PlayStation Network Back This Week, Sony to Give Out Presents

Still saying no evidence that credit card info was compromised

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PlayStation Network Back This Week, Sony to Give Out Presents
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The PSN saga may be coming to an end, as Sony’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications Patrick Seybold made what is surely his most crowd-pleasing statement of the whole ordeal.  Seybold announced via PlayStation blog that the PSN and Qriocity services will begin restoration sometime this week.

It has been almost 2 full weeks since the PSN was shut down due to an “external intrusion.”  Over the course of the outage, Sony released details about the attack – much too slowly for many PS3 owners’ liking.  Eventually Sony confirmed that hackers had in fact made off with users’ personal info like passwords and email addresses.

It looks like Sony now feels secure enough to begin phase one of service restoration.  The time-frame for “some services” to be up and running is this week, no specific day was given.  From the official statement:

The initial phase of the rollout will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Restoration of Online game-play across the PlayStation®3 (PS3) and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) systems
    -This includes titles requiring online verification and downloaded games
  • Access to Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity for PS3/PSP for existing subscribers
  • Access to account management and password reset
  • Access to download un-expired Movie Rentals on PS3, PSP and MediaGo
  • PlayStation®Home
  • Friends List
  • Chat Functionality

Working closely with several outside security firms, the company has implemented significant security measures to further detect unauthorized activity and provide consumers with greater protection of their personal information. The company is also creating the position of Chief Information Security Officer, directly reporting to Shinji Hasejima, Chief Information Officer of Sony Corporation, to add a new position of expertise in and accountability for customer data protection and supplement existing information security personnel. The new security measures implemented include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Added automated software monitoring and configuration management to help defend against new attacks
  • Enhanced levels of data protection and encryption
  • Enhanced ability to detect software intrusions within the network, unauthorized access and unusual activity patterns
  • Implementation of additional firewalls

Speaking in a press conference in Tokyo, Sony Exec Kazuo Hirai was apologetic to users, and said that the nature of the attack on their network was “highly sophisticated.”

This criminal act against our network had a significant impact not only on our consumers, but our entire industry. These illegal attacks obviously highlight the widespread problem with cyber-security. We take the security of our consumers’ information very seriously and are committed to helping our consumers protect their personal data. In addition, the organization has worked around the clock to bring these services back online, and are doing so only after we had verified increased levels of security across our networks.

During the PSN outage, one thread that has consistently run through reader comments on WebProNews is that of compensation.  What will Sony do to make this up to loyal customers?  Some said that Sony doesn’t own them anything, citing the fact that the PSN is free.  However, many stated that since online play is such a big part of many games, online outages are akin to wasting the money that they payed for the games.  It was always my opinion that Sony would be absolutely crazy not to offer some compensation for customers’ frustration.

It looks like Sony is sane, as they have announced a “Welcome Back” appreciation program that includes but it apparently not limited to:

Central components of the “Welcome Back” program will include:

  • Each territory will be offering selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download. Specific details of this content will be announced in each region soon.
  • All existing PlayStation Network customers will be provided with 30 days free membership in the PlayStation Plus premium service. Current members of PlayStation Plus will receive 30 days free service.
  • Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity subscribers (in countries where the service is available) will receive 30 days free service.

More offerings are forthcoming, according to the press release.

Sony still says that they have found no real evidence to suggest that hackers stole credit card info.  Throughout this whole thing, however, they have told users to brace for the worst – they it was a possibility that their info was compromised.  Last week, security researchers reported that hackers were discussing the theft of the credit card info on underground forums.  According to the reports, they had priced over 2.2 million stolen numbers and expiration dates at $100,000 and even might have attempted to sell them back to Sony.  Sony denied knowledge of any sort of offer.

So, how do you feel about all of this?  What grade do you give Sony’s handling of the outage throughout the past 2 weeks? How do you feel about Sony’s  apology and offer?  Let us know.

PlayStation Network Back This Week, Sony to Give Out Presents
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  • Christine

    Mostly it was frustrating to not be able to watch my netflix which I pay for every month – I think as part of this deal they should strike up some kind of deal with netflix users as a lot of people are streaming more and more these days – I most likely won’t get to use any of their “incentives” as I don’t use my playstation to buy upgrades or expansion packs. I’m not worried about my credit card info getting out there but it would also be nice if Sony backed us consumers with a little more then “free trials” and “one month free due to outages” maybe some credit counseling?
    I know when my bank “inadvertently” sent my info to the wrong people they offered me a year free of something similar to lifelock.
    Or maybe they keep denying the possibility because they don’t want to go that far… I love my ps3, and I love that fact that psn is free – which is the biggest reason I own a ps3 and not an xbox – and I’m not faulting sony in this but I think there are better ways to compensate people’s frustrations then giving them things they probably don’t use anyway.

    • Nik Middleton

      ‘Free content’ is what I’m Looking at, can’t wait to find out what it is, off course Playstation plus is a definite positive.

    • Jake

      I was still able to use my netflix despite the outage.just try to sign in twice as u are prompted then press cancel

    • Paul

      @christine, just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean others wont be able to use it either. Atleast they are giving something rather then nothing. “Things people don’t use anyway” LOL. Many people use those services.

      • Christine

        I didn’t say NO ONE uses it. But there are things they could do to help people who are affected due to their info being stolen. And I understand that most people will be happy for these little things. And as far as getting onto netflix…I tried everything and nothing worked.

        • George Costanza

          Netflix still works on the PS3, you just need to be patient. Sign in when prompted, then hit the O button when prompted. You will need to do this a few times until it finally works. It is frustrating yes, but Netflix does not rely on Playstation’s Network log in, as long as you have an internet connection you can get in.

          • http://google promise

            man i understand what psn go n though im just wait n untill they fix d problem.PSN FOR LIFE!!!

          • chris kern

            they should allow free movie rentals from the psn network. and allow free themes. sony’s not to blam everyone should be happy for free access. i cant wait to shootumup oon call of duty black ops. im hoping tomorrow.

          • randy hodges

            why the hell dont u just give us money not stupid shit ppl already have

          • Greg

            I strongly believe that they should refund at least a month worth of refunds for Netflix owners. Netflix is entirely too high for us to not have it for two weeks. Its an outrage.

          • Gacknoops

            PSN being free is a sweet deal. It not like x-box charges less for their games. Don’t be a bunch of greedy kids and screw this up!

    • Omar

      I’m still surfing the net and using my Netflix on my PS3.

  • dumb

    this is dumb

  • beanz_210

    Man that really sucks for people that did get there info stolen and ps3 network is one of the best gameing networks in da world reason are free network un like xbox 360 all my friends and fam has one and not only that but grew up on sega and upgrade to playstion 1 still have a playstion 2 and now got a playstion3 can’t wait till playstaion4 comes out will wait in line for a week if I have to so just wanted to say thanks playstion for giveing us a wonderfull net work for us gamers love all yalls hard work and to all cheating hackers stop cheating or swich to xbox360!!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    I am glad that they have fixed the problem, and cannot wait to login. I think when a complaint is turned in for cheating or boosting it should be taken care of fast because that is were it startes. Taken over a game is little but it gets to bigger stuff like the whole system. Good Luck on keeping them out.

    • Wayne

      @Christine..my Netflix continued working! but Hulu and Vudu would not :(

  • http://google promise

    N plus im ready 2 play uncharted 2 lol.

  • Kasey

    I will just happy to get it back up and running. I am new to ps3 I live far away from my best friend and that is how we spend our time. And the things that they are offering could b beneficial to some but not all. If it wasn’t PlayStation it could have been some-other network. Its not their fault. But I Hope it is up soon.

  • Alan Hicks

    I think that it has take way too long they should offer more for compensation to their user’s

    • Steven

      so is it back on lol?

      • Steven

        I wrote a nasty email to the law firm that is doing the class action suit on (behalf of the consumer) yeah right!!! Its not Sony that is at fault it is the hacks. In my opinion they should be charged with terrorism and locked up. I like, like the rest of you all that PSN is free but if the get some suit that costs them we will be the ones that bare the brunt of the bill im sure. Hacks and lawyers are all of our problems.

  • Joseph

    the only thing that anyone should be upset at is about their personal info. cc email etc. other than that psn is a free service that could have went xbox way and charge us. i just hope that this situation doesn’t give them them any ideas to use this to start charging, but in the mean time while it is down there is this thing called outside. obesity is running ramp-id in this world because of the lack of exercise due to video games. dont get me wrong, i loooove my ps3 but like everything else, in moderation.

  • mark

    Netflix still works. I’ve been watching more movies than ever since it went down.

    • john

      i cant get on to watch netflix whith out psn sign in

      • Gamer619

        This shit is beyond frustrating. I’ve been unable to access my PSN for about a month. I agree with what someone mentioned in just reimbursement for money lost (ex. Netflix streaming) and I’d like a coupon code that would allow me to purchase a $60 game as well. Hell yeah maybe a discount towards the upcoming PS4 would be nice. Cheap mofos

    • Jordax

      In other words = “Here’s 2 free 30 day subscriptions that doesn’t cost us a penny – and we could potentially get subcribers off of so we can make more money.”

      I know I’m impressed – how about anyone else?

  • dave

    I think they dropped the ball completely starting with the weak security that got hacked to begin with, then waiting a week to let people know thier info n $ could be up for sale that is BS they screwed up and should know its hard to save face and your ass at the same time. That being said as soon as they are back online i’ll be the first one playin nhl lol

    • Greg Swaney

      cant wait to get back to playing Black Ops. hope the system comes back on soon. Gettin tired of of watching net flix and playing off line

  • marcus

    Even though I was initially very disappointed that I couldn’t play Madden online or watch Netflix through my ps3. I got over it quickly. As others have pointed out, the service is free (main reason I haven’t gone over to the Xbox), so it really isn’t costing me anything to not have it for these last two weeks. I’ll be happy when it comes back online, with no hard feelings towards Sony. These types of things should be expected every once in a while in our ever growing world of technological dependence.

  • Brian Krock

    I don’t really know how i feel about it. I mean everybody lost two weeks already and so far no new security measures have been taken. As far as the public is concerned nobody knows who wanted the infomation in the first place and why. So these two weeks were just for the investigation and not for the security of PSN customers/users. That process evidently only begins AFTER PSN is back on.So in my opinion, and recognizing of course that 30 days free of this and that is nice, I want to know what the reasoning was for the intrusion and if its true no credit information was taken, why the personal account information? Find that out and you got a pleased customer. If you spent two weeks investigating and putting your customers through all the suspense, what did you really find out? Everything that’s been said everyday for over a week is too repititious. Was the investigation successful, or a failure?

  • ron johnson

    i’m justglad to hear they’re gonna fix it back…this has been the longest two weeks ever.. i’m a new user, so just as soon as i got hooked it was gone..put i stick with playstation long time fan of thier systems….

  • john

    i think the free gifts are a nice jesture but what about those of us who use other payed features on the network will we get more since we havent had access to them. most of my entertainment is with netflix and i havent been able to enjoy sitting in my living room to watch movies. there is 2 weeks of service that iv payed for and wont get back and i dont want access to another service that i wont use. why not just give every one a month of playstation network 4 free and 50 dollas of credit to spend on what they want not just playstation titles, that if the wanted to begin they would have allready bought

    • Andrew

      What yall are you doing is fine by me, but also you should give us a $25 to like $50 credit to the store because like some of us I don’t use credit cards so if you give us a free 30 day trial i really can not do think with that unless you give me some credit

  • Rammel

    If you give us pen money I’ll be fine with your apology.hanks Sony you rock. Nothing would make me switch to xbox

    • Rammel

      If you give us some psn money I’ll be fine with your deal. Thanks Sony you rock.

      • Rammel


      • Pokeyroba

        Their delay in telling us is a problem. Just turning off the system and leaving us “out there” for six days is neither professional, nor logical. They should have let us know right away that they were hacked and that our information COULD have been stolen. At least then we all could take whatever steps to protect our identity.
        People in the industry have known that Sony was wide open for this type of attack for some time and now they’re all saying, “I told ya so.”
        I hope Sony steps up and earns our trust again by going above and beyond to protect the information. Freebies for a month don’t do it.

  • Chevlion42

    I have been a Sony man all the way. I wore out 2 PlayStations, 1 PlayStation2, and have had my PlayStation3 for over a year. I have both a PS2 and a PS3 and play both of them. I’ve enjoyed the Medal of Honor, Burnout, Call of Duty, Ratchet & Clank, and Lord of the Rings series. When Sony started offering Netflix streaming through the PS3, I loved it because I was able to watch TV shows and movies I hadn’t seen for years. I never thought I would have anything negative to say about Sony.

    Then last week happened and Sony dropped so many balls in admitting that something had happened and explaining it that I’m disappointed. I’ll still keep my systems because I don’t think Xbox and Wii are as good, but it will be quite a while until I can fully trust Sony again.

    I agree with Christine about Sony’s compensatory offers seeming less than adequate. And about her concern over Netflix streaming not working.

    I give Sony a D for their handling of this situation.

    • Tanner


  • Chevlion42

    Jake’s suggestion about trying twice to log into Netflix was a good one.

    I just tried it and was able to get into my Instant Queue.

    I appreciate it.

  • David Kocinski

    I applaud Sony’s offer to make ammends to its customers. I’ve been in similar situations when I was just told “oh well” and offered nothing for my inconvenience. In fact once my cable was out for 2 weeks and not only did the company not make any attempt to console me but I was charged for the whole month. I won’t say who it was but it sounds like “bombast.” I say, Thank you Sony, for realizing your customers matter.

  • Steven

    I wrote a nasty email to the law firm that is doing the class action suit on (behalf of the consumer) yeah right!!! Its not Sony that is at fault it is the hacks. In my opinion they should be charged with terrorism and locked up. I like, like the rest of you all that PSN is free but if the get some suit that costs them we will be the ones that bare the brunt of the bill im sure. Hacks and lawyers are all of our problems.

    PS4 at a discounted price for everyone who had a PSN accout during the outage that would work for me!!!

  • braxton

    i think we sould be able 2 get free map packs like the new black ops map pack that comes out may 3 and if we dont im swithing 2 xbox 360 because that just is not right for us we deserve some thing ive been waiting for 2 long i want 2 play my games thier my only enter tanment

  • DysturbedRyder

    I wasnt happy about the time it took to recieve the email from PSN about the hack due to it would of been nice to deal with my credit card ASAP, and it sucks the network has been down for this long but would rather wait for them to ensure saftey, than just throwing something together to get rolling agian. There is life outside the network LOL, at least kids had to go outside and play for a couple weeks.

  • mike

    In regaurds to your netflix problem Christine, I have found a solution. It allows you to watch movies by attemping to sign in twice, the time in between failing messages is long enough for netfix to load, so just click on netflix, and click sign in when it asks, itll fail and then itll ask to sign in again, again click sign in and then it should be loaded and able to watch, hope this glitch helps

    • Delibird13

      @ Christine you really want something to compensate you for Playstations free online services… thats pretty damn funny, People wanting something for nothing, lol
      Im not going to lie i was upset too, but thats because i like playing MAG and that game is online exclusive but i decided to just do the one thing you wanted to do, watch Netflix, lol so stop complaning about a free service your getting anyways, the only people who should complain are the ones who bought The Playstation Plus, and even still, from what i know the service was only down for about 2 weeks, if anything that did people a favor and let them get outside for awhile get away from the game lol. still probally didn’t change anything, but anyways ive lost track, you buddy and or miss lady, stop complaining and have a nice day

  • Larry

    Well it wasnt the end of the world was it? Dont hear anyone trashing the complete tools that brought down the site. Why do these moron hackers do stupid crap the ruins it for everyone else, complete pathetic, worthless hackers, send them all to the Taliban.
    As for Sony, keep rocking it, nobody does gaming better, period, never have, never will. Hopefully the rebuilt network will rule.

    • BottleRocketM-15

      it was then end of the world!!! and X-BOX SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    Playstation is a great system. I am happy that the network is coming back online. All computers uses know it was only a matter of time before something like this happend.

    Great work Sony. I will need to upgrade my PS3 soon. So maybe a discount card on games or systems might also be welcome.

  • cassandra perez

    I am happy now, that sometime this week Playstation Network will be back online. thanks for the great news.

    • Kris

      So, they are giving you a free 30 day subscription to Playstation Plus. Clever, because once those 30 days are up you will lose all the free downloaded stuff you got within those 30 days. Which means you just got suckered into Sony’s subscription service. Who’s that helping? That’s how Playstation Plus works. That’s the no different than them giving you a free magazine then expecting you to pay for the rest? Does anyone see the free publicity and boost of sales for Sony while really giving it’s customers nothing more than a “trial basis PS Plus program.” Granted the PSN is free, and you get what you pay for. But, what about those who really did get burned. Cleaning up ID theft isn’t easy. I hope that those affected get justice and more than that from Sony. God Bless!

  • Lykens

    i feel like sony has already given us so much. i’ve been playin on psn network for three years now. not a penny spent with the exception of add ons. so they owe us not a thing. they are looking out for our best intrest or they would have left psn up and open to more attacks. thank you sony, i see the big picture lol

  • http://webhostingreview.info/blog-hosting/ top blog hosting

    then what about SOE it got hacked

  • brandy

    I love my ps3, yeah it sucked when tha network went down sucked ,that hackers wanna screw things up for everyone but things happen. its not stoping me from geting my game on so hope its sercure sony!! and thinks for tha freee service luv you sony!!!

  • BottleRocketM-15

    i better get my free stuff

  • BottleRocketM-15

    my netflix was down and i could not get challenges in races and at lest we can get free 30 day membership is paystation plus. ty psn for fixing this.

  • shannon machon

    after using psn for two years this resent activity is to much there was no problems before the take over. so i would like info on how to remove my accounts from your service. trust is an issue and me and my family do not trust you. you can send the info to the email above.

  • jonathon

    tho what you propose to give for the outage seems nice i think it is good tho waiting so long to tell us are credit info. could have been hacked should have been informed sooner but inlite of this i think what you are give is ok but alittle more would be better not sure on how much but what you can do is fine even if all you give us is what you have already proposed ty for trying so hard to get the network back and running hope there will be nomore of this in the futher your loyal ps fan

    • chalmer geis

      i love my ps3 and cant wait to get back on black ops and murk ppl again lol sony keep up the good work!

  • connor


  • noname

    ‘ The PSN saga may be coming to an end ‘
    Are u seriously mean that. PSN saga will come back stronger than ever !
    you’ll see

    • http://playstationnetwork wigs splitter

      need playstation network need help shooting zombies on call of duty black ops.

      • http://playstationnetwork wigs splitter

        an inconveience to my day very stressed out about it,dang hackers,the hackers should pay not playstation network,the hackers did it not playstation. hackers messin with my zombie world not good very deppressed youngman,i like my playstations.@network.

    • Jeff

      Could I please get a definate date to when I can get back online playin Battlefield Bad Co 2!

      board as hell in Connecticut

  • Laszlo717

    At first i was mad about the network and i was one of them who said i want something in return for the shutdown of the playstation network but its free!! So stop the crying, cause whats free ain’t worth fighting for ITS FREE!!!!! SO STOP BEFORE WE START PAYING FOR THE SYSTEM!!!!

  • chris

    i have been and will be a playstation enthusiast. The one problem with this shutdown is Sony has failed to deliver customers a daily updates to let us know of the problems are resolved. This talk of it being out for a week,and then say oh wait until friday. We will see on Friday, if the site is back up.I just wish that getting the online gaming part up to allow us to play, while they worked on different sectors in the systems. This would have eliminated some of the disatisfaction.

  • treystylz305

    yea i heard sbout the inccident but i still want to know when its coming back on and are you for sure that we’re going to get alot of or some free programs like playstation plus as it said in the article. I bought plenty of games like last week all for PlayStationNetwork not all but I hope you get what im saying. I’m concearned very much for me and the risk of more attacks and other peoples safety and security.

  • treystylz305

    I think that every user in playstation network should be able to ge playstation plus and at least $40 or $50 in PSN i was frustrated that i thought my internet wasnt working and i turned it off and now that i no it wasnt that and now i dont know my d**n internet code WPA. SO i hope everybody gets rewarded like i said and thanks alot for trying to make it better “TRYING” everyone give playstation a round of applause.”clap clap clap” Signed, Bored than a mother F***ER in ARKANSAS “treystylz305 represent ARK all day”

  • http://sony.com mrrandom

    even thought the psn online came back on i still cant play bs man the lied

  • http://yahoo.com garret

    they should also give us free 10 to 15 days for psn network cards and make it so we can just download it. Because we all had to pay for that and we couldn’t use what we bought for 2 weeks maybe even longer . I think we should all change to XBOX 360 atleast they have a good security system.

    • http://yahoo.com garret

      treystylez we should just trade over to XBOX atleat they have hidden archives that ppl cant hack into

      • http://yahoo.com garret

        this is all bs

  • http://yahoo.com garret

    we should still stay free at reasonable costs keep every thing like it is but send a code to each person on here for a $50 psn card that would be fine with me i know u cant dig deep and do that so if u can i would appreciate it thank you if you do

  • ryan

    why the hell is the playstion network still off its all ready friday and the playstion is still off

  • jerry russell

    It really sucks that I havent been able to play in the network, I think you guys should offer free movies and popcorn :) Im just wondering the exact date the network will be up and running again?

  • Landon

    I,personally,don’t really care about the free stuff sony plans on giving away, but i think that everybody really cares about sony just bringing PSN back online. Without PSN nobody really needs free swag

  • yerma

    thats a load of pish, 30 free days is shite.

    Store credit is what we want!

    • Beegeeskiller

      I want $50. When that PS Plus subscription runs out, you lose your stuff, apparently. I’m-a buy everything and put it on a flash drive ‘n’ wait for it to end and put it all back.

  • freddy kruger


  • Abraham

    I would like to know if playstation network is going to credit us who pay for online games. I have paid for a 3 month subscribtion to dcuniverse online and its been almost a month since I can play will they honor me this month back.

  • Jordan

    I Think Sony Should Give Everybody on playstation at least $50 ps money so we can buy add on for black ops and other games.

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