PlayStation Network to be Hacked Again?

Rumors emerge just as PSN set to go back online

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PlayStation Network to be Hacked Again?
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If these latest rumors have merit, then it really couldn’t get any worse for Sony.

CNET is exclusively reporting that an undisclosed group of hackers are planning another attack on the PSN as early as this weekend.  From CNET:

An observer of the Internet Relay Chat channel used by the hackers told CNET today that a third major attack is planned this weekend against Sony’s Web site. The people involved plan to publicize all or some of the information they are able to copy from Sony’s servers, which could include customer names, credit card numbers, and addresses, according to the source. The hackers claim they currently have access to some of Sony’s servers.

Now, this would only be the second separate breach of Sony’s servers since the PSN most recently went down on or around April 19th.  Earlier this week, Sony reported that along with information from PSN and Qriociry, hackers had stolen info from its PC gaming division, Sony Online Entertainment.

According to Sony, this was not a separate attack but stemmed from the original event that forced the shut down of the PSN – though it is entirely possible that Sony just said that to avoid more backlash about the security of their network.  Taking them at their word, this second breach could be devastating to Sony and their customers.

Several weeks ago, activist group Anonymous famously took down several Sony sites as retribution for what they saw as unfair litigation against hacker George “geohot” Hotz.  Although Sony implicated Anonymous in the more recent attacks that forced the PSN shutdown, Anonymous has denied all involvement.

On Wednesday, they issued a press release which detailed their defense against the accusations.  They said that the “We are Legion” file Sony apparently found on its servers must have been a plant, put there to unjustly implicate Anonymous.  They said that it is against Anonymous’ goals to mess with credit card numbers:

In the realm of criminal investigation, there is an important aspect of investigations that should never be overlooked.  The “modus operandi” of a criminal rarely changes.  Whoever did perform the credit card theft did so contrary to the “modus operandi” and intention of Anonymous.  Public support is not gained by stealing credit card info and personal identities, we are trying to fight criminal activities by corporations and governments, not steal credit cards.

Whoever perpetrated the attacks look like they might be gearing up for round two, however.  This rumor emerges just as the PSN is planning on getting up and running again.  In a PlayStation blog post, Sony says that service will be restored in the “coming days.”

The newest blog post also gets more specific about the “Welcome Back” package that Sony is preparing as an apology gift to its millions of users.  The package will contain, among other things, WoW Gold Guide, and free month of PSN Plus and some sort of free game.

Sony’s handling of the situation has been an ongoing thread of anger from customers, many feeling like Sony should have been quicker and more forthcoming with all the information they had.  This post addresses that issue:

I know some believe we should have notified our customers earlier than we did. It’s a fair question. As soon as we discovered the potential scope of the intrusion, we shut down the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services and hired some of the best technical experts in the field to determine what happened. I wish we could have gotten the answers we needed sooner, but forensic analysis is a complex, time-consuming process. Hackers, after all, do their best to cover their tracks, and it took some time for our experts to find those tracks and begin to identify what personal information had — or had not — been taken.

If the new rumors prove to be true, it is surely questionable at best whether Sony can survive another prolonged outage and breach of information.  PS3 owners are already well, frustrated, to say the least.  Hopefully for PS3 gamers, these rumors prove to be untrue and they can get back to gaming in the next few days.

PlayStation Network to be Hacked Again?
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  • Me

    Why….? What are you getting out of doing this. You are not hurting Sony, you are hurting the people who just want to play their games. Isn’t there something else you could do with your time.

    • Jojo

      Dude I can’t even look at my ps3 I feel disgusted!! I do understand that the reasons for taking along time to get the online features to work is to prevent from getting hacked again.also to protect our online and personal information……which should be appreciated. I do understand how some other ps3 customers feel…….this might sound weird but i feel depressed about what has happened.to have ppl in this world who do with out thinking!!who take away from other ppl!!if the hackers identity were to be released there might be a mob of ps3 customers on a hunt for their heads.the cops should really try to get them before we do.

      • bob

        i am very disapointed in people in this world to.if they find these hackers cut there hands off

        • Liviadeclue22

          Well i agree with it all.. It is complete bs that sum ppl are that bored to see how others would react bout sony bein down but u got ur satisfaction now move on so we all can play wat we all paid 60 fn bucks for a game!! I can say that i cant beleive these computer genises.. Cant seem to get it all together.. I have been pateint for a month now… Plz get it fixed so we dont have to end up selling our systems n games which wont cost much bc theres no network!!

        • BMD

          I think a better use of the hackers talent would be to disrupt or track terrorist activity instead of playing around with online game servers.

    • Ron

      I think you are forgetting that SONY took PSN down, not the Hacker. SONY was perfectly happy hosting a Server with KNOWN security holes that GeoHotz warned them about.
      This is SONY’s issue and SONY’s doing. Just because someone pointed out the flaw does not make them responable for the flaw.

    • Bella

      Whom ever is doing this, just like any other bully, likes to see the other persons reaction. There is no real reason….they just like to feel superior. They need a time out in a Federal Prison.

  • carl

    fuking hackers nerds pieces of hitlers Shit!

    • http://aol.com jahmar

      yo can anyone see there pic of the plastion when u turn it on

      • http://yahoo wacko

        this shit is FUCK up

    • John

      U Mad Bro!!!!!!!!!! haha

  • http://www.ask.com corey

    really i mean u not huring sony u hurting all of the people that want to play the games i mean really get a life

  • http://facebook bryan


  • http://facebook bryan

    Go hack into a bank lol I wanna play online wtf this is fucked

    • John

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      • T_ray99

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        • John

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  • torre

    okay, okay hackers lets quit all the stupidity. If you all are so good @ hacking and so computer savvy then focus your attention on putting Sony out of business. The only way is to channel all that energy you have againgst Sony and come up with your own gaming network cause by the looks of it you all are just a bunch of ill guided HATERS! get a life

  • minh le

    i swear the F*****g god if i kno who doin dis u gettin blast with my AK-47 and Glocks 23 40mm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joe

      Dude shut your little kid ass up! I hope they hack your life! You are a complete moron!

    • Stupid News

      I’d personally like to see you shoot all three of those firearms at the same time.. That would be entertaining.

    • Shane

      How are you going to shoot them kid? You can’t play online with your collection of CoD guns. You should probably be using this downtime to work on your edumacation….asshole.

      • Stupid News

        *Applaud* Well said.

    • John

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      • little_Smurf

        ok shane ur telling stupid news to use the down time to get an EDUCATION. From the looks of it YOU cant even spell right so you should take your own advise and go back to the 2nd grade so you can re-learn how to spell. dumbass

        • flawed

          Too bad you don’t have your fake guns with you kid. BTW you’ll need lots of bullets for all the hackers out there. Good luck.

        • Stupid News

          I don’t think Shane was talking to me when he said that, actually.. I think he was actually talking to the kid that posted originally about shooting hackers with the AK and whatnot..

  • Chuy

    WTF You asshole hackers! I need my fix!!!!!

  • Carlos

    I’m getting REAL impatiant with Sony… They said (Monday? Or Sunday?) that the PlaystationNetwork would be up “this week”. It’s already Friday, yet there’s no sign of the PSN’s recovery.
    I’m getting fed up with all their apologies; that’s ALL they’ve given us.
    Sony, I dont WANT your apology, I dont WANT free shit.
    What I want is to play online again! To hell with your compensation!

    • ant

      yeh,who wants a free months crap we wont even use.twats at sony.

      • kaka702

        What do you want one thousand dollars for each member lol, not even 20, they would go bankrupt if they give even 10 dollars to each customer more than 77 millions users!

    • Kevin

      Well said my friend

      • Go outoors

        I thought I missed psn as much as the next guy, but some of you guys need to smoke some weed and go get in touch with nature. You need to stop worrying about things you have no control over. Besides Stupid News, this gives you more time to look at kiddie porn.

      • Sara..TS6

        I just want to play COD with my friends… Where are you all!!! Hurry please Sony.

    • BMD

      We have all been able to play free for a long time on Sony’s dime.
      It wont kill you to go outside and get some sun for awhile.

  • nathan

    I’m sure someone has been hacking Sony before the PS3 was out and daily since it’s been out, but seriously you dumb terrorist hackers why can’t you hack each other or the 360 for a while? How about something big enough to land yourselves in jail in a few hours. Learn Mac and do that.

    • ant

      yeh bro.fk em

    • Stupid News

      Another uneducated individual spouting off before researching the facts. THIS IS THE BIGGEST DATA THEFT IN HISTORY. It IS big enough to land them in jail, if they are caught. That is why there are a massive list of law enforcement searching for them.. including the FBI, AND HOMELAND SECURITY. If thats not big enough for you, I don’t know what is.

      • Bella

        …if they are caught. Should be when they are caught.
        It might take awhile but hopefully they will be caught.

  • ant

    crazy,you hackers really think sony will pay all there 77 million customers compo? dream on.you wont even bring them down.if it takes a year to get back online sony wont care,they will just keep going.and if we all go to xbox ,sony will just start up again with a better console and gaming.

    • eric

      am i the only one that thinks this was an inside job
      somebody must of worked for sony in the past
      and now doesnt work there and there getting back at sony
      for getting rid of them

      • moondustbandit

        I agree.

      • lilswv100

        i thought the same thing

      • Bella

        Yes, must of been, and still is, a inside job.

        • moondustbandit

          I feel the investigation will reveal all, though it may take some time. It would be nice to play online again.

  • Chris

    Ay stupid fuckin hackers i dare u to play me a in a game of. Of mortal kombat I’ll rape ur fuckin us so hard u won’t even remebr what the word hack means!!!

    • Kevin

      Are you really challenging hackers to a game of mortal combat? Lol. They’ll probably just hack you for trying to get revenge over a fierce game of mortal combat. Lol. Good luck to you my friend. Haha

      • be cool

        Really kid? Try challenging someone outside your lame games.

  • Chris

    Really guys?why couldn’t you hack xbox why Sony dude I just wanna play cod:(

  • Me

    You know this whole Playstation hack thing has me thinking…. What if the people behind the attack were forming employee’s of Sony. They did lay off 500 people and it is possible one of those people is pissed at Sony and could sold information to a hacking group to take the network down as a form of revenage. If Sony has another attack then it’s over for them and they should just hang up there gaming boots… No one will ever trust them again and frankly, who could blame them. Xbox here i come.

  • Dr-Shadow_JCT

    For what ever sony did to you the hackers, we did had nothing to do with it your not hurting sony by much with shutting down the psn.your hurting the people who play on it, and fi your plan is to make sony lose it customers by getting rid of the psn so what this means is customers who buy the ps3.than maybe you need to rethink things differently sony seel tons of iteams from headphones to tvs,so regardless sony will still be an ongoing company jus tnot in the gaming department.and last but not least if this is problem is because ps3 members say that Xbox 360 sucks well then maybe you have problems its apart of gaming world yeah i say ps3 is better than xbox 360 thats my opion im not saying i would never play xbox i love gaming so really i dont care what eyetem is better as long as i get to play. so im just asking you to rethink about what you are actually doing .

    • Stupid News

      Seriously? You look educated.. Do your research before you go spouting a bunch of nonsense for the world to see.. Are you aware that there is a 2 billion dollar lawsuit against Sony right now? Are you aware of what future lawsuits will stem from Sony not protecting the database strongly enough? They have done plenty of damage financially. Probably not enough to cause Sony to shut down, but it is costing Sony a very pretty penny at the time of this post, and will cost even more as time passes.. Not to mention having to answer to Congress for having sensitive information improperly secured.

  • lady k

    I say f*** them HACKERS with a stiff d***….& the way sony talking like this shit won’t happen again……SO let’s see what’s up…sony making psn stronger then ever that’s what’s up……

  • obama bin laden

    Fuck hackers I hope they all get hunted down like bin laden and shot in that fukn head for this shit I just wanna play some Madden assholes!!!!

    • John

      You Mad BRO!!! osama bin laden lookin azz

      • same face

        Hahah John thats right, show those addicted kids who all wana kill hackers now, why don’t they shoot themselves with their fake guns they got from COD?

  • jay

    fuckin hackers suck ass


    fucking hackers u just mad cause am crazy in cod black ops

  • Dr-Shadow_JCT

    oh yeah and lets not forget hackers you oonly to ok down the psn we still get internet we still can play two players and regardless ima stick to ps3 i can play single player games and i have two players games as well.and also think about whats going to happend to you the hackers when they catch you 77 million people with stolen identy credit card numbers, adresses personal info which i dont understand wy anybody would put that out on the internet. anyways your looking at some serious jail time

  • Johnny

    Wow, go hack xbox or something. More money involved there because they have top pay for their accounts. What a bunch of losers. How ’bout you use those efforts to get LAID YOU STUPID FUCKIN MOMMA TIT SUCKING NERDS!

    • ShadowOps

      Great thing about having to pay for our online is well.. we arent hacked.. =) im sure you can figure it out haha.. but on a serious note, I was on PS3 for a year before switching back to 360 and I love both consoles.. I also agree that the hackers should have their hands chopped off

  • griffen

    It’s difficult to control something that you didn’t have any control over in the first place. So take control!!

  • Fred-fred-burger

    Hahaha I am sorry Playstation users that you guys got hacked, blow my ****… That is all @(O_O)@

    • julius

      u know psn hase been down for like 2 weeks i hate it wtf

  • Soosweet

    Man im so tired of waitin 2 get online this is bullshit why cant we just hear sony is up and running

    • aaron eblin

      it will be back on in the middle of may

      • richard

        Im sure there are more out there like me that if the hackers try to use my credit information then hopefully debit collectors will stop harrasing me and start harrasing them with the constant all day toll free calling.REALLY hackers with all your talent cant you just get a real job?? or at least be like robin hood and do something for the little people like erase our bad credit and debit.at least then if you got caught you would be seen as a martyrd saint instead of a devil. STOP HURTING THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!

      • Superman

        Everyone who believes that these hackers aren’t hurting Sony should take a good look as to what is going on. The comments posted here are just a fraction of the gamers/consumers/customers who are already having second thoughts about SOE, Sony has a rep to protect, if they begin to lose our trust then the hackers have most assuredly hurt Sony. I agree with most of the comments, I don’t want anything free, I just want to get back to enjoying my PS3. I’m quite sure that these hackers read these blogs as well and I would tell them to focus their attention at Exxon Mobil who (after all was said and done) made $10.9 Billion and gas is still $4 or more. Just a thought

        • calvinstew

          ^^^ THIS! go get the gas companies! ah man, best comment i’ve ever heard.

          but i will say that for a group of people to take credit card info – this means they dont give two shits about the little guy. that should be pretty apparent by now, so i dont know why people are going on with the “by trying to hurt sony, youre hurting us instead” comments. this was about a payday. THEY didn’t shut down PSN – sony did. i bet they were content with quietly taking people’s money.

          playstation. it only does … identity theft.

      • Bella

        Yes I agree, should be a month after all this happened.

        • abcd

          Stop hurting little people? rofl then become a big person and grow up.

  • MR.Sweetskin

    (")_(") Fuck yea Playstion FOr LIFE


    This is bs mortal kombat released and cant play online. i cant wait until it is up. effin hackers get a life better yet a job you losers.

    • aaron

      fuck u hacker crackers

      • ShadowOps

        $10 says the head of anonymous’ name is Neo =/ ROFL that would be so sad…

  • Stupid News

    If in fact hackers “do their best” to cover their tracks, why the hell would Anonymous leave a file linking them to the theft of the customers database? Makes absolutely no sense. Anonymous has openly confessed to ALL of the attacks that they have ever performed, so why would they deny involvement this time? Anonymous is not to blame for the stolen information, in my opinion. They are being framed. Quite clear to see. I hope people stop accusing Anonymous for this attack, and do some research to see what Anonymous really stands for. It surely isn’t stealing consumers credit card information for resale..

    • LKJudg3

      Agreed, the small file could have been left over from the 1st Anon hack or planted. On a hack that big it is tough to close all of gates you opened on your way out. Their hack was not malicious, but it did make it easier for people to get in. That still makes Anon a bunch of A**holes. Perhaps they give toddlers loaded guns too. Not everyone in Anon is harmless hacktivist either. Either way they broke code. Time to find them and slice them. Some of us hackers have moved out of Mom and Dad’s basement. Maybe after their CPU’s crash and burn they will get a life.

      • Stupid News

        I partially agree with your opinion, but everyone is capable of making their own decisions, and Anonymous doesn’t stand for this kind of crap.. However, certain individuals could have acted on their own, against the intentions of Anonymous.. That does not make Anonymous guilty. Those individuals are cowards, regardless of whether they are Anonymous or not. Either way, this theft goes against everything Anonymous stands for. I think that the hackers that did steal the information used the planned attacks from Anonymous to cover their tracks while they stole the information.. pretty sneaky indeed.. And they are trying to avoid being caught. What better way to do that than by leaving a file on Sony’s database pointing the finger to someone else?

        • LK

          Most of Anon tends to keep to the code and they can pull of a decent hack. They do need to thin their herd a little bit though.

          • Stupid News

            That I can agree with completely. But how can you monitor who is and who isn’t Anonymous? It is just an online entity.. having any means of keeping a members list would defeat the purpose of being Anonymous.. I was also reading that there are sub-groups that work with Anonymous as well, but aren’t a direct part of Anonymous.. Either way, they will surely find whomever stole the data, and I feel sorry for those people..

          • calvinstew

            really you feel sorry for ‘em? and food for thought – since it’s supposed public knowledge that the anonymous group is “about” this sort of thing; wouldn’t that make for a great cover up?

            like, if ghandi had murdered someone – people would say “ah he’s not ‘about’ that so it can’t be true”

          • calvinstew

            i meant that since its public knowledge they they are NOT “about” this sort of thing.

          • Stupid News

            I understand your point clearly, but its already been confirmed that it was not Anonymous that was behind the attack, which is exactly what I thought to begin with. Yes, it would have been a good cover up, but heres some food for thought: Wouldn’t it be a great way to thwart the authorities and give them a false lead? And I won’t feel anything for them actually. I was more or less using that as a figure of speech, not in a literal sense.

          • calvinstew

            yeah, good point.

      • jimmie

        im going to buy an x box like every 1 else

        • Bella

          Not “everyone else” is getting a xbox. I just purchased my slim ps3 a few months ago. Even if this goes on longer than it should, I will not buy a xbox.

          • Johnny

            Hellz yeah, power to the gamers. I hate people who, as soon as there horse’s leg breaks, take out a gun and shoot it and get a new one. even without online PS3 still rules.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      yeah, Anonymous has owned up to its work in the past, so they have a pretty good deal of credibility when they deny these attacks.

      • Stupid News

        Thank you! Another informed individual! There is hope for humanity!

      • calvinstew

        then again … who in their right mind would EVER admit to this hack???

        • calvinstew

          also … please dont hack me for my comments – i’m just conversing here! aha!

          • Stupid News

            If Anonymous was behind this data theft, they would surely take credit for it.. How could anyone do anything about it if they did take credit for it? There is no one person that is Anonymous, there isn’t even a group of people that are Anonymous.. Anonymous (used as a mass noun) is an Internet meme originating 2003 on the imageboard 4chan, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain.[2] It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known. There is no way they could prosecute them for the theft if they did steal it. But they didn’t, so that is irrelevant.

          • calvinstew

            ahhhhhh ok

  • ShadowFalls

    Did anyone bother reading the article? It is more likely a group that specializes in “hacking” for profit. They steal credit card numbers and sell them. I don’t think they expected Sony to catch on so quickly. Their ‘plant’ of evidence was to just throw law enforcement off. Though people might dislike Sony for taking down PSN, they did they right thing. Would you rather get your gaming fix and let Sony’s servers be free game in the meantime?

    Sure it is irritating, but at least you aren’t paying for a service you aren’t getting. If you are PSN Plus subscriber, I am sure Sony will issue refunds for that as well. Patience is a virtue after all. Isn’t exactly easy or quick to rebuild your entire network service from scratch and make sure it all works fine before going live with it.

    • LK

      A new and stronger network is worth waiting for. I have a lot of single player games that do not require the network, so I can wait. More than likely that last file was planted or old. They have not shared the time stamp with us have they? Nope. Then how would we know?
      If I were Sony I would be hiring GeoHot.
      I hope Anon picks better targets in the future so they don’t break the code again.
      I hope the jackass that pulled our info goes to federal pound you in the a$$ prison.

      • calvinstew

        i just wikipedia’d that geohot guy. and yeah that seems like it might be a good idea to hire that guy. but damn, what a conflict of interest huh?! lol

        he might fix it – and then make it so a year later playstation store sends all the funds from every single account into his own offshore account in the camans; then just tip out to thailand or amsterdam for the rest of his life!

    • Stupid News

      THANK YOU for being one of the most well informed people to post thus far. I wish there where more people like you, honestly.

  • Chad

    You know I have read a couple times over that the Sony executives know who is doing this. If that is the case why aren’t they doing anything about it besides blaming Anonymous. Usually when they do something they admit it proudly even though they might be hated for it. However they have blatantly said that they didn’t do it and damn it I am keen to believe them. I agree with “Me” two posts up in that it is very possible that it is a disgruntled former Sony employee. By the way, this is just a warning for my fellow PS3 gamers. When you get it back online and all be sure to delete your billing account information after a purchase. That is what I did and it is probably the best decision I have ever made

    • LK

      To keep said hacker from running….Go public….they run and go off the grid. You seem to be pretty smart. I am surprised you missed that. Yes, never save your purchase info. You should also use a credit card with a small limit and have it looked after by your bank for odd purchases. You can also use a cash card that you only put so much money on. All good ways to stay more safe.

      • calvinstew

        i cancelled my card and had my bank expedite me a replacement like the second day shit was down and i noticed a bit of buzz about the possibility for credit card stuff being taken. my credit took a LONG time to get looking like it does, so i’m not even risking it.

        and going forward – i’m just gonna head to walmart and cop a couple of those prepaid playstation store cards.

        • Bella

          I’ll never use my credit or debit card on psn again. With the possibility of another attack, real or not, I canceled my card today. Now I just hope it doesn’t get lost in the mail.

  • Aron

    Man u hackers. Leave Sony alone they provide good entertainment and have done for ages there not harming anyone. Hack the bank or something they and the government fucked up our economy so take it out on them. We just want to play our games. You say ur fighting the cooperation but can you not see it’s the everyday joe’s that u fucking up. We didn’t do u nothing please leave us to play our games man

  • Mike Neill

    What the crap??? Get a life you effing jerkoffs!!! I’m a patient person but, damn if I don’t want to play some COD online. To all potential hackers, GROW UP!

    • kids 4 life

      can say same thing to you: To all potential gamers, grow up

  • julius

    i got kicked of psn on 420 ant tht some shit

    • LK

      Sad, but at least you could still toke.

    • calvinstew

      ahaha! indeed it is!

  • willie smith

    The FBI need to get involed and track down these ass hoes that’s doing this I know all comany have some type of tracking device who ever doing this need to do some time to me this a terrorist attack some need to hack the hacker

    • Stupid News

      FBI is involved. As is Homeland Security.

      • stupiddumbhackers

        ummmm, Please tell me I’m not the only one who cares that these hackers stole and are hoping to sell all our personal information?? Granted, most of it, like names and addresses are public information anyway, but damn, my bank information isn’t….

        Wonder is Microsoft hired these assholes to bring down Sony

        • calvinstew

          haha – thoughts a funny comment. microsoft attacking sony. lol

          • Bella


  • CArlos Herrera

    WTF man hakers cut that shit oout i know you guys have good intentions at times but this crap has to cut out go hack xbox instead

    • LK

      Why? Live broke down for 14 days all on its own. Nobody hacked it. Just broke sh!t. They don’t have to. Just kidding. They do paint a better target for money, but no hacktivist group was currently attacking them (XBOX). So there would have been no one else to blame.

      • calvinstew


  • http://hG jc

    I’m out. Tired of waiting , going to get xbox and sell ps3 while is worth something, bye

  • john

    when it comes back up just give me the new boreds on cod for free

    • Pissed off

      Ok hackers we understand that you can steal billions of dollars!! Please just let us play our games! You are wrecking peoples free time! When you are found by the FBI you are fucked! I hope that you know that!! Good luck.. I hope that your in a cell with a 400 pound serial killer!!! Have fun in prison……..

      • pissed off my ass

        Are you stupid or what? NO such thing as 400 pound serial killers because that fat pig wouldn’t even move fast enough to kill somebody.

  • Kevin

    Hmm, their a bunch of fat, bald, man loving, 40 year old men that all live in a one bedroom appartment and hack naked. Not only do they rely on their moms to pay their bills they also never intend on holding a real job and will sit behind a computer all day masturbating to animal pornography. They haven’t seen the sun in 15 years so they are like little pale porch monkeys. They have to hack a major corporation because they’re mad at the world because they were sexually abused by their fathers when they were younger. Pathetic

    • LK

      Pale Porch Monkeys…….hahahaha! I have heard that that species melts in direct sunlight and breaths only WOW.

      • Kevin

        Lmao! It’s a new species found in enclosed bedrooms without windows!

        • LK

          Sad thing is I remember when hacking was about discovery. I was on computers way before broadband and was hacking boxes when the best you could hope for was a 14.4 connection.
          I never took one thing from anybody. That was for c0ck smoking criminals to do.

          Oh yeah, did you know the pale porch monkey only bathes once a year in a cattle tub of Code Red Mountain Dew.

          • Kevin

            Yeah man, there are people who hack for better causes, not to ruin the fun for everyone else. Hacking dosnt bother me unless it effects me. And I lol’d at the red mountain dew bathing thing you said, haha! That was well said my friend!

    • calvinstew

      perhaps this is so they can go to prison and reenact some of those repressed and dearly missed abusive sexual feelings from ‘ol dad.

  • Rhonda

    What better way to steal a competitor’s customers than destroy their reputation?

    • SASKIE

      well said i was thinking that as well.

  • fedup

    fuck. hackers lick my ball sack

  • Steve

    Oh HELL no!

    If Sony does get taken down, they are buying me a 360, xbox live, and compensate me for all the games I bought.

  • willie smith

    I miss playing black ops online with my friends so to all fucking hacker go fuck each other and hack their ass ho worthless shit head now hack that

  • jackson

    Ricca knows riker meee….turn the psn on so we can play already to the ricca goes the meeeeee

    • AkaSmofo

      Wats ur online id

  • Sara..TS6

    When we find out who these hacker pieces of shit are can’t we file a Billion Dollar lawsuit on them for something.

    • idiot.com

      No you can’t stupid, cuz you can’t afford nothing then your lame games.

  • Skit

    FUK YOU SONY!!!!wtf is going on.hurry the fuk up

  • chris

    They need to hang these fucking cock suckers by their balls if they have any.


    anybody that has mortal kombat once psn is up challange me killerma261.

  • Kas Da God

    These damm hackers better hope the law gets to em before PS3 VIGILANTES do like DENNIS HOPPER said”BAD NEWS MAN,BAD NEWS”…if gmaers feel like i do theses hackers could get hurt real bad!!!!

  • http://PSN Praylove7

    It’s an inside job, I do want Sony back on-line a.s.a.p , but we all must just be patient , This is our personal information we’re talking about, I’m mad also, but I’ll be even more mad if someone use my identity. Let’s put this matter in Jesus hands an let him deal with them, I promise they’re going to be sorry.

    • LK

      LoL! Because Jesus has a proclivity and love for violent gaming right? Just kidding man. I am pro Jesus, but their are a lot more important things to pray for. Besides, Jesus would tell you to forgive them…

      • calvinstew


        ah man i laughed way to hard at that … hell, here i come.

  • JC

    look get a life its true no mater what u do we are the 1s geting hert sony gots money dumdassis thay got it all so just fuck off dont u see if we find u or thay do u will sufer badly u think u can hide forever hahaha so just let us play man did ur mom teach u to be dumd get a life

    • calvinstew

      dumd? hmmmm

      • Bella

        Ahhhh, the education of today’s youth (hert/hurt dumd/dumb thay/they sufer/suffer), makes my head hurt trying to figure out what they are really trying to say.

        • tom

          JC is a 5 year old kid who substituted the ps3 for breast feeding.

        • calvinstew

          yhea eye noe wut yoo meen. mabee thys “plaistayshin nettwerk beeng doun sichuayshin” iz uh gud theeng. thys kuntree sherr kud yooz hellp gitteeng kidz tu poot moar f-ert ihn thare ejukayshin.

  • Roni Carter

    Ummm to the hackers. I dont kno wat sony has done to their consumers, but if yu were to let us kno we wud be happy to try n understand yur positions.. on the other hand to my knowledge xbox has really been outrages with charging their players to play online. personally i feel if there was sum1 to go after it wud be them, unless yur not good enough to hack them!! Just sayin!..

    • calvinstew

      pwaha! reverse psychology for the win!

      but yeah i would like them to even the score a bit. yeah yeah i know that golden rule thing … but how bout that misery loves company thing? i’m sick of cats i know with xbox telling me shit like … “hey man, just so know … i kept my xbox signed online all night last night … just for the fuck of it. kinda like pouring out some brew in your honor”

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