PlayStation Network Down, Latest Update Admits “External Intrusion”

PSN now down for days, no official details on when to expect resolution

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PlayStation Network Down, Latest Update Admits “External Intrusion”
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Since Wednesday of last week the PlayStation Network, Sony’s online gaming platform, has been offline.  Last weekend saw the launch of two major games for the console, Mortal Kombat and Portal 2, which much to the chagrin of gamers are unavailable for online play.

On Thursday, Sony announced on the PlayStation blog that they had shut down the PSN for a day of two to investigate an unknown outage.  The U.S. blog was vague about the outage, but the EU blog hinted that the network had been hacked.  Shortly, that blog post was redacted and a new one was posted mirroring the vague U.S. post.

Many on the interwebs blamed the outage on hactivist group Anonymous, citing their previous takedown of the PSN.  “Operation Sony” was the hackers’ planned campaign against Sony in response to recent legal battles staged against PS3 hackers like George “Geohot” Hotz.

On Friday, Anonymous addressed these rumors with a message titled “For Once We Didn’t Do It.” In that statement they acknowledged that individual Anons could have acted unilaterally, but officially AnonOps was not responsible.:

While it could be the case that other Anons have acted by themselves AnonOps was not related to this incident and takes no responsibility for it. A more likely explanation is that Sony is taking advantage of Anonymous’ previous ill-will towards the company to distract users from the fact the outage is actually an internal problem with the companies servers.

Sony has now admitted that it was, in fact, and “external intrusion” that caused the shutdown of the network:

An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.

The latest update also provides no timeline for the network coming back online, and the lack of total transparency in the matter must be frustrating to PS3 owners.

We sincerely regret that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been suspended, and we are working around the clock to bring them both back online. Our efforts to resolve this matter involve re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure. Though this task is time-consuming, we decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security.

We thank you for your patience to date and ask for a little more while we move towards completion of this project. We will continue to give you updates as they become available.

A 5 day outage has to be incredibly annoying on its own even if the service is free.  But if the network has indeed been hacked, the lack of full disclosure must be frustrating considering the PSN contains user information and even credit card numbers.

The last time the PSN’s biggest competitor Xbox Live had a severe outage, they gave all users a free arcade game for their inconvenience.  I wonder how Sony will make this up to its loyal customers.

PlayStation Network Down, Latest Update Admits “External Intrusion”
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  • Jim

    Sony has already made it up to their loyal customers by NOT charging us a monthly service for online gaming.

    • Mullenator

      I completely agree. I think it is great that Sony offers the free network. In my opinion they should considering how much the hardware and software for the systems cost. $50-$60 for one game. Lets get real. It probably cost pennies on the dollar to manufacture one game.

    • Travis

      i think i’m pretty loyal, wheres my GAME

      • amador92313

        for real i want a new game ,i love battle field its the best game next to god of war .and i would love to be able to play now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • oscar ruben


    • Altec Vakiz

      I totally agree. This is serious stuff and I think Sony is taking it seriously and in the right fashion.

      If anything, I wish that we could find these a-holes scumb bags called hackers and take a hammer to both their hands like the Casinos in Vegas used to do when the mob ran everything.

    • jack

      I will agree with you if my credit card isnt charged up because the hackers stole all our personel info.but if my card get charged boom there goes your free arguement.Dont you think it would be good if ps would atleast tell us if the hackers have all our credit card info or not?thats wht i bought xbox this weekend.its not because i blame ps for the outage it because i blame ps for not being up front and just tell us if are info is safe

    • cody


      howeverEA games recently released online passes for alot of its new games like dead space 2 and bulletstorm. so perhaps they aren.t as free as we seem.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/playstation-network-down-latest-update-admits-external-intrusion-2011-04?replytocom=83295 cookehz


  • http://psnnetwork the_man_675

    i know that it is down i want to know when it will be back online

    • playgamesrockout

      i do too i hope it gets back soon so i can get back on black ops zombies and can my round back up to 87

  • Pissed off

    Sony doesn’t care about their consumers. It’s an elitist company that basically says tough crap it free so deal with it. When Socom Confrontation released it was down for nearly a week and it was no sweat off their back. Sony needs to get their s*** together or they will be the new Nintendo.

    • Tom Thayer

      As of the 19th my PSN has been out of commition. To tell you the truth yes it is frustrating that I am unable to play my on-line games, but to tell you the truth I more aggrivated and concerned with the fact that my credit card number is linked to my account. I have had no unususal charges to my card, but who is to say that my and 70 millino other customers info isn’t floating in the breeze for any Tom Dick OR Harry to get access to it. I would feel more at ease if they would at least release a statement not on when the network will be up and ruuning, but to assure all of us that our info is secure and not to worry. I don’t need a free game or really expect anything for free. I would relly just like piece of mind in knowing that they are doing everything they canand assure me that I have no need to worry that some asshole in the country somewhere has my credit card info.

      Sincerly Yours

      Tom Thayer

      • todd lindamood

        you are a god damn idiot, cry about something else, your credit card info is safe,, here asshole here is my social 228 15 8652 what can you really do with it???? companys have fraud protection so get some attention by saying something useful and not being a baby

        • Megan

          wow, you’re a dumbass. I would be pissed to if my credit card number were floating around.

        • keila

          UR the idiot dumbass whenn u get identdy theft dont cry when some1 makes u bankrupt for being stupid and mean

  • Raven

    I’m sorry Jim, but that’s a butt kissing comment on your part… There’s a PS3 network, because if you compare the price of the XBOX 360 and the price of a PS3 there’s a difference there. I would say that the cost for the network comes out of the unit. I wanted to spend money by buying games on their store and I can’t. At least give everyone a coupon or something

    • joey

      PS3 cost more then XBOX because its a better product and because it has a blue ray player. also it is only a 100 dollar difference, you spend that in your first two years of Xbox live. I think the Xbox is an okay system dont get me wrong. I own both but I will admit the Playstation is twice the system. I got my Xbox as a Xmas gift a few years ago and its now my DVD player for my bedroom.

    • GypsyXHunter

      I thought ps3 was free and of course its twice the system that xbox360 will be always plus we dont pay for online, unless you have psplus which i beleive is ok. No red ring of death for 500bucks for 4years. I save that amount every year with a ps3

      • christian Stevens

        dont get it twisted. i got the red ring of death with the ps3, however it was just the red blinking light lol. fried!! i had to send my ps3 to sony to get a new one in return. they sent me back one that would accept discs lmao, what aholes. so then i had to send that one back for another and it was fine. its been a yr now crossing my fingers that it doesnt happen again. but ps3 has the so called red ring of death lol

  • Chris

    This is what I HATE! about hackers. Everytime they throw a bitch-fit about something they expect revenge (Why must revenge always motivatve these people). Then by acting on their immature feelings they piss on every other user that just wants to play games, get add-on content, and redeem codes (such as myself). These dumb hackers need anger management.

    • http://Maddenevolution Oldstalecheetos

      These hackers really need stiffer laws subjecting them to the penalty of death. Perhaps then their little hissy fits wont effect EVERY other person using the systems feature, with no clue or care to what the hackers problem is… DEATH PENALTY for cyber criminals!

      • jbishere75


  • Jason

    This is bs I’m ready to sell my ps3 I only play online games have not found a off line game worth my time since god of war three, can’t these idiots at least give us a real time frame when the network will be back up?????????

    • j d

      what do u want 2 sell ur ps3 4? u want a xbox360? send me an e-mail…. u send me ur ps3 i will gladly send u my 360

  • naypom

    The subject at hand is every 1 is pissed the f*** off and we want some thing in return almost a week and i cant play on line . most of my friends already traded for te xbox360 soon i will to if its not fixed

  • joey

    Man guys real sorry because i cant find the information again but the report i read this morning has a source from sony saying that they plan on getting the online services back up and running today for Japan and if everything goes as planned the US should be back up and running by some time tomorrow.

  • joey

    PS im mad also, i had a long weekend that i planned on filling with non stop Mortal Kombat and hopefully a double point weekend of Black Ops but from everything im reading and hearing it wasnt Sony’s fault. Their communication for customers during this whole process sucks to say the least but they got hacked. I saw a story on you tube about a guy who hacked into the French National Security System. Hackers are good now a days, no matter what sony does to prevent these things from happening there is going to be someone with the knowledge to cause problems for Sony if they decide. I hope Sony learns from this and in the future when something like this happens they trust the customers a little more and keep them informed even if the only news you have is bad news. Over all though I agree with Jim, our service is free and over all it isnt half bad. I lost a week of gaming but it didnt cost me a dime.

  • jack

    Well as hard as it was,i broke down and bought an xbox. Now that i have played i cant beleave it took so long to buy. There is a monthly fee but there is no lag.The controller is a little dif to get used to but.The game play is hands down better.I dont know how xbox can have the same game with no lag and ps3 cant maybe for yo guys with all this down time they will atleast fix the flaws we have had as ps owners.i have been a ps fan my whole life.Owned all of them.And have been a hater of xbox but what a fool xbox so far is hands down 10 times better cod play.Sorry to cut ties sony but the lack of when you will be back up forced me away and i am now an xbox man

    • last1out

      Im guessing you work for Microsoft

    • alfred

      wow it sucks you sold out because some punks with more brains than common sense messed it up for everyone. enjoy that fee and the same price for games with a system that cant hold its own against the wii? look guys this isnt sonys fault this is a business trying to protect its interest and consumers… how do u think they dont care if they r making us wait this long and taking the risk we come back after the smoke clears, while 2 great games are launched! no.no.no. the outside source is responsible and they deserve time. they have every credit card on the system!!!!! thats a felony!!!!

    • Jenka Alvour

      You are a real piece of work, selling out because you miss playing your game. Please, get a life. And am i the only one that uses the PSN on my PSP? hell i wouldn’t have even known it was down if it wasn’t for me finally updating and it downloading this software i wanted to check out.

  • http://webpronews.com taztankers

    sony doesn’t care about any of there customers they say they have been working arownd the clock but they probably didn’t even work this weekend and probable only work 8hr days. I think i’m going to switch to X-BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jack

      I always hated xbox,but i had to break down and try it,The fee is different to get used to but i havnt had one bit of lag since i purchased.And trust me i am a playstation man,but no real time line when they will be up and the xbox is on sale.so i did it.And if paying a monthly fee will make playstation lag free i would pay for that.Black ops is a whole new game without lag.Rent the xbox at movie shop and try it.I cant beleave im saying it but xbox has networking down way better.NO LAG. I do hate the controller lay out but i am getting used to it.Sony didnt do it ,but sony did leave us hanging and waiting for answer.

      • Ethan

        Hey guys i know its annoying the systems down and we cant play online but you guys do have other things do do, or am i wrong? But the only thing im mad about with sony is the lack of communication, but im still not getting an X-Box.

  • Jonathan

    I agree with Jim also. I mean it wasn’t the end of the world. With the PSN down I actually hung out with the family during Easter. And to my surprise I had a good time. PSN will be back up soon and after a “day or 2″ of 6 hr cod sessions , I’m sure most of us will slowly forget this hiccup in the network. I have an x box as well but i have older games and no x box live account. The temptation to set the live up and buy x box black ops was sooooo hard to turn down. But when you get the same good service from Sony. I figured it’s worth waiting. Sony has given me free service the past 5 years. The least I can do is wait patiently 5 days:)

    • Silverdr4gon55

      i am with you on that. i have been with them since PS3 has come out and i don’t mind wait a while for them to fix what is wrong with PSN.

    • jack

      You should rent it first,For real there is no lag.I for real dont hate sony.They have been way cool for years.And free is awesome they could have charged and didnt.I way give them credit.Just got jonesing for COD had to do it.I would have waited a month if they had said that but all they say is.Indefinetly.and i wanted an xbox before they sold out.because i heard through another blog ps could be down for a month

      • Gus

        im a qriocity member and a plus member i hope that all the time it takes will be replaced by sony cause that does cost money i cant even watch my netflix i feel like my 40 bucks i spent this month is just going down the drain.

      • eric tustin

        Its free you are right about that, but the ps3 and games aren’t!! I dont think it’s the end of the world, but in another hand doesnt your customer base deserve to know if there info with credit cards linked to their accounts are in harm, 2nd dont we have the right to an explonation to as of when (round about time frame) the psn will be back up and working correctly again. By no means am i bitching about the problem, this kind of situations happen,its life. I grateful that ps doesnt charge for online gaming, but imo thats one of the reasons your sale are so high. the lag doesnt really bother me for one i dont have it too often, this can be fixed by a better router. and last to the wacko guy all your files are saled to your hard drive so they will still be there when PSN gets up and moving again.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/playstation-network-down-latest-update-admits-external-intrusion-2011-04?replytocom=83295 cookehz

        YOU KNOW WHAT: Listen you may not take a kid with the name cookehz but PS3 will be the new saga your right and also why does Japan need to worry about PS3 they are radiated… no offence but im happy to hear it will be bak soon. But im also not happy with the fact that our information our adress credit card number, and out phone line listen just i hope it will come bak soon!

      • aaron

        Maybe if enough people leave ps3 for xbox, ps3 would start charging for there online service. Then everyone would think it was better since they would have too much pride to dispute the validity of a service that they paid for.

  • Pcmp

    This is bullshit!! And the second time I know of. I just dont understand why its taking so long. We just bought a new game and bam the networks down. Im calling them start calling sony playstation everyone. Lets try to do something if 5 million plus gamers start in maybe we can get something done. I bought playstation 3 because it was free online. Really people its not free I pay for my fudgeing internet every month why get double charged. Shit they flip to pay Im flipping to xbox they havent been hacked yet this id fudged.

    • tony

      your an idiot

  • Tyrone

    Hello I see everybody’s opinion about the PSN situation and their are good sides but truth be told every system needs to be upgraded their is not one system in the world that someone has hacked or tried to hack for personal gain, people being mad about they missed a full weekend on playing so what, big deal the world is not going to end because you did not play last weekend. What about the weekends and holiday’s PSN did give you FOR FREE, some of these people willing to just drop PSN like you are not going to get back on when it does come back available you are fooling yourself, look if you have the extra money to get these other systems then have at it but me I have loved playstation since they came in existence I will save my money and will wait for PSN to come back up those are true Playstation lovers not people who will leave on a dime when something is not working when you want it to work for you. To sum it all up PSN is FREE and for anyone to play it, so stop complaining and let things happen the right way and get it done and that is all I have to say about that if you want to be mad at something be mad at the hackers that caused this and to tell them to find a real job and leave PSN alone

    • cj

      Gwt over it friends itll be back up I miss my killzone but itll be back I also have a 360 its personal preference ots not over what is better we all want to play

      • Jay Ray

        I’m a LOYAL ps fan and will remain one but I’d almost rather go to x-box cause a lot of ps fans are whinny a$$ punks.. Get over it and go outside for a few days, get some fresh air or something.. Maybe ps did this just so you can get out once in awhile.. EVERYTHING goes down from time to time, nothing they can do but fix it.. Plus it’s FREE!!! It sucks I know but protest against something that actually means something..

      • sMNsBruTaLkiLLa

        Ps3 is the best console around sony will get us back online we just need to b patientthe thing I think is people need to stop praiseing these lil nerd asshackers its their fault were offline anonymous are losers as well as that geek geohot they wouldnt last two days in county jail hahaha punk ass hackers get a life!!!!!

    • alfred

      couldnt have said it better myself….oh yeah i did say it too……hahahahaha good shit bro.

    • jack

      I dont hate ps for this it was the hackers,I didnt want to pay for service but i did.And if paying monthly means no lag im down.I think ps rocks but now that i dropped the dollars on xbox really i couldnt be happier.

  • gettoguero209

    HA HA only if you guys had a 360 you wouldnt have that problem do to the fact that 360 has dedicated servers thats were the live cost goes to thats why i’d rather pay for my live gaming and always know when i want to play online it’s always gonna work and take my word its only of matter of time before sony starts to charge for there network live….

    • G

      Yeah but how many 360 have you gone through3,4,5,6,20? Overheatin problems, the redeye, my friend xbox caught on fire. 360 SUCKS

      • GypsyXHunter

        G! your insanely!!!!!

        correct ps3 is alot cheaper for online and our plus is extremly worth the wait for this error of stupidity and if you have a 360 getto and no ps3 GET THE HELL OFF OUR NETWORK please,your comments are a waste of expense. stay on your xbox topics

    • halfbakd24-7

      playstation network will be free forever . that comes straight from the ceo . xbox was good ps3 is better . can’t wait to play and kick all your asses lol .

  • last1out

    All you Xbox fanboys need to stop ripping Sony. At least Sony is`nt insulting me by making me pay for internet access. 2nd Its not Sony`s fault that some douschbags wanna screw it up for every one else.

  • Ryan

    Everyone is complaining about this, but in my eyes, I could careless that its down in many reasons. The only reason why i do care that its down, is because i do have Netflix and Hulu on my PS3, and i watch it all the time and pay for it. So in that aspect, thats money lost each day. Other than that, i can wait til its fixed and hopefully better. I dont have a huge addiction problem like some.

    • Reed

      I am pretty much the same boat you are in, you can watch HULU and NETFLIX on your computer. Believe me I feel your pain, I would rather watch on my TV, but rather have all the imformation and extra shows they have online. If they would only combine the two, I mean one the computer and on the PS3. If you keep trying to log onto Netflix it will let you on there without being signed into your PS network. Sony is using this as an excuse to charge us to use the free online services, wait and see

    • Matt


      • halfbakd24-7

        netflix still works . the movie selection still sucks thow .

      • lil_mike

        i think the should just keep the network free i have been hearing about them trying to charge now but i hope thy dont….

      • Brooke

        That’s awesome! I guess I should have just tried harder to get into netflix… Netflix an Hulu are all I use my ps3 for!

        Thanks for the advice!

  • Mark

    PSN is FREE, as far as i’m concerned they need not make it up to the loyal customers, and i’m one.
    Give them a break. It will be back up when its up. Stop all the whining and moaning you spoiled brats. Its a game get over yourselves and your KDR’s etc. And Raven who says….”There’s a PS3 network, because if you compare the price of the XBOX 360 and the price of a PS3 there’s a difference there. I would say that the cost for the network comes out of the unit”….. thats crap, i payed 600 bucks for my son’s xbox 360 elite and payed for his live sub. I DID NOT pay that much for my PS3.
    Even with PSN being down, my son, he’s 21 btw wants to sell his 360 and get a PS3! lol

    • Matt

      Agreed. People need to get lives, so that when something like this happens, it’ll be like it never happened because you had other things to do. As horrible of an inconveinence as this is, it’s not the end of the world.

  • http://Maddenevolution Oldstalecheetos

    I have PS3 and Xbox360, (and the wii if anyone cares about that lol), and i can say that PS3 is FAR AND AWAY the better system, as far as what its games CAN do. But in reality, outside of God of War 3, most developers shy away from the challenge of truly utilizing the PS3s motor. I can state that games like MLB and Madden play smoother on PS3, but the online community is not as competitive or numerous as that of the Xbox Live community. If online play is your concern, and it probably is because you are reading this article and its responses, then this can be a big issue in over all value. If you are a play alone gamer, a friends and family gamer, or just a kid whose mom wont let him get on the internet games in fear of the ridiculous number of classless schmucks out there, then ps3 is definately the way to go. If you like INTENSE online play, xbox all day. That being said, i really want my PSN back, because I enjoy playing any game online, anytime, any console… thanks!


    ookk we all kno that psn is down and we dont care how we just care about when itz coming back up… psn needs to tell us that not who or how psn went down we kno that already WE JUST CARE ABOUT PLAYIN ONLINE

    • GypsyXHunter

      i agree every word you said we don’t give a damn about those hackers just you need to get it back up and while your at it get a better protective system i mean for real your SONY!!!!

      • playgamesrockout

        know that telling them. i would say the same

    • alexG

      ur efen right i want to know when i can play !!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.us.playstation/ MIKE


    • GypsyXHunter


      • St6

        I expect absolutely nothing in return for the outage. If I were paying for PSN I would absolutely expect something, but when my annual subscription cost is $0, I find it hard to complain if I don’t get something free. That being said, I am pretty annoyed it has been nearly a week and I am still locked out. The nice thing about PS2 was every game had their own servers.

      • Travis

        just tell mw when it’s on… getting bored. if anything just patch the hackers on the games they hack on, such as Modern Warfare 2.

  • http://www.us.playstation/ MIKE


    • GypsyXHunter

      yeah!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but for this stupid error of all things! why a hack i would understand if it was a psn update

    • Joseph

      Agreement to terms of service apply here. In an age where everyone charges for everything we all should be grateful for what we have. A lot of people that complain about online gaming media being down for a week makes no sense. It not that bad. There are some people that lost more than a network. Like a family member, their house, their job and other things like that. I agree with not letting it run our lives. Aka social media… I can just imagine the millions of confused people if every single piece of digital media went dead. Read a book once in a while at least it don’t need power to work and you can burn one to keep warm you have too… Like Mike here and a few others they are very accurate on what they say…

  • GypsyXHunter

    Those who have ps3 add GypsyXHunter starting the new gypsy xbox/ps3 clan for psn and live to re-tribute to loyal gamers-beta and such etc. thank you for your cooperation
    and p.s. ps3 info can be found at the network for info on the error and when ps3 is being modifyed for new protection.

    • Indigo

      yo how long will ps3 be under maintenance cuz dhiz is ridiculous it got off n march 23 sumtin nd its may 10 cmon figure out the problem n gimme my account baq plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • http://www.us.playstation/ MIKE


    • jbishere75

      umm…they are rebuilding there systems…. how long did it take to build em in the first place?

      • jack

        years so we will probably be down for many weeks to come.And if they do all this and not fix the lag issue they will be lucky to get people to play even if it is free

  • http://www.us.playstation/ MIKE


  • bob

    this are 40 year old losers eith no life and they try 2 annoy other peolpe

    • jbishere75

      I just hope my info is secure. But im seroiusly thinking Xbox…

      • jack

        You summed it all up in a nutshell.You hope it is secure.It would be nice if we would no it is still secure so we could do appropriate action to secure it if not.but good ole ps wont tell us if it is or if it isnt.so im saying it isnt because if it was still secure they would tell us not to worry,
        your credit cards are safe.

        • debbie

          Well mind isnt…I posted a comment further down…my bank account been hacked two days ago!

  • vegas night

    The network could be hacked by Xbox. Market competition you know! The world is corrupt and devious.

    • Shadowtrap

      Nothing wrong with the sun people, enjoy it. If anything they are probably making some upgrades for the new system thats due out. There is life outside of video games.

      • jbishere75

        Rain, rain and rain….nothing but storms out my way…..

        • St6

          lucky bastard. We had a little rain today, but it’s mostly sun, and I don’t like the heat.

      • Ben Dover

        Ps3 is not that mubout paying much of a great service , and whats this about paying monthly for X box ? you pay $60 for a full year … but i just preordered mortal kombat and im mad i cant play online its been 5 days … and of course xbox gives out a free arcade game to make up for the days that the customers payed for

        • matthew fitch

          I say stop crying get up off your lazy asses and go find a job while they are fixing this problem u are a bunch of babys lol

        • Mizlane

          Actually the fact that the online gaming was free is the reason I paid 300.00 more for this game system then I would have for the Xbox. So if free online gaming is the draw for people to buy your system over the others, then you can’t blame people for being pissed when they can’t enjoy what they acually paid for in ADVANCE.

        • michael dail

          do you the amount if days it will take for playstation network to be online it pisses me off that its not even fun playin video games knowing that a fuckhead might hack and take away other peoples enjoyment i baught ps3 so i can play when i want right now im starting to think otherwise i mean i can do without for a couple days its not my life but it worries me that how in the hell u saw this coming if someone hacked the network then you must not be protecting it right thats all i gota say please have playstation network online soon that would be great!

    • Travis

      I have been playing Mw2 for the last 5 days on split screen doing 360s, and now i hate mw2…so boring plz fix it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Spurs Go

    It’s free what it’s free yess xbox users I can wait and don’t need no freaking free game it’s FREE! Did I say it’s FREE! Take your time guys and make it a stone wall and find that hacker and hang him by the b@ll$!!!

    • Miami all the Way

      i’d buy a xbox if it’s they take there time

      • Go Spurs Go

        Go buy one and pay for your online gaming and by the time you do that I’ll be playing for free…

        • jack

          and lagging the whole way,I said i would never buy xbox but damm i am glad i did.sucked setting my xbox next to my 300plus dollar ps.But the no lag is worth 60bucs.All this time down and i bet it still lags

          • Go Spurs Go

            I have no idea where this lag thing comes from but I never lag you might want to upgrade your Internet. Dude 60 a year that’s a freaking game I only buy one game a year and play that for a year until the next game comes out then I sell the old game for 30 so I only lose 30. Xbox 60 for the game and 60 for online play 120 your the idiot keep wasting you money dumass…

  • Mullenator

    It is frustrating. I just bought my sons a ps3 Saturday and now they can’t even get online. I know it sucks but s**t happens. Damn hackers.

    • Miami all the Way

      i’m probably there age on i’m really mad about it.

      • wattttson111

        the cost of a game is not just the game. its money to make and test them its shippind store % plus maintn anything and everything like what going on now. nothin is free

      • silverbullet

        at least give us a real time frame when the network will be back up??.i’m ready to buy xbox 360 even do i hate it !! xbox 360 suck’s we pay so much for this unit’s i already have internet and paid it, for playing i don’t need to pay extra for online game.. love my ps3 but c’mon we need a time and date..

      • alexG

        im a dedicated ps3 user and im a dedicated player so much that i have three ps3s in house becuase my kids love it and we like playing each other and it is really messet up this is happening becuase we dont have much to fight about.

      • DooDooTheDude_ (online psn gamer tag)

        WTF? this is some bullshit i have 309$ worth of psn money on my account if that is missing man im so gonna sue psn for that for losing my money and for being offline for over a week already this also makes me feel like buying an xbox also WHAT WILL WE DO WITH OUT PSN !!!!!

  • Triplecrown

    just tell me when they fix!

    • http://yahoo cooldude

      hate it got x ox live hae ps3

  • Miami all the Way

    when they fix the online i’m gonna be such a tryhard online(modern warfare 2).

  • Miami all the Way

    who cares if you have to pay for xbox, if I can’t pay 50 bucks a year, i have to rethink my future.

    • Moe


      • Jeffery Lacey

        I am a loyal consumer and I love my Ps3 and the network. so take your time I know it will be back up soon and better that’s what Sony does.

    • matthew fitch

      stop crying and go get a job u all r babys i miss black ops but i also have a job so there u go

  • Moe


    • playgamesrockout

      same here

    • Zach

      i hate this outage as well, but being able to play cod and other great games online for absolutley nothing is definetly worth the wait…and im not gonna go waste 200$ on an xbox when psn will be back up any day now

      • playgamesrock

        true buy xbox and spend more $$$$$ on thing and not spend $$$ on a new thing i choose sav.

  • Brian

    Wow, I just cant believe how many ppl think its ok for a network like PSN to go down for a week… The lack of customer service is rediculous I am sure weve all spent more than enough money on Sony products to at least recieve an apology email for the inconvenience. But no I have to find out from fucking Google what was wrong… Just like I did Xbox I will no longer be a loyal customer and I refuse to contribute to Sony in any way shape or form. Do like the true gamers do and build a gaming PC problem solved…

    • Go Spurs Go

      It’s under investigation so if there’s a crime and the police investigate do they tell the media everything? No you don’t want to let the person who commeted the crime to know what you know… Hello!!!

      • Kashmonee aka Bammbam

        I’m not saying I’m not pissed. Hell if your not pissed then your an idiot. They should have a backup. We should be playing it shouldn’t have taken a week. For as much as you pay for the system and games, they should be saying something thats the part that pisses me off the most.Where else can you play your favorite game online and meet people all over the world for free. HMMMMMM!!

      • j d

        ur dumb, it wouldnt be the police… it’d be the feds

      • Jayson Folkman

        I ready to throw my PS in the garbage. How long does it take, to fix this shit? Sony said 1 or 2 days. It’s been a f**king week. And all they can say is thanks for waiting, it will be up soon. Well tell us when. Not a bunch of B.S. Screw Sony. Getting ready to buy a XBox

  • Matt

    Let’s all quit pretending we know who did this,because none of us do. Those who think it’s Anon don’t know a damn thing. Those who believe Sony’s explanation don’t know a damn thing. How do we know that the PSN servers didn’t crash from all the traffic that flooded the servers, from the three big online games Mortal Kombat,SOCOM4,Portal 2 that just released? We don’t. None of us work for Sony,so none of us truly knows whats going on. So let’s quit pretending. That’s why it’s nice to have a life when things like this happen.

    • jack

      anon posted they did do it on there site,after realizing they hurt there cause more than help it by making 75 million people hate them.they retracted it.

      • Matt

        I never saw it and I’ve been checking their site and others since this all started going down.

      • Matt

        The only thing they took credit for was attacking Sony websites earlier in April, during the whole GeoHot lawsuit,with DDos attacks. They have denied since this started having anything to do with the PSN going down. Why would they do it? All it would do is hurt their cause. You got your facts way messed up.

        • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

          From what I understand, Anon is accusing Sony of linking them to the attack in order to turn light away from their own issues that led to the outage.

          • Matt

            Me too. From everything I can gather on the internet, I’m getting the same thing.

          • dwanye crook

            if u work at sony plz tell us when yall are getting the ps3 network on

        • oscar ruben

          when can we go online?

          • Matt

            Sony is saying it could be another week before they have some services up and running. Keyword:Some

  • Ghost Mula

    If they don’t give us detailed updates what makes you think they will give us anything free. Sony has a record of very poor customer service. Have you ever called customer service for Sony anything? It sucks. My bet is they will bring it back up with no futher details as of why it was down and just say enjoy. They should change the slogan to “It only does everything with PSN access” because without it its just am overpriced blue-ray player…

    • Bruce

      Indeed Xbox live is a much smoother network less lag online gaming plays real well, but the ps3 is the better system so ill wait with everyone else

  • http://yahoo cooldude

    got an xbox for xbox live modernwarfore 2 add me ivanx80

  • http://yahoo jan

    add coolisaac1021 when the ps3 network is back on

    • http://yahoo jan

      hi jan i might add u

      • Kashmonee aka Bammbam

        I have a xbox and a PS3 bought the most expensive ones. But thats beside the point, I bought them because I wanted them. I finish the games in less than a week then I play online on the PS3 becuase its free I buy certain games for xbox and online games for PS3 because its free. I will continue to do so. I’m tired of waiting but I don’t have a choice. Face it free is free. Don’t want to wait quit bitchin n play xbox.

  • alex

    definatly inconvinient as hell and irritation that we have no idea what so ever how long this damn thing will affect our borring lives lol but swich to xbox? ew! lol xbox controller layout alone makes it to where sony will never have to worry about losing me lol the monthly fee is bull too 60 bucks for the damn game should be enough without having to pay to play it! so sony get ur ish together n work it out n ill be here when u do

  • Kiree

    please hurry and fix it cuz it sucks not being able to come home and play after school

    • shwacko

      what about my gamer profiles for all the different games i play?will these be affected?what about my download list of all the crap i bought?will i still have any of that?thats years of game play and a LOT of frickin money.anyone have any thoughts on that?

  • playgamesrockout

    dose any one know how much longer.

  • playgamesrockout

    i lost all my downloads and all my friends and on ps3 live because of this. and i lost all zombies map pack waw for black ops and a lot more. and i got a code 80023121 did any one get the same thing. if you did plz plz teel me so i know it not just me

  • FS123

    Ok, so PSN should be back on by early Tuesday? because Im sick and tired of them saying that it was going to take 1 to 2 days and now were in day 5! and I need my fix, man!

    • playgamesrockout

      thank you

      • playgamesrockout

        ya i sick of it to. i lost every download i day from this.

        • playgamesrockout

          sorry i lost every download i had

          • FS123

            Dude I got a great fifa ultimate team and on black ops I was on a possible 200 game winning streak with my friend Unshapenllama, I’ve been waiting for so long I hope Playstation will at least give us some playstation money.

          • playgamesrockout

            i do too i hope i get my map packs back all of them, waw on black ops and the new one too

  • Kashmonee aka Bammbam

    I have a xbox and a PS3 bought the most expensive ones. But thats beside the point, I bought them because I wanted them. I finish the games in less than a week then I play online on the PS3 becuase its free I buy certain games for xbox and online games for PS3 because its free. I will continue to do so. I’m tired of waiting but I don’t have a choice. Face it free is free. Don’t want to wait quit bitchin n play xbox.

    • playgamesrockout

      ya hut if both go down then what.

      • Kashmonee aka Bammbam

        sh t happens it won’t be the last. Bet on that

        • playgamesrockout

          you fun that so right man. you got me there man. shit dose happen.

          • playgamesrockout

            i mean your right

  • howie

    I am a computer tech and all of you should be pissesd off. Ever hear of backups. All they had to do was revert to an older backup and then they could spend time fixing the security problem then do a patch. Sony could have fixed the problem and then shut down to update. If they do not have backups then get more pissed. I. Am glad I have a good book to read.

    • playgamesrockout

      ok if the back up fails then what.

  • oel

    If the system or network is not working…as one of the most relevant essential communication of this ps3 console….I would just have to be returned this unit to the store/manufacturer since I have my defective warranty…I just had this unit last August 2010, not even a year…and I would probably consider this unit is malfunctioning and I hate it when this message “maintenance system updates” pop ups in the middle of my game which happens every week and it last almost a day prior to logging-in again into your account. I need complete satisfaction as a customer or user and I want to see the best quality services level from SONY Corp. since I believe SONY. “MAKE BELIEVE”..huh.

  • slaye8289

    Altec, i think you’ve been watching the movie casino to much on encore lately…this sucks…wonder how many people went and traded their ps3s for an xbox

    • Kashmonee aka Bammbam

      I’m not saying I’m not pissed. Hell if your not pissed then your an idiot. They should have a backup. We should be playing it shouldn’t have taken a week. For as much as you pay for the system and games, they should be saying something thats the part that pisses me off the most.Where else can you play your favorite game online and meet people all over the world for free. HMMMMMM!!

      Ps on a gaming console like PS

      • playgamesrock

        im pissed but thing will work out. we all will be play on it soon be for you know it

  • Anonymous

    U guys know that we didnt do it ?

    • j d


  • Anonymous

    Believe us . we are anonymous we are a legion we never forgive we never forget ! !

  • AnonymousFreedom

    we fight for freedom plus we didnt do it we sended a messege to sony , Press release because of what hapend to G.H we didnt do anything with the playstation network . we didnt want to harm the playstation players . as u may know we got no leaders in anonymous , g.h is our good friend someone in anonymous Plus g.h, did this . So we cant say that anonymous did this, ok. We are many people in anonymous. RESPECT US , WE ARE A LEGION WE NEVER FORGIVE WE NEVER FORGET EXPECT US .

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