes on those sites. But instead we forced the operators to operate overseas as we have done with what.. oh alot of American jobs.
          #4. It is MY home not big brothers yet… I should be able to live my life in my way in the home that, oh yeah I worked hard for and I paid for.
          But I am sure all the “do-gooders” will take even my rights to do as I wish in my home, with my money, in my way.
          Go America

          • im_wheelin

            amen brother.

        • ur mom

          thank you

        • jbrooke

          amen to that we pay enough taxes on our earnings and then when we spend our money as well. At the rate they are going we will have no freedoms or money left.

        • apophys

          All monies are seized. You will not get your money back. And they are basically saying you are lucky you don’t get arrested too

      • ur mom

        man i really cant stand people like you. Of course, we’re all criminals who play online…and we all wanna support the terrorists…totally…ur a freakin idiot

        • ur mom

          meant to truthsayer

        • vegas phil

          i would rather think i just played poorly/although i do alot
          better at live events/id like 2 know more about the cheating??

        • Tom

          Let me see if I can get this right:
          1) It’s legal to stand in front of polling places with billy clubs to stop whites from voting.
          2) Terrorists captured on a battlefield should have the same rights as US Citizens
          3) Illegal immigration poses no problems to us so those laws do not need to be enforced. Anyone demanding compliance with federal immigration laws is also a criminal.
          4) Intimidation of elected officials by union thugs is OK.
          I finally understand how recreational poker players at Pokerstars pose such a danger to the nation. It’s great to be an American where we have a justice Department that is always looking out for us.

      • robert ashmead

        i report my online winnings every year im not awinning player every year but any funds i cashed out i reported anyone that did not the irs should go after those individuals not the institution and online porker is not illegal couse if they are not based in the usa then the usa has NO rights to regulate them and the only reason funds are leaveing the usa is couse the lobbiest for the casinoes in las vegas paid millions of dollars to the money whores in washington you know the ones you voted for to buy votes to get laws made couse they can not compeate with online casinoes who are always a single click away so why would anyone pay money to spend the gas or buy a plane ticket to fly to there billion dollar casinoes and play when players can from the comfort of there home loose there life saveings with out the hassle of ever leaving there home

        • dochill

          I agree with you about the casinos and the government some of the casinos tried online poker but i dont think it worked out for them i have lost about 1500 dollars in the last two yrs at pokerstars it was much easier losing at my home than driving aways to sometimes lose live at the casinos at least i new for a fact that no cheating was going on at the casinos but i have my doubts about online poker anyways they have siezed accounts of the people that have made billions. if the govenment wants to stop us from playing for money online ok but i would appreciate if they would send me a check for yhe 1500 that i have spent online if it was against the law and im not able to try to break even then i feel they should have stoped it in the begining they new right away what was going on when these services started this they could have saved us all alot of money and all of us from writing things like this about our cheating government that are pissed that there are people out there that can cheat us out of money like they do i think we all should file law suits against the government and the online poker sites for the return of all our moneys regardless if you ever got a winng check back from the sites thank you for reading this

      • joe

        well if they shut it down for tax reasons as u say they should go after all the strippers in the world who dont pay taxes on thier money fuck em

        • easynab

          everyone in the world knows waiters,and waistress,dont even report 25 percent of their tips, thats billons our government loses on taxes, GO get em F. B. I. . soon their be no sex on sundays. no spending any extra money on anything i enjoy. wake up AMERICA. fachist at the door. marxism around the corner.DEMOCRACY ,rest in peace

      • PokerPlayer

        Support the Poker Players Alliance!!!! Sure criminals belong in jail and poker players belong on the felt(Virtual or live)!!!! Support the Poker Players Alliance!!!

      • rick

        u are full of it its just another way for big brother to regulate what u do they have used the patriot act to their advatage its rediculious

  • Scott

    It’s a good thing they are shutting this down. I played online for a long time for money. I won and lost, but ultimately lost a lot of money. I don’t attribute my entire losses to bad play either. I was scammed and let it go on even knowing it for too long because it was an up and down battle. The methods were very effective at getting your money. I knew there were so many methods of cheating and identified many. Full Tilt Poker even refunded money to me and explained that some of the tables I was playing on were identified or marked with cheating players. I regret playing a single hand for money with these online sites. I understand the game and win in live situations, but this was just too easy to get into. No travel involved and you could play multiple tables at a time. Anyway… I’m glad they are working towards putting these criminal away. I hope they do a lot of prison time and are fine the maximum possible.

    • BlahBlah

      As for the hackers and cheaters IF this country had regulated the sites intead of forced them to operate in other countries, you wouldn’t have seen as much of it.

    • barbara.tacadina@sbcglobal.net

      I think the feds dont want people to sit at home enjoying a poker game,
      they would rather have you go play at a card room or go to vegas. How much are the card rooms and casinos involved with the feds taking a harmless card game away from the people. Take take take thats all they do..high hitler I still will play for play money and they can keep the tickets and few dollars I won from free money tourneys.

      • Adolf Hitler

        less poker will mean you can elevate your your 1st grade education …. Heil Hitler. He wanted to be hailed, he wasn’t trying score crack.

    • John Birch

      Drivel. The economy of the US is collapsing because of fools in Washington. I have a right to use my money as I see fit in this formerly free country. They can call it criminal all they want, that doesn’t make it so. BTW the crook from the US Justice dept appears to be a Muslim, I suspect his religion is causing this obscenity in the 1st place, he belongs in Prison !

  • http://bluffspokerclub.com david

    come stand as a usa poker player and player every day for free and win cash,,,,,,, www.bluffspokerclub.com

  • sileye

    magic612 on youtube has been onto these criminals for years, this is just the tip of the iceberb.

    • clayton

      spot on

      • http://fulltiltpoker dwnie

        I have played on FTP for play money more then 3 years…………our good GOVERMENT cant keeps its hands out of anything.next we’ll be told what we can and can not EAT, DRINK. WEAR…..what ever they fEEl suited for them ……………IM SICK AND TIRED……..good luck FTP.. I WISH YOU MY BEST …………

      • poker playa

        if you claim your winnings u can also like the rich do. right off ur loses for all u upities worrying about it.


        I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clayton


    • clayton

      these sites are cheaters. bad beats or determined outcome

      • John Birch

        Bullshi%t you are just a terrible player.

  • http://www.allinentrepreneur.com/ Allin Entrepreneur

    Alot of people just lost their money and income, its a tought day for many. It opens up for new business oppertunities and as a gambling affiliate myself, there is nothing else to do than adjust and make the best of it. But i really feel for many of my US friends who basicly lost all their income yesterday.

    • realityC

      Such moronic remarks on here. The government wants its piece plain and simple. They get huge chunks from Nevada and every Indian casino in the country and they figure every dollar that is spent on an overseas poker site is one less taxable dollar that didnt go to one of the casinos they regulate. Its all about greed. For those idiots saying talking about not reporting taxes, you only need to report amounts won over 1,199 at any given time. Its their money, they already freakin earned it and you have a problem with how they spend it or if it gets taxed again? Get a life you are part of the problem sticking up for a crooked greedy government. And finally to the multitudes who say they are cheating, well I guess those are the ones who lost their money and had to blame someone. I would much rather trust FTP software and put it in the hands of dirty Uncle Sam!

      • sixmilecross

        which is why they won’t legalize marijuana. I am 54 years old and don’t smoke it myself, but know a lot of people who do. the federal government can’t regulate it as long as people can grow it in their house. same principle.

    • Mike

      OK, you all sound really smart and all. I just want to play poker.

    • PokerPlayer

      Sure criminals belong in jail and poker players belong on the felt(Virtual or live)!!!! Support the Pokers Players Alliance!!


    They deserve what they get..The site always seemed alittle fishy to me and the other day i got my proof. i was on a table and playing and talking to a guy from Georgia. And then the guy started telling me the cards before they were turned over and also the 2 hole cards of 2 people .. And was right!!!!!!!!!!!.. its a crooked site good ridence

    • realityC


    • John Birch


  • http://rt-now.com/2011/04/15/major-online-poker-companies-to-be-shut-down-by-u-s-government/ rob

    Jeez, I’m glad I never decided to get into online poker!

  • susan

    My bank stopped payment on all pending transactions. I only made a few but never made a cent.

    • http://pokerstars ann

      Susan, hi. When did you check on your wire transfer today. I have money coming in and I am a little worried please let me know. And did you play on pokerstars????

  • pcynic pokerstars


  • bob

    it’s pure BS …US government wants their cut that is all…these sites have been around forever now … my guess is the government finally figure out how they can get their cut… they’ll charge them…they will pay a fine and back taxes and in the end every us citizen will will get taxed off the top on every dollar earned on the site >)

    • John Birch

      I will never pay on a “regulated” US site! That is where you’ll find our corrupt immoral government. Just check the lotteries, they take 50 right off the top, then they tax your winnings, nothing but theft, grand theft !

  • http://www.beyondthefelt.org ZEEZEE

    good place to show support…


    • richard gaines

      I’ve been playing online for small stakes for 4 years and made a profit, several times my total investment, for the first time in 2010. Yes, I reported it to the IRS, despite knowing it will probably precipitate an audit.
      Former Senate leader Bill Frist sneaked a rider onto a port security bill which led to this indictment and Pres Bush signed it. I, and many of my friends, all of whom gamble well within their means, are now being deprived of a source of much enjoyment, the US is being deprived of substantial tsx revenue, and the online players are being deprived of desirable regulation of online gambling because of this stealth law.
      Yes there is cheating and I reported 2 cheaters whose accounts were canceled, with money refunded to multiple players they cheated, and yes there are cheaters getting away with it which is why it needs to be legalized, so they can be prosecuted.
      Any online gambler who votes Republican should have his head exmined. “Outraged”

  • jan marlow

    This really sucks for us affiliates. It seems tilt is using www.fulltilpoker.co.uk as the

    main site and stars is using www.pokerstars.eu but the cashier is not available for usa

    players, i wonder if the visitors are being recorded…

  • Dave T

    Got onto the play money side of full tilt, no problem. However, that was on my laptop with XP.
    Couldn’t on the desk top with W7.

  • AndrewP

    It was a black friday for online poker, but not all hope is lost. It seems the sites are up again at www.fulltilpoker.co.uk and www.pokerstars.eu but real money games and deposits are blocked for US players.

  • Joseph F.

    Wow…Message to all adult Americans from our government, “You cannot decide to risk your own money to play poker online, but we will gladly spend yout taxes to send hundreds of millions of dollars to Libya, Japan, Haiti, etc.”

    It is completely absurd that we continue to allow our “leaders” to dictate how we can lead our lives. They have salaries that are paid with our tax dollars and yet refuse to actually represent us.

    Shame on our government. If fulltilt, pokerstars, etc. are / were doing anything illegal we still have only the government to blame since the PPA has been working FOR YEARS to get our government to legalize internet gambling so we can police, tax, and monitor it.

    • rick

      amen brother

  • dist chair

    First, this is an old law, that should have been repealed long ago. What difference does it make if you are playing online or in a casino? The tax authorities could have easily set up an account for these sites, for the purpose of taxation. Secondly, if the stupid A holes in DC, that don’t seem to be able to accomplish anything, but giving Obama his daily stroke job, would get off their collective duffs and pass a National sales tax, it eliminate the IRS and it wouldn’t matter what someone was doing to earn money, online or otherwise, everyone would pay when they made any purchase. One more recreational facility shut down by an ever increasing Nanny State. I guess we will all just have to set up our own poker sites, like so many have done already, where we play against people at home, but over the net.

  • rich loth

    what in the hell are they just mad or what these sites have been operating for yrs why would know be the reason for illeagle gambling i mean all ready to vote against the gov gregoire and other politicians int he state of wash. because they made it so ppl couldn’t use these sites what the hell f the fbi i better get the monies out.

    • realityC

      Because they didnt want to be taxed and regulated by dirty Uncle Sam. So diry Uncle Sam did the only thing he could by exaggerating bad business practices and seizing the sites.

  • rich loth

    P.S. i guess i’ll find something in a foreign country remember prohibtion has never worked in these united states

  • realityC

    You ever wonder where the anger and the spite comes from these people that post that the sites and players got what they deserved? These people are called losers. Sore losers that got burned when they couldnt play good enough so now they are jumping on the dirty Sam team to kill the enemy that stole their dollar lol. Pathetic really, so many nice people and families lost alot of money yesterday. Hopefully in time they will be able to cash out.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/five-internet-gurus Paul

      Why must you Americans always throw politics and spurious patriotism into everything?

      Bush signed the Bill because the Europeans had sewn up the online gambling market, no more, no less. We then got the ludicrous situation where perfectly respectable exexutives from legitimate non-US companies (think Ladbrokes, not some sleazy Jersey bingo site) were arrested when they stepped onto US soil!

      As to taxing winnings: as far as I know the US has been taxing gambling winnings for a long time – ridiculous for the casual gambler.

  • realityC

    Do you realize that nearly every other country including China and Russia have no problem with their citizens playing online poker? We are the land of the free? Not anymore my friends, not even close to some other countries. Even if you hate poker of think its a scam how can you back a government that does this? You are the same people that like traffic camera speed traps, limewire getting shut down, big brother, and censorship. I am moving.

  • http://gry-przegladarkowe.pl Gry

    I thought that my friend was joking about that :/ I want my money back.

  • vegas phil


    • vegas phil

      id like 2 hear more bout the cheating/

  • Dizzy49

    I never played 4 real money… Enjoyed playing and chatting with people all around the world. Sooooo sorry people couldn’t be honest and just have fun playing. Gotta find another site to play. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • http://fulltilt mike

      This really is a case of greed – by the politicans and the money the recieve from companies… Bankers are making record making profits and bonus packages – while people can still not get house loans – greedy CEOs run this country….

  • perry peterson

    Drugs and illeagals pouring into the country, and the FBI is focusing on poker?

  • http://ftp jon

    government aint nothing but a bunch of greedy pigs if they cant have a piece then everybody has to suffer for it. the one thing i truly look foward too in my spare time (and millions like me) and they take it away. people in this nation dont get to choose. im sick of the fucking government

  • http://fulltilt r stevens

    i like to get my money back i did not now that this is frude please

  • http://purina-coupons.net Purina Coupons

    The only thing that is surprising about this is how long it took. Partypoker got fined yrs ago.

    As for people worrying about getting their money back. I’m sure you will get your money.

    Hopefully, this incident will speed up the process and make online gambling LEGAL in the USA.

    I can’t believe a “world leader” (USA) is so backward thinking.

  • Frank

    Truthsayer, you should change your name to “I’m an ignorant sheep”

    It’s a bunch of crap saying they are used to launder money to finance terrorism. These companies are legal in other countries and in all of the cases of big companies that have been on trial like the BETonSPORTS, they never get accused of funding terrorism. Saying that is just an excuse by Big Brother to use terrorism into turning you into a sheep to do whatever they want.

    The Feds are just helping out the gambling companies in the US who are losing money from people who play online.

    In a few years, once all of the major gambling websites are shut down, the Feds will then make online gambling legal and you will see that some companies will get special treatment in getting a license to open online poker and gambling sites.

    As to the cheating, it happened with employees trying to make an easy dollar and it is not the company itself that is doing it.

    I love it when people say millions of dollars flow out of the US because of that. Especially since its the US that makes it illegal for us to do as we wish. So if the money goes out of the country, its our ownfault for having it illegal as if we want to do something and we can’t do it where we live, we will find somewhere else to do it.

    And trusayer, how are you such an expert that all of the people winning are not paying taxes on it? And are you telling me that it is the only way that people cheat on their taxes?

    • sebrng7

      the money you put into your poker acct. has already been taxed and now they are trying to tell you how to spend it. remember 1984?

    • John Q Public

      We need a tax revolt in this country. Government is obviously too big and will not get more efficient unless we cut off their funds at the grassroots level. I like the idea of abolishing the IRS and instituting a national sales tax in its place.

      • PB30838

        right on. The federal reserve act and an income tax are actually unconstitutional. Lets stop paying taxes and be free again

  • http://www.sathookup.com SatHookup Man

    GE just paid $0 of 4 billion in profit and even received 3 billion dollar tax refund.

    I don’t gamble, but where’s the FBI for that? What about lottery tickets, bingo?

    • John Q Public

      Another big clarification— as far as I know Poker is not gambling. It is a game of skill. As such, why is poker falling under anti-gambling legislation?

      • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

        pretty sure that’s the argument that’s going to be made.

  • http://www.ladbrokes.com/ast?action=go_asset&new=0&aff_id=35302&asset_id=4106 John Doe

    Withdraw your cash, and deposit it at Ladbrokes Poker and they’ll double it for you! Up to $1000!

  • cory

    i recently got on a hot streak on fulltilt won a few thousand here and there over a few months, finally utilized the cashout option for the first time ever. everytime i hit a good pot 500 dlrs or more i instantly cashed out. did this about 10 times in a few months and money was wired into my checking account within four days everytime. coincidently my cash out options were changed by the site and anything less than 2500 i had to wait 30 days to recieve, when i chose not to cash out an 800 dlr tournament winand try and build it a lil more of course i lost it all in 30 minutes much less 30 days!!

  • cory

    continued (last post)
    I do not doubt the integrety of the online games but the owners and administrators were greedy basards so fuck em! i dont agree with the governments actions i think there are alot more problems we have than wasting time with online gambling.people can say its a money issue all of our money is leaving the U S. bull shit! anyone who says that is a moron who doesnt know math. the entire online gaming is an industry that is in there mere billions and of that american players are only a small percentage of the players around the world, so lets say 10 billion dollars has left the U S since 2006 big fking deal we are trillions in the fking hole as a country, our government spends billions daily feeding and housing minorities and white trash that dont want to work, so its not a matter of money. the significance of 10 billion dlrs to the american economy that is trillions in the hole would be about the same as me losing a ten dlr bill out of my wallet right now, when i have about 150 cash in it and around 900 in my bank account, so the whole we are losing all of our american money over seas is bullshit

  • Angry Poker Player




  • mark

    Is everyone going to get a refund since the games were rigged?

    • robert wieda

      after reading everyone’s comment’s, all i have to say is THANK YOU ALL for showing me my own ignorances, we the people. the joke’s on us. now here is an important question: where the hell can i play poker on the net?, to blind to drive, and dont like to ask people to take me and to damn much to take a taxi.

  • newgesamuri

    if these poker sites were cheating or laundering money they will get what the deserve, and I’ll just find another to play until they get caught. I have never used any cheat program and done fairly well, so long live online gaming!!!

  • PB30838

    If you win you are supposed to report it to IRS its the same between internet or going to the casino (feds just want their cut on your money a second time). Just another step in turning this country into a police state with no freedom. Its not about illegal gambling (poker requires skill so it isn’t technically gambling anyway). Its sad so many Americans are sacrificing their freedom to “be taken care of” by our corrupt government. If it has money involved government wants a big cut of it or they shut it down.

  • Steve R

    I know for a fact that Steve Wynn is behind all of this. I live in Sun Valley, Idaho and I know one of his good friends here in town and he told me about it.

  • Mike

    I’m not in as much panic since I have already found a good site to play. Kronospoker offers terrible rakeback and great bonuses to the new players. I have played there and also cashed out successfully in the last 24 hours. Its worth a shot if you really want to play and win some $$

  • na

    Simple. IT IS ILLEGAL to play at Pokerstars or FullTilt or any of the typical places from anywhere in the USA. The US Gov cracked down on them.

    I quote: “Here is an EXCELLENT alternative where it is COMPLETELY LEGAL for USA players to play and win lots of real money and prizes, and never lose any money.”

    You may want to consider http://www.clubwpt.com/?cmpgn_id=6242&bnr_id=110
    As stated at FTC: “Use Club WPT Bonus Code PLAYFREE, No deposit needed. No Risk Play System. COMPLETELY LEGAL! ”
    With the above link I provided, you cannot lose money, and only win money. No limit on how much you can win, but maximum you can lose is something like $0.49 per day (yes, I said 49 cents), which is what your full membership daily cost would be.

    As you can see, other models exist.

  • Waco

    goodbye poker. u were awesome while u lasted.

  • DBAG

    lmfao, they sent me several warnings regarding questionable langauge and these assholes are stealing millions! I find it quite funny. I stopped with online poker not only are the dbags at Full Tilt thieves, but they can’t stop the overseas scamm arrests from stealing your money also by cheating. I’d rather look in your eyes and take your money, then have it stolen on any of these pathetic sites.

  • Golden Eyes

    If poker player’s knew about what was going on and still played and did nothing, than in my EYES they are as guilty as pokerstars, I knew sooner or later this would happen. The dealing of the cards.

  • http://yahoo jerry

    My opinon about the FBI takeover is they should had done this long ago.I do believe and its only a opinon,that there is much cheating and corruption in these on line poker games.I play only for the fun of it and dont invest real money,but i have notice its virtually almost impossible to win at fulltilt poker.I got a full house and another player had a straight.They won.How does a straight beat a full house???? I also learned,that you float your hand,its much easier to win.I’ve had many winning hands only to be beaten out by the river card.I’ve seen players keep a 2&3 off suit,go all in at the last min,and come out winning about everytime.These games are rigged and players are allowed to cheat in some way or other.But then,theres cheating at these casinos all across the USA also.I played Black Jack at a casino in St.Charles,Mo one day.The Black Jack dealer hit Black jack 5 times straight.Now how is that possible???? Straight 5 times????In some way or the other,these casinos will rob you blind.Weather its on line or not.

  • wp

    all i want to know is why they are debiting(8 debits in last 2 weeks) my checking acct. and stating that is from november last year, they say that the third party billing had a problem and they are just now taking the money out of my checking acct. i did not even play in oct. or nov. this is bullshit and i have started actions against fulltilt poker to dispute this crap.

  • pokerjoe

    pokerstars makes 10 cents on every dollar being played (the rake) do you know how much $ that is? probably like 10,000 dollars a minute. They have no reason to risk there golden duck on the stupid accusations the government has issued.The government is just pissed they can’t get a piece of that duck. (they want more money so they can build more bombs)

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