PlayStation Network Back Up For Matchmaking Soon?

Possibly some good news for PS3 owners

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PlayStation Network Back Up For Matchmaking Soon?
[ Technology]

UPDATE: This was just posted to the official PlayStation blog:
I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

Last time Sony said that it would be rolling out “some services” of the PSN following April’s massive attack and outage, it was last week and their timeline of “the next couple of days” proved to be inaccurate.

The latest news does not come directly from Sony, however, as their latest official blog post came May 6th. Eurogamer is reporting that a “trusted source” confirmed that Sony plans to restore matchmaking on the PSN within the next couple of days.

Yesterday we learned that a Tokyo-based spokesperson warned that full PSN and Qriocity services may not be restored until May 31st, a timeline than devastated many PS3 owners. The key word in that announcement is “full,” however, as some services will most likely begin popping back online before others. May 31st is simply the likely “full reboot” day.

European Playstation community manager @MusterBuster seems to think that online gaming function will be restored before other services as he tweeted this after the May 31st announcement:

Once again, 31st May is the date for FULL restoration of PSN services. Restoration is phased. Online gaming will return BEFORE May 31st. 23 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Sony said in its latest update that they were still “verifying the system security.” The above “phasing” remarks suggest it’s possible that they will feel confident enough to begin restoring some services before the end of the month.

If online multiplayer comes back relatively soon – say within the week – how will that affect your attitude towards Sony? Have they already done too much damage to their reputation in your eyes?

Over the weeks that this has been playing out, I’ve written quite a bit on the subject. Most of the time I’ve received hundreds of comments, most of them passionate to say the least. I’ve noticed the common threads running through the comments, such as paid Xbox Live vs. Free PSN, whether to blame Sony or the hackers for the intrusion and debate over how Sony has handled the outage.

Here’s the question I want to ask PS3 owners: If online gameplay comes back within the next couple of days, will you go back to gaming and be content? If not, what exactly will you expect from Sony?

Also, out of personal curiosity, how many have actually switched to Xbox due to this outage?

PlayStation Network Back Up For Matchmaking Soon?
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  • Erich Frohlich

    I’ve been a PS3 user since launch date and I am quite happy with the system and its features. Of course this outage has bothered me due to the inability to play my friends online but it sure wasn’t a reason for me to switch to an xbox. Also because I have 40+ PS3 and PS2 games and it would be to much money wasted if I switched. Besides, this time was Sony, but tomorrow it could be Microsoft or any other major online Shop that also handles personal information from customers. Hackers are always learning new techniques to get in.

    Of course I would expect some kind of compensation pack from Sony as it was their fault of not having enough security in their system to avoid this attacks. Wether it would be worthy or not to me, I don’t know, I just hope I can choose from different options.

    Finally, I consent on how things are being handled by Sony. I rather wait a few more days (even until May 31st) for a thing well done, a real good security system that will guarantee the safety of our information, than to rush in bringing back everything online withour proper testing and leaving the possibility of having the same problem again in the future. I just hope that with this, Sony has learned to invest a little more in security.

    • WAFFLE1035

      I agree Sony has and always will be a great company and the PS3 is undoubtedly the best system on the market, granted I do have an XBOX my self but thats neither here nor there. The point is that I will not be switching for many reasons some already mentioned. Sony will come through this better for things, they know what happened and are doing everything possible to keep it from happening again. Rest assured if things do get more messed up than it is or if this happens again the blame wont be on Sony, as it is I dont think this one is completly their fault either. Hackers are tricky and are very good at problem solving if theres even the smallest most unseen crack they will find a way to slip through it.

  • sprog6

    traded my ps3 and games for xbox 360 and 3 games today. the waiting was doing my head in, but what really done it for me was sony not telling us anything. ps3 might be still offline xmas, hell i dont know, sony dose have an idea but aint saying,SONY aint say,n NOWT.. THATS WHAT REALLY DONE IT FOR ME. bye sony.

    • azphx

      your stupid x-box suck. i rather stick with my ps3

    • some dude

      GO OUTSIDE!! you Seriously cant wait a few weeks for your GAME system to come back online. Get A Life! Talk to a human being face to face for once in your life. Unbelievable!

    • carlozone

      have fun with the little red ring they say its quite entertaining when you get it and have to wait MONTHS for a new xbox console that will still break AGAIN … playstation all the way!

    • Real American

      do you think you could trade a 360 with 40 games and all the extra crap you would have had to buy just match what you got with the ps3 ,for a ps3 out of the box ,I don’t think so!!!!.
      Thats someone that cut his nose off to spite his face good, luck with the rest of your life

  • Noko

    While I’d be very pleased to at least see matchmaking up this week, I think Sony has already blown it multiple times.

    Not only are their updates always wrong, they fail to follow up with any timely explanation at to why their deadlines are repeatedly not met.

    The only way I’ll feel comfortable sticking with them long-term would be if they fire their CEO Howard Stringer. Not only did it take him 2 weeks to even publicly comment on the situation, he also gave an estimation for return of matchmaking that was not met with no apology or explanation since.

    At first I was so disappointed in their responses that I wished they would fire their entire PR department, but with Stringers lack of presence and/or ownership I now believe this all stems from poor leadership.

    It appears that he prefers to throw Pat Siebold and Kaz Hirai under the wheels instead of taking the roll of a leader in this very serious and unfortunate situation.

    • mine

      these people are always so quick to judge another…has it even occurred to people that perhaps Sony senior staff has put gag orders on the PR people? The fact is is this is a Japanese company, and they take a lot of pride in matters of respect and face as it were…yes they have repeatedly missed ‘deadlines’ as you call them…yes they have kept it somewhat in house, that is their way, and should be taken into account…I for one don’t much care about the outage, how long it takes, or any other such nonsense so long as it comes back properly, and stays up…should they come back and have another such problem in the near future, then i will begin to lose faith in sony

      • Whatanidiot

        Japs or Americans, French or Mexicans, it doesn’t matter!! An explanation would be nice.. Him coming out and saying, “Hey, we F’d up, but we will make it better. I’m not sure how long it will take, but it will be right!” Also, I would like for them to promise that any information that was obtained by the hacker will be destroyed and they will take care of anyone who financially loses anything. I will stick with PS3 because the system its self is amazing, but when you are a world wide operation, you need to take off your Japanese hat and put on your WORLD WIDE hat!!! It doesn’t matter where you are from, you are representing one of the largest companies in the WORLD, not Japan…

        • http://deleted dsmxjunkY

          i agree wit this guy,

  • http://facebook steel

    dont listen to these people just do ur job sony is the best.My friends be patient

  • demone_1

    i just hope stringer does somthing to make it right. if not i will probly swicth.

  • adfgg

    cant wait i want to go to x box but im not

  • Ted

    When PSN is back, I’ll be there. Will Sony be there? The lack of info. about this outage is bad and way to slow. I feel they should tells us more. Not only a real date for on-line game play but everything. What’s ahead, what next great thing are they working on?
    I hear MS is making a move to buy Skype. It should be Sony making these big moves. It’s time to break the bank Sony.

  • http://yahoo avatar0469

    As of now I will wait it out I all so have an xbox but have to brother’s that have PS3’s that I play on line with, so I will bet weaiting just hope it’s soon

    • lieutenantDAN

      i simply refuse to believe that sony will begin charging for online play…. they will never run out of money and anyone who says they will is stupid because they make many other things besides the ps3 like flat screen tv, cameras, dvd players, and many other things while microsoft only makes computers and SONY MAKES THOSE TOO! i would be very satisfied with online play returning sooner than 31st of may because i love playing online and dont want to wait any longer because IM BORED!! COME ON SONY!!!!!!!!

      • Whatanidiot

        Go outside dan… There is probably a ball in your back yard wanting to play with you.. If not, have your parents take you to the store.. They have them there…

        • Patrick

          I can’t stand you people with the,( I don’t care how long it takes.) Telling people to go outside and play. This just tells me that either, you all have another system, or you really don’t play all that much online. Because I have a life. I work over 40 hrs a week. I also have a wife and two young boys that play sports. But when the wife is at work and the kids are in bed. I want to play my ps3 Online with my boys from work… So yeah this bs from a multi billion dollar company is just outrages. To keep us in the dark this whole time is just bs. I’m sick of it. I have been a ps fan from day one, but honestly if this is going to really take to the end of the month or longer. I will for sure go purchase another console so I play and get my fix of BOPS.

  • Carbok

    I already am playing Xbox with Halo Reach and the Gears of War 3 beta. I like the Xbox look and feel. However, I bought portal2 and preordered Brink for ps3. Xbox seems to try and suck every dime out of you while PS3 seems to be content with you buying games and hardware. I will continue to buy games on both but most multiplayer will be PS3. The Kinect for my kids and the occasional Xbox exclusive. However if PS3 is not up by end of May I may go buy another copy of blackops and make the transition to XBOX permanent. I am debating cancelling my brink purchase since I only bought it for multiplayer.

    I really don’t care about sony compensation unless somehow my credit card or identity gets used. I just want it back up and running so I can escape for a few hour a day.

  • juju

    i jumped ship after the psn didnt come up may6th like they said it would i dont really know if i would come back after so many lies from sony when the psn does come up all my friends went to xbox long before the pns went down because of 45% game the released feb 22nd and it was killzone 3 the online game play is broke always getting kicked offline and error codes the whole time efore the psn went dowm and kz3 is a down grade frome kz 2 and kz2 was a down grade from kz1 im done peace….

    • Real American

      hope you have a lot more money left, so next year when microshit brings out a new console to keep up wii=2 & ps3 money money money these goys are all microkids allready you can tell by what thay say

      • Hello Reality

        Microsoft isn’t releasing a console next year, they would have announced. Nintendo is releasing to match the graphic level of Sony and MS, and to make a console more friendly to third-party developers.

  • hill2010

    I was sitting here contemplating on hooking up my xbox 360 and forgot i had to pay for it and there is another $100 piece i need just to go online to buy and oh yeah… it has the red ring of death. So yeah i thought about it and how stupid it would be!!!

    • robert

      i agree i have the same type of x-box and to tell u i have owned 3 and they have all broke but since ps3 i still have the fist 80gb and it has out lasted all the x-boxs ive had so yea i would rather wait for sony than to waste my money!!!

      • Patrick

        That’s funny I never owned an xbox, but I have had to buy two new ps3’s. Due to the blue ray laser dying on me… Within a two year time period .

  • robert

    look i would be happy if we got to play online in a few days and to tell you i feel as if sony doesint owe us a thing i believe they are doing the best they can for us and if they want to give us free stuff then fine but if they wereint then i would still be ok with that. I dont blame ppl who swithched over to x-box but did i NO!!!! i am loyal to SONY!!

  • steve from milltown

    I miss kickin @$$ in call of duty so much, I miss my online buddys, and i miss talkin sh!t to all the garbage @$$ players. Fuk x-box, all i gotta say is red ring of death, I hope sony gets this thang figured out before the weekend, I ‘m spendin too much money at the bar. WHEN WILL THE NETWORK BE BACK ON SONY!!! I want an exact date and time, none of this “couple days” or “by the wekend” or “by the end of the month” BULLS!T

    • robert

      i agree to that but a couple of days is better than the end of the month

  • azphx

    you know what, sony is alot better than microsoft. because you have to pay for online play on xbox. ps3 you dont. F*** Xbox

  • Pistolpete

    It was a free service that I lost therefore im not upset about that. What does concern me is that if I decide to use the pay service their with holding of the truth is a real problem. They should have immediately warned of the breach in security and allowed people to handle things how they saw fit. Also im not savy to all the technical issues but from what I hear and read their security was a joke to begin with.

    I’ll stay PS3 but dont feel sorry for Sony when the lawsuits are settled and they lose tons of money. But in the same sense you dont blame the bank for being robbed you blame the robber for being a criminal, which is what these hackers are. “we are legion” come on now…

  • Robert Sluss

    I will go back to online gaming but I am disappointed to say the least. I don’t think Sony owes me any monetary restitution but I feel as though they could have kept us better informed. Six days is too long to wait to tell someone their information may have been stolen. Regular updates before and after that which were informative, even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear would have been nice. I’m not switching to another platform for two reasons. First, the game I like to play (SOCOM Confrontation) is only available on Playstaton. Second, I simply have to much money invested in the Sony products I already own. I’m not happy with the way they’ve handled things but there’s not really a lot I can do about it. As for who’s to blame I think it’s both Sony and the hacker(s). Sony could have done MUCH better in handling our information and the hacker(s) are just plain criminal and you just cann’t expect much from individuals who think of no-one but themselves and their own beliefs.

    • jl

      um hello they supposedly had an outdated service with no firewall and the only reason i bought a ps3 was because of the online play so hell fucking yes they owe us plus they lied their asses off you have to compensate for the b.s. as well if you dont agree then youre a damn doormat lol

      • Robert Sluss

        I think they should give something just as a good busines jesture and a thank you for hanging around but as far as oweing read the user agreement. I’m just talking about the free psn not plus or other pay programs, of course they should reimburs them. Don’t forget, they were a victim here too even if they did make it easy.

  • E-company-Frank

    I thought one or twice of purchasing an X-box, however, if there controllers were more manageable i would have definetly bought one
    to get online and play Battlefield Bad Company 2. To this day I have not and probably won’t buy one.

    I also know the important measures the PSN has to take in order to keep hackers from hacking the PSN. Yes the delay suck, but it is vital.

    Keep up the good work Playstation, no one, and nothing is perfected and I know it must be hard running a multibillion dollar entertaiment company, and a tight security network wall at that, but, please hurry up.

  • leo y we still on this

    Y is everyone so happy playstation fucked up … and who knows if it was Sony that published that hack so we can have to pay for security later on …… think about …. Xbox thought about let’s charge $50 a year … playstation hey let’s bullshit a hack so we can charge them for some bull shit security … no u tell me how u think we should go with this Xbox or stay with playstation … who maybe next year another hack will appear and we gotta pay twice as much …. they talkin about .12 months free …smh only 12 it should be free we trusted Sony …. and we got fucked … instead of blogin work harder in putin up the network ….

  • nutzdeep

    the ps3 system is great, but now i dont know. Its not just me that uses my ps3, The whole family does. I pay for internet and netflix just so the kids can watch movies and play online games, but the question is will sony cover my “going to be month outage”? I hope so!

  • B

    I traded in my Xbox 360 on a PS3 cause I got the “Ring Of Death” twice and just got fed up. Now this whole Sony thing, was at first, pissing me off. However, not the I’ve been unplugged I’ve went back to doing more things outside. Such as, biking, hiking and still maybe a little playing around with some R/C Hobby stuff. So, in short, thanks Sony for not knowing how to keep your network secure. Your failures have given me back my life 😉

  • leroylives

    i just want to see my friend galvazombi

  • j d

    oh yes bro, as a playstation network guy i am good and content on going back online AS SOON AS iTS BACK ONLiNE… i also didnt put in any factual info on my account/(s) so i cant be effected… and i have a xbox and i pulled it out of the closet 2 play while psn is down just to use the 1 month free they have… still sux (which is why its been in the closet in the first place, obviously)

  • Onis

    I have both systems. Got the xbox 360 1 month after it came out and have had my ps3 for about a year and a half. In that time my ps3 has basically only been used as a blu ray player as I already had a large collection of xbox games. However, this changed when DCUO came out. since then it is the only game that I have played. Absolutely love it. However, not only is the psn down now, but soe’s servers as well, so even if psn does come back online for matchmaking in the next couple of days there is still no word on when SOE’s servers will be back up. Since the servers were brought down I have gone back to xbox. When they are back up I will go back to playing dcuo. But I must say, where dcuo released on xbox as well my ps3 would still be just a blu ray player to me.

  • sangre boricua

    am loyayal 2 ps 100% but i want 2 play on line ihave been w ps scence da 1 one an now everythin is dowon i don blame sony for it but pls hurry up i just bougth xbox 4 back up do da up date alredy lets rock n roll

  • Chandla

    I’m a full blown sony custumer, started with sega saturn then PS1 and been with them since… I had a feeling that this problem would accure sooner or later with how the systems have been more and more of a personal computer now. I will wait untill everything is back online before I switch to microsoft systems. I dont like them and dislike how they make there games and systems. Sony all the way and will get there new system in couple years. When x-box comes out with their new system, they know not to make the same mistake and learn from this. But nothing is going to change for me, I started playing games without online untill last year and i can wait a couple months for the problem be fixed and have better network than microsoft. One of the best benifits with PSN is that it is free and if they start charging i probably wont play online ever but i’ll still by there awesome games and game-on. If your not a die hard sony fan then you shouldnt own a x-box and never support them. Love PS and forever will, screw mirosoft.

  • j d


    • baesch819

      Very true and for the most part. What is the differance if some one stoll you’r card information from a store or psn. Seem’s to me people try to blame some one for every day accurances. Besides if you have a unauthorized charge on your credit card. You don’t have to pay it. MC and Visa will reimburse you. As far as identity theft, What can they do with your email address and home address. Same as every junk mail sender in the world. NOTHING so shut up and eat some fruit or some thing people.

  • burnurskin

    No I don’t like having to wait nor do I like being dragged around with this week or that week.But Sony is a great product,and Xbox is some crap.I’m not going to spend any money on anything Sony or Xbox til they restore online.Sony has released alot of games since the outage and they are losing alot of money.U ppl sit on here acting like Sony wanted to be hacked and go thru this B.S.Besides all these ppl talking about BLK OPS.BLK OPS was one of the most hacked games I’ve ever played.PPL where cheating on that from day 1.Then in between the games u hear all kinds of punks say’n n*gger this or n*gger that,like they would say that face to face with someone.It’s good this happened to Sony maybe u redneck punks will get out ur moms basement go up to a real N*gger and call them that.That way u can get both of your eyes beat to a raccoon effect and when the Network comes back up you’ll learn how to treat ppl with respect.Once again Sony do what u must just don’t give us the run around anymore.And please have some sort of security against the players that have to cheat to win games.

    • j d

      STFU NiGGUR… where the fahk u stay u little b!t#h? if u want u can come 2 TEXAS ill say it 2 ur face then stomp u boy… it aint our fault u cant play black ops u silverback jigga boo…

      • Chandla

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        • burnurskin

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        • j d

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          • burnurskin

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          • burnurskin

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        • j d

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          • burnurskin

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        • billy bob

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          • burnurskin

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    • 14:88

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      • 58plyfury

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        • j d

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          • Joe C.

            This is for you dummies who keep saying psn is free. its not free the price of psn is included in the price of games that you buy thats the way its been since psn has started up. and yes you pay for it. i myself think that sony owes us big but i dont care about that i just want a secure network without interruptions. im a diehard tiger woods player and also have alot of friends i play online with who have jumped ship i say to heck with that, playstation is by far the best. and as far as the lies and deception from the sony execs yeah that is the main reason i think they owe us big. 50% off ps4 when out and or $100. in ps store wallet would be nice either way im staying with sony. im not a very smart person but who would chance switching from the best to the ring of death seems like common sence to me to stay with sony

        • j d

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    • swazi

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  • shane madden

    the fact that it has taken so long to restore online gameplay suggests that sony is more concerned about our financial and personal confidentiality than our discontent and eagerness for gameplay… perhaps a feeling of responsibility for the hacking has a play in this but… that makes a big difference to me. i personally don’t do any business online through my video game system, but i am aware that many others do. i think that their concern for GETTING THE JOB DONE RIGHT… far outways any wait we may have. thanks guys for putting that kind of effort into it, and i look forward to resuming gameplay as soon as you guys KNOW it’s ready.

  • jamie luker

    playstationr is the one and only for me. first off its free to play online vs x box you have to pay. also ps has ben around longer. playstation should compensaite for all players who are worthy to the network.free map packs for call of duty would be nice or at least a price break.either way i love playstation and will allways hold them higher than x box. cant wait to play again.

  • XxHi_HaTeRz_xX

    I love sony but the lack of communication has me really thinking about getting an Xbox and no not because of the long wait but because i feel like they should be doing a better job of keeping their customers assured and comfortable but instead they just keep giving us the same update but in different wording I have been faithful to SONY but I think the runs over SONY seems shady dont feel like i can trust them.

    • j d

      what r u gonna do with ur ps3? because gamestop wont give u anything 4 it? they’re actually dropping new ps3’s down 100$… but if u want a trade my xbox360 4 ur ps3… e-mail me 4 details, sooper_villain_666@blazemail.com

    • joekool

      good thing i have both ps3 and xbox360

  • Wulfgar

    Most of you need to learn how to spell and write a damn sentence. Use this time idiots to educate your dumbass!

    • burnurskin

      nobody on here is worried about write proper sentences u F**K’n nerd.all we want is the damn network back up.u must be a F**K’n hacker urself to sit around and worry about some geeky S**T like that…lmao…ur lame

  • Slane31

    I am so sick of peoplke saying go outside! I work 10 hour days on a high pressure job, on the night shift so, I use online play to unwind and to keep in touch with my friends and family overseas. No one talks about that. I can’t go outside and talk to friends face to face….in Germany! So please keep that in mind. We are not all children that are just whining about our toys. I paid for a game system to do a specific thing. I am not getting full use of that system, and Sony is being very vague about when I can expect service. Just bad service.

    • XxHi_HaTeRz_xX

      Exactly well put you read my mind.

    • burnurskin

      I agree I have friends that r overseas and the network was a great way for us all to stay in touch and have fun.Great point

    • joekool

      i agree w u Slane 31, im a manager and i was using online to relax, now some dicks are stopping me from doing that! i hate fuckin hackers! their bad as lawyers!

  • GAkoolJ

    FUCK XBOX,PS3 is my shit all everyone wants is online gaming that’s not hard to figure out, if that happens then the bitching would decrease dramatically. ONLINE GAMING!!

    • joekool

      you make NO sense dumazz!

  • http://WhatHappens Charles

    What happens if you had money in your wallet and now its gone?

    • joekool

      get a job Charles!

    • jl

      go sell your ass and get it back lol

  • Michael

    I don’t game online so it does not effect me so much, but I would like to shop for more PSone titles again. Then again with those hackers I might just stick to gift cards :/

  • hector

    i will never play xbox im just happy that online play is coming back

    • joekool

      xbox360 is ok but there’s toooo many assholes online!

      • burnurskin

        more then playstation network?i’m damn sure not getting fu*kbox.

  • joekool

    question; for situations like DCUniverse online, i had membership that i had to buy and because you guys (Sony play station) must not’ve been keeping up you network security,some dick (s) hacked you! and now i lost what little time i had left on my membership with DCUniverse online! what i wanna know, are you guys going to doing something for those of us who had to buy a membership to play this game? p.s. i hope so!

  • anthony m.rodriguez

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW,…will i be reemburst for the month of april for the music unlimited i paid $10.00 and also $8.00 for net flex …i should get one month free for both which i paid for . don’t you think that’s fair?…i hope sony has thought of that?(your sony supporter) anthony m.rodriguez (AKA) RENEGADE3797

    • Lykens

      hey the netfliz still works, took me few days but i noticed it, try to sign in then hit o and it will still load and you can watch like normal, but you gotta go through to sign in errors first.

  • anthony m.rodriguez

    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW,…will i be reemburst forthe music unlimited which i paid $10.00 and also $8.00 for net flex …i should get one month free for both which i paid for i hope sony has thought of that don’t you think that’s fair?i also would like to add that im a sony playstation 3 supporter and i will still trust sony. (your sony supporter) anthony m.rodriguez (AKA) RENEGADE3797 (I GOT TO KNOW PLEASE REPLY) THANK YOU.

  • jl

    it sucks that the system went down but what i dont like is the fact that supposedley they had an outdated server with no firewall thats strike one strike two is saying ‘one or two dahys’ as the first alleged day of reservice and the final straws were the lies about the last updates ok sony fucked up and had an outdated system thats fine fix it and learn from it but dont lie to your customers that will cause people to never buy your products again

  • king

    i just want to play online !!!! F XBOX PS3 rules

  • Greg from Troutdale, OR

    Why go to a pay-to-play service.

    I just bought my PS3 last year and after BLUR, MAG, and KZ3 gave me problems I was ready to switch after this fiasco. But I have Bluray, Optical Audio, and free multiplayer when it does comeback. I would expect comp for my PS Plus since that has been paid for but unavailable before this mess.

    Verdict: Sticking with PS3

  • Wes

    Well, I only have to say that I am upset about the length of time it took to warn us that our names and credit card info was taken. I am now having to pay $40 a month for credit watch and identity left protection. I hope sony plans on reimbursing us for that and helping to protect us in the future. Other than that, I am Sony all the way. I am never going to Xbox. I had it and it had ring of death inside o 4 months of ownership. Xbox fixed it then and now after three times ring of death, out of warranty and they won’t fix. So I bought PS3 for Myself and one for my Son.
    You go Sony, just get it fixed and DON’T let it happen again. Sony PS3 Network Really Is The Best…………………

    • http://yahooo dorrisq11

      is your sons name wesley

  • Cire55x

    Of course I personaly will go back to playing online. My irritation lies with the moronic hackers who obviously are self centered
    as well as self serving who had to prove a point. Now that who knows what alphabet group is afer them I hope they don’t get
    much sleep at night. If it happens again we can get President Obama to send his people in

  • Luke

    The internet is a whole new world for game play.It was just a mater of time before this happened.Sony is the unlucky first.In my mind this makes sony more prepared,and hacker ready for the next attempt,if any were to arise again.I think sony should take as much time,as needed to protect it’s consumers.No mater how much the consumer complains,sony needs to do whats best for the consumer,and take as much time as sony has too.To protect it’s consumers from future attacks on it’s networks.

  • keno williams

    will just be glad when its back up but they should do something for playstation community and as far as x-box wouldn’t take one if they were giving them away and anyone who does wasn’t a true psn gamer or they really need a life

  • GrayWolfXX

    I have posted the same thing on Sony, playstations facebook wall that the lack of communication between Sony and its consumers and the press is simply unacceptable.
    How can a company that big simply ignore all its customers without so much as a word of what they plan on doing about a situation as bad as this one has proven to be?
    Its insane to think that we as loyal PS3 gamers are even standing for it. Everyday I hear some new rumor that ‘tomorrow the PSN will be back online’, yet each and everyday these rumours prove to be false.
    Without communication how can Sony possibly hope to fight off its rather strong competition. Already I know of at least 16 people who have abandoned in favour of the XBOX and XBOX Live which has had no problems whatsoever despite it being the online network you have to pay for.
    Each day i find myself having to fight for Sony because I believe their product is superior yet each day this is becoming harder and harder, until eventually even me an avid, loyal supporter of Sony and the PS3 will walk away.
    All I ask is that Sony tell us what in gods name they are doing. A date would be nice. Anything would be nice, but the last update on their progress was 4 days ago, so that means we have had FOUR days with nothing but rumour associated with Sony.
    No company should be allowed to simply black ball their consumers like this. It’s just totally unacceptable that a company as big as Sony can just ignore so many people who are crying out for something.
    This whole situation is made worse by the rumour that sony THEMSELVES instigated the entire hack to test their systems then lost control of those they had hired… What more do I say? If sony does not speak up soon this kind of rumour will become a false fact and suddenly its lost just a few of its customers but 99% of them.

  • mr

    why did they the (hackers) even hack it?

  • David Evans

    Yea I am not going to switch to XBox live Any time soon! I am just bying my time with WOW until it comes back up. I just miss playing w/ my friend on PSN. They just need to keep our info safe and get it back up and throw out the hackers that is hurting the game play

  • Bill

    Switch to Xbox.. No i don’t think so. But buy an Xbox for exclusive games sure. Most ones I know already have both.

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